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Welcome back to the show everybody I Think you're going to like this one Today 60 stock market exchanges over a hundred Commodity exchanges and 7.5 trillion in The FX Market yeah add it all up and you Know what it equals the World Exchange The xrp Ledger I'm going to show it to You somebody wrote a beautiful intro Thank you Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content right now 1.08 trillion dollar market cap Cryptocurrency is off by 0.6 this Morning happy Friday Bitcoin 22 900 plus Right now ethereum 1500 plus tether Market cap 67.3 billion they say and 40 Cents for xrp let's get into this if This doesn't blow your mind I don't know What will right here I have told you About link two I've said they're a Sponsor I told you I love private Equity I told you I believe the next bull Market in the digital asset space is Going to come from real companies Putting this real technology that solves Real problems to work that's how you get Adoption that's how you get the market In a positive way right okay well here Listen to this link two says when the Link to plant portfolio company poly

Signs Atomic net block chain launches Which is created by David Schwartz and Arthur Britto from Ripple co-creators of The Ledger It says it will provide institutional Digital asset trading with the same kind Of secure Compliant and risk managed settlement That the DTC provides Depository trust Corporation currently Settles over a quadrillion dollars a Year in derivatives And now poly signs getting in the game You can get it but you got to click the Link got to be accredited click that Link don't mess around one of these days This stuff won't be available anymore And that's the last feeling you're going To want in your tummy if you knew you Could get it and then you didn't Not Financial advice but I do know that Feeling SEC prevents circles planned to go Public that's what was said by Jeremiah Lair ladies and gentlemen If you're not following Pro Coin News You need to be doing it again you know Uh proud sponsor to the channel love Their work shout out to nerd Nation Wheezy he's been writing some great Stuff for pro Coin News too give that Guy a hand you better follow him too This right here is Oz crypto who is Still not feeling good about things that

Went on with Blair he says this is from Uh 10 months ago it seems a little Strange that the latest response was I'm Unable to talk about what may or may not Happen also just adds a bit of context To the previously posted screenshot of Hugo stance on F assets and I'm not Going to play the clip other than to say That exactly uh he goes and corrects This Oz crypto does it says it was Actually seven months ago but obviously Bit true created an IOU market and then Ftso participants some of them not all Some of them sold into the face of Retail into that IOU market and took Profits because they were awarded the Token distribution prior to the rest of Us Now you have to ask yourself if you feel Good about that if that's some kind of Market manipulation thing happening or Whether it's necessary for operational Costs everybody has to go through the Process of sorting that out but that's What happened right some people blame Bit true because they created an IOU Market right some people were upset with The ftsos because they sold and if they Didn't have the IOU Market where would They have sold and if they weren't given The tokens ahead of everyone else would It have been the same no it wouldn't so You have to figure it out for yourself There but let's turn now to what is

Happening with digital assets and crypto Regulation here EU Parliament passes Basel III rules including crypto asset Clause very quickly here just to show You what's going on it's like a Band-Aid Here is what what it appears to be that They've done here particular requirement Is to enter a measure intended to run Until the end of 2024 the European Commission was requested to present more Detailed proposals by June 2023 so they Are basically saying what we're doing is Because the full coverage of crypto Assets as proposed by the basil Committee has not yet been addressed The Abridged treatment has some issues the Proposed 1250 percent risk waiting for Crypto assets the one for one Capital Clause refers to crypto assets without Defining the term more work still needs To be done on the front of crypto asset Proposal to better Define its scope and To ensure tokenized Securities are not Captured This was from the head of Prudential Regulation at industry body afme so the Final proposal uh basil proposal on Crypto assets allow tokenized Securities To have conventional risk weighting in Most cases the timing matters because The DLT pilot regime that covers Tokenized Securities comes into force in March well we're starting to see this World getting on the same page shout out

To Eleanor terrett right here in the United States the federal government is Developing a national digital asset Research development agenda and it says Today that the post was a request for Public comment to help identify Priorities for research and development Related to digital assets including Various underlying Technologies such as Blockchain distributed ledgers Decentralized Finance smart contracts And related issues such as cyber Security and privacy now listen to this Public comment period begins today and Will remain open until 5 PM Eastern on March 3rd I'm seeing some coalescing here right I'm seeing things however loose they may Be there is a direction and that Direction is not just in one part of the World ladies and gentlemen and I hope When they put this panel together that They find the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that we found a couple Years ago That through the amended Dodd-Frank Which the architect was Michael S Barr Of the Dodd-Frank Act which gave us fsoc Which has the ability to deem things That are non-banks systemically Important I'm reminding you because I'm waiting to Wait till we get to where we're going Here

And inside the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau which is an Enforcement agency Recognizes Ripple and xrp is a virtual Currency non-bank institution that can Help with transfers or credit unions and Banks for cross-border payments as well As Swift's GPI Very quickly we all know World Bank Remember that suggested That Ripple xrp and Stellar xlm are Stable coins for cross-border payments Then I asked right here chat GPT Yesterday about the idea of how xrp Would be a stable quote now look chat GPT is not just like pulling information From YouTube chat gbt has passed the MBA It's past the bar it's past the medical Exam I don't think there's much that it Can't pass right This is artificial intelligence right This isn't just pulling links it is Formulating the answers it is doing Things where it is getting smarter and Smarter every day it offers Solutions Here about exactly how xrp could be a Stable coin by pegging its value to a Fiat currency such as the US dollar Well what if everybody thinks oh great So it'll be worth a dollar no it could Be temporarily it as more volume comes On to the network if the U.S decided to Do this they could say you know what now We will honor it at ten dollars

And anybody wants to trade it in and get It for ten dollars It'll be back by the U.S and we will Give you ten dollars for it because That's how we hold the value of it at Don't believe it That can happen And you think that if it's 40 cents out Here and it's a government comes up and Says you know what we'll give you ten Dollars for it because it's ten dollar Value Now they may bring assets to the network To provide such a valuation of pegging It one to one to a ten dollar bill or a Twenty dollar bill or a hundred dollar Bill and all of this is based on David And the father and what he suggested In the R3 report when he broke down the FED coin and how Ripple's xrp could work Out in the same manner to support it And then obviously another way is to use Xrp as collateral which David Schwartz Told us in 2019 that you could make a Stable coin off of xrp Look let's understand this for clarity Here There's been a lot of talk And shout out to Matt Hamilton for Having this open discussion with Molly Elmore and as I understand it he will be On her show and I cannot wait for that But through the confidential committee And the buyback proposal from the fed

And all of these things that have been Suggested many different formulas a lot Of what's been considered in the early Days is the total amount of debt around The world right from all the different Markets and then formulating that Against what's in circulation to provide An informal price we know that that is Not really accurate right because I Think Matt Hamilton has a an excellent Point when he says that that is not Understanding tokenization in its basic Form and I get that because listen if You have a car that's worth a hundred Thousand dollars and we understand that Xrp is like the oil to grease everything So it runs better oil is not worth a Hundred thousand dollars oil's worth What oil is worth to run and help run That car smoothly right and I think That's a I think that's a wonderful Analogy I believe I hope it works for Everybody else but because there's so Many different considerations about Where the value may come from and some Correct and some may be a little uh uh Over skewed or what have you just to Make the point because the larger point For me from the confidential committee Is a very good one You shouldn't trust the government And if you do I'd love to know the Reasons why Because I have never seen a reason to

Trust that any government And at the end of the day that's what This is about for me from the Confidential committee and what I see And what I see is less about what the Number or price of xrp would be and I Generally replace whatever they suggest It is with just it's a high number And the reason I believe it's a high Number is really because of the things We're going to look at right It's because of this and let me start This right here James Wallace at the Digital pound foundation in 20 seconds You can do these payments in a few Different flavors you know one is Through it intermediary which is really A bit more like the existing sort of Correspondent model But also you know you could go through a Digital exchange which would you know Automate the FX Um you know in a in a very cost Effective way so there you have it That's the goal You could go through a decentralized Exchange a DEX that's what the xrp Ledger is it's a giant stock exchange For the world It is in fact the World Exchange And it could do anything to anything and If you get the world to understand that And you get the 60 largest major Global

Stock exchanges and I'm sure there's a Few more If you get the Commodities exchanges Which is plus 100 around the world from The Americas in Africa and Asia and Europe and Oceana region If you get the Foreign Exchange Market Which is now doing by the way 7.5 Trillion per day according to April 2022 Right here But what's interesting about the FX Market which is really where we Understand xrp to be truly suited here Trades between foreign exchange dealers Can be very large involving hundreds of Millions of dollars because of the Sovereignty issue when involving two Currencies Forex has little if any Supervisory entity regulating its Actions Again now come back to understanding the World Exchange is The xrp Ledger now Come back to understanding this Imagine The xrp Ledger as the global Netting around the world The mesh the blockchain mesh right The distributed Ledger technology mesh I Should say Not the old paper Ledger that we have For each individual 60 plus exchanges in The 100 plus commodity exchanges and so On and so on and so forth And the separate markets for the FX Markets imagine all of those markets

Plugging into the spine Of The xrp Ledger And then the automated Market maker Capabilities and functionality the Patent designs by Bob way to be able to Source across multiple different Networks and systems to be able to Settle one specific transaction ensuring Not only the best price and most Accurate price in real time but also Pulling from all these different Networks so you never create a dry Pocket of liquidity for whatever it is You're looking to settle Miguel Villas said it Liquidity plus utility equals value over Time That I believe is how xrp Ledger becomes And is the world's Exchange Now with that being said we have to have Clarity Not only in this case But in this digital asset space And I think with the motion and things We're seeing from the European Union Basil III the movement Now to create an Agency in a department or what have an Agency or a committee To move forward to get us Clarity it's Going to start with stable coins and Cbdc's because that is the entrance and Exit to the on off ramp of this digital Space and it is also how the governments And Banks remain in control relevant and

Powerful over everything as it digitizes To the fourth Industrial Revolution That's going to do it for me not Financial advice for me or anyone else It's just my digital perspectives boy is This getting good I'll catch all of you On the next one

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