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[Music] Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff [Music] Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and this clip was going around From this is from Alan Greenspan who was The Federal Reserve chairman listen to What he says well you know what's Interesting is cold Is still significant I ask myself if It's an A Relic of something a long History why is there a trillion dollars Held in gold By the world's central banks Plus The IMF and all of the other financial Institutions if it's worthless and Meaningless why is everybody still Holding it exactly now this reminded me Of a clip I played for you a while back This guys were counting as a young man When he met Paul volcker who was the Federal Reserve chairman back before Alan Greenspan listen to what Paul Volcker said to this group of young People Um in when he's talking about gold This is how we actually reached back Into his pocket and brought out his gold Coins Linked him again click click click clink Clink and said until you have these You have no eggs

I asked him I said this isn't that by Putting a link eggs in one basket Why should we put all of our eggs on the Baskets So you have these you have no eggs Now This is what creates All of the eggs yes those are the eggs And who knows more about money Than central banks and he knew Fell into this death standard Controlled by his job Central Bank So that's what I just like I was almost In shock it was like what Okay you came out here and burned a Hundred thousand dollar bill And said this is not for you it's for The consumption of the go away Now you're saying that unless you have These gold coins you have no eggs to Being put into a basket Like I said and did you hear he referred To this is one of these Elites referring To all of us as the the which is The um uh the the he's talking about how The money the all these these dollars Which is nothing but trash that's for The that's for all of us peasants The gold is for them So make no mistake folks all this Corruption we've witnessed in this Ripple lawsuit and all this these people Consider us the the Gary genslers of The world consider us the they do

Not care about what happens to retail That that's just a tagline for him oh we We care about retail investors he Doesn't give a rats behind about retail Investors he's proven that pretty Clearly but since since we want to go Counter to you know they can think of us As whatever that means all they want But guess what Glitz my sponsor and I'm buying gold in My Glenn account and I'm buying physical Gold so so Um I'm trying to protect myself and my Family and with my Glenn account I can Have my debit Mastercard and spend my Gold if I as needed and I can also have My physical gold that's the way I'm Playing it now look at the anniversary That we are on Five years ago is When Brad garlinghouse Said this The price of xrp over three hours over Three days over three weeks or even Three months that is not success that's Not how I measure success I think about Success over the next three to five Years and that was Brad garlinghouse February 7 2018 today is February 22nd 2023. So Now did Brad garlinghouse anticipate That the SEC would tie him up for over Two years I doubt it but still We're at that anniversary now yesterday

Remember yesterday we had I think it was Yesterday Stuart El doradi comes out and Makes a reference to the Supreme Court We've had we've had Brad garlinghouse And Stuart El doradi reference the Hinman documents we had Rosalind Leighton come out and say it's time to Reveal the Hinman documents we had today I'm about to show you David Schwartz Changed the banner on his Um on his Twitter profile And it but but it's forming a picture Um it's it's either people that are it Looks like Ripple is either trying to Like they're in negotiations with the SEC or it looks like they're trying to Prepare retail for a worst case scenario Where maybe where a ripple it's a ripple Win and a retail loss I don't know Here's what you've seen Mubarak thinks Pure speculation totally guessing one Negotiations are at a critical phase Right now I believe that two Ripple Probably one usage to use xrp in odl Which is the most important factor for Their business I think they will get That Because of credit that's accredited Investors three SEC probably told them They can't operate as a bank and they Must license odl exclusively through big Banks I believe that Excuse me sorry

Four Ripple is resisting and does not Want any limitations on their future Business plans I believe that five SEC Wants xrp status to still remain murky For retail Ripple is also resisting that I want this is probably the real hinge Point I if I was guessing I'm guessing that rip one of Ripple's Greatest fears is for retail pers to Perceive The whatever the resolution is Especially if it's a settlement as a win For ripple at the expense of retail I Think that if I'm rippled that would Probably rightly so be one of my Greatest fears Um and remember those attorneys for Ripple and for Chris Larson and Brad Garnhaus they represent Ripple and Chris Larson and Brad garlinghouse they don't Represent you and me so their interests Are not necessarily aligned with mine And yours their their job is not to save You and me the retail holder their job Is to save their clients Okay and I'm not saying look I'm Brad Growing houses come out and he said and Stuart El Dorado has two and said we Will not settle without Clarity for xrp Now and going forward okay so I don't Think that um these guys would sell Retail up the river to save their own Butts I don't think they would But that's what this feels like is that

They're they're uh At least setting the stage for just in Case I don't know I'm just speculating Like everybody Um and there's a jungle link was Speculating in that video there if you Want to go watch that so here's David Schwartz Banner Ripple when a scrappy Financial startup takes on a web of Corruption and betrayal to bring instant Instant payments to the masses they Learn that the cost of disrupting the Status quo is higher than they could Have ever imagined forcing them to Decide between their vision and their Survival All right and then he replies to this is Reinhardt Kate that does the uh He does the Um Content for ripple okay the Ripple drops And the videos and all that and then David Schwartz and he's talking here Reinhardt Kate's talking about how Apparently he's uh he submits to Um stories I guess to The Blacklist or Something like that he's a writer and David Schwartz replies to him and says Oh this looks like fun let me try and he Shows what he wrote I'm assuming he Wrote Then xrp there and I think is right over The target he says the vision versus Survival escrow

And I think that it's always been about The escrow folks and I and and that Brings us to something else do you Remember well first of all this I want To show John Deaton's reply John Deaton Says sounds like someone who's read the Hinman emails and drafts as well as Other unredacted evidence to me it's Referring to David Schwartz now what This when when xrp Darren brought up the Escrow I was immediately reminded of This Because I think that this is all about The escrow and the government wanting to Get their dirty hands on the escrow so That before this whole thing goes off That's what I think Remember when this is from November 5th 2019 I'll never forget it because I was At Swell in Singapore 2019 when this News came out okay Stellar Burns over 55 Billion tokens worth 4.7 billion USD I Remember seeing this and I remember Wondering if this had anything to do With the SEC In other words I wondered if they burned This because the SEC said look we're Coming after you if you don't burn half Your supply Okay because you're in essence holding Half of the supply now This was where David Schwartz got into It with Jed mccalem he says too bad xrp Is a decent is decentralized or someone

Could just burn half the supply and Raise the price to 29 cents Judd McCaleb Who doesn't comment on Twitter much got Into it with him What f are you talking about Ripple Labs Can burn half the xrp supply thanks I'll Keep that in mind if we ever find Nothing that we're doing is working Judd McCaleb such a petty crabs in a bucket Thing to say harsh but Fair anyway this Is a very rare instance where they got Into it but I remember seeing this and Wondering if this Is what this was about the SEC and if by Ripple maybe I don't know maybe Ripple Told them to pound sand told the SEC to Pound sin no we're not getting rid of Half fire maybe that's why they Eventually went after him I don't know But um what's interesting is that in the Same at the same uh right well first of All let me point this out What else was interesting is why would You drop this news right here in the Middle of swell 2019. Is it possible that the SEC said look Here we'll agree to that you burn half Your supply and we won't come after you But we also want you to drop the news Right in the middle of Ripple's swell to Send them a message that's another thing I thought about okay all right so now Right in the middle of all this drama Right now going on with the SEC Jed

McCaleb does a very rare tweet and if You remember for probably over two years I've been it started as my theory but I've been saying that I thought that all Of this was about what PayPal started Trying to create a an inter a galactic Currency PayPal Galactic was announced Back in 2013 right around the time that Ripple and Stellar were created and we Never heard about it again we've shown You how a lot of the PayPal Founders Invested in both open coin which was Before it was called Ripple and they Invested in stripe which stripe was the First investor in stellar Well I've always thought that these These uh satellite starlink satellites And all this stuff was tied together I've shown you Stellar's website and how It's got the Space theme and we've shown The video where where Ripple has got an Astronaut in out of outer space that's Sending money to a wedding and out in The middle of India or something and I've always asked the question how would That money get from outer space unless They're using satellites nodes on Satellites so yesterday In the midst of all this drama Jed McCaleb has left stellar and now he's With vast which is a space exploration Company he says this is a major step for Vast this year is going to be wild for Us welcome to launcher welcome launcher

Team time to accelerate accelerate and Scale we are excited to announce that Vast has acquired launch launcher vast Space And then um this was and then CNBC Covered at space station company vast Founded by billionaire Jed Michaela McGuire's startup launcher And then in the course of my going Through I was looking at stellar and Seeing what was going on I found Something that I thought was interesting Remember in 2015 when Katie Hawn Who is not who eventually ended up Remember you can't forget Katie Holm Katie Hawn has not had enough focus in All of this drama because you have to Understand Katie Hawn was the U.S Attorney who signed who who signed the Agreement with ripple in 2015 here's her Name this is the woman who signed the D The deal which basically declared xrp to Be a virtual currency with fencing which Is a subsidiary of the U.S treasury okay Same woman is sitting front row on January 24 2018 When Jay Clayton is is at Stanford University on stage with um uh what was The guy's name Not renquist the the guy who used to be An SEC commissioner Um I'll think of his name in a minute Grunfest so she's sitting in the Audience asks Jay Clayton a question at

The time I think she was on coinbase's Board the very next morning She uh it doesn't say if she's with him But the very next morning Jay Clayton Goes over to Andrews and Horowitz meets With Chris Dixon and he puts Chris Dixon In charge of what eventually becomes the Ethereum free pass Katie Hawn will later Go to Andries and Horowitz who helped Andrews and Horowitz that was the lead Firm in helping to get the ethereum free Pass and I have to believe as a reward She eventually makes her way to Andrews And Horowitz as does Bill Hinman you Have to understand all of that to Understand this she happens to have Signed off as U.S attorney assistant U.S Attorney on the fin sen agreement with Ripple and then I just happened to bump Into this this morning so here's the Agreement with ripple from 2015 there's Katie Hawn Um this is Katie Hawn's LinkedIn profile So you see she was at the San Francisco Bay Area assistant U.S attorney and Digital currency coordinator this is When she was doing the Ripple settlement In this time frame September 2006 to May 2017 well I just happened to bump into This Candace Kelly is the general Counsel at stellar and she also is in San Francisco during the same time she Was Chief Special prosecutions at the United States attorney's office and I

Asked the question here Was the general counsel for for Stellar Working with Katie Hawn at that time because she was There in San Francisco and I think these Are the same offices I think I think That's where it's in the same offices That might that could be it may not be Maybe nothing but it could be a lot of Something I'm a digital asset investor I'm not an investment advisor this is For entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button tell your Friends and family that the appearance Here is that Katie Hawn and the stellar General counsel were at these offices at The same time during the time when Ripple was gone after of this 2015 Fincen which became a settlement Agreement [Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign [Music]


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