XRP Price UP, Whales BUY MORE, Market Gets HOT TONIGHT

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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel and it's been a fun little Sunday evening for Price action in the World of crypto with xrp creeping back Above 63 cents for a bit and Bitcoin Getting a little above the mid 37,000 and I got to tell you too right Out this right out the gate here uh in Terms of whale activity and xrp uh Couple metrics y'all might want to be Tracking here because there's been Tremendous Accumulation on the part of Wales and Typically I'm just saying they they tend To behave a little bit different than The Dum money the typical liming retail Speculators out there so they've been Accumulating and we have also been Seeing much larger transactions from Those splishy splashy whales get an Aquatic AF and we've seen an update Uptick for for Bitcoin whales as well uh You know it's just they the whales only Act like this the smart money acts like This only at certain times you don't see Them foming into positions you know it's Been fun in in crypto recently uh a lot More than it was over the summer in Particular as crypto prices were Trending downwards Bitcoin xrp you name It just about everything was trending Down but it's it's been from fun lately But this is still so to speak the Calm Before the storm because things are

Going to get absolutely bananas but uh Before going further I do want to be Clear I do not have a financial Background of any kind I am not offering Financial advice and you definitely Should not buy your sell anything Because of anything I say or right I'm Just an Enthusiast who enjoy making YouTube videos about crypto related Topics but just as a hob and just for Fun and in case anyone's curious at the Time I'm recording this it is 9:35 p.m. Central Time here in the good old Midwest of the United States where I Live uh that would be Sunday November 19th xrp at 62.7 cents but it was Briefly above 63 cents uh you got Bitcoin at 37,325 out of 100 uh some Market Particip participants feeling Particularly great recently um and I Wanted to share this because there's Always a narrative right because look Price does what it's do whatever it's Doing and yes sometimes fine there's News that will impact impact Directionally what's going to happen With uh whether it's xrp Bitcoin pick Your asset uh but I think most of the Time it's just speculators doing Nonsense things and so wherever the Price is going whatever news is Happening at the time it that's Attributed to it that's pretty much it

And so here you had just two days ago a Post from my fellow xrp YouTuber the Blockchain backer and he wrote In insert Bitcoin's news here and so here we are a Couple days later and Bitcoin has been Rising today in particular and the Current narrative is that it's because Of an election here you can see from Watcher Guru Argentina president Javier M if I'm saying that right and who knows Uh plans to replace the peso with the US Dollar and shut down the central bank Now this is interesting to me so this is This might just be the news that's being Applied that typically that's the case Here but even if the news breaking Actually did perfectly coincide with an Uptick in the the price action of Bitcoin today I got to tell you that Would still just be completely absurd Because yes uh this guy said some very Pro Bitcoin things and I'm very happy to Hear that I'm happy that anyone's Pro Bitcoin um but again they're talking About replacing the Argentine peso with The US dollar and for those you not Aware by the way the Argentine peso has Just had runaway inflation for over half A decade you know I remember in 2017 I Just jumped into crypto and I was Watching an interview that at the time Would have been new was Brad Garland House on stage with somebody and he was Talking about on demand liquidity and

Like the cost of having uh noo vro Accounts especially if there's runaway Inflation and he specifically cited the Argentine peso and that really stood out To me so it's like oh so if you need to Transact here through the correspondent Banking system and you got no ST Accounts the world over uh if you've got Money held and it's it's in the Argentine peso and it's experienc Runaway inflation you're losing a lot of Value right and so uh that that was just One particular instance where it made it Clear where xrp could step in to kind of Help here but uh but still fine pro pro Bitcoin guy happy to see that but if This is actually something that caused You know people in the world of crypto To get very bullish toight on bitcoin I Just think it silly because there's Nothing new in place nothing has Actually happened so perhaps it is more Probable that it's just another instance Of as bit as the blockchain banker said Insert news here right insert bitcoin News here uh here's a post from chart Analyst credible crypto this is just a Bitcoin USD chart this is from this Morning Bitcoin coiling over the weekend Prepping for that explosive move below Is the most likely way I see price Action developing at the moment we could Technically go below the green box and It wouldn't change anything however that

Is the first region to the downside Where I'd expect buyers to step in and For those you not looking at the screen He's referencing a particular price Range that rep the green box represents So it'd be somewh in the neighborhood of The upper 35,000 let's say if we Actually to get down to that but even That wouldn't have been a big deal if That were to happen or if it even still Does happen but he doesn't think that's What's most probable here I've got some More recent stuff from him this is from This evening 442 p.m. central Time my Time and credible crypto wrote low time Frame show signs of our first local Uptrend forming as Bitcoin gears up for $40,000 and so again that was several Hours ago and a lot has happened over The last several hours it's been Rocketing up uh and so he had his most Recent update on this 528 p.m. central Time and he wrote The Following and he Shared this chart this is a Bitcoin USD Chart that fifth Bitcoin subwave that I Said I didn't think was complete yet Just proved it's not the best part it Ain't done done yet this thing is going To extend if it does this pretty much Confirms the first more bullish scenario Just I discussed in my recent video Update and he did have a roughly 8 Minute video uh which I which I watched Earlier and if you want know the

Specifics behind like the the very Technicals in terms of his technical Analysis as to why he believes what he Believes go check it out he puts out Great content I don't want to Regurgitate it but I did want to share The perspective because I think he's one Of the best analysts out there and he is Thinking based on the current Mark and Conditions that uh this is the beginning Of that particular wave and we are Ultimately going to be seeing in the Relatively short term $40,000 Bitcoin And again Market moves in tandem Wouldn't mind seeing that I hold Bitcoin I'm not that excited about it but I am Excited for a lot of other coins I hold In particular xrp and it moves in tandem So yeah I just I feel we should all as An xrp community be rooting for Bitcoin Regardless even even if you're not Excited about it like me even if you Don't hold it just saying uh um and then There was also this and I wanted to just Be brief with this one but wanted to Note it it's a headline from the daily Hodle Trader who called 2021 crypto Collapse says sustainable Bitcoin Explosion to all-time high technically In the cards uh the trader who Accurately called the crypto market Crash of 2021 says that bitcoin's price Action is suggesting that a sustainable Rally back to its all-time highs could

Be underway pseudonymous analyst Dave The wave tells his 143,000 f follow on The social media platform X that a new Push to bitcoin's current all-time high Is possible as weekly momentum remains Strong Dave the wave often uses his own Version of logarithmic growth channels Or LGC for short which aim to forecast Market cycle tops and bottoms while Filtering out short-term volatility and Noise he refers to the bottom strip of The LGC as the buy zone for longer term Bitcoin holders which is where the price Is and has been since it appeared to Have correctly marked to the bottom in Late 2022 and so here's the quote Shorter term volatility is always the Most difficult to predict brace Yourselves for this one even though Daily momentum is down weekly Bitcoin Momentum is still up technically a push To the highs is possible and with price Still in the LGC buy zone for longer Term investors so I just pointing out Here it's another well-respected analyst In the world of crypto uh I don't really Recall ever pretty much talking about Xrp but I I see what he's sharing all The time and from time to time I do Share stuff uh from him specifically on Social media platform X but it's another Analy in fact it's at at this point Honestly it's it's more difficult to Find an analyst that doesn't think in

The relatively short term we're going to Be hitting a new alltime high for Bitcoin so whether that means as Credible crypto thinks it'll be this Year uh or if you're in the majority of Them you think it's going to be Happening next year or some even think You know some some point in the first Half at 2025 fun The point is we're in the fun part now For much of the last year and a half or So in particular um well actually you Could really say I at this point I guess Even upwards of two years at this point I suppose you could argue that by and Large in terms of price action it's not Been the fun part right but we are at The part now where and we've been it for A little bit uh despite much of what Happened over the summer we have been Trending up and you know if Cycles are To remain in existence in the world of Crypto yeah all indication is what's Most probable is a tremendous burst to The upside which is why I'm I'm just Glad that I'm well positioned so I hope That everybody has is in the position That they want you know in terms of Crypto Holdings uh I'm ready to go Though I'll just say That um and then there was also this Headline from times tablet let's talk a Little bit about xrp prominent analyst Predicts xrp rebound after Wales move

Millions of xrp and again folks this Wouldn't be happening if they weren't Weren't particularly bullish on xrp and What's going to be happening in the Future whales behave differently than The limine retail speculators out there Who fomo into positions and also Panic Cell just generally Speaking pce reads is follows notable Crypto analyst Ali at alior charts Anticipates a potential recovery in xrp Prices due to heightened whale Activities and positive changes in Market sentiment the analyst pointed out That the increase detention from Significant players could indicate a Potential recovery in the xrp price Although xrp has been on a decline for Days the analyst points to a notable Uptick in whale transactions within the Xrp ecosystem okay and you know fair Enough I will still note that over the Last 30 days xrp is up a little over 21% uh but here's the actual post from Them so this is an xrp price chart uh But it also shows interestingly a whale Trans action counts greater than $1 Million in in terms of United States Dollars so definitely them splashy Splashy whales moving around a bit here But check this out and by the way each One of these uh these uh c yeah these Are yeah that's daily candles I believe I think they kind it's kind of hard to

See with the colors the way that they Are but I believe that these are daily Candles uh anyway um so Ali wrote The Following despite xrp's 18% price drop Over the past 10 days there's a notable Uptick in whale transactions and their Holdings this growing interest from Major players could be a precursor to a Xrp price Rebound and time sh tell but as far as I'm concerned it's pretty much an Inevitability not a literal certainty But you know I've placed my bet I've Been here over six years now and finally I think we're actually going to get ours And I can't help but wonder I was Thinking about this ear earlier today With all the suppression of the price of Xrp that occurred over the last you know Few Years what would the natural price of Xrp be today if not for the SEC Intervening because I already firmly Believe it would have hit a new all-time High so even if he had over an 80% Pullback what if it did blast like 10 11 12 13 14 bucks whatever who knows what It would have gone to what would it be Today like several Dollars so I I I would Hazard to Guess That the answer would probably be yes it Would be at least a few bucks even if You're talking about a dramatic pullback And so today you're talking about it

Being at the time of recording this 62 Cents and as much as that does suck and That does suck uh it does represent Opportunity for those who were seeking Additional exposure at lower prices Because there are only like there There's there are only so many Cryptocurrencies that are in the top top 10 obviously right but uh that that have Low market caps and because look there's A couple that are are stable coins and Then you also have eth and Bitcoin and Not that there's no opportunity with Them and I do hold those ones as well I'm just saying it won't always be the Case that you can look at the top 10 in Crypto I mean fast forward a decade can You imagine looking in the top 10 a Decade from now and seeing a large cap Coin in the top 10 with like a 10 Billion market cap or a 20 or a 30 Billion market cap or 40 even I don't Think so so point being you have another Large cap coin here Xrp and that only has three coins above It other than uh you know tether other Than that there's only three coins above It that's that's binance coin eth and Bitcoin you know it's it's like the Opportunity have a large cap coin which I think for me at least instills Confidence the fact that it's been here After over a decade that to me that that Speaks to the degree to which it's it's

Been deemed legit and useful and solid Because otherwise it wouldn't be in the Top 10 still uh it's very notable and so Having the opportunity with somebody That's that that type of track record That has so little money in it with such A low market cap the market cap for xrp Is $33 Billion so as much as it sucks donkey Balls and you can quote me on that sucks Donkey balls that the SEC jumped in and Did what they did just trying to you Know be a glass he type of guy it does For certain people create opportunity That otherwise would not exist because I Don't believe for a second that if xrp Had a new all-time high last cycle as I Think it would have I don't believe he'd Be sitting here at 62 sets Okay I think there would have been a Bunch more people in it uh so even if There's a pullback there would be people In it under those circumstances that are Not in it now because you can't just fix Two and a half years of price Suppression in the blink of an eye but It will repair itself and the Opportunity is there and it's like it's It's been deemed a success so any that's Just my two sents on you know what you Think I'm not a financial adviser you Should not buy or sell anything because Of anything I say or right that would be A very very very bad idea until next

Time to the mov Lambo


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