Ripple / BlackRock / BofA & Bitcoin Maxi Reluctantly Acknowledges XRP Victory

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Ignition sequence start 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero Lift off we have a Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor and I don't Follow this guy now I do um I I went and Checked and made sure and both Ripple And circle private Equity are on the Link to platform right now there's some Left so and they are my sponsor just Wanted to let you know um go to link and you can check it out look at This this is about as bullish an Indicator as you're going to get Unlikely that Bitcoin Finds Its footing This is from Jim Kramer it's almost like Jim Kramer tweets these things when he's Ready for the market to turn Around this was sent to me a few days Ago and I keep forgetting to play it but You just got to watch it this is about Black Rock who just did the Black Rock ETF so I found out who actually owns Black Rock but there's something really Weird about it cuz by now we know that Black Rock is in the top three Shareholders of basically every Corporation in America and Beyond and They do this using our money in things Like retirement accounts Pension funds Ira chain traded funds mutual funds but Most people don't actually know who owns And controls Black Rock we all know that It was founded by Larry think and he's

The face of the company but he does not Control it when you try to find out who Does control it you'll usually find this List which is the top institutional Shareholders Vanguard Black Rock and State Street are right at the top just Like every other company but this is is Not the whole story cuz if you dig deep Enough you'll find out that actually Merl Lynch owns 45% of Black Rock and they're considered An Insider so they don't show up on the Top institutional holders list this Merger took place in 2006 so actually Meil Lynch controls Black Rock in a big Way but who controls meil Lynch well Marl Lynch is actually a division of Bank of America because Bank of America Bought them out during the' 08 Financial Collapse so who owns Bank of America Well nowadays Warren Buffett is the top Shareholder of Bank of America because He owns Burkshire Hathaway which is his Billionaire investment firm I'm still Not sure what this top one is the 25% That's an anomaly and I cannot Corroborate what those Shares are but I Found these shares this is a screenshot From burshire hathways 13f where they Tell you all the things they hold and I Totaled up all of these Bank of America Shares and it equals 1 billion 32 Million shares that's 133% of Bank of America shares equal to $33 billion but

I also dug in a little bit into where Bank of America came from and who Founded them and all modern banks are Crazy histories of mergers and Acquisitions and Banks changing their Names and merging with other Banks Probably for no particular reason but Bank of America traces its roots back in Two different directions one of which We're not going to talk about and the Other one is back to this Italian dude While you're watching this Bank of America is a ripple cust Customer pretty pretty rich history of Talking about Bank of America and ripple Named Amadeo gianini who acquired what Was then called ban the America ditalia Sorry for that accent over the years it Changed it name to bank America and then In the biggest merger in history merged With charlotte-based nation Bank in 199 What 1998 so I just thought it was Interesting that half of the lineage of Bank of America was founded by this Italian dude that got really into Italian banking back in the early 1900s You know when like there was a certain Italian organization that was doing a Lot of things with Money back then I'm sure it was all Above board though I'm you know like Obviously but anyways back to the weird Thing that I can't figure out Bank of America owns Marl Lynch who owns the

Vast majority of Black Rock but they Don't have anyone on the board as far as I can tell usually the biggest Shareholders of a company have Representatives on the board that sort Of represent their investment but I've Just shown you the whole board of Directors of Black Rock and none of them Have any real ties to Marl Lynch or Bank Of America which seems pretty weird when You own almost half the company to not Have any board members the plot thickens So two things if you want to follow the History of Bank of America down the Other Trail you might wind up at a Certain family name that you aren't Aware of that is really hard to find on The internet that'll probably get videos Taken down total conspiracy theories and The other thing is if anyone knows more Than me or is literate in this or has Info about why Marl Lynch and Bank of America have no Representatives on the Board of Black Rock I would love to all Right interesting video now here this is Interesting for those of you that have Not been here uh Craig Phillips former Morgan Stanley former black rot he's Like a managing director at Black Rock I Believe um he was on Ripple's board for A long time I'm not sure if he still is I haven't checked lately but this was Him back in maybe 2019 Is talking

Crypto yes uh Bill County so did I hear You say that no regulator has Authority For Bitcoin spot market trading uh Number one and would that imply that you Know the SEC would not uh you know be on Firmly I I know I'm in a room full of Lawyers so I'm I'm an economist so I'm Treading on thin ice here uh but I was Just curious about that statement that's Number one number two opportunity zones And Cryptocurrency uh it have you all Thought about the combination thereof Could you create a an opportunity Zone Coin for example in southeast Washington DC and use that to uh you know capture That benefits from that program chair Well my first comment about regulation Is that every regulator has fundamental Authorities and those authorities are Sort of grounded in either the statute Uh that defines their Authority or Regulations that they've passed and That's what I really am referring to is If you take the nature of what a digital Asset is it doesn't strictly fit the Definition of a regular author Authority That any of The Regulators naturally Have so the the SEC has characterized Their authority over offerings and said Certain types of offerings should be Registered and the cftc has said in some Ways it is like a commodity which gives Them certain oversight but just a a

Digital asset sitting there on the floor Um you know you know I think the elusive Thing is how how do you define what that Is and how do you not have that Definition uh capture any other number Of you know kind of assets or Characteristics um you know from Collecting lne to airline miles to other Things and I don't mean to be sort of GLI but as as a lawyer you can Appreciate the challenges how do you Then describe this store of value and The nature of its ownership and then map It to traditional things so things like Custody you know there's a whole Industry established around holding Assets so used to be you know I'm really Old there used to be paper assets and You you know Wall Street every day would Deliver these assets against payment and There were Runners all over and Southern Manhattan running around delivering These things and slowly those things Became uh uh digital in nature and Electronically interesting he's talking Almost as if they needed a Lawsuit scoop FTX officials sold about 1 Billion of grayscales gbtc since Bitcoin ETF approval explaining a large chunk of Its Outflow lot of interesting things going On this is what Mark yusa said about This don't Appreciate I don't think they appreciate

Is You know grayscale yes it was $25 Billion Yeah but they didn't rais $25 billion I Don't know the exact number but my gut Is it's around 10ish billion and that Money came in in the last Bull Run and What people just they've forgotten that Big first move from 10 to 60 before the Famous Elon quote most of that was Gbtc okay gbtc is playing a pretty uh Big role right now from what I'm reading Now here um Tony from thinking crypto Asks cath brings up the Ripple case to Kathy Wood who is a major Bitcoin Maxi And she can't even bring herself to say The word Ripple or XR coin base this is All these people are not dumb I've never Said that they're dumb But they carry they carry the water for Bitcoin and only Bitcoin and they will Not move away from the script and they Are fully aware of what Ripple and xrp Represent base and I boy I'm hoping Coinbase comes out with a big victory What were your thoughts on the SEC Ripple ruling because that seems to set Some great precedence with the the case Law that the token itself intrinsically Is not a security exactly I think that Was a very important Victory and you'll Know uh Bitcoin was up fivefold last Year partly for that reason I I mean Coinbase I mean so yes I think uh I

Think that uh coinbase is going to do us A great service through the court system And the court system is going to do us a Great system you know if you look back In history we have had an experience Like this before it was when derivatives Were launched and the SEC and the cftc Were vying for power over regulatory Power over derivatives it went all the Way to the Supreme Court which this Probably will and uh that forced Legislation so that both the SEC and the Cftc have a role in Derivatives uh oversight uh but those Roles are clearly delineated and they Don't cross over I think the same thing Is going to happen here it's almost like All these people Know something you and I don't Know my Spidey sentences are going off Here um Senator Elizabeth Warren Gets a Community note after claiming nations Are using crypto to dodge sanctions and Undermine National Security see this is The correct they're correcting sen Elizabeth Warren the US treasury's Department's owned February 2022 National moneya laundering risk Assessment reports states that Fiat is The preferred currency of financial Crimes well Elizabeth Warren would know A little bit about financial crimes this Is her when she was one of the ones in Charge of the distribution of the tarp

Money when when her and her friends Bailed out their friends watch this this Is being played she's literally laughing About $350 billion going missing like that can Just go missing when it's actually Probably being diverted United States Apparently on Bill Mah's real time on HBO it's a big joke Elizabeth Warren Who's the administrator of the $700 Billion tarp fund seems to find it quite Amusing that the Administration has lost Something like 350 billion of that money The Hank fulson the extortionist uh is Not being uh indicated in any uh Wrongdoing at all how are the banks Doing well there's a little problem with The first $350 Billion and what is that it left and no One's quite sure where it went okay so That was Elizabeth Warren the Administrator for the 700 billion car Fund that's just a hilarious commentary Isn't it that's taxpayer money that's Why this time they wrote in bailin so They don't have to go to Congress to ask Nobody has to get on their knees to ask Looney Toney Nancy Pelosi for the money This time they'll just close the banks Shave off 10% of people's savings that's In the uninsured category in there That's not FDIC covered that's that's The plan Jan now I'm going to go into where we're going to talk about

More of their lies we're going to talk About uh and this is what makes me Nervous is that our country is at a Place where these Liars are having their Backs shoved into a corn corner and I'm Going to talk about what's scary about What I think they're capable of because They have been caught in several ways I'm going to show you some of the things That we've been lied to About anyway I'm the digital asset Investor I'm not an investment advisor This is for entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button Tell your friends and Family let's go talk about the liars and And What are they capable of that's what Scares me here we Go


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