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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines we have here another Attack on a crypto wallet you're going To want to know about it Eli musk in the News usdt and 10 billion of tether in a Very short period of time we got Brad Garling house on stable coin legislation 2024 commodity back stable coins you say Let's talk about that the bis central Banks gold revaluation we're going to Get into it we got bricks news too and Xrp 15 bucks wa somebody roll that Beautiful Intro digital perspectives with Brad KES Come on In welcome back to the show you can Follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now $1.67 Trillion market cap for crypto the Market is off by 3.1% right now Bitcoin 40,600 plus 2,300 Plus for ethereum Right now tether market cap is 94.8 Billion plus xrp is at the number six Spot at 52 cents yes 52 cents I don't Like it either but you know what I also Realize that use Case utility is not the Price driver of this market so it does Not surprise me 52 cents is where we are Is where we are off by 4.4 on the 24hour Off by 8.7 on the 7-Day range of price Very quickly between 52 and 55 cents and We are on that lower end of the price Ranging today so we'll see if it turns Around in the near term we'll get into

It but right now I want to tell you look This conversation's so set up for this Right now and you're going to want to Know it but miles Franklin precious Metals the best place to get yourself Some precious metals if you do two Things email them info@ miles Franklin . All of this information is underneath The video and put in the subject box dig Gold diig gold that's all you got to do Two things and then you're going to get All the physical gold and silver you Could ever want that's what you want to Do because the banks are doing it too You're going to want to see that here in A second meanwhile treasure wallet Attack here treasure uh treasure excuse Me reveals a security breach affecting Around 66,000 customers an internal audit Indicates limited access access to email And nickname data the illicit actor con Contacted 41 customers seeking sensitive Recovery seed information eight trial Account users on Treasure's dis Discussion platform may also have been Affected so Look I had this conversation not long Ago inside the dpmg the digital Perspective Mastermind Group I'm all for people having cold Storage self storage self- custody if That's what you want absolutely but I Don't I like the option and if I choose

To use it I want the option to use it But what I'm really looking for is to Mirror the traditional markets and give Me Insurance give me investor or Institutional level custody for the Retail investor that's what I want to See right absolutely I want to see that And if I choose to also self- custody That should be available to all of us Too meanwhile we see the M2 money supply Is going on a tear through 2425 you can see this chart set up right Here but the ETF approval just in to let The big boys uh in as it peers massive Growth or massive Global monetary Stimulus incoming coincidence if we see A big stimulus boy I tell you you better Watch out we may see crypto go crazy We'll see what happens here but the Things are mounting because we know Elon Musk is getting closer to launching his His payments platform inside of X and It's to happen this year is what they're Saying so we will see if that happens And meanwhile USD tether nears $100 Billion market cap one of the reasons we Watch it aside from the fact that it has Been operating Outside of The traditional Standard when it comes to uh regulatory Oversight credential regulation Tether keeps saying trust us we got it They even have other people like Canton

Fitzgerald CEO lutnick who steps up and Says you know what I've seen the Reserves does that mean that the FBI and The Secret Service which was an agency Created to chase down counterfeit money Which is recently partnered with tether Does that mean that they can all go home Is that what that Means I'm not saying tether gets Unwound I'm just saying they've been found out And how far that goes to get it back Inside of the you know the regulatory Provision and oversight I don't know Brad garlinghouse predicts regulatory Clarity for stable coins in 2024 says Dollar Peg crypto SS real need and it Does because we know that stable coins US dollar stable coin is really the Currency of the Internet and US dollars as stable coins Are the most widely used dollar in the Crypto space when it comes to Peg stable Coins and we know that because tether Almost has $100 billion market cap right So there you have that however the Question Remains what happens after stablecoin Legislation should we get it by q1 of This year uh we know denell Dixon has Also gone as far as to say if we don't Get it by q1 of this year stable coin Legislation won't be till 20 25 we either get it before the election Or we don't have

It but there's a bigger question here I Want you to listen to this video because The stable coins we were just talking About were Fiat Peg stable coins right But now you're going to hear them Talking about in this panel commodity Backed stable coins take a listen to This this is very crucial to where we're Going I just let me set this up real Quick If in fact we are going to get Stablecoin legislation it will have to Address all different kinds algorithmic Stable coins Peg stable coins to Fiat Commodity back stable coins and so on Basket stable coin right let listen to This clip here at the same time though I Think right now when we talk about Stable coins we kind of implicitly Assume that it's something that is Either US dollar based or other Fiat Currencies um and I personally believe We might come back to um the idea that Facebook had with uh with DM or Libra Because uh Fiat currencies are also not Necessarily the ultimate solution to you Know having a stable um uh store of Value um and so I think there's a good Chance that we might come back to a Stable coin that is actually Representing a basket of assets that has A very high likelihood to preserve value Um as we're seeing right now uh Inflation is still very high um and so

The stable coins that are packed to US Dollars and and other Fiat currencies Are actually not as stable as they Should be because at an inflation Between 5 to 10% depending on where in The world you look um that's not exactly Stability stability would mean that it Preserves purchasing power um and not Just in the short term but also in the Long term and I personally believe the Only way to really be able to achieve That is not by pegging stable coins to Fiat currencies but rather by pegging Them uh to a basket of assets again that Has a low volatility and that has a very High likelihood to preserve purchasing Power um there might even be some Smaller stable coins that you know took Up this idea already today but of course They will only become relevant if they Reach a certain level of adoption There's no question about it and he's Talking about the right things here and I am going to continue to ask the Question question are we watching xrp Become a stable coin in the introduction Of automated market makers because Stable coins aren't just Fiat to Fiat Pegged Money it could be commodity backed Stable coins it could be a basket of Stable coins with a blend of Commodities And Fiat and I'm sure other scenarios as Well we know algorithmic stable coins

And largely have been uh frowned upon And look to be outlawed I think and Banned in most areas of the world but We'll see how that develops but this all Is based on the conversation that we're Hearing there the possibility of getting Stable coin legislation by April this Year inside of three Months and if that happens does that put Us in bis requirement for crypto group One B with a stabilization Mechanism this is going going to get Very interesting ladies and gentlemen it Really really is because there's so much More happening on the geopolitical level That is really important to pay Attention to first of all we know the Bis and central banks worldwide continue To accumulate gold Reserves there is no mistake while I Show you where you can get physical gold For yourself Right I'm stacking my pennies next to Their dollars I'm doing the things I can Do with within my means to emulate the Moves I see of the people who actually Run the World right the banks the financial Institutions the governments the central Banks what are they doing well they're Accumulating gold and there has been a Heavy conversation by accumulating this Gold that they may be setting the stage

For a gold Revaluation in 2024 now we can't prove This But with everything we're seeing with All the money printing is it wrong to Consider that this could be taking place At some Point I just I I think it's I'm leaning In I'm leaning in especially when I see Things like this bricks Coalition which Has been expanding rapidly with the Other countries Joining they are preparing to launch new Bonds in global markets Which will be available in local Currencies rather than in the US dollar This is all a part of that dollarization Movement pulling away from the US dollar As the world Reserve currency Strengthening their own local currencies But notice introducing and preparing to Launch new Bonds in global Markets and what do you want to bet Those end up being tokenized Bonds on a Blockchain this is how you end up Transferring the debt of the world and Tokenizing it and moving it onto a Ledger or a Blockchain meanwhile Reuters reports That Saudi Arabia is yet to accept Bricks in invitation and the decision to Join the block is Pending the report states that Saudi Arabia has not signed the brics

Agreement and is now re-evaluating the Benefits of being a part of the alliance Oh you don't say oh Okay look this all hinges right Here they have a15 Billion memorandum of understanding Which has been in place for more than a Year if not more than two years Now with bricks Coalition so why the Stall why the Hesitation because Saudi Arabia is where The Petro dollar agreement is that gives The US dollar its elevated status as a National currency to a world Reserve Currency that all oil be exclusively Traded in US Dollars which is not being Honored in exclusivity Today now that's in return for US Military protection so what in the world Is going on where are we in this moment As the Geopolitical Winds of Change are upon us As the financial system is moving into a New transformation of itself to never Return to where it Was will the Petro dollar remain as we Move to this new Financial system will It go away will it be enhanced or Complemented by the use of a bridge Asset I don't know all the answers to These things but I do know This Xrp was created to complement a moment

In history like we are in right Now to what level and degree would xrp Be able to help Liquidate ease the friction into this New digital Revolution we're moving into I can't really speak to it other than I Believe an enormous impact will take Place but this is my personal opinion This is not Financial Advice but keep watching ladies and Gentlemen because Saudi Arabia Completely and solely joining into Bricks is going to be a very pivotal Moment when it actually Happens xrp Bent Fork here looking at Historical support for $15 And we know above 66 cents we're Shooting for a Dollar Plus to 588 window We get above the $2 plus Mark and we can Start talking about this $527 that we've been hearing about this Business for quite a few years now but Let us not forget that as those things Are exciting should they come to be and I certainly believe that they Will the biggest thing that's most Exciting to me is the use of xrp inside Of the financial system for the next 300 Years Plus that's what's exciting to me and We're here for It and I wouldn't be anywhere Else I hope you will join us in the

Freedom Zone ladies and gentlemen uh Inside the freedom Zone we are tackling Quite a bit today you will hear it on The stuff inside of there Russia is now Claiming that the US state Alaska Actually belongs to them and was an Illegal sale we get into that and so Much more I'll see you inside the Freedom Zone not Financial advice for me Or anyone else join us at dig Prospectives decom I'll catch all of you On the next One


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