Ripple CEO , Bitcoin Maxi FEAR Of XRP & The War On Truth

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Ignition sequence start 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero Lift off we have a Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor and I have a Problem that many of you may have too Every once in a while I wake up in the Morning and I go in there to take Whatever medicines I need to take in the Morning and and I'll I may go in and I Might forget um whether I took them or Not and then so I'll come in here and Start working on getting a video ready And then I'm sitting here and then I'll Go back in there and I'll look stare at My medine I can't remember cuz it's like A habit where I take it every day so I Can't remember if I took it or not and Every every time I ever tell anybody This story they say well you need to get One of those pill boxes or whatever well I used to have one and I can't remember What it was but it I got out of the Habit of using it so anyway I went back On and I finally ordered another one of Those things cuz yesterday I swear I Just don't know if I took it or not I I And I'm always scared I'm going to take It twice I think that's worse than Skipping a day taking it anyway This is the stuff I deal with getting Old right xrp through this egag crypto $10 uh xrp 3 candle formation $10 or Sort of 50 exploring candle formations offers

Profound insights da da da let's see if Wait historical records offered this This is the part that I'm into the Historical part of this because in 2017 18 I believe is the only time we've seen The truth A a true market for xrp I believe then Is when we saw what the market would do If xrp was allowed to go I believe that Ever since that time that it's been held Back uh even even currently there's There's a reason that that that the Story that CNBC would tell you is oh Well yeah but uh they're still under a Lawsuit well they've actually won a Lawsuit all the digital assets including Bitcoin still have should have lawsuits Ahead of them if if if the uh Government's going to keep doing it the Way they've been doing it because every It's a case Gary has said it Everything's on a caseby casee basic It's facts and circumstances you've Heard it a thousand times Well xrp is Way further along than any other digital Asset when it comes to the actual legal Clarity so what they should be saying Instead instead of talking about oh They're xrp has a case ahead of it uh It's still in the case they should be Saying well these are the targets Potential targets of cases all of them Including Bitcoin and I'll show you why In a second but anyway so the the

Historical stuff look folks this thing And right here he says right here he Says stay steady the average of these Two Targets lands at $30 you know that I Always whispered to my secret Target of $27 $27 secret Target that my friends is A is a thumbnail now there's two good Clips of Charles hoskinson I know that We have uh and we still do um have a Beef with Charles hoskinson about the Thing he said about Grand conspiracy and All that he was wrong he was dead wrong He knows he was wrong but but that Doesn't mean he's wrong about everything He's right about this listen to this I'm Told repeatedly that we just need to all Get along and you have to really ask Yourself if one group of people are Saying let's work together and another Group of people are saying that group of People are evil stupid criminals whose Only purpose is to defraud others how Exactly do we have a copasetic working Relationship and why would we want to Work with that group of people why would We wake up every day and say those are Our people Too let's be very clear there are Companies and members of the Bitcoin Space that have actively lobbied Congress and the US federal government To criminalize all coins that's a fact I Know that for a fact I've spoken with Staff of lawmakers who that same day

Spoke to members of the Bitcoin Community prominent influencers who Literally just had a meeting where they Were told everything but Bitcoin should Be made illegal in the United States and yet we're told let's just all Get along there's no way to get if You're the Bitcoin Maxis there's a Reason you would do that because you Know you have an inferior technology you Have to sell this lie that somehow yours Is decentralized and it had some kind of Um uh it was born like Jesus into the World and it ascended to heaven or Whatever and it's all bull crap folks It's bull crap now we'll get to that but The real reason that they do that is the Fear because they know that look there Bitcoin's an inferior technology to Everything and a lot of the I think a Lot of these these wealthy people they They vested themselves in Bitcoin early And they've they've been trying to to Stick to their guns ever since um but The fear is the real reason that they're Behind the scenes doing all these things It's the reason that for years all we Heard was Bitcoin ethereum and they Tried to box Ripple out and we had to uh Go through all this stuff for the last Two or three years but here's the reason They fear xrp you would too if you were A Bitcoin Maxi competition because it Requires Capital to get there our view

In the future is you don't have to have This prefunding and instead you can use A digital asset to have Global liquidity On demand now we build Upon A techstack An open source technology called xrp xrp Originally was built by some Engineers Who had seen some of the flaws of Bitcoin and the challenges of Scalability around Bitcoin where Bitcoin Today uh per transaction basis you know It's rather slow and rather expensive Xrp is very very fast about a thousand Times faster per transaction and a Thousand times cheaper per transaction The other Dynamic of course of Correspondent banking is some of the More quote unquote exotic currencies Exotic corridors have been left uh you Kind of stand on their own and the Liquidity in digital assets could be Applied to actually make that much more Uh democratized and Level Playing Field Folks I just want to make the point and And and I I I'm going to make it even More as we go into but we're in a War folks that and it's a war of liars Versus truth tellers and it's and it Involves crypto it involves politics it Involves Free Speech it involves Everything we're in a war for the future Of Freedom really and the the people That are lying to you like the Bitcoin Max it's a it's a lie it's always been a Lie there's so many lies around it

There's so many lies around Ethereum anywhere where there's lies We're against it on this channel I don't Care what it is I don't care if you're Republican Democrat liberal Conservative Bitcoin ethereum Cardon it Doesn't none of that matters to me we'll Call out the lies it's just the fact Jack from the beginning really has been To apply these Technologies in the same Way that tcpip and HTTP are the Technologies underpinning the internet Of information these blockchain Technologies will be the underpinnings Of an Internet of value where we have Connected devices we have connected Information that will allow payments to Flow and as Norm was describing you know If you're a large corporation moving $100 million that's one thing if you're A if you're a you know freelancer Working in the Philippines doing design Work for a company in London and you Want to get paid $30 for 30 pesos Philippine Pesos if that's not a trans Action that can easily be enabled and in Fact for the companies that enable that They require the freelancer to set up an Account and they don't actually pay it Out until there's roughly a th000 USD Sitting in that account and then they Would pay it out okay and then we have This this is another uh R xrp is on fire This is another um good video from uh

Charles hoskinson he's talking about Bitcoin they they try to act like Bitcoin had this iMac Immaculate Conception or whatever and that's BS and Always has been BS the reason Satoshi Stayed Anonymous by his not admission Was the legal ambiguity of issuing a Currency the United States things like Liberty dollar and a lot of people who Had attempted like the Ron Paul dollars For example the silver coins that were Mitted back in 2008 they didn't Faire so well and it is An ambiguous thing when somebody creates A digital asset distributes that digital Asset and the unescapable reality that The Bitcoin maximalists cannot accept But they just they believe it's Immaculate Conception is that on day one Satoshi had 100% of the hash power and Complete and absolute control of the Bitcoin Network just like the uh remember when Bill Henman said setting aside the the Fundraiser setting aside it's the same Thing for the SEC and everybody else to Call Bitcoin a commodity that's a Foregone conclusion you have to say Setting aside the fact that Satoshi was This individual that created it setting That aside you have to say the same Thing and that's the point that he's Making it was centralized from the Beginning and everybody knows it all the

Rest of the talk is BS there was no Notion of a fair launch there couldn't Have been no one had the technical Sophistication as evidence by the fact That it took hfny a deeply technical Person multiple tries to get a Bitcoin Not working Properly and sending Transactions so at least some of the Bitcoin issued through the mining Process were done in a completely Centralized way because only one actor Mined them and had complete oh let me Correct myself when I say one person I Mean the four the group of four people I Mean the concept is that this idea that One person but I mean when I say one Person created bitcoin I mean the four Satoshi because we know control over the Network and at any given time could have Made arbitrary decisions to change that Network in any way now they say well Hang on a second here it's now Decentralized and Bitcoin is a broad Protocol and there's many people and There's many different actors and no one Person has that kind of influence over The system that's a true statement so Then why is it the case that every Single coin in the altcoin space if they Like to call us that the altcoin space That has those same facts and Circumstances is always a security Always centralized always a shitcoin

Always a Scam Bitcoins changed a lot it went from A collegial environment where people Were having fun and it's cool and Interesting and we'd all go to bitcoin Talk and talk about our projects and Various things to almost a cult where a Group of people say a bunch of things One is that everything but Bitcoin is a Scam yep and then you've got this do you Think Satoshi Satoshi Nakamoto is alive Well that's not the question the Question is do you think the four Satoshi are alive because um I forget Her name but this woman who's still a Homeland Security agent she said on Stage with SEC staff in the audience That they that Homeland Security met With the four Satoshi so this is all all Bull crap and that's the fact Jack now I Wanted to show you that that um steuart Alera is on stage with um the coinbase CEO oh how far we've come folks when I First started this channel Ripple wasn't Even invited to these parties when we First started uncovering eth gate Ripple Was not invited on these stages they Weren't allowed to hang out with all These people all these people were very Quiet for that first year or two until Eth gat started being blown wide open They were very quiet about rooting for Ripple it wasn't until they realized That maybe they were in the in the

Sights of the government that they Started inviting Ripple to these events Now Folks I got kicked off of Twitter about The time this guy Steven nof shows up And now Steven nof is showing you that That his uh I'm still here posting Obviously something else is is going on Look at these numbers just the just as The Press really picking up too so right As as Steven nof is is um starting to Tell his Story why is Elon musk's Xplatform hitting Steven ner off look at This give Steven nof A call haha where Did where did that guy go he was in my Feed daily then gone had to double check He's still posting so they must be Censoring him Unsurprising both myself and meta law Man um were into this Nar off thing just That's a fact Jack now here's Elon Musk Saying something I totally agree with The problem is he's doing exactly what He's describing is important he's he's He has uh banished Me I mean the degree to which uh old Twitter was basically a sot puppet of The government was ridiculous agree I Agree that it was you know what I have a Theory on that I actually let me write This down I have a theory on what's Going on on Elon musk's um X and I'll go Over that

Too I don't I can't remember if I've Talked about it in my private group Which is at D where we talk about all of the Truth that you can't talk about out here So you know it seems to me that there There there's a a very severe violation Of the First Amendment um in terms of How much a government control how much Control the government had over old Twitter um and uh it no longer does so You know there's a reason for the First Amendment um the reason for the First Amendment for freedom of speech is Because the people that immigrated to This country uh came from a placees Where there was not freedom of speech And and they were like you know what we We we we got to make sure that that's Constitutional um because where they Came from if they said something they'd Be put in prison or they'd be you know Something bad would happen to him so uh And freedom of speech you have to say When is it relevant it's only relevant When when someone you don't like can say Something you don't like or it it has no Meaning um and and as soon as you sort Of you know throw in the towel and Concede to censorship it is only a Matter of time before someone censors You and that is why we have the First Amendment okay and then he got real Controversial and by the way it's of

Course Andrew Ross sorin who is teeing Up questions to there's a reason that um Andrew Ross sorin and all of his media Friends are trying to paint Elon Musk as A bad guy we know that we'll get into That more in the private group too but Right Here Elon Musk takes a specific shot at A certain person we're going to talk About that person in the group and why He might be taking a shot at him and why He might be using certain words apology Tour if you will that this had been said Online there was all of the criticism There was advertisers leaving we talked To Bob Iger today stop you hope uh don't Advertise you don't want them to Advertise no what do you Mean if somebody's going to try to BL Blackmail me with advertising blackmail I think there's a reason to use that Word by the way money go Yourself but go Yourself is that Clear I hope it is hey Bob you're in the Audience well well let me ask you Then that's how I feel don't Advertise how do you think then about Now AP we're going to talk about Bob in The in the member group here in a second We're we'll go into who Bob is and why Bob uh is a part of the media machine That's trying to attack this guy um We'll go over why why are they after him

I'm and I'm going to tell you my Elon my Theory on what's going on at X and why People like me are banned I don't think I don't I don't think that it's Elon Musk himself that's even that is is Involved or or a CEO I don't think that But I do think a certain thing um I I'm Going to talk about how all everything You're seeing for the last four or five Years is planned and intentional all the Evil you're witnessing I'm going to talk About the t-word which you know used to Be a hanging offense in the United States of America and I'm going to talk To you about who in my opinion is the Goat the original goat of all truth Telling and and a conspiracy around him He's no longer with us I'm going to talk About that too I'm the digital asset Investor I'm not an investment adviser This is for entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button Tell your friends and and family that in Da that is what we'll be talking About Now


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