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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines here we have Ethereum in the news we've got the Latest update from the Ripple case and Recently acquired Medico the custody Company and World leading Banks uhhuh Somebody roll that beautiful Intro digital perspectives with Brad KES Come on in Welcome back to the show you can follow Us on Twitter and YouTube for exclusive Content right now it is $1 1.87 trillion Do market cap for crypto the market is Off by 0 2% good morning good afternoon Good evening wherever you are 47,300 for Bitcoin 2,400 for ethereum tether market Caps 96.2 billion plus xrp at the number Six spot at 52 cents up point4 on the 24hour and up 0.5 on the 7day ladies and Gentlemen the range of price between 5198 on the bottom and0 5281 on the top You can see we're sitting about smack Dab in the middle I want to tell you About miles Franklin the home of Precious metals Investments ladies and Gentlemen gold silver coins or bars Whatever you looking for they've got it And they have some remarkable specials Going on right now all you need to do is Get your email open put infom myfranklin Decom and then in the subject box right Dig gold and tell them you want to talk To somebody about getting the best deals That they have right now and that's

Exactly what you'll get no doubt about It I will tell them I said come on in You will love it I better what I wanted To say was is I am getting medals today I'm buying I'm making a medals purchase Today and I I don't normally say when I'm doing that but I I am doing that Today uh and there's stuff in the news Like this right here that makes me feel Better about why I'm doing that so uh US National debt reaches new all-time high Of $ 34.2 trillion that's not a good Number People's Bank of China bought 10 Tons of gold just in January 15 straight Months of buying now this goes to one of My core tenants of investing of stacking My pennies next to their dollars where They're putting their money and they Some of they it ends up being the banks The central banks what are they doing And I that's why I have to do it at Scale at my house so I'm trying to do The best I can it's not Financial advice Just sharing my digital perspectives Right and then this right here it looks Like crypto is going to be absent again From Super Bowl ads now you know that This is Regulators doing this right this Is not the idea of Black Rock and Fidelity and the rest of them this is Not what they want but somebody's Telling them no we're not doing that This year if that ends up happening We'll see what happens but they're still

Advertising and they're allowed to but Apparently somebody has put the kabash It seems on the Super Bowl for ads we'll Have to watch it to see right and here We see ever Grande over in China listen To this Liquidation and one cent on the dollar Bond price was firsthand education for Many Global money Managers Uhoh right That's what happens in a Liquidation one cents on one cent on the Dollar if your bond was a dollar they're Saying we'll give you one penny for It look This this is not said to be an alarmist The world is in a very very very rough Spot right now financially and Monetarily speaking we all understand This ever Grande Is Massive and I have to wonder how Systemic this Collapse here in China will start to Spread around to the other Banks and Countries of the world because we're all Connected at the hip here so it's going To be very hard to isolate things like This when they Happen we have to watch this very very Closely I'm telling you this is a this Is a big deal my concern is is that at Some point in the future if you look at

My dream scenario David schwarz's dream Scenario we could see if you look at Bricks dream Scenario project Sandman 100 plus Nations looking to simultaneously Position themselves to drop the US Dollar at the same Time think of it could we see a moment Where the United States is buying us or Buying Federal treasury you're buying The the treasuries back to back the Federal Reserve Note at Pennies on the Dollar none of us have ever witnessed Anything like that in the United States Because we've been fortunate In Our Lifetime to live during the elevated Status of the US dollar as the global Reserve Currency I remind you we are at 80 years The last five Currencies National currencies that Served as a role of a world Reserve Currency out of the last five two of Them only had a lifespan of 80 years we Are in the window of some kind of Correction and transformation the Question now for me Is can the United States position themselves and introduce Something to underpin the Dom Min of the Dollar again in a new way that Re-energizes the Demand that is the question and I Believe they

Can are you going to do more than just Call out US senators secc chairman uh For misleading representations in crypto Case and this goes to the frustration Here shout out to Michael Branch for This following the recent dismissal of The case against crypto firm digital Licensing by the US Securities Exchange Commission a group of US senators have Sent a letter to the agency's chair Gary Gendler expressing concerns about the Handling of the case this is another Letter to the SEC from Senators now Including Senator Bill Hagerty from Tennesse gonna be my home soon enough Looking forward to That and you know when I look at this And I say to myself why haven't we seen That subpoena from Congress For Gary gender to come in and sit Down and you know I don't know the Answer but I had a very very very good Conversation with someone in the freedom Zone and they made the remark that maybe They held back to subpoena as a threat Because we just saw Maxim Waters tell Eleanor Mueller that we're very very close she Says Maxim Waters says to a stable coin Deal for legislation this Quarter now maybe the politics is such That that threat is like listen give us What we need let's come to some

Understanding on stable coin legislation And get this done because Patrick Mckenny wants to get it done or do we Have to move forward with the subpoena See how that works that's leverage but The debt box is another case here that Illustrates and it certainly gives room For the uh Congressional official Senators alike to write this letter Because it has been a habit and Certainly a pattern now of the SEC to be Absolutely unethical in multiple cases Concerning crypto at the very Least then there's this we know Promethium that's right the Blessed Child by Gary gendler's SEC that has massively deep Communist Party China connection CCP that is not up for debate that's a Fact Jack that guy did not tell the Truth when he testified Aaron Kaplan did Not tell the whole truth when he Testified in front of Congress and was Asked if there was ties of China and he Said No it was absolutely untruthful as far As I'm Concerned but here you see promethium The only registered crypto platform and Maybe it's a qualification that you Actually have have CCP ties to actually Get these licenses that are so hard to Get we should ask genser That but they're going to list ether

First and my my speculation is is They're going to have promethium hurry To offer ethereum as its first asset so The SEC can say it's too late to Penalize them for the disguise whales And the first ever initial coin Offering it's so predictable And don't forget P prium obviously is Tied to the CCP don't believe it's still True why is the SEC Co so complicit Helping China infiltrate our financial System why is that why is that maybe Gary could answer that then I want you To listen to this Quick Clip here about How ethereum is going to be listed as a Crypto asset security again you have to Wonder is this the way of the secc Trying to apologize for not doing the Right thing to begin with is ethereum a Security let me know in the comments Down below what you think but apparently According to promethium the first ever Crypto asset Securities platform that's Been sanctioned by finra and the SEC Their first product offering for their New platform you guessed it is ethereum So according to prometheum ethereum is a Crypto asset security which is the new Term that we're hearing Gary Gensler and The SEC kind of throw around and it is So fascinating this timeline just keeps On getting better and better right with The ethereum spot ETF looking to get Approved many people already applied for

That we've been talking about how the Sec's kind of been backed into a corner Is today's ethereum a security that's Debatable I think that anybody that's Being honest with themselves knows that The original offering the eth Ico Definitely was an unregistered Securities offering today's ethereum Though some would argue that it's Decentralized that it doesn't meet the Hoy prong test but according to Promethium it is a crypto asset security You know it's interesting this whole Argument here and point about this and Shout out to Zach because you know I try To come from a place where I feel like Look this stuff is code it's not Securities right but certainly the Offering can be packaged as an Investment contract as the initial coin Offering was and Zach highlighted that In his clip too so shout out to him but You know th this the plot thickens here And as he said this story just continues To grow but let me tell you about a Story you're going to really like that's Continuing to grow it's Medico the Recently acquired custody Solution by Ripple here has become the gold standard With the world leading Banks I tell you This feels a lot better here in this Than it does here in that promethium Ethereum talk doesn't it because we've Gone through the pain of doing things

The right Way that's Right like John F Kennedy said we don't Do these things things because they're Easy we do them because they're hard I Might have messed that quote up but you Get the point you take the path that you Know is right and not because it's Easy you take it because you know it's The right way to go and in the freedom Zone today I'm going to go down into the Idea of exactly that as the principle Behind how Ripple has moved forward with Xrp in The xrp Ledger and ripple as a Company and I think it served them well And today there's a lot of backlash About how they've approached Their adoption and I I think I'm going To be able to address that today and Certainly share a meaningful view worth Considering and we're going to do that In the freedom Zone I hope you'll join Us but look at this the gold standard Now leveraging Medico platform fully Integrated to core banking BBVA Switzerland and BBVA New Gen enable us Private banking clients to combine Traditional Financial assets with Digital assets with the utmost security Come on In today nearly 15 years after making Its first acquisition in the US BBVA Compass has approximately 87.7 billion in assets and operates 657

Branches it ranks among the top 25 Largest commercial Banks based on Deposit market share in the largest Banks in Alabama Texas and Arizona how About that BB ba offers endtoend Crossborder model in the 14 countries Where it operates I mean come on man We're poised for this right I mean isn't This this is what we're really about Right isn't this what really will move The Needle people talk about needing Liquidity people talk about bringing Liquidity to the Network does the world leading banks Have the most liquidity in the world of Course they do in Clearing Houses Right you have to plug into these Repositories this is where the flow Is but the price hasn't gone up I know The price hasn't gone up I'm not trying To change anybody's mind if you can't Stomach it get Out do you Boo I'm not selling a used car Here but the reality for me is is that We haven't seen regulation that allows The banks to get started but we see the Banks doing Business and they know it's coming and I See tons of liquidity being piped in to Custody so they know at some point in The future and none of us know when They'll be prepared to serve the new

Financial system with digital assets Because it starts with Custody look look at us as retail Holders we still don't have the Comfortable Solutions we need everybody Still wonder what cold stores you using What cold stores you using well this One's not good this one's supposed to Have a back door but I've never had it I Didn't do the upgrades I should be fine Right is that the world we've been Living in and then moving from one idea To another bad idea to another bad idea That eventually gets shut out because of Regulation or whatever there's a it's Hard to know where to stand and Truthfully the only way for a retail Investor today at this moment today to Get institutional custody is to put your Stuff in a crypto Ira like I trust Capital that's institutional Custody because we're still waiting for Clarity judge Torres granted Ripple and Extension of time for remedies related To Discovery the new deadline is set for February 20th 2024 10 days from now we Will keep you up to date as it happens Let's take a look at this really quickly Speaking up to Dat a lot of technical analysts out here And I'm grateful for every one of them And I know it's a very very difficult Young Market to be able to track but I'm Grateful for each one of them like dark

Defender eggr Crypto Crypt bull 2020 C Uh coins kid crypto so there's so many I'm going to miss them all blockchain Backer all them they all do such an Amazing job but the reality here Is is none of them can really know when Right we can just watch watch be Attentive be a good Steward of your Portfolio and have a plan and be ready In place to take action road to wave Three targets $188 to 585 they're in Front of Us it's just going to require the Patience and the fortitude to move Through it and if you can't I understand Everyone is built different and we can't Pretend that everybody has the same Amount of knowledge we can't pretend That everybody has the same amount of Money or position position to be able to Move or the or the same kind of UH Responsibilities in their life Everybody's life is built a little Differently so everyone has to make a Little bit different of a decision I Have respect for that and I totally get It so everybody's got to find your own Way I just hope that this information That we share helps you come to that Place no doubt about it all right we're Going into the freedom Zone ladies and Gentlemen dig perspectives. I hope You'll go there and join us or click the Link underneath the video it's time to

Going into the freedom Zone not Financial advice to me or anyone else Come on In


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