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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel I don't know what the price of Xrp is by the time you're watching this Video things happen fast in crypto but At the time that I'm recording this Video which by the way is 8:08 p.m. Central Time on Wednesday uh January 31st 20124 xrp has broken below 50 cents it's At 49.7 and the sentiment in the xrp Community let's just say it's been Higher in the past I'm not saying that Everybody's panicking but you go on Social media and there's a certain Percentage of people that are more prone To freak out when price go down and They're very vocal and so if you're on Social media platform X which is Basically where the xrp community lives Online uh you may have noticed this so Uh what is actually causing this talk About that a little bit because here's a Headline that kind of freaking Nails it From coin Telegraph bitcoin price Stumbles after fed Dash's hopes for rate Cuts in March so couple things it's Hilarious and kind of cute that the Market seems to think that rate Cuts Would be super duper and fantastic Because there's not sufficient historic Precedent to make us think that would be The case not that there's literally none But so think about the last three F fed

Cuts not been so great right and it's Been reactionary but still it is what it Is like data's data and so bitcoin price Went Down that's why xrp went down but I want To expand upon this uh before going Further though do and be clear I do not Have a financial background of any kind I am not offering Financial advice and You definitely should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoy is Making YouTube videos about crypto Related topics but just as a hobby and Just for fun all right so uh bitcoin's Down 1.86% xrp is down 2.81% but there are a lot of other Cryptocurrencies that are doing Substantially worse than xrp today isn't That kind of funny how xrp like so the Mark was read yesterday too to broadly Speaking for and xrp was a little bit Worse than much of the market now There's a fair bit of the market that's Doing a lot worse than xrp for instance Salana down 6.43% cardano down 4.59% Avalanche down 6.85% now well just changed 6.98% okb down 6.99% uh arbitrum down 8.52% I mean you can go down there are a Lot of coins that are doing worse uh Optimism op

7.54% uh Celestia down 9.47% and the rest of them I mean so Like oh here's another one c network I Don't even know what that is 9.71% there's the point is there's a ton And yes some of them are going to be More like the 2 or 3% like xrp but there Are a ton of coins that are doing way Worse it's just the case that whatever You're holding when you see it goes down Especially if it's a substantially large Position that's yours it's of crucial Importance to you specifically when it Goes down you're more prone to be Freaking out and I totally get that I Understand stand but it's it's not an Indication that there's something unique About Xrp the market is down today you know Here's the 24-hour chart for Bitcoin and So you can see in the afternoon here When Jerome pal started speaking um Market ultimately didn't take it too Well let's say because you know around The time he started speaking it was what Like 43,500 bucks or so that's what Bitcoin was now it's right around $42,000 if you're looking at the screen You can see on the 24-hour chart yeah It's gone down and here's the 24-hour Chart for xrp if you looked at what's Happened since the afternoon onward it's Just mirroring it it's it's doing the Same thing this isn't like an xrp

Specific event here obviously Right and so there's this post from xrp Analyst dark Defender and he posted this At 12:31 p.m. uh before uh Marcus had a Chance to respond to what Jerome pow Would ultimately say because fed again Just paused rates that was the problem Appar L that's a problem I don't think It's a problem I think that's good uh But dark Defenders shared this chart and Wrote The Following and we have the Benefit of hindsight he didn't at the Time so keep that in mind but he said Look at the xrp always on the edges Holding our support with love yeah until The bad news broke and the entire Market Took a t took a hit so that's not at all Like you don't know what's going to Happen it's funny enough if we got the Bad news that there were rate cuts the The market presumably would think that's Great and Rejoice for a bit until reality would Smack everyone in the face although I Know technically that's not a sure thing I I understand technically we could get Rate cuts and then the market could keep Moving to the upside it's just that if You look at most data points uh that's Not typically what happens but of course You can start talking about what's Happened on a macro scale when that Happens when the rate Cuts in the 90s as I pointed out in a recent video uh you

Know the market did keep moving to the Upside but if you look at the last raid Cuts not so much but I mean you're Looking at you know what happened with The pandemic obviously um so it was Reactionary same with the 2008 financial Collapse that was reactionary cutting Rates so this does look different than That um but still um I I I shared this Post uh 7:25 p.m. tonight xrp at 49 Cents and I shared a little celebration Emoji which was highly sarcastic Obviously who are all these people Hitting hard on This um you got to have a little bit of Fun all I can do is laugh sometimes Right it's it's it's okay um but there Is this post from uh chart analyst Crypto Rover who wrote xrp is breaking Down on this three-year consolidation Pattern and again like I said at the out Of the video who knows what it is by the Time you're watching this maybe xrp Price is lower maybe it's higher but That that does nothing to uh dissuade me From my perspective it it it does Nothing to take away from what I'm I'm Going to share with you throughout the Rest of this video um and so you can see On the chart breaking down from this uh This this particular triangle and Attorney Bill Morgan reposted that Because he knows I'm I'm an optimist When it comes to xrp and he tagged me

And he said Moon Lambo good luck putting A positive spin on that one not that I Put all that much stock into patterns For such volatile assets and fair enough I appreciate the take thank you attorney Morgan and So I responded with the Following positive spin easy I'm not a Chart guy of course so I can't speak to Chart patterns but volatility doesn't Scare me I expect it based on 15 years Of crypto history in terms of price Action either my investment thesis that Utility matters will result in xrp being Worth way more next time the market as a Whole pumps or I'm wrong utility doesn't Matter and xrp goes to zero one day I Think everyone knows how I placed my bet Though when xrp was $2 in April 2021 it Didn't matter to me when XR RP was 10 Cents in March 2020 it didn't matter to Me the extreme volatility on its own is Not an indicator of long-term viability And so folks I do very sincerely mean That the short-term price action in and Of itself is not an indicator of Anything all it does is scare people or Make people feel uh euphoric or very Happy even if for a fleeting moment That's all that it's doing in the short Term That doesn't paint the picture of xrp Goes to zero or xrp hits new Time new Alltime high it paints neither which is Why I keep saying it doesn't matter

There's a reason I sleep easy at night I Know this doesn't matter it literally Could not possibly matter less to me and Again the entire Market is moving in Tandem broadly speaking so if Bitcoin is Going to break to the upside let's say It hits a new all-time high do you think That xrp is just going to keep tanking To the downside if so please please State your case as To either utility doesn't matter then Which I cannot possibly believe or we're Wrong about the degree to which xrp is Utility but I think it's got plenty of Utility I think that it's great in terms Of payment I think there are a number of Reasons that the market over the span of A decade has chosen xrp to be one of Only three cryptos to to have always Been in the top 10 cryptos by market cap For its entire Existence which you know doesn't that Mean something to you folks doesn't that Tell you that the market is agreeing With you if your if your long xrp in Terms of its long-term viability not Just when you're going to sell but if in Terms of it actually lasting perhaps for Decades if you feel that way isn't this An indication that the market at least Right now agrees with you because yes The asset class moves in tandem but There are a reason that that Cryptocurrencies are ranked the way that

They are ranked it is exceedingly rare To find a Coin that has always been in The top 10 crypto uh accepting cryptos By market for its entire existence Because there are only three it's Bitcoin Ethan xrp that's it it's Exceedingly rare and to to to to have Been tested for this long over a decade So No and you can call it spin if you want To this is what I genuinely believe like I just this is how I look at it and Either I'm right or I'm wrong and I Don't know for sure I admit that and I'm Not a Char guy and I placed my bet and I Put a substantial amount of my real Money that I earned in real life into Xrp because I do believe it's going to Be worth way more in the future that's That and if it goes down lower first Okay whatever I don't control that crap I don't control whether or not the SEC Su Ripple effectively attacking all xrp Holders including me I you know I don't Control that crap but I can control Whether or not I react Emotionally and so first of all I Wouldn't do that even if I felt emotions But more importantly I just I don't have I'm so numb to this now I genuinely just Do not freaking care it just the short Term Stuff and and also there's this uh Somebody responded to attorney Bill

Morgan named Dan and wrote there is a Well-known pattern for this as it is for Everything and he points out there's Actually and again I'm not a chart guys So I can't speak the the validity of What crypto Rover had or the chart on Your screen here this is just a known Pattern apparently symmetrical triangle Trend reversal showing that there's a Symmetrical triangle um in this case There's a Breakout in this case a Breakout to the downside but it's a False continuation breakout and then it Just goes right back on up to theide There's a so it's kind of funny you can Think there's a chart for everything so Better way of saying is nobody freaking Knows right uh there's also this too From um stock jock 83 on social media Platform actually responded to my post That I just shared with you shared this Chart xrp price chart with his own Symmetrical triangle and he says this is Actually a three-year consolidation p Pattern not the picture he's showing I Expect it to touch 39 cents before a Breakout so he's saying that it didn't Break below a triangle which means that The lines were drawn incorrectly so you Choose who to believe but what I will Tell you is whether the lines were drawn Corre correctly or not I believe that When the market hits Euphoria xrp is Going to be there and either my thesis

Is correct either I'm right in thinking That xrp deserves to be in the top 10 Cryptos by in market in terms of market Cap or if I'm wrong then something's Going to change we're we're going to Find out all of us we're going to find Out together I placed my bet period but Either way Again the this this recent downturn Today is not something it's not Something that is wrong with xrp period Again the headline from coin Telegraph Bitcoin price stumbles after fed Dash's Hopes for rate Cuts in March and again This is just hilarious to me because the Last three times there were rate Cuts I Understand the macro environment was Different and there were real world Circumstances that were not so hot but Still are we sure and plus why is it so Bad that that that things are staying The same in terms of just being the Rates being paused the market really is Freaking out because of this that's Ridiculous but apparently that is what Happened the timing lines Up peace reads as follows Bitcoin Stumbled on Wednesday after the United States Federal Reserve decided to leave Interest rates unchanged and hose down Hopes for a potential rate cut in March Leading one analyst to predict trouble Ahead for US stocks and Bitcoin that's Right folks apparently not having rate

Cuts means trouble ahead Bitcoin go down Stocks go down I'm not completely Convinced of that but okay uh but look At this art there are a couple things I Want to share with you from this article Covering the same topic this this is From ABC News fed leaves interest rates On change delay and anticipated rate Cuts the Federal Reserve left rates Unchanged on Wednesday delaying highly Anticipated rate cuts that the central Bank is expects to make sometime this Year the FED funds rate remains between 5.25% and 5.5% quote the committee seeks To achieve maximum employment and Inflation at the rate of 2% over the Longer run end quote the FED State the FED said in a statement quote the Committee judges that the risks to Achieving its employment and inflation Goals are moving into better balance end Quote okay so this isn't particular Surprising most people were anticipating That there would be a pause I thought Anyway but still the market reacted the Way that it reacted because reasons of Course uh but are we going to get rate Cuts this year uh that seems highly Likely in fact take a look at this right Here reads as follows an aggressive Series of rate hikes since last year has Spurred an increase in borrowing cost For everything for mortgages to credit Cards to auto loans but the FED has

Signaled that it plans to ease rates in Response to falling inflation quote and This is a quote from from Pal we believe that our policy rate is Likely at its peak for this tightening Cycle and that if the economy evolves Broadly as expected it will likely be Appropriate to begin dialing back policy Restraint at some point this year end Quote so there you go he's expecting he Just he just said it right there he's Expecting to to to implement a rate cut At some point this year so whether That's the summer or whether it's December I don't pretend to know for Sure uh as far as I'm concerned the Later the better that would be Fantastic but uh it's coming and yes I I Acknowled there's a chance that the Market could still rip to the upside if This happens again it's just that the Last three times this has happened that Hasn't been the case so then you just Have to question that's why nobody knows For sure honestly that you just again You can look at the macro factors and I Do believe that those matter as well so We're just going to find out together Either way like we don't have a choice The world is the world it's out of our Hands um that's why for me my investment Strategy is the same regardless I'm Hands off data tells me being hands off Is the best way to make money over the

Long Haul when it comes to equities and Certainly crypto as Well one day when my crypto is worth way More than it is today I I'm sure I'll be Sufficiently enticed to sell most or all Of it you know especi in prot particular If there's a you know Euphoria cycle Then I'll really be in you know entice I Suspect to sell pretty much all of it if Not literally all of it because if you I Know what a blowoff top looks like if That happens I'll be doing that and then I'll just wait for the market to cool Down and then I'll just buy back and More with new money that I make and then The rest will be out and I'm going to be In preservation mode with that just Whether it's investing in real estate or Something or just putting it in a bunch Of uh you know ETFs that track the S&P 500 something boring like that it'll be Preservation mode for me um because you Know that that's stuff's obviously Generally speaking less Risky so again folks I just the Panic Just doesn't make sense to me I've been Here over six years it's tiresome like I Just I know it's going to hit people That's why I wanted to make a video like This and when this happens I'll be happy To keep doing it I hope it helps some People out there because again I can't Tell you what's right for you Specifically and I would never assume

That I know what's right for you and Especially since I don't know what your Circumstances are that's why it's not Financial advice but I hope at least for An emotional perspective I can help calm Anybody down if you're having a hard Time here because there's nothing weird Going on here it's just the it's just The volatility of this Market that you Should expect based on 15 years of History for the crypto the world of Crypto it's doing the thing it's it Which is to say it's being highly Volatile which which means it's normal You know it's just not always going to Go up it just Trends up over the long Haul it just doesn't make sense to be Fearful and xrp just got pretty much Everything under the Sun going for it as Far as I'm concerned that's what it Looks like to me so we'll just find out What happens together but I just don't Think it makes sense to worry I really Genuinely Don't even if xrp breaks further to the Downside I just I'll be like okay Because again that in and of itself Won't be an indication of anything to me Not in a Vacuum I'm not a financial adviser you Should not buy or sell anything because Of anything I say or right that would be A very very very bad idea until next Time to the Moon



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