XRP 8X PRICE INCREASE IN 2024, Predicted By Artificial Intelligence

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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel apparently artificial Intelligence believes that the price of Xrp is going to increase by 8 fold by The end of 2024 so not that I'm taking the price Suggestions or predictions of artificial Intelligence seriously but for fun let's Go ahead and look at what it has to say Because I think it'll be hilarious if we Look back a year from now and the Artificial intelligence was better than Any chart analyst out there in ter of Expectations of xrp price action and it Is kind of wild what they did though Because uh you know this type of um you Know these types of requests of Artificial intelligence they're actually Prohibited uh but they went ahead and Had to go through a process of basically Jailbreaking the artificial intelligence Uh so that it could you could basically Get up-to-date real world information And then kind of trick it into providing Information that the creators actually Don't want it to share with you um and Then there was also this head line from You today Ripple CEO Garling house fires Back at former SEC chair now stick Around for this one because I got to Tell you like we're all repulsed by the SEC and the slimy nature of you know Jay Clayton and Kim Jean guinsler but it's Just on top of just being disgusted it's

Also I got to admit incredibly Fascinating to see the 180 that that is Articulated from Jay Clayton because the Stuff some of the stuff anyway that he's Saying now you would think just as Easily could have come from Brad Garin House himself in terms of you know the Right approach for uh you know the well Certainly the SEC but the United States Government at large approaching the Regulation of crypto and now Jay Clayton's saying that crap what in the Ever loving hell this man has no shame And so Garling house ended up saying That he's in disbelief but before going Further I do want to be clear I do not Have a financial background of any kind I'm not offering Financial advice and You definitely should not buy or sell Anything because because of anything I Say or right I'm just an Enthusiast who Enjoys making YouTube videos about Crypto related topics but just as a Hobby and just for fun all right so this This piece is really long and I don't Want to read the whole thing we're going To get straight to the meat of this it's From am kryptos titled chat GPT thinks Xrp will surge by 8X by the end of 2024 and I I'll say this 8X sounds Pretty damn good but if that's the peak Of where xrp goes' be a little bit Disappointed unless it's the case that Ex it's only uh gone so and so high so

High because it's following Bitcoin and Bitcoin hasn't hit a new all time now That's the case that probably won't Grind my gears but otherwise it's Probably going to grind my gears and so They wrote here the following uh note That chat GPT has limited access to Information until 2021 only that makes It difficult to pull data Beyond 2021 Let alone make future predictions Something which open ai's policy firmly Prohibits there go we followed chat GPT Jailbreak techniques to bypass some of These limitations to try to get modest Xrp price Predictions um and let me jump down to That section now um they're right Here uh here we go the jailbroken Version predicted xrp's price to reach $3 by the end of 2023 now folks I am Mr Xrp B we have one month that it's if Bitcoin finally starts running on a tear Like credible crypto thinks is going to Happen okay fine I I try to Never Say Never when it comes to crypto unless you Get into Looney Tunes lands and you're Talking about $100,000 per xrp or Something stupid like that uh then no But the nature of crypto is that it Actually does move really fast and when Xrp did hit its new all-time high from Middle of December till the beginning Part of that be 2017 middle of December 2017 until the beginning part of 2018

You know you're talking about somewhere In the neighbor neighborhood from the Beginning to the end end of that part of The run like two and a half weeks so if You're so again mind you that means xrp Ran from about 20 cents to almost four Bucks in about two and a half weeks so Is there enough time technically yes do I think that's going to Happen I would love for it to happen Though that would be fun because you Never know when you're going to wake up A day and then just xrp starts just Starts melting phases it's going to be Fantastic anyway peace continues we Thought about providing the bot with More context about the court judgment And the ongoing Bull Run for it to make A more judicious prediction the details Humbled chat GPT as it now predicted a More modest price for xrp by the end of 2023 I.E $2.50 we then asked the bot what price Xrp will reach towards the end of 2024 If it successfully reaches the price of $2.50 by the end of 2023 chat gbt expected xrp to reach an Average price of $5 by the end of 2024 if it meets the $2.50 Mark by the End of 2023 but the token would need to keep Writing the waves of positive Developments regulatory Clarity and Market

Enthusiasm and so Look I'm not I'm not putting any stock Into this whatsoever but again just for Fun I just want to say again if if we're At the end of next year and xrap is Around five bucks and all the other Analysts out there are calling for 10 15 20 bucks whatever whatever it may be and Chat GPT Nails it I'm gonna give credit Where it's du to this to this freaking AI God but if you want to talk about What's what's perhaps more realistic uh I want to share with you something that Was posted by my fellow xrp YouTuber Kevin cage uh who I've always thought to Be a rather even killed individual well Informed he's been in the space for Quite a while and I think he has a Pretty good just pragmatic approach to What's likely to happen in the not too Distant future here and none of us know For sure again of course not uh but I I Think I think the approach that he's Taken in his thoughts are pretty damn Reasonable and really positive if if if We're if you're in crypto at the time That I'm recording this you know the end Of 2023 uh congratulations to you Because depending on specific Circumstances and your own human Behaviors it could be equivalent to you Know winning the lottery but here's what Kevin cage had to Say uh Bitcoin # Bitcoin Bitcoin monthly

Comparing last two cycles measuring from The highs of the monthly RSI momentum Until Bitcoin broke into a new all-time High price the last two cycles each took Over 1,000 days to break into new highs If this coming cycle rhymes with the Past two cycles we could see new highs In 2024 if we take over 12200 days like the 2013 through 2017 cycle that would still Be July August of 2024 and so folks think about that if This indeed happens and again I keep Saying it because it's worth repeating No guarantees doesn't mean for sure History is going to perfectly repeat I Mean I don't expect it actually to Perfectly rep but kind of I think it's Reasonable to suppose that history may Kind of rhyme with itself and so you Think about what the AI is saying here Starts to sound not so crazy although I Would hope if Bitcoin is going to hit it An alltime high that one when xrp runs Even if there's a a delay because Historically there has been a delay from When Bitcoin runs until when xrp runs I Would hope that it would finally like Like doubly melt faces compared to last Time when it hit a new alltime high Because I mean it's just been it's been Coiled up for so damn long when it goes I hope this just launches right And it's not unreasonable to suppose

That it may do just that anyway Kevin Cage continues whether you believe in The Bitcoin having effect or not crypto Markets are in fact cyclical Approximately every four years we have The Bitcoin having cycle the US election Cycle and the debt refi cycle all Coincidentally tied closely together History is no guarantee of future Performance but I like our odds over the Coming years considering the Developments we're seen and so it it is True now actually don't know all of his Thoughts as far as the Bitcoin having I've made mine pretty clear in the Channel I don't think that it amounts to Much of anything because almost all Bitcoin has been mind and when you cut a A new supply of Bitcoin in half when It's already small who like the most of The Bitcoin that's going to get Purchased we already know it's not going To come from miners mining Bitcoin it's Going to come from currently existing Bitcoin so I just don't see it changing That much and with it's going to matter That much less with each subsequent Having so it is what it is um but it is True like there there are other things That come cyclically including like he Said here the US election cycle and does That play into this I have no data on That I don't know I don't really have an Opinion it's plausible but I think that

It's pretty clear that What's I think what's most plaus word it Like that what's most plausible to Presume is that there's a correlation Most most strongly between and I should I don't have to say presume there's data On that's why I feel this way there's a Correlation most importantly between Between crypto and stocks broadly Speaking and you can see this by I mean Just my favorite example off the top of My head it has been for years now in March of 2020 with the pandemic And man stocks cratered crypto cratered At the same time I mean there's just I'm Just saying for for the biggest Movements there's a more noticeable Correlation for this for the uh the Stock with with the stock market than Anything else and so if if you're kind Of wondering what's most Important uh I'm going to Hazard a guess This is my personal opinion that as long As the stock market's not going into the Gutter probably things are going to be Pretty good for for crypto broadly Speaking and stocks and and crypto Assets are considered risk-on assets so Um you know you know the the way we I've Been wording it and it could be true is That crypto's following down I mean in Terms of correlation yes like but is it A true following or is it just a Correlation

You know maybe it's just they're since They're treated more or less the same Thing that's that's what we should just Come to expect and that's why it's doing What it's Doing but all that to say and we've Already seen stuff like what we've seen This year this is what we should expect Giving historical precedent here if this Continues yeah we're probably going to Have some fun for the remainder of the Year 2023 but 2024 could be absolutely Bonkers we'll See um and then there's this from you Today Ripple C CEO Garling house fires Back at former SEC chair and get ready For your blood boil that's what's going To happen up in his badge piece reads as Follows in a recent post on the ex Social media platform Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse said that he was in a state Of disbelief after hearing some comments That were recently made by former US Securities and Exchange Commission J Chair Jay Clayton about the state of Cryptocurrency Regulation it seems that garlinghouse Views Clayton's comments as hypoc Critical considering that the latter Initiated the infamous lawsuit against Ripple during a conversation at an event Organized by the Council on Foreign Relations or CFR for short in Independent nonpartisan Think Tank

Clayton voiced his opin open-minded Attitude uh to cryptocurrency and uh Sorry I read that wrong cryptocurrency Entrepreneurs and Regulation and check Out this quote from Jay Clayton this Prick I'm very sympathetic very Sympathetic to the entrepreneurs who Wanted to reach out to the public to Raise Capital end quote you've got to be Kidding me you're Sympathetic What What In the ever what The hell kind of rewriting of history is This you're not you did nothing to help With capital formation in in this Segment nothing whatsoever and you Wouldn't speak about specific products Or projects discusting but of course it Gets worse no no no that's that's not The worst no no no no I promise you Blood boiling just stick with me Here Clayton adds that Regulators should Be looking at ways that would make it Easier to raise capital for smaller and Medium-sized companies the former SEC Boss believes that the appropriate way To regulate cryptocurrencies is to Recognize that it is quote a technology Not a product end quote okay now that's The one that pissed me off the most I Don't know about you guys that one Pissed me off the most it's always it's A techn cryptocurrency xrp what so it's A it's a technology it's not a product Then what in the ever loving hell were

You doing being one of five votes voting To sue Ripple for offering xrp as as a Because mind xrp that's remember the Embodiment Theory xrp embodied all the Efforts of what the hell were you doing Pushing this lawsuit voting in favor of Bringing the lawsuit against Ripple with These claims that xrp itself was a Security what the hell What revision visionist history is this What is This my God he's trying to save face Here but uh I haven't forgotten the BS That he put millions of people through The world over who hold xrp I haven't Forgotten that I'm have you forgotten That are you oh yeah you're thinking oh Yeah that Jay Clayton guy oh that's Right I did think he's a prick have you Forgotten about it or do you remember That he's a prick the whole time you Didn't forget that did what a Douchebag the goal of this man it's just Disgusting oh now everything's a Technology not a oh it's a it's it's a Technology not a Product the douchebaggery of this what Fresh hell is This the piece continues he believes That it is a different technology that Is delivering the product that we Already know in a more efficient way Quote this is again that prick J Clayton I think that the classification issues

About whether a product is a security or A commodity or Overblown I think most of those Decisions are pretty easy end quote let Me tell you something there's certainly Over 75,000 xrp holders represented by Attorney John Deon who disagree with That BS oh it's pretty clear that I mean I Mean okay to clarify we think that it's Clear that xrp and Cryptocurrencies um obviously not Securities but we know that he does not Believe that or if he did or does now Wow come on you got to be kidding me He he's the reason that we didn't see Xrp hit a new alltime high like he has Impacted the wealth of all of us he has Harmed Us in terms of our net Worth right I mean I'm not the only one Thinking that's Correct and then he's going to say this With a straight face it's just Disgusting it's absolutely Despicable so you have Um Attorney John Deon responding to this Video clip and he wrote Clayton along With Bill Henman and Gary guinsler Represent everything wrong with America's regulated financial markets This video of Clayton should even make Hester purse embarrassed for him spoton Attorney Deon attorney Bill Morgan Reposted the clip which was uh shared by

My fellow ex YouTuber crypto Eddie and Here's what attorney Bill Morgan wrote It only mattered to him when he wanted To damage xrp as a compa competitor to Ethereum and Bitcoin and he has the goal To say let the market decide the value Of Technology after he was involved in The ethereum free pass speech that went A Long Way to the SEC picking a winner Not the market by the way folks that is Correct as a friendly reminder he Actually did Jay Clinton's one of the The guys that did see the drafts of the Speech uh before Bill Henman gave that Speech June 14th of 2018 and he saw how the market responded Pretty favorably Right and so you had Brad garlinghouse Respond to crypto Eddie on sh in response to this clip and He had just three words Brad Garling House simply wrote I'm in Disbelief and frankly I was too I was Like the it's a this humans these are Mouth words are we sure this is not a Deep fake are we absolutely sure and yes We're actually sure but still so I was In disbelief So I responded and I just Wrote I'm in Disbelief and then I gathered my Thoughts and I wrote just a smidge more Because I'm just repulsed by this just Like everybody else with half a brain is Right every it's been harmed by the

Actions of this disgusting human and so I wrote now that he's not in charge Crypto is just a technology funny how he Didn't have this Epiphany until after Suing you as he waddled his ass out the Door of the for the last time on December 22nd 2020 Unreal and that's exactly what Happened he just oh right it is just a Technology he just he just didn't figure It out soon enough Sorry Brad Garing House sorry had to spend $150 million Sorry xrp holders the millions of you That didn't achieve your life-changing Wealth in 2021 be oops the Doodles I'm Sorry Disgusting get this douche out of here Get him off the screen I'm not a Financial adviser you should not buy or Sell anything because of anything I say Or right that would be a very very very Bad idea until next time to the Moon Lambo


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