DC Secrets Revealed & Congressman on Ripple / XRP SEC Win

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Ignition sequence start 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero Liftoff we have a Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor and I am uh Checking my volume good thing I checked It cuz it was way down all right we got It right now that's for you Mr B I know You get irritated about me checking the Volume at the beginning of my shows all Right so um right here so check this out This guy says why do I sense a narrative Shift about to happen with this Administration feels like once the ETF Is approved we're going to get fed a BS Line about actually this admin is pro Crypto they just want to clean up the Bad actors did anyone other did anyone Other Uh I don't know what this part means did Anyone other admin approve the ETF he's talking about the the binance Thing well Scott I've got your answer Here's your answer Caitlyn long had Tweeted this out the truth revealed Warren's Elizabeth Warren orchestration Of operation choke point 2.0 through her control over Biden ad Administration's Financial Services Appointees is really about rolling out a Us Cbdc this has been an Open Secret in DC Since January but it's not a secret Anymore Hill to die on this is Elizabeth Warren this is what they really want

It's not that they're anti- crypto They're anti the crypto that that they Can't don't control what that Banks do Wrong if you think we could improve that In a digital world the answer is sure You could but in that case let's do a Central bank digital currency are you There oh for a central bank make no Mistake people like her would use that For the evil purposes folks we talk About how cbdc could be used for good or Evil these are the type people that Would use it to control they would use It to win elections they would use it For any kind of way that they could that Would take your Liberty yes I think it's time for us to So essentially cuz we're you know the Thing is when you look at every piece of Paper currency we issue not with coins But every paper currency has its own Identity MH so essentially we're Prepared for the blockchain now with With currency should that be how we Build this so I think of it as again What's the problem you're trying to Solve and if the problem you're trying To solve the problem we're trying to Solve is to is for people like you not To control Our Lives woman that's what We're trying to Solve is fast almost frictionless Ability to send money across the country Do it rapidly send it around the world

Be able to send it to your cousins in Argentina if that's what you're trying To solve a central bank digital currency Does that and you don't really need a Stable coin for that you've already got A dollar denominated you don't really Need a Bitcoin to be able to get so then The question becomes so what is it that The Bitcoin what problem is it solving For and now we get into a very different Space well I think bit Point Bitcoin was Really created by her and her friends to HT us all in here and make us think that We're a part of a Libertarian movement Is what I think look at steuart aldera The binance resolution of anti-money Laundering Etc violations is a necessary Step to bring the crypto industry into Compliance with these important laws and Safeguards big Banks all went through Some version of this years ago Importantly nowhere does the doj suggest That binance committed Securities Law Violations or even suggest that the Assets traded on the platform are Securities the treasury and cftc join Joined the doj and in the binance deal The SEC did not and was glaringly absent From the stage today this sends a clear Message that the agency under Has not only become an outlier globally But but an outlier within its own Government the SEC like like a petulent Child who can't stand being ignored

Tweeted its misguided suit against Kraken at 3 p.m. today this was Yesterday the exact time the doj press Conference regarding binance was Scheduled to begin truly secondhand Embarrassment at it at this juvenile Behavior remember the SEC is fabricating Ated term crypto asset Securities is Nowhere to be found in the doj case Against binance because it has no Meaning under the law the courts have Been very clear that tokens themselves Are not Securities then kim.com had a Interesting tweet here on on the binance Thing CZ plea plea deal conclusion Binance is now under the control of the US government recommendation move your Crypto out of binance now keep most of Your crypto offline only use exchanges When necessary start using crypto for Day-to-day transaction not not just Speculation then Wheezy comes out of Nowhere with a very Interesting piece of information the new CEO of binance Richard Ting was board Director at Lulu Finance when Ripple Partnered with Lulu right here Ripple partners with Lulu board director Lulu Finance right There now that's a good find then here's Bloomberg TV they had Brian Armstrong on The CEO of coinbase to talk about the Binance even with this Crackdown that

You're seeing there were some really Scathing allegations in the doj's Crackdown uh sanctions violations uh Illegal trafficking of drugs you know How do you know that this is it how do You know that there are not more Bad Actors out there that would continue to Stain Crypto I can tell you uh the companies That I really engage with at least Especially the ones here built in the United States they don't get the big Headlines because it's not salacious um They haven't you know rocketed up Because you know they're not following The rules but there are dozens of really Well-intentioned and well uh funded and Compliant us-based crypto companies that Are building this industry I mean you Have to remember that 52 million Americans have used crypto now about 400 Million people globally and so um while There is there are Bad actors who try to Use crypto uh the best data we have is That that's less than 1% of the activity Is for illicit purposes by the way the US Dollar Cash is about 4% elicit Activity so crypto is really not Uniquely crime ridden and the Centralized actors in crypto they need To follow these rules around transaction Monitoring kyc AML just that like Coinbase has been doing for over a Decade now to make sure Bad actors don't

Take advantage of these systems listen Okay that's enough of that kind of Boring now Hester Pierce I've seen her On a couple of videos um in the last uh Couple of days listen to this one the Commission is is really the busiest that It's been uh In My Memory we're we're Working on many many rules most of which Have nothing to do with crypto and we Also have a very busy enforcement Calendar and so I think that given all Of the priorities that we have um I Think that means that crypto doesn't Necessarily get a slot on the rulem Agenda as we've as we've seen and where It does frankly it's it it doesn't look Great some of the some of the initial Steps that we've taken with respect to Regulating crypto I've said either you Have to centralize you have to get out Of the US or you have to shut down those Are not great options and they totally Undermine the whole point of crypto Which is to facilitate decentralization Which then can make for a more robust Financial system and and other parts of Of the the economy as well can be Decentralized and that's the strength And and the the the transparency that Comes with um with not relying on Centralized entities and the um you know Equal terms of access that apply to Everyone these are really valuable Things and if you force centralization

There are some points where there will Be centralization of course but just Forcing that is is not uh it's missing Out on the Point a more talk out of Hester Pierce Then uh thinking crypto Tony over there He had um he had Tom emmer uh on his Show listen to this good clip so Congressman em uh the checks and Balances seem to be working a bit weird The courts the J judicial branch has Been handing the SEC losses here uh Highlighting their overreach their Hypocrisy and uh look lack of allegiance To the law losses to grayscale and with Ripple uh what are your thoughts on on Those core rulings well I those are the Two key cases that I I would say they Were a big losses I last summer that uh The SEC and Gary Gensler experienced uh Ripple as you know the southern district Of New York declared that xrp is not in And of itself a security and grayscale The DC court of appeals cided with Grayscale on the sec's Regulatory and Intellectual hypocrisy in approving Bitcoin Futures ETFs but not Bitcoin Spot ETFs which the two are related so Why you would approve one and not the Other uh is just intellectually Inconsistent uh these wins as you Correctly point out are wins for the Industry uh and they they highlight that Uh the rules of the road are not clear

For the industry despite Gary gensler's Best efforts to pretend like they are I I guess the botom line on that one is The SEC is an incompetent cop on the Beat which I've said over and over and The crypto community's refusal to lay Down and die is proving gensler's Incompetency in the courts and that's a Good thing you got that right now um I'm Going into uh the group the private Group at Dp.com now today we uh I in in Partnership with h Brad comms I we Announced an adventure it's kind of Really interesting Adventure in the Groups okay and the it's it's going to Be we're I'm not going to say much about What it is but we announced that uh the Group is going to go on a little Adventure it's going to be inter Interactive we're going to um actually Have members in the group um they're Going to be involved it's going to be Really interesting just a random idea That I that I had come up with It's going to be fun we're uh so that Starts today D xrp.com if you're if you Want to be a potential pick to be Involved in what we're doing you you're Going to want to go ahead and join today Because I'm going to be making the pick Of who we're going to work with um in The next probably the next uh couple of Days here so um I'm the digital asset

Investor I'm not an investment advisor This is for entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and Tell your friends and family that we are Beginning a a very interesting Adventure In the Dai xrp group thanks for Listening


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