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Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and it is Super Bowl Sunday Um I'll tell you I've got my money Here's the deal Patrick Mahomes I think He has a an ankle a ankle and uh if That ankle is a problem tonight I'm Gonna call it for the Eagles if he has Recovered enough and he's not limping Around out there then I'm calling it for KC that's kind of where I stand on this Thing now I'm going to show you the most bullish Video ever so now the narrative is that Sports betting good crypto bad and it's From CNN which really tells you that It's a narrative commercials then will People be talking about on Monday crypto Is so last year crypto is so last year Is Larry ever is there David ever wrong So this year Christine we're going to See an interesting mix Um uh sports betting apps have been Booming they're going to be advertising Heavily heavily take a look at this DraftKings ad with Kevin Hart and David Ortiz Super Bowl and all but everyone gets a Free back man that's Big Poppy so what's Cab Betty the short odds You're both I think he was one of the FTX promoters actually

Hey I heard Kevin's taking the under Right all right so there's their Narrative is that Sports betting's okay That's fine but crypto is just way too Dangerous right too dangerous to Um maybe to the feds Um now Uh Molly Elmore who has some serious Guts she doesn't take any crap she's uh She keeps she's putting out she's coming Out with various different xrp valuation Models and she's basically saying you Could value it this way you could value It this way well today she put one or to There yesterday she put this one out Which is a valuation that she's basing On the Susan Athey Um uh Robbie Mitch Nick model Susan Athey on Ripple's board Robbie mitchnick Was with ripple and then he went to Blackrock BlackRock to had their digital Assets Division and we've never heard Anything about him since Now But what I want to focus I don't want to Focus I think that she came up with a 4 000 is that 4 600 and something let me See 4813 is what she came up and that's Using that's using all kinds of Assumptions so don't go crazy out there Um these are ten percent of total Global Transactions moved to The xrp Ledger by 2030 and this is 423. so don't go crazy

Out there it's just an assumption okay I'm not saying that's where it's going To go I'm not going to say in that There's I'm not saying there's gonna be Ten percent this is what a valuation Model is you're modeling it with certain Assumptions okay now but what I want to Focus in on is this because I remember I don't remember who the Conversation was with but it was with David Schwartz in Singapore 2019 swell And I remember someone relaying this Conversation that they had with David Schwartz listen to what she says here The key concept because a lot of people Have have floated the idea that they Think the value of xrp will rise slowly With utility okay I do think it'll rise Slowly with utility but I also think That what happens in this described here Is going to happen the key Concept in This model is that there are two Fundamental competing forces that will That drive the price of xrp the first Force is function of using the asset for Payments as demand for xrp increases Because people are using it to exchange Value the price will rise in response Okay the second Force enters into the Dynamic as a consequence of the first Force when the price so xrp increases From higher demand via transaction Adoption more people will see xrp as a Logical place to store value wealth

Profits and savings must be stored Somewhere why not in an asset that is Rising in Rising in value like bathtub Water as utility comes in folks this is What I've touched on before this is what I've always the way I've always thought Of xrp this is literally digital assets With util the ones with utility are Literally going to be like as as the use Of them come in it's going to be like a Bathtub of water that's slowly rising And what she's saying here and what David Schwartz had a conversation with About somebody I was with in Singapore I Don't remember who which person that was With What he says yeah that's the problem With the rising slowly thing Is that at some point And this is not word for word but he's At some point people will realize that All the sudden maybe for the first time And these are my words and ideas maybe For the first time in the history of the World there's an asset that has both Utility and speculation in other words Use that maybe not the first time in History maybe you could say that of oil Maybe you could say it of gold But it has a utility That is where where it's slowly rising And then as it slowly rises from the Utility you have speculation and pouring In as people start to realize hey

This thing is kind of like oil it's Going to be used and it's going to be Bought as a commodity And and then the speculation bounce it Look folks that's what made the Saudis Some of the richest people in the world And I've always believed that this is The second coming like xrp is the new Oil And that's the point that's made there Now Check this out this was quite an Interesting tweet After I don't know where the part of This I know comes from the FDIC website Because you've got it up there fdi's Concerned about digital asset use cases Look at this if this is split If the FDIC were to encounter any of the Digital asset use cases in the Resolution process or receivership Capacity in a receivership capacity what Complexities might be encountered in Valuing marketing transferring operating Or resolving the digital asset activity What actions would be considered to Overcome the complexities And then I'm I don't this may be from Ripple's website I don't know where this Part comes from or this part but let's Go with it Global virtual currency Regulatory landscape regulatory Clarity Will lead to Institute institutional Participation reduce volatility and

Emergence of Enterprise use cases of Digital assets And then right here it says xrp the First Enterprise ready digital asset Ready for what and then he goes back to This where the FDIC is talking about a Receivership capacity check this out he Went into chat gbt and asked what Receivership is receivership refers to a Legal Arrangement where an appointed Person known as a receiver is given Control and responsibility over property Assets or business that are involved in A lawsuit or otherwise in financial Distress the receiver is typically Appointed by a court or by a creditor in Order to protect and manage the property Or assets in question until resolution To the legal dispute or financial issue Can be reached the receiver's Responsibility may include managing the Day-to-day operations of a business Collecting and distributing assets Selling off property paying debts the Receiver acts as a neutral party in Anyway this is very interesting against The backdrop of the SEC versus Ripple Lawsuit now Here's what's going around today Remember this video I do this the FDIC Never wanted this video to get out watch It again it's worth watching again They're talking about bail-ins and They're talking about how you and I may

Trust the banking system more than those Guys in the room there at the FTI FDIC And they're also talking about how maybe The conversations that they're having About doing bail-ins don't need to get Out It's really important I mean it's a Little bit conflicted right I mean it's Important that people understand they Can be bailed in but you don't want a Huge run on the institution but they Have I mean they're going to be people Need to know but I don't think you have Much of of reaching the public that Doesn't have a professional need to know I completely agree with that I almost Think you scare the public if you put This out like why are they telling me This should I be concerned about my bank Like my insurance company doesn't tell Me what they're doing with my assets if They just assume they're gonna pay my Claim Right it's it's I think you've got to Think of the unintended consequences of Taking a public that has more Full Faith And confidence in the banking system Than maybe people in this room do so There's a select crowd of people that Are on the institutional side and if They want to understand this they're Going to find a way to understand this There's a bunch of law firms Representing this room there's a bunch

Of people to charge them by the hour a Lot of money to explain this all to them And and it's fine I don't have it I Don't have a problem with that and they All have huge staffs but I would be Careful about the unintended Consequences of starting to blast too Much of this out in the general well That's what we're here for is to blast The truth out sorry Gary Cohen Um but so here's here's this now the Reason that came back up today is Because of this I think it's from Infowars and I'm not going to play it Because they got music running all over The top of this well what they said in Here is that they were they've got a Source that's a European contractor I Guess with the banks or something over There and the European contractor was Basically saying that once that FDIC Video linked all the people in Europe That are that know that they're planning To do bail-ins or scrambling around to Uh make sure that they've got everything In place Um so they're all worried about an Outcry here okay then you got this going On in Nigeria uh uh Nigeria banks have Collapsed switch uh switch switching Over to digital currency exchange no More cash the people are rioting no food No gas no cash coming to a bank near you Watch this

You get the picture then Robert Kiyosaki Who's rich who wrote the book Rich Dad Poor Dad very smart guy crash is here Silicon Valley First Domino's fall Laying off 144 000 in 2022 66 000 more 2023 Valentine Day Valentine's Day Massacre predicted by Stansberry Research everything will crash including Prices gold silver and Bitcoin I think He means do not panic good news I will Buy more gold silver Bitcoin real money I the digital asset investor will buy More gold I haven't haven't been buying Silver but that's not because I don't Think it's a good investment it's just Because it's more bulky than gold So what I'm doing is I'm buying gold I've bought gold in my Glen account I'm Buying physical gold and glints my Sponsor and the link to glints in the Top of the description the reason I Bought Glenn in my gold in my Glen Account is because I have a debit Mastercard where it's spendable and the Other thing that's important after this Discussion of the bail-ins is that Glenn This is not a bank account folks the Banks closed down those bank accounts That's not the Glen a Glenn account's Not the same thing All right uh back to his tweet uh he Said I'll buy more gold silver Bitcoin Real money with fake dollars I agree With that but I'll I would buy xrp not

Bitcoin myself now check this out every Once in a while someone does a tweet That's worth worth thinking about about The Ripple case my ripple case Prediction Ripple's previous and ongoing Sales of xrp will be ruled to security Uh um I don't know I I totally agree with the Previous I think that the ongoing sales This is a questionable but it's possible Okay will be real security all sales in The secondary markets will be ruled not As security I agree with that ripples Ripples xrp and escrow will only be sold To accredited investors I think this is Highly possible Ripple will continue to Buy back xrp from secondary markets I Agree with that This would imply xrp will be relisted on Exchanges but they will not be able to Restock via in other words a supply Shock folks Ripple will continue buying Xrp from exchanges price flywheel style As demand for xrp xrp and secondary Markets will only account for 10 of Total Supply just imagine getting this Ruling in overnight the available X Supply of xrp is cut by 60 to 75 percent From Ripple's xrp plus s group plus Founders financial institutions hoarders Recurring buyback of xrp by Ripple With legal restraints on institutions Dumping on retail secondary excuse me Secondary markets last quote screenshot

This Ripple's ongoing xrp cells being Ruled a Security Plus U.S exchanges Re-listing xrp U.S investor Clarity plus Ripples continued buyback of xrp an Immense Supply shock on secondary Markets we will witness God candles from Flywheel effects there's that flywheel Again Interesting stuff right now I want to Show you this the Bitcoin propaganda has Been real and continues it was never Bitcoin lies don't stand the test of Time they're even programming AI to lie To you this this is something I typed Into chat GPT yesterday as you know xrp Was the best performing digital asset in 2017 before all the shenanigans and the Lawsuits and the fud and the media Campaign against Ripple and the pundit Campaign against Ripple all of that okay I said did Bitcoin out perform xrp in 2017 it did not but it says yes in 2017 Bitcoin outperformed xrp while xrp also Experienced significant growth in 2017 With a gain of over 36 thousand percent It was still far behind bitcoin's Thirteen hundred percent increase Um got a number issue going on there Chat gbt then this guy replies and he Went and tried it in a different way the First way he tried it is did Bitcoin Outperform xrp by percentage increase in 2017. yes in 2017 it did and then it Goes on to say Bitcoin performed

Performed 1300 to xrp's 36 000 but That's a Bitcoin outperformance According to chat gbt it finally gets it Right when he says it this way did Bitcoin have a higher percentage Increase in xrp in 2017. than xrp in 2017. no xrp had a higher percentage Increase than Bitcoin in 2017. so that's How hard it was to get to the truth Because it's almost like everything the Whole narrative is programmed to for Bitcoin to be better no matter what Not a coincidence in my opinion now Jesse Powell the CEO of Kraken he's Calling BS he says oh man all I had to Do remember in Gary Gensler went on CNBC After the crack and settlement he said Look this is very simple to register for With us it was just a form on our Website you just go in and and put and Fill in the form And that's why we had to that's why we Had to find Kraken and all this he goes Oh man all I had to do was fill out a Form on the website and tell people that Staking rewards come from staking wish I'd seen this video before paying 30 Million dollar fine and agreeing to Permanently shut down the service in the U.S how dumb do I look gosh Now John Deaton did a whole thread on How the secondary Market he's he's Entered himself Um he's trying to get in as an amicus an

Amicus brief in another in a civil uh Class action lawsuit against Ripple Because he wants to keep just like he Did in library he's trying to keep in Front of these judges he he doesn't want Them to be able to finish one of these Lawsuits and have on the record that That any of these digital Assets in the Secondary Market are securities because That would be a bad precedent So he's going in again well yesterday I Went and I found this it's important That you understand what Gary gensler's Truly up to and I copied all the Congress people on this because it's Important If if Gary can declare all these these Things Securities you're going to hear It from the kick CEO they already sued Kicked and you'll you'll hear it from Him this is what Gary's really trying to Do if he can call them securities Then then they can't be used listen to What he says this is what's important This is why Congress has to stop Gary Gensler in terms of like having Settlement discussions Um those haven't happened since the Lawsuit was filed and you know I've seen A number of people speculate why Wouldn't they just take a settlement why Don't they just take a settlement And if there was a good settlement a Win-win settlement we would have taken

It why because we understand the SEC is In a tough decision this is an industry Full of scammers and fraudsters and if We could help them Create some boundaries around that give Them a tool to go after those scams we Would have been happy to do so sound Familiar the thing we needed in return Is explicit acknowledgment that came Today and going forward is not a Security sound familiar because if Ken Is a security it becomes unusable you Know every time I want to buy a token I Have to go to my broker dealer That's not going to work there's nowhere In the in the United States that I can Buy a security token as a general member Of the public today And so this is why you know we're super Excited this is what Gary's trying to do Folks what he's trying to do is call all These Securities shut down all these Basically he's putting all these Exchanges out of business and why Watch out Pro crypto this guy gets once Once all these guys have been shuttered And now what do you think JP Morgan and All these guys been working on behind All the big boys on Wall Street have Been working on behind the scenes for The last few years they've been working On getting the custody fixed because Once they have the custody fixed and They can throw their hands up and say oh

You know all those scary crypto Exchanges and all well you don't have to Deal with that anymore we've been doing This for a hundred plus years and the SEC blesses us because we have Securities licenses and yeah You can use us And then they get to hoard all the money Because they know there are trillions if Not quadrillions coming into this space And that's the fact Jack I'm the digital Asset investor I'm not an investment Advisor this is for entertainment Purposes only Please Subscribe hit the Like button and tell your friends and Family That this is all about squeezing out These guys so that Gary can hand this to His Wall Street buddies and they can Make all the money off of this new asset Class that's about to swallow all the Rest of them But


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