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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines we' got Brian Brooks And Christine lagard from the European Central Bank crypto fails as money but We're still waiting on those ETFs we got That and so much more somebody roll that Beautiful Intro digital perspectives with Brad KS Come on In Welcome back to there we go welcome back To the show you can follow us on Twitter And YouTube for exclusive content uh $1.49 trillion market cap for Cryptocurrency right now the market is Off by. 3% we see and let me just double Check this because The Internet's been a Little slow this morning but we're at 61 Cents for xrp uh we're up 0.2% on the 24-hour up two and a half on the 7 day We do see ethereum just over $2,000 and 37,000 700 for Bitcoin at the moment and We see tether market cap is 88.7 billion plus right now the range of Price for xrp is 6163 on the low side And 6260 on the top it is a very tight Trading range at the moment so we like Seeing that and if you have not taken Advantage of it you hear me talk about It all the time because let me tell you Something link to is the best place for Private equity and they have a lot of Offerings on the platform that are the Real ogs in building out the blockchain

Digital asset space as well as the best Artificial intelligence projects if you Want to invest in the first ever Commercial space station they got that Too look they got they have it all all You have to do is sign up and register And get started the link to my sponsor Is underneath the video Don't Wait the Stuff goes very quickly on the platform Now let's start here we know that Bitcoin and ethereum other assets are Waiting for spot ETFs right which is a Look what's exciting about it is is it Opens up a new area of investing for Retail investors who do not want to be The speculators in in this space as we All are and that's okay because it will Bring a demand for exposure and that Spot ETF for Bitcoin ethereum I believe Xrp as well over time and other assets Will create a demand to back those funds With the asset which means they have to Buy it up and custody it in Cold Storage That is what they have to do right so This will create a huge demand but let's Listen here and start here we are going Through a range of people today and boy Are you going to see a contrast and Opinions but let's start right here so Natalie you know we've seen a lot of bad PR of course for crypto of late you had SPF get the guilty verdict we saw Binance earlier this week uh plead Guilty to money laundering but those are

Exchanges right that's not Cryptocurrency so I'm curious what's Your take on why we're seeing Bitcoin Rise recently and where are the Opportunities going Forward sure well thank you so much for Having me I I think that Bitcoin is Finally being recognized as a dominant Global macro asset an asset with no Issuer with absolute scarcity and I Think it's performing beautifully amid Sort of the chaos of the other markets Because look in the last year we've seen US banking failures the government Running massive deficits and ballooning The debt the bond market in turmoil we Had obviously the crypto actions that You mentioned that show that Bitcoin is Very different and special we're seeing Legacy firms filing spot Bitcoin ETF Applications and legendary investors Changing their tune so a lot of Tailwinds for Bitcoin over the last year And I think people are just realizing That Bitcoin is not just the best way to Store wealth over the long run Especially when you zoom out but we have An opportunity now to have a form of Money backed by energy that no no one Can control or manipulate with unlimited Velocity and instant settlement without Relying on credit this is a system we Can opt into based on value and Ownership instead of theft through

Inflation look all great inspiring Comments from Natalie but we all know There's downsides to bitcoin but I'm not Going to get into it today we I think we All understand if you've been following This channel for a while what the Pitfalls could be right but nevertheless It does appear that they'll get approved And I hope everybody makes a ton of Money that's what I hope uh but you know We all know the pitfalls but let's talk About what kind of money could move into This space this is Laura Shin talking With Rick Edelman here and listen to him Break down about the size of money that Could move into these products based on Approval so take a quick listen it's Hard to say uh I I I would not at all be Surprised if we see hundreds of millions Of dollars on day one uh uh a billion or More wouldn't shock me um but I think Long term I think we'll see1 $150 Billion doll uh in the long run in these ETF F in the long run 10 years five Years like what's the long run oh W I'd Say two to five years oh wow that I Think that's the highest estimate I've Seen let me tell you how I get to that Number this is what I like about Rick Edelman he's like let me tell you how I Get to that number so you can help me Decide how crazy I am if you look at Raas in this country there are 37,000 ra Firms with about

300,000 uh advisers managing Collectively about eight trillion dollar In assets for clients if 3ars of those Advisers are telling us that they are Going to buy this ETF and that their Allocation is going to be call it 2% 8 trillion times 75% times 2% get you $150 Billion oh okay and there you have it Right so and it doesn't mean that it Will be some will go more as he explains In the video some will be less obviously Right but he's just getting an arbitrary Number for speculation and see where That could be on a low end right even 75 On a low end if they all did 1% Allocation so again you know this is a Interesting interesting moment we're in If we see these approvals now this is as You know Christine lagard former Managing director of the IMF and the President of the European Central Bank And arguably the most powerful woman in The in all of Europe and one of the most Powerful people in the world when she Speaks markets move take a quick listen About her thoughts on cryptocurrency as You can imagine hello I'm Vincent uh What's your opinion about uh Cryptocurrencies you know what we have Seen in the last Um nine months or So with tra with Luna with uh FTX with Now binance

I think proves the point that cryptos Are a highly speculative Asset that people may want to invest if They're prepared to lose it all but can Also be used as a very Um evil device to pay for and account For transactions that are otherwise Criminally sanctioned and not acceptable So I have as you can tell a very low Opinion of Cryptos I also Um I'm also concerned about the the Level of Um bias and sometimes expression of Hatred that is associated with the Crypto Community people are free to you Know invest their money where they want People are free to speculate as much as They want people should not be free to Participate in criminally sanctioned um Trade and businesses and they should not Be insulting those who Actually argue This now I know I'm looking at my Communication director he knows that in The next 3 hours I will be bombarded With horrible and nasty X/ tweets and and other things well That's called Free Speech yeah but this Is uh Chris seen lagard throwing her own Son under the bus uh my son ignored my Advice and invested in cryptocurrency it Wasn't much but he lost about 60% so When so when I then had another talk

With him about it he reluctantly Accepted that I was right says European Central Bank president Christine lard uh She will even throw her son under the Bus to make her point about how much she Doesn't like Crypto take of that what you will I just Want to share it but here we have her Talking about the evolution on its way And this is about understanding less About digital assets and more about the Market infrastructure and the payment Rails that move and transmit money Around the world now this is the Conversation that I have been interested In since I discovered cryptocurrency Because one of the main things that made Me understand the value of Ripple the Company and xrp and The xrp Ledger the Digital asset uh is simply that I had a Company where I had invented a product For the beach and essentially I had to Teach myself how to be a global importer Which meant I had to teach myself how to With an app on my phone how to speak Broken Mandarin and work with the Manufacturers there and get that product From all the way from China designed Built on a on a ship across the world Which meant I had to wire money and I Found out what Swift was and I found out What it wasn't and that is where I ended Up discovering the power of what Ripple Was setting out to do with the use of

Their Tech stack that also included a Digital asset xrp and The Ledger so Listen to what she says here when Talking about money and payment rails There is an evolution that is under way If you look at you know if you think About how you pay many things it doesn't Involve coins or banknotes you will use Your phone you will use electronically Supported devices and you will use a Payment infrastructure that helps you Move your money around when you want to Buy Something so we have to prepare for that Future and we have To you know be Sovereign in that respect As Well which is why we should should Continue to develop and eventually Launch if it is the decision of the Governing Council a digital Euro which Will be a digital version of cash and They will so that we can be the master Of our destiny both in terms of the Media on which our currency travels but Also the infrastructure payments so that We are not at the mercy of anyone who Suddenly says Ah you're not going to use My infrastructure anymore I'm not Sending you any gas remember remember I'm not sending you any gas remember so That is a hint and a dig to us sanctions Against Russia because Russia is the big Supplier to all of Europe for their

Natural gas and who was the victim of All of those actions the European Citizens who paid the price for gas not Coming to their country during a winter This Is uh you know I I touched on this Yesterday and and this is not an upsell But if you join us in the freedom zone For almost nothing we get into these Conversations and I don't want to go too Far because they get very geopolitical Political oriented but believe me you That was absolutely a swipe at the United States for controlling the Sanctions and the payment rails because They control Swift right so this is Pointing directly to the problem right Here does that mean that banknotes will Go away no no Because there are people and maybe some Of you in the room who are quite happy To Have a bank note in their Pocket and there is no reason why it Should go Away but I I don't want to lead an Institution where eventually in a few Years time people will turn around And say what have you been doing we are Now under attack by other currencies That are invading our space and we are At the mercy of somebody else including Possibly tech companies that will Actually manage all that thank you very

Much I don't want to do that neither Neither does Yim nuggle nor any of the Members of the governing Council and There you have that right so uh look uh This This is clearly pointing to where we're Going it it it says clearly that there Is a monetary crisis but it is being Fault in the payment rails and payment Infrastructure look this goes back to a Comment I heard Christian Carlos say a Long time ago and I've said it multiple Times here he said he who controls the Gold makes the rules but he who controls The payment rails runs the world that is The fight that's happening right now now Let's look in here the question is it Too late for the US to catch up on Crypto regulation most people think so But take a listen to this this is Rebecca redig here the clo Chief legal Officer of polygon I think it's too late For the US to catch up to the rest of The world as it pertains to crypto Regulation no I really don't um I see The surprise on your face um this is the US has been the home for Innovation for A very long time and particularly with Web 2 people do see this as an important Market and an important place to to Build out technological activity uh as I Said Asia is also extremely attractive Dubai as well um including with their Really great um regulatory framework

That they've been putting together so There there's certainly a race right now But I don't think anybody will count the Us out particularly with the fact that There are two bills at least that have Been out there and have passed out of Committee so what do you think it will Take for the US to catch up to the rest Of the world I don't know if I think the US is behind right like I I do I know um Ma has passed and there have been other Laws passed but the Innovation keeps Happening we have some really strong Companies crypto companies that are here Uh both coinbase which is public and Other private companies that are really Quite large and very dominant in the Space and so I am hopeful that these Large efforts that everybody is putting Into policy both from the centralized And decentralized players um will really Uh motivate members of Congress to move Forward with with with legislation and Look we do have the fit it's Financial Innovation technology for the 21st Century act and we do have stable coin Bill these things need to move and get Further deeper into Congress and the Senate but you know what we do have Bills I love her optimism but listen it This as we hear that Ripple gets Referenced in their decision and listen To this comment speaking with CNBC last Month the chief legal officer with

Ripple said that regions like Singapore Dubai and the EU are showing rational Regulatory Frameworks as it pertains to Crypto and they're promoting Innovation While the US has quote lost our way Focused on Power and politics and Putting that battle over who should Regulate crypto over sound policy what Do you make of that argument I do think That the three branches of government in The US are really trying to balance out How crypto regulation moves forward Actually and I think the impact of our System especially for something like Ripple can't be underscored enough and Is keeping this power play in check a Little bit in a way that I think for Lawyers we thought might happen and now We're really seeing it come to fruition That is huge right there look uh you Know we've seen a lot of mainstream Media and I know that this is the clo For polygon but we've seen a lot of Mainstream media downplay the actual Positive win that Ripple has had Throughout these this case they've been Going through and you hear here the way That this Chief legal officer is Interpreting this space and how Ripple Is helped to Define what is going Forward this is how look whether we like It or not this is the slow Road right And they're using legal decisions where Thank goodness in most cases the SEC is

Now losing and then these precedents can Be set to craft legislation through Congress that is the path we're seeing It unfold I don't like it any more than You do because Congress could just come Out and put the right stuff in motion But that isn't What's Happening Now is It it almost feels coordinated and then Here's Swift with a positive note here They're going to tell you how we have to Have cooperation not competition we are Only as fast as the slowest Bank in the Chain of payments take a quick listen Here prevalidation certainly is an Extraordinarily useful um uh facility Because uh I don't know about uh some of My other uh colleagues here but 80% of Payments queries that we get and across Our 96 Country Network we get millions Of queries 80% of them are because of Payment status wow 80% of the inquiries They get on payments is simply about Hey Where's my payment at and you know what When I was when I was globally importing Products from China for my company That's exactly what I was concerned About it took me five plus days to get The money to the actual manufacturer and Then by the time that I did I had to pay A currency issue where currency Devaluation or manipulation was in play And then I always had to pay some extra Because of the currency differential you Know people asking where the payment is

When you have Ripple that you could be Using in a matter of seconds and open And exposed to that volatility and the Payment is done in seconds and minutes To end to end let's listen quickly now Uh the rest of this clip and this Gentleman here explain exactly about how We not we don't need competition we need Cooperation to get this done um I'm a Strong believer that this should not be A Competition angle it should be more a Cooperation angle to solve this problem From I perspective and fully subscribe The speed will be equal to this lower of The bank and the full adoption is needed Because otherwise it it doesn't work That's absolutely right and to speak to That we're going to have right here Eric Middleberg from Ripple explain just how Much they can tighten that spread and That timeline take a quick listen here Mexico so we work um so there's a small Uh money service business called qualx Based in Texas and they serve um Mexican Workers that are sending funds back home To their family in Mexico so what Happens is we have relationships that We' helped coordinate with exchanges on Both sides of that transaction so the US It's bit stamp and in Mexico it's bitso Both digital asset exchanges so they're Setting they're setting the rates so in Some ways it alleviates the need for qux

The financial institution in this case To even hold xrp they simply go the risk Is then um absorbed by the digital Exchange that's their business right They're making markets they know Exchange rates and and there's there's a Fee involved with that but they will Give or they may have a US dollar Account at bitstamp bitstamp they'll say Hey bitstamp send ,000 worth of um of Pesos to this account in Mexico bit Stamp converts the spot rate it moves Over The xrp Ledger in 8 seconds it gets Converted by bitso on the other end into Peso at the spot rate and then goes out On local rails to the ultimate bank Account of the recipient all of that Takes because there's Bank processes on Either end that we can't fully control It takes about 10 minutes which used to Be 3 days and we've been told that the Overall rate that they're seeing is 20 Some OD basis points less than they Would have seen otherwise even taking Into account FX fluctuations etc etc There you have it so that's a win-win For any bank here in Net News I could Tell you and then there's this we'll Wrap with this it's Brian Brooks here oh Boy nobody quite lays it down the way Brian does just take a listen at this Clip here so the point that I always try And tell people is you know the the Biggest issue that I always try and

Focus on is cryptocurrencies are really Not about currency and and the biggest Misunderstanding of this whole Discussion is the belief that if crypto Is not doing a great job of replacing The US dollar uh then crypto is failing In its Mission and what I what I think We'll talk about a little bit today is The idea that most of crypto is about Replacing the centralized banking system With networks that allow user control Versus Bank CEO control the crypto Assets that have prices are more like Internet stocks it's more like you bet On Google if you think there's going to Be high internet traffic and you short Google if you think people are going to Go back to the post office right but It's not that ethereum or Ripple or Anything else is trying to replace the US dollar it's trying to replace a System of transmitting value and we'll Talk a lot more about that so for me the Prices are not that relevant any more Than Google's volatility is and in the Early days of Google that was super Volatile uh you just can't say it any Better than that guy does I tell you you Know this I'm not focused on something Replacing the dollar Either this is about replacing a system Of transmitting value that's exactly What we're talking about and I tell you What if you want to be with us and talk

About more than that we got it going on In the freedom Zone ladies and gentlemen And I'll tell you something else too We're also having a fun little game that We're doing inside of here it's the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon if you're not Familiar with it and we want to hang out With Snoop Dog for one night and what We're doing is reaching out to everybody In the group and we've already found a First degree of connection here and We're in the race to see if we could Connect with Snoop Dog because listen Snoop Dog is not only a cool guy great Personality incredible music and catalog But you know what the guy also is into Crypto he performs with a ledger Nano Around his neck we also know that he's Talked about uh taking the entire Catalog from Death Row Records and Putting it on Gala games before he was At Swell Ripple swell in 2018 uh you know what you know there's a Real connection here even deep into the Music as well God I'd love to jam with That guy but you know what join us in The freedom Zone and let's all help one Another and see if we can't make this Happen as well as all the great content And conversations people you're going to Meet inside we'll catch you in the Freedom Zone not Financial advice from Me or anyone else I'll catch all of you On the next



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