Ripple CEO Predictions / Winning & XRP Repeating History But Bigger

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[Music] Ignition sequence starts 6 5 4 3 2 1 Zero lift off we have a [Music] Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor and I have an 11-year-old who is out of school and is Begging me to take him to the waffle House so I told him I said you let me Get this video you let me get this word From my sponsor link to out and do my Video and maybe I will smothered covered Diced what are the other things they say At Waffle House check out this um this Is an AI company that that link to just Added to the Platform light matter is creating Photonic super computers to sustainably Expedite AI development by harnessing The speed of light they are offering a Significant leap over electronic based Processing light matters computer chips Use photons instead of electricity to Process data through patented M Technology their photonic architecture Promises major improvements in speed and Energy Efficiency as AI grows the need For faster more energy efficient chips Is apparent the global AI chip Market is Projected to expand over 25 times from $14.9 billion to $383 billion by 2032 when fiber optics transformed Telecommunications related companies Like Corning saw valuations sore 10

Times in just over a year proving Infrastructure Innovations can reap Rewards with its novel photonic approach To AI processing light matter is Positioning itself at the Forefront of The surging AI industry industry you can Explore early investment opportunities In light matter with link to your access To private Market Investments link to Opens these exclusive Investments I have Not done it yet but I've got to start Investing in some of the AI companies on The platform that's something I'm going To have to look into now CNBC Middle East maybe they're the good guys at CNBC but CNBC Middle East had um Interviewed Brad garlinghouse I'm I'm Assuming they interviewed him at Ripple Swell in Dubai yeah I'm going to dodge That question as best I can uh look I I I I really I don't know how to think About these things in the short-term Prediction I you know if you look at Previous patterns people have talked About Oober uh certainly you know November has Generally been a good month but you know Going into Bitcoin having people talk About certainly an ETF getting approved Could create a lot of capital flowing Into the market uh I I don't know how to Balance those things against other macro Factors I go back to kind of first Principles around big picture what do we

Need for this industry to thrive we need Regulatory Clarity we need lots of Utility we need to be solving problems At scale not experiments not Possibilities but look I look at the Excitement if you heard some of that on This stage in the past two days around Tokenization I look at uh I I just think If you zoom out and look at what are the Next five or 10 years look like for this Industry I'm extremely optimistic and I Think uh people will be surprised you Know there's a there's a Silicon Valley Expression that people often Overestimate what's going to happen in Five years but underestimate what Happens in 10 there are you know kind of Macro exponential forces that I think Really uh will continue to catapult this Industry and then they had now just by The way my impression this year of swell They had more More extremely positive announcements Than I've ever seen come out of a swell And just the overall Vibe was much more Like okay here we go and here's another Clip this one's great Ripple has wrapped Off its Flagship swell conference here In Dubai I spoke with ripple CEO Brad Gallinghouse on stage at the event I Asked about Ripple's battle with the Securities and Exchange Commission over The status of its xrp token and what Ripple's recent Court win means for the

Scope of SEC power over the crypto space Listen in Ripple has had three Consecutive victories over the SEC on This first the judgment on July 13th Saying very clearly xrp is not in and of Itself a security uh second the denial By the court for their their request for An interlocutory appeal and third the uh Dismissal with prejudice the charge the Allegations against Chris Larsson and Myself so uh you know look one of the Things that people talk about is one of The definitions of insanity is doing the Same thing over and over again and Thinking you'll get a different outcome The SEC is doing the same thing over and Over again and they think I guess They're going to get a different outcome At some point and you and I talked also Backstage about a grayscale also had a a I think an important victory in the United States about the Bitcoin ETF Where the the judge again there a Federal judge talking about a federal Agency in the SEC saying quote the SEC Is being arbitrary and capricious you Know generally judges tend to be pretty You know down the middle and try to not Be uh dramatic like those are damning Words so I I think at some point the SEC Has to step back and realize that their Approach of Regulation through Enforcement let's just bring lawsuits That that has to break so walk me

Through the next steps in this case Today was the deadline for the briefing Schedule for remedies the SEC wants Something like $770 million in Discouragement yeah what happens next Well I I I uh in a session that I did in Washington yesterday I made the joke Around I'd like to see the Vegas odds on You know what what could be the What's Called the remedies from the case look It I think we the SEC in my opinion has Lost sight of their mission to protect Investors and the question is who are They protecting in this journey and it Turns out that the court will make the Judge will make a decision about Remedies we actually welcome that uh I Think that in this case you look at what In what investors were harmed and you Also have to look at the Securities laws And understand are there exemptions for Institutional and you know accredited Investors and things like that but look I I think it is a positive step for the Industry not just for ripple not just For for Chris and Brad but for the whole Industry that the SEC has been put in Check in the United States and I'm Hopeful this will be kind of uh a a Thawing of the the permafrost in the United States for you know really seeing An amazing industry that has immense Potential thrive in the largest economy In the there you go and um this came out

Yesterday too I'm getting a little bit Out of my order but that's okay um from James fan the parties have submitt judge Tor's proposed specul schedule regarding Remedies Discovery and briefing and Fred Rolley says thanks fland law this is all Tea Leaf reading but to me this letter Does not have the aurbic ooh big words Uh tone of the most pre of most previous Ones the parties even agreed on some Things I continue to believe this case Is closer to resolution than the SEC is Projecting I tend to believe that too I Want to give a shout out and a thank you To egag crypto he says don't forget Big Brother digital asset investor don't you Worry digital asset Inver investor is Working on it #f Freedi I was turn as many of you know I've turned off on my X account after 5 Years and 347,000 followers for no Reason no warning no hey here's a phone Number you can call and talk to someone All they gave me was hey click here to Submit an appeal and they want to build A financial company where you put your Money around that good luck Eline um and then and I also wanted to Show you his um this is Egg's latest on um xrp uh multi-year Ascending triangle he's I like this What's on the horizon a xrp appears Poised to reach $1.30 marked by Blue Ascending triangle the next significant

Move could take it to $5.50 where a Considerable selloff by retail investors Is anticipated I think most people are Going to Retail most people that don't know what They hold are going to sell by the time This thing hits $5 I will be still sitting here even After your sale because I know what I Hold see following that and look and I Hear it all the time oh when's it going To happen no all that kind of stuff well If xrp is what is what we've all you Know all the tweets all the the research All the different things that we've that We've all found not not just me but Hundreds thousands of people in the xrp Community have found over the years if It's even 10% of that it would take a Long time for something like this to Happen and yeah it's been what 10 12 Years since that since xrp was created So and I've been here for most of those Years so crime a river I expected it to Take some time following that xrp might See a 500% pump based on Ledger Symmetrical triangle exciting times Ahead stay steady because your Grandchildren will remember your name You got that right and the that the Triangles he's talking about reminds me Of what crypto bull keeps showing he Shows the one that took it up 95,000 per In 2018 and then says look how long this

This this one's like two or three times The size so when it happens it's going To happen now we have to check in with Uh from Ripple swell they even did a Golf cart Navin Gupta who's one to me One of the smartest people at Ripple so for me it's very simple the Reason Silicon Valley happened was they Were entrepreneurs there was Venture Capital that was available well and the Regulations was out of the way exactly The same thing is happening in Dubai for Crypto this is where Magic on crypto is Happening and that's the reason we are Here so with thousands of these Conversations that are happening here Over these two days they will get Converted into intention and intention Into action and action will be Partnerships people building newer Companies people collaborating with each Other selling to each other getting License so it will launch into multiple Streams for each company and each Participant that is here and that's what Ripple is here for to enable that Ecosystem to Succeed okay now we're we're a Well I'm the digital asset investor I'm Not an investment adviser this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family that as we go Off into the members only group at Dai here's what here's what's about To happen we've been you've been Listening to me talk about eth gate for All these years maybe that's part of the Reason I got kicked off of of um the Xplatform but what we've learned is that We have a corrupt media and the only People that are going to tell the truth Are people like me and you and Individual influencers and and just Normal people out there that we're the Only ones left to save this country and In my opinion save the world in terms of Getting the truth out and so I'm going To play you what in my opinion is the Best clip I've seen all year of someone Putting that into words of what needs to Be done and we're also going to show you How eth gate is now on the verge of Busting wide wide [Music] Open [Music]


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