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Welcome back to the show everybody well If you haven't heard by now Gary genzer Is coming for staking in crypto and that Isn't all we need to talk about how Ripple and xrp specifically are going to Navigate from here ladies and gentlemen We got that and so much more somebody Wrote that beautiful intro Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content right now It's 1.07 trillion dollar market cap for Crypto it's off by 4.2 percent good Afternoon everybody 21 800 plus now for Bitcoin it's off by 3.3 in the last 24 Hours in the news from the SEC 1544 in change and off by 5.4 percent on The 24 hour is ethereum we see tether Market cap at 68.2 billion xrp right now Is 38 cents it's off by 4.7 on the 24 Hour as well ladies and gentlemen if you Have not done it let me tell you right Now this is no joke I'm going to give This to you this is the learning curve That you need right here it's a digital Perspective Mastermind group get a VIP Ticket to the upcoming first ever xrp Las Vegas event it is going to be Incredible with the annual membership You get this can't keep up with Everything mark it is collapsing around You get the tools you need whether it's An investor checklist portfolio creation

Groups and lessons support from an Incredible community and private weekly Live streams this is the time when real Wealth is made ladies and gentlemen join That group get that VIP ticket if you're An annual member and sign up right here For the xrp Army event of a lifetime It's xrp Las Vegas don't miss it ladies And gentlemen it's going to be Remarkable We're going to be announcing next week Publicly Some of the people that you're going to Get the meat and rub elbows with and Hear speak on stage at the first ever Xrp Meetup xrp Las Vegas is going to be Remarkable I can already tell you and Assure you of that blockchain Association calls on Congress to Intervene and SEC attack on crypto Industry shout out to Jake Yeah Jake travinsky and blockchain Association for standing up right there We need to unite now more than ever Just as Brad garlinghaus has told us in In the months past weeks past Tribalism isn't worth holding on to That's why I've gone as far as to say That John Deaton is not just Representing xrp holders 76 000 plus John Deaton is representing the entire Crypto retail space Don't believe that it's still true Stuart out of Roddy Ripple legal general

Counsel comes out and supports the Comments from Brad garlinghouse we Covered in this morning's video where he Provides examples of clarity around the World and the steps that are being made And the inclusive approach around the World to get crypto regulations and Digital asset regulations broadly and in Comparison to what we're experiencing Here in the United States Stuart El Doradi Echoes that with today's U.S Crypto related Doom scrolling aside There are some positive updates Elsewhere in the world highlighted here From Brad as you could see and he cites Different areas like UK which we know Has announced to be a crypto Hub Australia we know Singapore and Dubai And South Korea as other places that are Working towards a common goal Here's J.W Barrett here former SEC Advisor to none other than Goldman Gary Gensler He says they're coming look he retweets Here the good morning firing off Newsletter shorty shortly about you know What's going on with Bitcoin crypto Mining Senator Warren Kraken settlement And yada yada yada J.W Barrett Cuts Right through the fat and says they're Coming after proof of work and proof of Stake and bank accounts of anyone near Crypto now do you get it I don't want to Hear any more about the damn executive

Order or about the preferred regulator Or about responsible Innovation Educating the regulator or any Conciliatory garbage Finally somebody's reached the place Where we've been at Yeah welcome to the show everybody this Is it This is what we're witnessing but it Gets worse oh yeah it gets worse uh I Can tell you it gets worse we got Gary Gensler right here is going to tell it To you and tout his win and his muscle That he's using when the SEC and it is Disgusting but listen to what he says Here on CNBC Well let me ask you talking about Clarity and this is maybe a Philosophical sort of broader policy Perspective I think that there is a Common view that your office is using uh All available means effectively to keep Crypto out of the mainstream Financial System through enforcement accounting Rules inspections Clearly there's not real guidance yet on Custody and this may very well be a Reasonable policy choice if that's the Choice the question is if that's the Choice why not just say it publicly We're using all available tools we're Talking directly to Market participants We take the meetings we say this is how You comply there's a handful of tokens

That have actually registered the Intermediaries the storefronts if you Wish the casinos that people are uh Investing in and investing at need to Properly comply and disentangle these Bundled products the business model that They've set up as is Rife with conflicts And so we've been very candid with them I've done it in multiple speeches since I came to the agency will continue to Engage we're technology neutral but if This field has any chance of survival And success it's time tested Rules and laws to protect the investing Public disclosure full fair and truthful Disclosure Address conflicts and disaggregate these Bundled businesses and don't have your Hand in the customer's pocket using Their funds or your own Um But in terms of the the larger industry And whether the I mean you even seem to Suggest a large ones who may or may not Survive Um you know one of the pieces of that Survival to some degree I think has been This idea that one day there may be Something like a Bitcoin ETF or Something else grayscale as you know Appealing uh the sec's Bitcoin each ETF Decision which is effectively to say it Can't happen is there any path at which You think either that specific ETF or

Something like it could The past I'm not going to speak about One but let me generally say Andrew the Path forward is well trodden whether It's large companies that you follow Every day the apples and the and other Tech companies for the automobile Companies manufacturing companies know How to register their offerings the Exchanges like the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ and so forth know How to be compliant and come into Registration the big broker dealers and The small thousands of broker dealers The mutual funds right I dare I go on we Have tens of thousands of registrants That properly and good fit comply they Register they make the proper Disclosures it's time for this group to Do so the runway is getting awfully Short Um and we're here to try to protect the Investing public try to protect the Investing public We should be able to go and innovators And entrepreneurs should be able to go To the SEC And as you see the how we test which is An ad hoc test You should be able to see a list of Bullet points here's what you need to do If you're qualifying at this qualifies You if you do these things if you fall Under this bracket of items and if you

Fall under this bracket of items you Obviously you know this is not that hard And you know we all understand that you Know to say the least that Goldman Gensler is being completely disingenuous They are offering no Clarity and no Guidance when you go to see them if you Don't believe me ask anyone who goes to See them they come out of there going Jesus we're getting sued and by the way If you're thinking about going in there I wouldn't go there I'd go to another Country and launch my project instead of Walking through those doors And it would make sense because Gary Sees the Legacy firms that have been Taken a beating from this new emerging Asset class as Central monopolist is What he calls them And what I believe we're witnessing here Is a slime ball like this gentleman Right here doing the bidding For them By creating more vagueness more Suppression more lack of clarity and Fear in this space to squash out the Money that's been brought in here So the Legacy firms are as Gary Goldman Gensler likes to say the central Monopolist can come in and rule the Roost don't believe it it's still true And here I believe stands evidence of Exactly that While Gary genzler comes after places

Like Kraken over crypto staking Look at what it says here Shout out to Jesus Guerrero for this one Kraken has agreed to end its chain Staking services for U.S clients only so Starting today with the exception of State ether whoa With the exception of steak ether assets Enrolled in on-chain staking programs by U.S clients will automatically be Unstaked and will no longer earn staking Rewards further U.S clients would not be Able to stake additional assets Including eth but I tell you what look At this everybody it looks like East Free pass is happening all over again Meanwhile Russian government gives a Green light to crypto mining operation In Siberia What the hell is going on I think we know exactly what's going on And I want to remind you of it right now You know the coveted bit license and how Hard it is to get Let us not forget that while all of this Turmoil is taking place in the crypto Winner Don't forget Circle has one coinbase has one bit Flyer's got one Genesis Global trading's Got one and so does xrp and ripple Keep that in mind Keep it in mind that we're watching the Prepare of a massive devaluation of the

US dollar if Saudi Arabia joins Russia In the brics alliance Two of the largest oil exporting Nations Will overthrow the Petro dollar as a Reserve currency but I tell you I think It happens over time I would say myself And the reason I say that is because we Know that those countries that want to Get away and abandon the Petro dollar Actually hold a lot of the Petro dollars Bonds So it has to be a measured effort I Would believe that's at least my thought On the matter but let's think of this For a moment how do we get here I thought this was a nice reminder You've probably seen this 1921 New York Tribune article where uh but you have to Read it and it was back in the day when Henry Ford had proposed to move to a Energy currency that could replace gold Now obviously this gentleman was Promoting Bitcoin in the threat itself But I thought to myself well this really Reminds me a lot of exactly what I talk About when I speak of the uh Xrp possibly being a stable coin and let Me get to that very quickly here Now I shared this the other day As a thought exercise You know xrp I believe is a virtual Currency certainly a digital asset not a Cryptocurrency I believe that we could actually make an

Argument that the case although it was Used as a weapon in the beginning and I Believe it was It was due to inside knowledge that Public officials had and they picked up The phone and called their boys at JP Morgan and got busy doing ethereum while They knew xrp was going to be sued That's what I really believe And at the end of the day it ends up Turns out that the case ends up being an Ancillary bubble from all the crypto Winner because xrp was de-listed or Taken down off of over a hundred Exchanges So in a unexpected way it is be worked To serve as an insulator of what is Taking place in this space is allowed Ripple to continue to do business around The world hasn't it But what I want to say is this Understanding what the United States is Doing to crypto Let us not forget that I believe it is Quite possible that xrp could become a Stable coin the way the World Bank says So or the way the former Governor of the Bank of England has suggested or the way The Bank of China has suggested And if it were to get such a designation It must get it I would imagine from Treasury fsoc or congress alike Through legislation Now with that being said

How would that work it would work much Like I show you here right xrp sells Some to on-demand liquidity Partners They use it for a real use case xrp buys Back off of the retail exchanges and Redirects it to odl as it grows as that Happens through the buying and selling You can decide to sell more sell less You can decide to buy more off the Market or buy less off the market and This is really sound monetary policy Much like the FED does with buying and Selling treasury bonds or much like a Company does when they buy and sell Their own stocks to keep a certain Valuation It's not illegal I think what's going on Here is sound monetary policy because Ripple has the ability to have access to A pre-allocated Amount of money called xrp that sits in An escrow release And they have been a great Steward of That xrps grow And I believe it would take the Knowledge of someone very well versed to Be able to help Congress and the Treasury and fsoc As a former Ripple advisor not because It's some inside guy that's not what I'm Saying But because someone understands how the Token works And the tokenomics of xrp works

And how you could make it a very very Stable price through its demand function The question remains is Will Ripple Former advisor Michael S Barr former Treasury member former architect of fsoc Itself See it the same way and will he be able To convey that message in understanding To those officials And if he does What will it really look like if xrp Becomes a stable coin as the World Bank Sees it Well I talked to Joshua barbin on this Thread here and Joshua barban had that Great incredible probability outcome for The SEC if you remember the Jeremy Hogan Uh shared with everyone He said people don't like this Theory BK But if xrp actually did get adoption as A stable coin that represents interbank And non-bank exchange current fed funds Libor so for repo and the rest of it Then yeah this is probably the most Likely scenario it's more likely than Invoking Article 5 which I believe is to Seize uh and take uh take an asset I completely agree you know we're not Saying I'm not saying that it's going to Happen I'm just saying if it were to Find its way here and with everything We're seeing from the SEC and no one in Congress is trying to stop them Just maybe just maybe

Xrp may become a stable coin and if it Did and all of those things came to Fruition over time I don't think it'll be worth a dollar Either Not Financial advice or me or anyone Else Just my digital perspectives


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