Holy SH*T This is Bigger Than We Think… (XRP & BLACKROCK Rumors?)

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Holy cow this is much much bigger than We think remember this right this down Buy the rumors sell the news in today's Video I'm going to break down the rumors Flying around around Black Rock and xrp Be very careful with this type of stuff But if you know the game and you stay Non-emotional this could make you very Very wealthy my name is coach JB what I Work to do is make complex macro and Microeconomic strategies very simple so The normal everyday person can Implement Them I created two free resources my Goal is to help a million people in the Next 12 months in the description of This video or in my social media Platform click the link number one is You can set up an absolutely free Consultation with my wealth Protection Team they show you exactly how I ensure My wealth in these volatile markets I Don't play games with my money I use Crypto as a very spective asset and I Secure my wealth with insurance they Teach you how to ensure your life we Teach you how to ensure your wealth and Your principle number two is is a 16-page guide absolutely free the exact Blueprint on How I build my ecosystem From completely broke four years ago to Building generational wealth for my Family in the next five to 10 years so Let's dive into this first thing I want To share with you is take a deep

Breath from my family's Hearts yours I Truly truly love you my intentions are To help you be non-emotional about this It's about to get wild okay now there's Rumors floating around around Black Rock And xrp key but let's debunk those Rumors but at the back end of this video I'm going to show you a video with Kathy Woods and she talks about Gary Gensler Guys we're all being played I hope you Know that but not you because you know When you look this way there's a whole Another narrative going on this way and What I've topped over 7,000 Warriors to Do is do the opposite of the 99% so when They're panicking you should be buying And when they're selling and it's Hitting the news or when they're when They're panicking you should be buying And when they're selling and it's it's Hitting the news excuse me when they're When it hits the news and they're Excited you should be selling so I'm the Back end I'm going to tell you exactly On every video exactly what I'm doing to Educate you I'm only going to speak from My current Paradigm of what I know okay So it's hitting the news all over November 13th crypto surges uh if you See me looking over here guys I have a Big old screen right here just so you Know I want to make that very clear so Crypto surges as Black Rock and ethereum ETF plan is confirmed okay so now we're

Getting to the point member first they Resisted then they SU it then they Regulate it now they're starting to join It and I'm here to tell you guys I said The Ripple case was all by Design if you Really look at the SEC cases um it's About an average of 24 months that cases Are settled and that's on egregious Cases right why did the SEC versus Ripple case take three years and now That it's becoming to the end of it all Of a sudden Bitcoin ETFs are going to be Getting approved think about that for Just a moment guys you have to Understand birds of a feather fly Together but if you start to get an Emotional about this you have an Exit Plan you have a strategy and you learn How to secure compound and grow you're The one that's going to shift your Family's timeline but you do not need to Go out and buy Lamborghinis Ferraris and Million-dollar homes this is about Financial freedom freedom of time Freedom of choice and freedom to do what You want and be with your family all Right so let's Dive Right into this a Lot of rumors flying around and then it Got crazy right so I when I saw this Stuff I was like come on guys so xrp Future Traders Nur $7 million losses Black Rock ETF rumors caus wild price Rings swings excuse me xrp price jumped To 73 cents from 65 cents in 25 minutes

After a tweet suggested Financial Behemoth Black Rock had filed for an xrp ETF this is why I'm teaching you to be Non emotional when you see this stuff Don't panic guys okay when things start Going up start exiting the markets when Things starts going down start buying in The markets simple okay simple Strategies read the book intelligent Investor invest in companies not emotion Okay so let's continue diving so it was Fake obviously but it caused a massive Price swing but the good news about this Guys is it's creating so much attention That's what we want right attention Creates volume right volume brings in or Excuse me regulation the ETFs and Clarity brings into institutions and Once we start to get everybody's like Why is an xrp at $3 because there's not Enough volume you have to have volume There's demand you have to have demand There's a supply Demand right there's a Lot of Supply now we need the demand Okay so it says how a fake Black Rock Xrp filing seemingly fooled some ETF Watchers so this is just it's a rumor Guys it's there black Rock's not doing Xrp ETF okay so that was a rumor and so I want you to ask yourself how did you React to that emotionally did you Immediately it's so that's what most People do that's why I'm about a day Late when I report the news because I

Look I digest I listen to my gut I use Discernment I seek wise counsel and then I present right and some sometimes I'm Right sometimes I'm wrong but I'm on the Flow of energy with frequency of Currency okay I don't make decisions Based on other people's opinion I make Decisions based on my gut feeling and my Frequency and my in understanding of What's happening okay so let's dive a Little bit deeper I want to want to Watch this video with you guys I love Kathy woods man I think she's somebody Who you guys should follow you got Mainly European folks we got Kathy Woods Okay we got Ray doio Kathy Woods Robert Kosaki those are my top three people That I follow in finances okay so Kathy Woods um is a badass in the investment Space and she's going to talk about We're going to watch this for a little Bit and I'll narrate this but she's Gonna talk about uh Gary Gensler at the Back end of this right guys he is Playing us we know that we know that Guys this is all for his own financial Gain he's trying to become the head of The treasury and he is trying to protect The US dollar okay and so it's all about Protecting the US dollar guys we are in The transition this is Like when Nar narcissists get backed Into a corner what do they do they start Throwing hay makers they get sloppy they

Forget their strategy right they forget Their lies and that's where we're at so It's time for you to raise up into that Higher Consciousness this is your time warri This is your time let's check this out This is pretty exciting sort of get your Sense of where the market is and where Crypto's going and what's happening here But but tell us about these ETF Specifically and what they're what You're trying to do yes uh with our Partner 21 shares uh which is the Largest crypto ETP provider in the world Mainly European focused um we are Launching five uh ETFs uh the the Strategies are going to be around Bitcoin Futures ethereum Futures uh one Will be Bitcoin Futures and cash uh one Will be Bitcoin Futures and ethereum Futures and then the last one will be uh Broader Bitcoin and companies exposed to Digital assets equities how much of this Is a dress rehearsal in your mind for Okay this is really important how much Is this a dress rehearsal for listen Listen to this moment in which the SEC Says okay cats out of the bag you can Actually issue a an ETF that's directly Invested in Bitcoin well it certainly is A dress rehearsal uh we think there's a Place I think uh these these um Strategies will be more probably Institutionally focused and then uh I

Think the the spotcoin uh Bitcoin ETF Will be perhaps more retail focused is That something you want to do eventually Uh a a spot Bitcoin yes what's Interesting about it is if you look at The pecking order our filing is next in Line no I know you're you're you're on The list so the question so let me ask You about that because I think and the Question is actually at 36 uh thousand Do you think that the move that we've Seen in Bitcoin over the last I don't Know what two months now how much of That is a function of sort of a pent up Demand or an anticip ipation that the SEC because folks like Black Rock and Fidelity and you and others have made These applications have the sense that It's it's more likely to happen now than It was a year or two ago yeah okay so Think about what he just said BlackRock Fidelity and Arc Investments guys this Is happening stop getting flooded out by Your family members your Banker told you Cryptocurrencies a fraud your financial Adviser told you cryptocurrency fraud Your tax accountant told you Cryptocurrency fraud all those people That judged you hold the line don't trip Dime in hand guys be ready with an exit Plan I and is that misguided is that Realistic what is that I think what has Happened the change is that the SEC Actually asked us questions I think this

Is really important she said what's Changed okay so it's a stark difference The SEC was dodging everybody but listen To what she said we're getting close Guys we're getting close be patient Focus on the goal Financial Freedom not Rich Financial Freedom you're almost There stay the line asked us questions Ask Black Rock probably has asked a lot Uh whereas before our filings were just Rejected out of okay so that is movement That is significant and you know over The years I've gotten to know the Research people at uh at the SEC and um I'm very impressed and I was impressed By the questions they asked us too so Uh what were the kinds of questions they Asked a lot of them were very technical They're all about protecting the Consumer and you know of course uh the The the showstopper at least from Gary Gendler's point of view is he thinks uh Bitcoin can be manipulated and you know This is a decentralized transparent Network uh you can follow you can follow All the activity online it's highly un It had to be that because he taught he Understands Kathy he's got enough not Not many people do a lot of people don't Have enough knowledge about how it works Yes to make an informed decision about Bitcoin he taught at MIT about so he Understands that it's not a Ponzi scheme Or a beanie baby so there has to be

Something well I I don't know what it is I have wondered there's speculation that He's interested in the treasury Secretary position at some point what Does the treasury secret Fiat from the Government I mean Protecting from this is wild D We're literally living in a freaking Video game man this is like this is Crazy very focused on I don't know I Don't understand it myself because he Definitely he understands so it's There's something else there's something Else okay but there's something else Family there is something else look at Her she's like yep there is something Else guys Gary Gensler guys this is you Can't make this up 2012 was the Biggest shift man end of the Mind Calendar they turned on CERN man that Thing freaking hydron collider turned on The fomc was created the future Oversight committee right you had the uh Uh Ros Ros is told to reduce coin in Cash usage all kinds of Bank bailing Committee was created now Jay Clayton Sits on the board of the bank bailing Committee who initiated the case against Ripple in 2020 and then they put the Head MIT Professor who came from the Cftc Gary genser in Frid of the SEC he's Trying to become part of the treasury It's like man let me scratch your back You scratch mine let's do this let's do

That guys we're all being played just Know that so so stop being played stop Just just understand the system there You know there's no invisible enemy you Have the tools and resources to free Your family okay so here's exactly what I'm doing you keep hearing me talk about An exit plan anything I promote letting You know I build my own ecosystems guys I'm I'm not sponsored I don't get paid By any company I've never been paid by a Cryptocurrency company everything I Promote is my own ecosystem Merlin Excuse me over here I am the co-founder Of Merlin we created this because we saw So many people Get wrecked from 2020 or 2020 to 20 2021 To 2022 nobody had an exit plan we had Exit plans because we do the opposite of The 99% we should have pulled more Profits ideally yes we learned because We had spreadsheets so we took very Innovative Tech very archaic technology Which is a spreadsheet with our exit Plans and we built Merlin the smartest Way to track your crypto we do not hold Your keys we do not hold your crypto It's just an interface where you can see All your exchanges and one spot you can See daily gains and losses and most Importantly guys check this out you can Always know what your portfolio value so You can pay attention to one spot and Then right here you can create an exit

Strategy so what happens is you're Sitting at your busy job typing away and Then ding you get an alert from us that Says you're about 10% away from your First Target to exit in xrp and then you Go and exercise that trade guys that way You don't get wrecked like everybody When the exchanges go parabolic they Shut down maintenance issues guys you Can't get your crypto so you need to Ladder on the way up and I promise you It won't feel good because you have the GRE Gene so this is really important Listen to me when you go to hit that Button your brain is going to say you're Gonna make way more money you're not Because what's going to happen is when It goes parabolic the exchange is shut Down and you come sliding down the back End past the point where you should have Hit the button so what we do I'll give You an example I'm holding 50% of my Crypto's long-term Legacy okay I'm Exiting 50 % of my portfolio during the Bull run if xrp goes to $3.7 if it does that'll be one of my First targets that'll all exit about I'm Just I'm doing the numbers off top of my Head five or seven per of the first Target then if it goes to Five I'll exit 15% of the 50% does that make sense and If it goes higher I'll exit the next and If it goes to my you know whatever my my Goal is Right does that make but I won't

Exit if it doesn't hit those targets When I exit Okay um this is the Paradigm That I know education around right now I Will pay my taxes or put my money back Be long-term capital gains for me right Now and then I will secure an index Universal life so that I could uh tap Into my money twice I'll secure my Principle I'll have living benefits and I'll have a death benefit to it then I Can borrow against my cash value my Policy and I can buy more cash Generating assets with my cash Generating assets I'll buy more spective Assets like crypto and we'll be getting Into stocks in the future and then we Just repeat the process I've been doing This for four years guys but this right Here Merlin it's absolutely free for 30 Days you try it before you buy it you Will be so impressed we already have Over a thousand people we just launched A thousand people using Merlin and the Reviews are absolutely amazing so in the Description of this video click down There use M for 30 days another thing Too we're not playing games guys on our App if you do not want to continue you Can go on there and click and cancel you Don't have to go through hoops you don't Have to be played with your money none Of that stuff if you don't want to use Merlin you go right on the app and boom Cancel your relationship with us we are

A relationship based business business We want to make sure that we provide Value to every single person we come in Contact with money is frequency money is Energy and you are a billionaire already Guys you just have to tap into the Frequency you cannot become what you Can't perceive so I love you guys I Appreciate you so three resources for You number one is the one-on-one Consultation with my wealth Protection Team absolutely free they watch out for Scammers that we're not asking about Your portfolio ask you to send us money Number two is a 16-page free guide on How we did this and number three is 30 Days free for Merlin the smartest way to Track your crypto all these free Resources so that you can be protected So that you can build generational Wealth for your family as we always say Warriors rise get your together Let's [Music] Go


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Get Daily XRP & Crypto News!

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