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Welcome back ladies and gentlemen this Is the beable bull Here and I got this aggressively average Content for you Today as we see the crypto Market Continuing to uptrend continuing to make Our portfolios rise continuing to make Us salivate and ladies and gentlemen Just take a look at the 7day as we see Some big Winners unfortunately f TX Token is up the most up from about A170 all the way up to $4.50 even Passing $5 yesterday and that's just the State of crypto when scams and Ponzi Scheme exchanges continue to explode While most of the market stays Down but another sign that an allcoin Season is on the horizon is Salana up all the way close to $60 this is a special time to be alive If you're a crypto investor as you are In the early stages of the next Bull Cycle remember that it was just revealed Black Rock's ethereum ETF plan has been Confirmed by the NASDAQ Filing and they're on their way to Making a black rock Bitcoin ETF getting Past this March April most Likely we have a couple weeks to a Couple months to figure out exactly When but there's a lot of bullish Momentum built up behind the scenes that Are going to cause our coins to all rise In

Value get utility based cryptos out of Your mind there is no crypto utility That is going to make us go on a bull Run it is still all Speculation until further Notice choose your horses for this next Cycle and here what I'm going to do is I'm going to play you clip of Ral Paul Discussing how all the big boys are now Flooding into this Maret and the bullish momentum is not Going to stop for a long Time be prepared my Friends we are well on our Way 5% of its alltime highs e is 60% of Its alltime highs and you know let me Not even mention any of any of the the Alt coins out there because those Numbers are still probably 70 80 or Maybe even 90% so so we are at the Beginning um of a bull cycle of crypto And you have multiple macro narratives That I think are very very bullish but You also have Crypt native narratives Too like you've had the blowups of last Year all that's washed out and cleaned Up you've had the leverage taking out The system you had a lot of the Bad Actors removed and now you have the two Of three of the world's largest asset Managers in the world in fact Larry Think again today the the largest asset Manager in the world they managed what Whatever it is $9 trillion dollar of

Assets saying out there spewing bullish Stuff about Bitcoin like you have to Understand like Larry think is not Filing for a Bitcoin ETF because he's Bearish on bitcoin he's not filing for It because he thinks it won't get Accepted he's not filing for it because He doesn't have demand he probably has So much demand for it and I think when We start to see these numbers once the ETFs get approved and you start to see The numbers of hey Black Rock just Raised x x million or billion probably Billion dollars whatever ETF for Bitcoin Now they want to do it for eth Fidel Just did it now they want to now vangard Want to get involved and it will just Create so much real demand for crypto We're before all of that we we're very Early at this point and of course the Ripple thing yesterday I mean like as if You didn't need another surprise Positive C for crypto there you go like There there's there's another one right There just the all the SEC stuff Completely out the window with that and That makes a strong case for altcoins to Now rally and coinbase were were fast Act there I think as well yeah so how I'm thinking about this as well is like We know about the ETF looks like you Know I would give it like a 75% chance Something like that so it's PR it's Pretty

Certain let's say they inject 10 billion Of new liquidity into Bitcoin how risk Markets work and again you understand This because you've always traded the Riskier end of the markets you know Traditional markets is the money that Goes in Here gets recycled and goes down the Risk curve and $10 billion in Bitcoin is Very different than $10 billion in Sol Because the market couldn't take it but So it it creates this whole move in the Risk you know while everybody now thinks Well this all means it's Bitcoin Dominance All the Way Forward because of The ETF I think it's the opposite Completely completely the opposite I Totally agree I think um the reason for Bit a big reason for Bitcoin dominance This year was Bitcoin is not security Everything else is and that's now Changing but look like we all bought Ethan Bitcoin last summer because we Didn't know what else to buy we knew That was safe and we would buy those and DCA on those until we got to a point Where um the world is Starly changing we Think um things are getting better now It's time to move down the risk spectrum Because I don't want to just try and Make a two or three or fourx on E I want To try and make that next 10x 50x or 100x but the probability of achieving That is much higher now than it was last

Year and of course nothing really did Did that in the last 12 months so I Totally agree like people will start to Sell their Bitcoin and start to sell Their eth and the other large cap to Chase returns for higher risk assets Because you're at the end of the day if You're a Bitcoin Max you're an e Maxi Whatever it is you'll be sitting there You'll be watching some random coin go Up a th 2,000% and you'll be like well I Need to get involved in this stuff like Now's the Time to get involved in it and And that's how I'm thinking about risk Now like I've I've been through this Period of averaging down on on majes for The last 12 months but you know Literally two or three weeks ago I had You know a long conversation with Mando And we were like Now's the Time like This is it like we need to we need to Change our portfolios we need to have More risk in it and it's not just about Owning eth anymore and whether it's Having Lev e whether it's having you Know other tokens that you think um can Give you a high beta on returns Underneath whatever it is I think you Need to push yourself out the RIS Spectrum here um and and and Chase those Returns because you only get this shot Like once every few years right you you Don't get it all the time and I missed Don't it up don't it up yeah I

Love that don't it up in in your Thing and we're fully adopting it and And pushing don't it up is Now Ladies and gentlemen that phrase don't it up is a powerful phrase because We do only get this opportunity in the Crypto Market once every few Years I have been a renowned altcoin Investor a predatory altcoin investor And all of you know that I thrive in my Alts however you all know that in 2022 While we were expecting in allcoin Season it com that never came we did Have to suffer for a bit but I believe That this time around in 2024 all those backlog profits that we Didn't get to make in 2022 are going to Come back with full force this time Around and we're prepared for It ladies and gentlemen we I'm going to Ask you to do is to stay the course pay Attention take Ral Po's warning Seriously and recognize the moment we're In we are in the initial stages of the Next Bull Run you need to get your ducks In a row Now if there's another buying Opportunity and pullback in the market Before 2023 ends that will be your last Opportunity to enter and I can't stress That enough Bitcoin ETF on standby eth ETF on Standby and the old coin are going to Get the most benefit from all of this

Pandemonium but now ladies and gentlemen I'm going to remind all of you why why The market is different this time why More Roi is ready this time crypto Insights UK wor our boots on the ground A ripple swell conference and they're Saying that we're working on Tokenization of existing assets like Commodi Real estate Securities and others and The estimate for tokenization is $6 Trillion by 2030 this is Scott Dickinson head of Regional financing and Security Services In Africa in the Middle East for Standard Chartered and I want you all to Take a listen as this time around into The next 5 years we're going to have Institutional level Custodianship and Ripple's going to play A powerful role in that for instance Company called tug is one of the main Electric vehicle manufacturers in Turkey Well the main actually the only and they Use tokenization for various use cases That you would never think about when You when you brain is is you know Looking at you know tokenizing gold or Currencies with stable coins Etc it Really pushes you to a point where you Can think about tokenization as a way to You know manage the ownership of your House you know opening the door is Actually some form of a token

Relationship opening your car securing Your ownership Way Beyond the Traditional assets that we deal with Today so Junior because you are today Very Advanced of course in your journey Can you tell us a little bit about the Use cases that you have imagined as a Company and where you see the market Moving Um yes I think there is um a number of Opportunities that are often talked About in terms of Securities and I think Actually property has a greater Opportunity in terms in terms of Tokenization um and I think there's also Those areas where transfer of value is Difficult or challenging whether that's Through economic or regulation or Society type challenges um the point I'm Just going to move the conversation a Little a little bit and you can pull me Back if you want Adrian but I think the Bigger challenge that we've got when we Talk about tokenization is around both The Regulatory and legal stat so who Owns those assets what it is but also The Control Function and just very Simple example you know if Apple have Got a th000 shares I think they have one Or two more if they have a th shares and I buy a share I have 1,000th of that Business okay how do I know they haven't Given 100011 100 okay I have people the Exchanges the Auditors the accountants

The lawyers all giving me Assurance There's only 1,000 Apple uh assets out There so so if we tokenize this building And I haven't had the joy of coming here Do I know it exists do I know it is St Of substance do I know the occupancy Rate Etc I'm going to have to rely on a Lot of experts to understand the Physical asset and the Providence of That before it then gets tokenized and I Think where the use case is going to Come out is where you can get that uh That Providence absolutely nailed and Done it in a very effective way that Becomes really really interesting Now Ladies and gentlemen as you can see Tokenization is at the Forefront of These agendas and even here Mike Sue Acting controller of the currency in the United States G gives his take on Tokenization and crypto as a whole and How important the amalgamation of the Old system with the new is going to be For bringing Mass adoption into the Crypto Space this was the former position that Brian Brooks had had and when he was the Acting controller of the currency for The United States a lot got done for Crypto in the positive direction and we Were in the middle of an altcoin Bull Run and a crypto bull run as a whole so Listening to what this man has to say is Going to pay dividends into letting you

Know what the future is going to look Like this is a longer clip so I'm going To leave you with this for the day and I Need you all to digest it take it in let It marinate stay informed so that you're Not blind heading into what we're Heading Into ladies and gentlemen stay the Course and pay attention to everything Going on as I'm simplifying everything For all of you heading into the most Explosive Bull Run of our Lives and as xrp holders you are about To be godfathered in to the new One% Now before I leave you for the day a Brief update as I have been going over About 200 DMS in my only fans Community and now I am finally caught up So if you have been waiting for a Response those are available to all of You and also if you guys didn't know We've been making aggressive profits Some 300% from the bottom others many Minimum 50 to 75% from the bottom on Coins I've been Recommending and if you didn't know Already my recent portfolio update for The 2024 Bull Run is posted and you Better get that before these entry Points that are still juicy are not There Anymore take advantage Now or regret it when you realize that

Everyone's rich in 2024 Ladies and gentlemen this is the beable Ball Here thanks for tuning In as always I appreciate every single One of You now I'll be back Tomorrow with another Video the of game well on that point of Trust and I guess the the proliferation Of I guess the number of players in the Banking system that aren't necessarily Banks there's also as you know a big Movement to sort of create different Modes of currency different modes of Payment here uh particularly when it Comes to crypto which of course has had Its own issues over the last year uh we Still have not gotten the formal Regulation I know that's not necessarily On your shoulders so you should maybe go Talk to Gary and a couple other people To see where they stand but is there a Solution I guess to the problem that I Feel like crypto itself kind of created Yeah so um in my travels over the past Year or so and I I talked To financial institutions technology Firms other Regulators globally whenever This comes up something I have really um It's really Emerged there seems to be more and more Of a divide between crypto on the one Hand and tokenization of real world

Assets and liabilities on the other hand What do I mean by that with crypto That's the usual stuff that is reported In the Press um and it's what basically Shot up and then crashed uh that's the Crypto world it's retail focused largely And it tends to be driven by The Hope For speculative gain that seems to be The main kind of fuel and interest in Crypto is that maybe I can make some Money uh by investing in X Y or z a Particular coin it Still Remains replete With fraud scams and hacks and you know Some of the largest players remain Unregulated crypto tokenization what is Tokenization about tokenization is Focused on solving an actual problem and That problem is settlement right this is Boring back office stuff but it's super Super important every time you buy a Security every time you transfer money There's a bunch of actions that happen In the background with regards to Settling that transaction and it seems Invisible but to those in the know it Involves a bunch of different players With a bunch of different handoffs There's risks there's frictions there's Fees tokenization holds the promise to Collapse that and to simplify it if it's Done right And so when I talk to folks there's Increasing interest in tokenization Because it solves a problem and less and

Less interest on crypto it's like crypto Is just there's just so many problems With it it's hard to comply with BSA and Other laws whereas tokenization if done Right you can really that holds a lot of Promise um the OCC we're hosting a Conference a symposium in February on Tokenization where it's really going to Be focused on legal rights you know Legal foundations risk management found Foundations like we want to establish if You have Good Foundations then that can Grow and you get some you know really Good responsible Innovation out of it And you mentioned the bank secrecy act And obviously goes into this whole idea Of know your customer here I I thought I Mean if you believe the crypto faithful Or I should probably say more the Blockchain faithful you know the Blockchain was supposed supposed to Address a lot of those issues the idea Was that it was a public Ledger uh there Was some traceability here what are the Flaws there that you think need to be Addressed through more regulation sure So so at the risk of this audience will Get this you know so with the blockchain You there's the public Ledger you get The wallet address you don't know who That is that's the fundamental problem And you know there are all sorts of Techniques to try to intu it uh or or Guess as to you know which wallet

Address belongs to whom in some cases You can you can make that you can make That transparent um but that's a that's A Fundamental uh challenge with the Publicly permissioned uh blockchains a Lot of the tokenization efforts that That I've seen uh are private and in the In those private environments you know Exactly who you're dealing with uh you Can apply all the kyc so again I I think The reason why this token there's Interest in tokenization is starting to Take off because it's a very clear Problem for which you can try to uh uh Provide Solutions and the solutions may Or may not involve a blockchain a lot of These Solutions don't involve uh a Distributed Ledger in in the way people Understand it uses different techniques It's kind of you know we're technology Agnostic solve the problem do it safe Sound and fair I think in the crypto Space there still continues to be a we Have this tool we want to do stuff with This tool versus what's the problem that They're trying to solve what Tokenization though still require Banks Uh to act as an intermediary would it Still require I guess some degree of Counterparty risk uh it depends it dep It depends on how the design is and Again we're we don't have a strong view Of other than that development be done

In a safe sound and fair Manner and we Have some line of sight into that um That that's our primary interest I've Heard one of the criticisms uh towards Regulators on this issue is the idea That know your customer should be Different from know your transaction and There have been a lot of folks in that Space who said that you can identify the Transaction have that transparency on The track on the on the on that side While still I guess providing them some Degree of anonymity which is what some Of those folks want yeah so I think There are there are some interesting Efforts in this uh you know kyc space And I think that it's an area where some Innovation in terms of being able to Achieve the policy objective which is You know why do we want to know the Customers because we want to make sure We've got mechanisms to prevent illicit Finance terrorist financing that's a Really important uh goal it's a law it Has criminal liability with it so we Don't want to mess around with that we Have to achieve that are there other Ways of achieving it uh using some of The new you know techniques that are out There we're open right we're open to Understanding and and uh exploring those But not at the cost of um not meeting That objective m


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