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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines we got for you Max Kaiser's in the news and guess what I Actually agree with him I think you will Too that we got the fed the FDIC and the OCC saying crypto is allowed we're going To talk about it and how about this one India ties with Singapore for Cross-border payments does it equal Ripple somebody wrote that beautiful Intro [Music] Foreign [Music] Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content right now 1.15 trillion dollar market cap for Crypto we're off by point two percent Good morning everybody I got my voice Back I got my energy back don't call it A comeback cause I've been here for Years yeah man it feels good Bitcoin 23 900 plus ethereum 1600 plus right now Tether is 70.6 billion they say I tell you as much As the clarity we're going to talk about Today for the space a bit here and it's A small margin but it's important I tell you until we know how the Government feels about USD tether It's not over yet xrp is 38 cents this Morning it's up point six percent on

Seven day ladies and gentlemen You know link2 is a sponsor I'm a Customer I Do don't miss them they're going to be At xrp Las Vegas Oh my goodness and so is uphold if you Haven't heard the news and so many Others solo genic corium If the list goes on and on casino coin You better click that link and get your Ticket before it's gone but I tell you The same thing goes with private Equity Ladies and gentlemen whether it's Ripple Poli-sign link to or any other Incredible product on this platform Click that link underneath the video and Get it before it's gone I tell you it is So important to understand that these Things do not last forever and if you Want you can even use your uphold wallet To purchase to private Equity yes you Can make sure you check it out and see If it's right for yourself I tell you it Is a wonderful opportunity and I love Where they're going Right here Eleanor Tara tells us and by The way she's going to be at xrp Las Vegas government Watchdog Empower says It supports Rosalind leighton's motion To unseal the Hinman documents oh Boy do I want to see them documents I Want to see them I know you all want to See him too say it with me The documents we want to read them all

The public deserves answers from the SEC As to what exactly the agency knew about Him in speech and when they knew it oh My goodness gracious do I want to see Those documents And then there's this There won't be many times ladies and Gentlemen that you're going to hear me Say I agree with Max Kaiser but I tell You what he is on a roll and he got a I Think he's got it right here listen to What he says about the SEC Sam Bachman Freed FTX debacle and about how he Believes that Gary Gensler was actually Complicit and in in on it and there's Some collusion there and I tell you I'm Inclined to agree with him because it's One of two choices with Gary Gensler he Met with FTX and Sam bankman freed Enough times To know that there was a dumpster fire For a business model there and what was Going on it would take no one anytime I Could have discovered that there were if I saw the books and I'm not that bright A guy so the truth is There's a reason why Gary Gensler Overlooked in those meetings what was Going on in that company and then Awarded them with a broker dealer's License take a listen here so for Tucker Crossing today we sat down with a man Who has participated in our finance Economy and covered it and is one of the

Most honest people we know on those Topics his name is Max Kaiser he's a big Bitcoin investor And he assessed the same bankman freed Story for us here's part of it [Music] [Applause] Sam backman free the key to his Empire of fraud is that he created his Own play money token called ftt and he Was able to create that without any Oversight or any tie to anything Underlying giving it value whatsoever And this is a whole cryptographic scam That's been going on with the crypto Market where individuals and he's not The only one there are many people that Create these what are called alt coins Or scam coins and they create ether is Another one or cardano or xrp these are All Created and then they list these coins On each other's exchange and then they Buy them from each other to create a Price and then they use the enhanced Price which is now as a collateral value To go buy something like sandbankment Free did Real Estate in the Bahamas Right right so it's a Ponzi scheme and Implied in the Sam bankman free crisis Uh scam is none other than Gary Gensler Over at the SEC who should have been Calling time on this a long ago but we Find out that he's actually involved and

That there's some what I would call Collusion and the problem is in America You have a country that's ruled by a Kleptocracy every institution in America Is tied to Wall Street in some way They've all been financialized they all Use cheap money they're all Cross-coateraling each other's assets They're all using that money to buy real Assets and they're all undermining the Economy in the fundamental ways which Lead to inflation which lead to Unemployment which lead to all kinds of Dysfunctions in the economy in our Medical system in all across the Institutions it all goes back to Essentially the deregulation that Happened 40 years ago which led to the Financialization and the over Indebtedness the over leveraging of the Economy and now in 2022 since interest Rates are going up That's the end of The Mirage that the Bubble has been popped and if the FTX Scandal and the Sam backman free Scandal Was like the last drags of a 40-year Bacchanal in cheap money no regulation And crooked bankers Look minus the cardano xrp comment right You know I mean I I get where he's at It's the last half that Max has got Right I mean could Max just you know Max isn't going to get the whole thing Right but the last half of that I think

He's spot on Look I mean like I said Gary Gensler is Either complicit or incompetent now I Don't know which one it is and I think It's only fair to let Gary Gensler Answer and that's the part of this that I wanted you to hear so ignoring the xrp Uh slight that he put in there Nevertheless we're moving on we got a Lot to talk about today here's Gary Gensler telling you exactly what the Plan is and you know how I've said on This channel multiple times many many Many times uh some of you old enough Will know the reference put it in the Comments and I tell you This is what I have been saying all Along that whether it is the right side Of the aisle in Congress or the left Side of the aisle in Congress they all Have already agreed long ago That they are going to tuck the majority Of crypto Assets in a security framework That's what they're going to do and in 2019 Gary Gensler admits it on stage I Believe he was still working for MIT at The time but forgive me if he wasn't but Take a listen he's going to explain it To you Um so great okay last question last Question why don't Regulators regulate Cryptocurrencies out of existence aren't They mainly tax evasion and illegal Activity conduits all right so crypto

Came along at first nobody even knew it The U.S depart I'm just going to use the U.S but it's true around the globe The first question is how to tax it U.S Department of Treasury between 2011 and 2013 figured that all out it's property If you have a capital gain you pay your Capital gain and so forth we're going Through this period now where we're sort Of settling down or some of them's Securities and some of them not But it's it's not been in really any Country the official sector's view that They've got to what was the word Regulated out of existence yeah some say China has but they didn't in the fall of 2017 China said they quote banned Initial coin offerings and they banned Crypto exchanges before they did that About 60 percent of the trading between Bitcoin and Fiat currencies was Bitcoin Versus renmb And subsequently it's usually 50 to 60 US Dollars Japanese Yen and so forth so The the the Chinese authorities were Basically trying to Tamp down on remmb Bitcoin cross but they have Capital Controls for most other countries the Regulator said we're pulling it inside The regulatory perimeter it's an asset For tax purposes we're pulling it inside The anti-money laundering I'll call it Regulatory perimeter Um many countries have decided not to

Pull it inside the security or an Investment protection investor Protection perimeter here in the U.S we Have Jay Clayton I think rightly the Head of the SEC has because we have Different Securities laws in this Country Which includes the word investment Contract inside the Securities laws so The question is not whether an initial Coin offering is a security is is it an Investment contract and if it is then It's a security So that the at the core as I think most Governments and I would agree with this Feel it's not their job to ban something It's to say this new technology will be Technology neutral can we bring it Inside the socially accepted parameters Of tax law Any money laundering investor protection And the like so I and there you have it I mean he said it flat out I mean ever Since the days of Jay Clayton it has Been decided and agreed upon the IMF Speaking even more loudly now about the Fact that crypto assets should not be Legal tender I tell you for areas of the World that have already made this Decision this may end poorly and I don't Say it with any pleasure I just I'm just Saying right I'm reporting what we see Here the way I see the tide in the tea Leaves my digital perspectives not

Financial advice however this will take For now and this came out yesterday by The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System this is in fact the Federal Reserve System the FDIC which is The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and the office of Comptroller of currency the OCC Now breathe aside relief I'm not going To read the whole thing to you but it Goes into this crypto scary stuff in a Liquidity risk and it does the same Thing for deposits and stable coins but This is the part we need to understand Here this statement reminds banking Organizations to apply existing risk Management principles it does not create New risk management principles Banking organizations this is this is Very important to understand right here Banking organizations are neither Prohibited nor discouraged from Providing banking services to customers Of any specific class or type as Permitted by law or regulation Now I don't know about you but this Seems like that light touch approach That we saw with another similar Industry like the alcohol industry I'm Not going to say the word but I think You guys know that and how that was Looked upon a couple administrations ago Right so watching this closely but they Didn't ban anything right it just seems

Like this kind of hey proceed with Caution and then obviously the the Writing goes on to express where the Volatility in crypto is and the chance For a risk on runs of stable coins and The like as you guys know now let's Switch gears a little bit Let's go to Indian Singapore this from Reuters yeah India and Singapore launched real-time Link for cross-border payments this is Extremely interesting right here what Are the chances Ripple could be helping these two Countries with cross-border payments And con 799 down here says better than Ever Well you know what let's take a look at It because we're speculating here but We're looking at this and we understand That in this it says India and Singapore Launched on Tuesday real-time link to Facilitate cross-border money transfers Between the two countries First such for the South Asian Nation it Says here that the world's biggest Recipient of remittances transfer of Funds between two countries will now be Possibly using mobile phones to do the Tie between India using the unified Payment interface and Singapore's pay Now facility now what's interesting About this if we go all the way back to 2018

Shout out to Mr bxrp for this And Bank xrp from 2018 UPI 2.0 that is The UPI interface that there was just Discussed in the Reuters article here Tying Singapore and India in February of 2018 Ripple was invited to take part in The UPI hackathon for the national Payments Corporation of India known as Npci how about that one And then it goes on to tie in more Speculation and ties here and all of This right we get it But let me take you here now Don't forget also that Federal Bank in India has partnered with blockchain Payments company Ripple to facilitate Cross-border payments and that has been For quite some time now as well and then We want to take a look at this There is Brooks and whistle And he's going to tell you and this is Very recent from just a few days ago Where Brook's Entwistle tells us that They got a team of four people working On Central Bank digital currencies in Singapore now are all of these things Related I cannot say 100 percent But I'm feeling good about it I'm Leaning in but that's me that's my Digital perspectives take a listen we Have a very Um big cbdc practice it's now globally Based we actually within the last couple Of months have put four people on the

Ground in Singapore alone focused on This month to put four people on the Ground in Singapore alone focused on This okay it's an important effort it's An important Suite of products I think I Really related to this point exactly is I think as an industry we got to be Careful about chasing every single new Shiny thing it tends to dilute business Models it tends to take people off Course and we determine in addition to Our payments business cbdc's are a very Important piece of what we're going to Do however we have found real traction With smaller governments smaller Accentral banks that need a holistic Solution a side chain someone to come in From scratch can you say the names for Any I can give you a couple examples Since we're in samuritz I'll give you a Mountain example our first mou is the Kingdom of Bhutan okay that's a very Forward-looking King Technology advance And basically decided he wanted a better Way of moving kind of value around the Country whether or not it was payments Or other issues they need to do and also To set up a system uh so they could Eventually have remittances back into The country as well we're working with Palau we're in dialogue and working with A number of central banks around the World at the China level and at the U.S Level there's a lot of people chasing

That and a lot of people that have their Own Sovereign interest in mind and so You got to be realistic about your Impact there but cbdc's will be an Important topic for the entire industry Going forward and the interoperability Between them we think has a real Opportunity for many of us around the Table so the question remains whether We're going to see a connection of Ripple between the new tie between India And Singapore but we know that Ripple Has deep ties in both countries that's The important thing to remember whether They connect together with ripple in There is another matter but I tell you I'm liking the chances Then let's take a look at this it's more Secret sauce right here This is from Ed Greg crypto it says Mas Allow us to predict potential Trend Direction before it happens and it only Draws Trends from past price information Therefore pass price information shows That the secret sauce for xrp price is When a bullish cross happens between the 50 and the 300 Ma and we'll just give That look right here you can see where They crossed back here in 2017 2018 when We had that massive massive Spike for The all-time high for xrp and will they Cross again We're gonna keep watching them I think It really depends for some fundamental

News like a resolution and positive Favor for ripple and xrp in the SEC Versus Ripple case that's going to do it For me not Financial advice for me or Anyone else that is my digital Perspectives I'll catch all of you on The next one


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