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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel and I've got three stories to Share with you in this very latest Moon Lambo Hot Jam starting with this one From the Crypt basic this by the way This one just cracks me up that's why I'm going to start with this one uh Ripple CEO and SEC chair listed as Headlining speakers for upcoming DC Fintech week that's right Brad Garlinghouse and Kim Jean guinsler Headlining speakers at the same damn Event might they cross paths might uh Brad Garing sneaking some words that Maybe he otherwise wouldn't have just Because Kim Jeong ginzler is present I Hope so uh here's another headline this One's from the coin Telegraph and this Is an add-on to a story that I covered The other day I got additional Perspective though from attorney Jeremy Hogan and Attorney John Deon crypto Lawyer says $20 million settlement is 99.9% win for ripple and then there's This one a headline also from coin Telegraph fake Ledger Live app sneaks Into Microsoft's app store $588,000 Stolen so uh maybe stick around to this One um to the end so that you can check Out this one because if you're like me And you use Ledger Ledger Hardware Wallets I I have or just a ledger Hardware wallet I even have a bunch of

Them uh if you do you need to be aware Of this scam and these types of scams And I'm going to cuz like literally Right now like you are at risk risk of Losing all of your crypto that you hold So just stick around if you could just Spare a minute and I'll run through Exactly why it is because this this it Absolutely can be avoided easily but uh Before going further I do want to be Clear I do not have a financial Background of any kind I am not offering Financial advice and you definitely Should not buy or sell anything because Of anything I say or right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoy is making YouTube Videos about crypto related topics but Just as a hobby and just for fun all Right into the first piece crypto Community members are are expecting an Interesting DC fintech week as Ripple CEO Brad garlinghouse and SEC chair Gary Ginzler are listed as headlining Speakers now folks I hope that Kim Jean Guinsler was invited to this first and Then Brad Garling house and Brad's like Oh yes I'm going to this mother I hope That that was the case he's like oh yeah Oh I'm going to this one that little Mr Burns look Alik is going to be the yeah You bet I'm coming anyway peace Continues um members of the Cryptocurrency community anticipate that This year's DC fintech week will be an

Exciting event given its list of Speakers it is interesting to note that Both Ripple CEO Brad garlinghouse and The chairman of the SEC Gary guinsler Are listed as headlining speakers for The event the development was shared Yesterday by the bank for international Settlements or bis for short in a tweet Yesterday the bis announced it will Co-host the 2023 DC fintech week a Fintech related event scheduled for November 6th through 9th 2023 and so I Surmise that Brad Garland house will be Speaking on November 6th since the um Ripple swell event is on the 8th and 9th If I'm not mistake and you can fact Check me I'm pretty darn sure I'm P for Memory but I'm pretty sure swell is the Eth and the ninth um but there you can See there's a picture of uh Kim Jean Ginzer and as well as Brad Garing house And so I'm hoping that when he's Speaking when he's talking about fintech I hope that he has a notable section About the lack of regulatory Clarity in The crypto space in the United States And exactly how it pertains to what's Happening with the SEC I would that Would be rich I would love it it would Be delightful and uh I'm going to guess That he does something like that so Hopefully we'll get a little peek at What's happening when he's uh when he's Actually speaking here because a lot of

These things they end up all up on the Webet uh but it's just it's a fun thing And I hope they cross fa path and I hope That Brad Garland house just mean mugs Just give them that Death Stare because Kimhan ginzler is a little baby back bch As far as I'm concerned and I think we All agree on that he's a baby back bch Little baby back bch now here we have The next story from coin Telegraph Crypto lawyer says $20 million Settlement is 99.9% win for ripple a prominent Cryptocurrency Attorney John Deon has Offered insights into the United stat Securities and Exchange Commission V Ripple lawsuit he contends that a Settlement of $20 million or less would Constitute a significant legal Triumph For the company in a recent post on X Formerly Twitter Deon strongly refuted The idea that the lawsuits result would Was a was an even 5050 outcome for the SEC claiming that it's closer to a 9010 Advantage in favor of Ripple and so you Can think back to when we got that legal Clarity for ripple July 13th xrp Victory Day fantastic day but the toxic Bitcoin Maxi trolls do you remember the nonsense That they were spouting they were saying Oh well you know look sure there's the Programmatic side and that was a win for Ripple but then uh the the SEC they got The they got the win on the

Institutional side so it's split it's 50/50 you know no one got completely What they wanted was about a 50-50 toss No that's not even close to what Happened because we all know for being Honest and those Bitcoin Maxi trolls Toxic as they are absolutely not being Intellectually honest the truth is that The the core component of this case the Only thing that really truly mattered Was the legal status of xrp itself That's what the fight was truly about And it was found that xrp itself is not A security xrp itself that's a stunning Defeat for the SEC and as far as the Institutional side look even if Ripple Gets fine to whatever Degree um and they may not but even if They do that doesn't mean that they Can't operate on demand liquidity uh Moving forward and so there was this Post and and this is the part that I Shared yesterday this post from Stuart Aldera um he's referencing the SEC V Gille case so it's another stunning Defeat for the SEC they're just on a Losing streak and I love to see it fills My heart with joy as I said yesterday Another this is from steuart Al now Another loss this week for the SEC the Streak continues the second circuit in Secv gille held that the SEC can't ask For a crippling discouragement award Without first proving that investors

Investors suffered actual Financial harm In other words no harm no foul and so Folks you got to kind of Wonder um again Since this doesn't apply on the Programmatic side so people like you and I that's not what's at hand here it's Not what's being discussed because the SEC lost that portion we're just talking About institutional level purchases so Ripple's clients were any of them Harmed well certainly none of them that I've seen have come out and claimed that They've been harmed but have they been Harmed and and the fact of the matter is I mean if if the price is higher than When they purchased xrp than they Haven't been and and so now this is a Precedent which is relevant to the case Very bad for the SEC and so here's a a Post from John Deon on this topic he Said the people who've argued that the SEC got a 50-50 victory in the Ripple Case are 100% wrong it was more like 9010 in Ripple's favor if Ripple ends up Paying $20 million or less it's a 99.9% legal Victory and folks that might Happen and attorney Bill Morgan said It's plausible I don't know to what Degree likely but he said it's plausible That Ripple ends up paying literally z0 Cents as a fine that would be Fantastic and then there was also this From attorney Jeremy Hogan he wrote Aldera is highlighting this case because

They are in the damages phase and this Case is saying that xrp holders must Have lost money on xrp in order for Ripple to be liable and if you bought Xrp for under its current price you Haven't been damaged by ripple at least And then xrp Community member Vincent Van code wrote to him and said well it Would be the institutional investors who Would have lost money as only those Sales are in the scope of Damages am I Right the blind sales to the average Joe Are not and so folks this is what I was Getting at just a second ago but I'm Highlighting this just to confirm Attorney Jeremy hoger responded and Wrote correct and now it's only Institutional buyers who bought xrp for Over 60 although at the time I'm Recording this it's been a few minutes Since I checked but last I checked xrp Was what around 64 cents who knows what It is by the time you're watching this But uh so now 64 cents or higher um so And then Vince vanod wrote to and said Thank you one more take what if the Buyers had a contract with ripple to use Xrp for intended odl purposes as I think There was one and pretty sure there Would be a liability waiver in there Attorney Hogan said sophisticated Question I believe that the federal law Securities Law would Trump the Contractual liability

Waiver which I found interesting I had Seen that discussed anywhere else and Then Attorney John Deon reposted what Attorney Jeremy said about uh about xrp You know it only implies to Institutional buyers who bought xrp over 60 cents uh Deon said excluding odl Transactions I wouldn't be surprised if There isn't a single Institutional Investor who acquired xrp over 60 now that is probably that's a virtual Certainty honestly because again he says Excluding odl but even if you're talking About odl to what degree could any of Them been damaged when xrp is only being Held for a few seconds for each Transaction this is not good for the SEC Which is why again fills my heart with Joy all right on to this last story now And listen up if you've got a ledger Hardware wallet uh just don't fall for This or anything like this the headline From coin Telegraph fake Ledger Live app Sneaks into Microsoft's app store $588,000 stolen almost $600,000 in Bitcoin has been stolen from users who Downloaded a fake Ledger live Application on Microsoft's App Store According to cryptocurrency sleuth Zack Xbt the onchain analyst spotted the scam Ledger live web 3 on November 5th which Is tricking users into thinking that They're downloading Ledger live a user Interface for Ledger Hardware wallets to

Store cryptocurrency offline Approximately 16.8 Bitcoin worth $588,000 um has been received by the Scammer across 38 transactions using the Wal address and they CIT it according to about $115,200 has left The scammer's wall across two Transactions leaving it with $473,500 or 13.5 Bitcoin so hopefully They get caught but this stuff can be Rather tricky um a lot of times these People do end up screwing up they do Something wrong and they do get caught So we'll see what happens we'll see how It goes down here uh but here is um Zack Xbt sharing a screen grab of this uh Don't go here this is a scam as he Highlighted it's on your screen right Here Ledger live web3 don't download That it shouldn't be uh shouldn't ever Been placed in the store the actual Place to get this this software is Ledger's official website and This is it if you go to you Highlight the product section you go to Download Ledger live click on that and Then bam download the app that's it so Just to be super duper clear make sure You type it in correctly cuz who know Like you you've seen these damn scammers If you type one letter wrong they'll Anticipate that some percentage of People will do that there can be like Duplicate websites I've seen stuff like

That before I don't know if there's Anything like that specifically for Ledger but just watch for that just Don't have fat fingers just you know Delicately type in the word Ledger uh Then and uh download it here so anyway I Just wanted to highl in case it could Potentially save anybody because if you Go in and and download that scam app and It look it'll look like the real thing And if you it'll it'll get you to put in Your private key and if you do that it's Just it's game over you're going to lose Everything at whatever address you give It please don't fall for that so I just Want to take a couple minutes here just To highlight That other than that your assets are Safe though I'm not a financial adviser You should not buy your sell anything Because of anything I say or right that Would be a very very very bad idea on Until next time to the Moon Lambo


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