Ripple / XRP / ODL December GO LIVE Date & BlackRock ETF

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Ignition sequence start 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero Lift off we have a [Music] Liftoff okay I've got Nick dedo from Link to on the phone we're going to do It like this today And before I do anything else I wanted To get your thoughts on the whole Black Rock ETF xrb ETF Controversy yeah well thanks for having Me on Dai yeah you know it's It's there's been so many people have Said so many things I mean even the even The attorneys in the community don't Know what to make of it right they don't Know if it's real or if it's not so if The attorneys can't tell you know how is Anyone else supposed to be able to tell You know I always air on on the side of Of conservatism you know so so my Thought process is it's probably not Real right but but I do have one eye Open and and the good news that comes Out of it is if it's not authentic black Rock is certainly aware of the movement That xrp made and if they weren't Planning on one they're probably Thinking about it now right and they Also had there was enough demand that They finally went on to their own Twitter account and addressed it and so At a minimum at a minimum they they saw A major demand for Xrp yeah they did they did and and you

Know and also I'm not looking to build All kinds of hype and speculation but But the other thing is you know just Because they said something doesn't mean It's true right I mean it is an Investment you know company you know the Size of Black Rock I mean so these guys Are not looking to Telegraph their moves Right so you know who knows you just Have to you have to kind of watch this Stuff with one eye open but I don't Think anybody anybody's right or Anybody's wrong it's uh it's kind of a Wait and see thing I was looking at um This one tweet about where this guy's Like he's like well the person that goes In and files for this thing has to show Like an ID they have a a notary or two I Think and So I think there's a lot more to the Thing but who knows you yeah yeah I mean Look there's smoke there's usually fire Right and and and you know I don't want To speculate any further but I I think I Think I I think we're going to hear more On it at some point but uh it's Certainly you know gotten everybody in In a heighten to where it is so to speak Okay now let me draw your attention to This uh this link to clip it was from a While back with Simon mcgoffin from the CEO of uphold and there was two clips I Wanted to play this clip and then get Your thoughts on this sure sure it was a

Great interview okay here we Go and the Ripple partnership is is very Important to us so we're going to become A node in ripples on demand liquidity Service and their service basically Streamlines International payments for Big Companies uph hold's role in that will Be to convert xrp into fiat currency USD pound sterling and Euros um and to handle Bank payer in Europe UK uh and the US it's a really Important deal for us not just because Of the direct benefit but because it Signals the Strategic direction we want To take the Company this one deal has the potential To double our volumes next year not our Revenues our volumes um but more Importantly it exposes us to recur Recurring payment flows and it plays to The the the utility use case of crypto As opposed to the retail Speculation uh case That you know um crypto is perhaps best Known for all right that was the first Clip wow you know there's so much to Unpack in that clip I mean you know it's Funny when when we had that interview When when when Joe and doo did that Interview at linku I listened to the Interview and I was like oh my God I Mean there's just so much in there but In that particular that particular

Statement there's so much to unack right So so first off you know the day the day After the Ripple case was um was ruled Upon by the judge you know uh David Schwarz was asked about you know Financial institutions using odl in the United States and could they access xrp Through through Ripple and and David's Response and I'm going to paraphrase and I've I've read it you know word by word Before but his response was as long as They don't access the xrp directly from Ripple there's no reason why they can't Use xrp in payment flows so essentially This this for people that don't get it This partnership has solved that problem Now uphold is the on andof ramp for the United States for ripple to use xrp and Crossborder payments the puzzle is Finished that was the last piece yeah And and and and the other thing is There's legal Clarity so so there's no Reason why a financial institution and David also said this there's no reason Why they can't use xrp and crossb Payment flows so I don't think everyone I don't think everyone realizes that This thing could begin at any moment Yeah and the the um there I don't see Anything standing in the way at all Other than politics is from from from Where I Sit just the yeah yeah I mean you know Look there's the fine that needs to be

Sorted out and John de did a great video On that yesterday if you haven't seen it And you know assuming there's not some Sort of a settlement on that fine which You know is probably likely but if There's not a settlement it's it's going To be sorted out early next year but That particular you know that particular Point of the case yeah it's still a Little black raincloud over you know Ripple's head but it it doesn't stop the Business from moving forward and and It's just a it just all comes down to They have to write a check and that's it The moment they write a check it's over Oh yeah can you I can only imagine what Happens then in um well I'm going to Play the second clip and get your Thoughts on this one sure view is it's An example of how we're plugging uphold As a platform into a large installed User base so the odl platform already Handles hundreds of millions of dollars Of flow a year so it's not like you're Plugging into a startup and you're Inheriting execution risk so for us it's A very exciting uh project it goes live Uh on very tight time frame actually We've got the first live trades dueing Dueing December so at that point I I'll Pause Jade because and and let you chip In so what about that what goes live in December exactly exactly and and like I Mean that's it goes live so essentially

What I'm hearing from him say is the Partnership goes live in December with Trades in December which sounds to me Like it it it it potentially could be go Time it it could be a financial instit You know who's going to start using um Ripple net and xrp and payment flows I Mean we're not calling we're not calling It odl anymore I guess we're calling it What Ripple payments well can you do What I need you to do is are you able to Give me something that would be the Perfect thumbnail with what you just Said that's what I'm really trying to Get well I mean I don't you know look I Mean it says to me that I mean I think There was a lot in that statement I Think I think it's I I think it says to Us that their their partnership is going To begin in December um and and to me The the purpose of their partnership is For on andof payment flows so I'm not Going to be surprised if it starts to Happen in December so what you're saying Is massive go live date is that Your I'm not saying that so so I'm even Going to repeat what you just Said before we uh before we tell me What's going on with link 2 oh got so Much going on with link 2 um we we did Uh we did introduce Ripple back to the Platform today and look you know what What everyone needs to understand if You're an existing investor at link 2

First of all thank you we we we Appreciate our investors so much and and If you're not an investor in link to We'd love to welcome you to link to you Know what I would say is you know I know There's people out there who haven't Invested like specifically in Ripple yet Because they're waiting to see how Things work out and and we've got some Invest s that may be looking to you know Increase their positions but what Everyone needs to understand is the Following the moment there's Clarity on Ripple you know moving toward an exit to To the public market it's likely that You know our sources of gaining um Ripple shares which is normally early or Existing um uh uh employees or early Investors so so it's it's existing or ex Employees or early investors where we Where we get the shares from um it's Likely once once they're moving toward The exit that that that those folks are Not going to want to part with their Shares so if anybody's waiting to invest In Ripple you might want to rethink your Strategy because when this happens once It's happened it's happened you know It's like news right it's easy to report The news because it's already happened It's harder to figure out what's going To happen next y so I would just I would Just you know implore everyone that Intends to invest in Ripple or increase

Their position please uh please take a Look at it go visit link we're Here to help and anything we can do We're here to answer your Questions okay now before we go off into The uh member group I wanted to tell you What I'm going to talk about in there we Talk about cbdcs a lot but I'm going to Talk specifically about the cbdc for Evil route which is of which is a Distinct Possibility um and so that's something That I can't really talk about on in Social media to really focus on that and I'm going to show you a guy that I Haven't been able to show on my regular Channel in 5 years because he's one of Those guys that you just can't show and I'm also just for the for the fun of it I'm going to kind of start showing some Of the shows and stuff that I'm doing Things I'm doing behind the scenes show Shows I'm watching behind the scenes so Go to daix I'm also my friends are Trying to talk me into to Really uh dropping a a Da Bomb on the Group uh between now and Christmas I'm Thinking about that is how you join I'm the digital Asset investor I'm not an investment Advisor this is for entertainment Purposes only Please Subscribe hit the Like button tell your friends and family thanks for

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