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Do not miss this the feds are about to Make crypto millionaires in 2024 if I Haven't met you my name is coach JB what I work to do is to make complex macro And microeconomic strategies very simple So the normal everyday person can Implement them and I'm very proud of the Resources we have created and helped Over 7,500 people since 2020 and our Goal is to help over a million by 2025 I Have three amazing resources for you how These videos work is during the video I'm going to give you my perspective not Financial advice I'm going to share with You what I think is going to happen by Studying the past studying patterns to Predict the future and on the back end Of every video annoyingly repetitive I'm Going to tell you exactly what I'm doing From my Paradigm I don't know if it'll Work for you but I'm sharing you exactly What I'm doing as I continue to grow in My education and my application so the Three resources I have for you guys if You guys hear me talk about uring my Wealth it's one of the biggest things That I do it's tax code 7 702 is created In 19133 ironically when the Federal Reserve was created it's how you ensure Your wealth they teach you how to ensure Your life they teach you how to ensure Your car they teach you how to insure Your house but nobody at the bank teach You how to insure their wealth well we

Do what the banks do we actually put Insurance on our wealth so it's tax code 7702 in the description of this video or In my social media platform you set up An absolutely free consultation do not Respond to scammers that's not me Reaching out to you we do not invest People's money it's a free consultation Number two I have a 16-page book Absolutely free on exactly how my system Is set up and number three if you're Ready to jump right in we have a paid Education Academy a community of Like-minded individuals just like you All right so let's Dive Right into this Video as I said I'm going to break down All my videos the same as we move Forward so number one I'm going to Provide with you my perspective my Prediction on what I think is happening Based on the current economics so the Way that I do that is one of my biggest Resources is Ray doio the changing World Order changing World Order and the big Debt crisis I follow Ray Delio Kathy Woods Robert kosaki he's getting kind of Angry in his older years but he's doing Awesome I follow a lot of his models Which is the cash flow quadrant I take a Lot of these different things and then I Build my own system my system is Cryptocurrencies a very speculative Asset and I diversify across things that Secure compound and grow my wealth so my

Goal was to transform my family's life I Didn't grow up with wealth so I had to Reprogram my brain so like I said at the Back end of every video I'm going to Share with you based on the information I'm presenting to you exactly what I am Doing okay so this is important to Understand so everybody's going to talk To you about how crazy crypto is going To go um how parabolic it's going to go But how do you know when it's going to Go how do you know when it's going to go Up and the key factor is you do not want To be my friend in the sauna told me This and it stuck with me you do not Want to be the exit liquidity somebody Has to be the exit liquidity write this Down on your desk write this down on Your mirror if you are new to investing If you have never had wealth in your Family if you've never been taught about Wealth or the markets the markets excuse My language don't give a about your Emotions they don't give a if you Put your 401k in there they don't give a if you took a home equity loan they Don't give a if you took your Kids's college fund and put it into Crypto they will take all your money Okay so know that so they are ruthless With the markets so you need to be Ruthlessly accountable and understand That you do not want to be exit Liquidity and on the back in this video

I will explain to you exactly what that Means okay so this is going to go Parabolic next year here's why let me Explain why you won't need to understand Why because you'll see the triggers and The mechanisms so you can exit properly Okay now I want to say something really Quickly so everybody's like oh well $1,000 in xrp or $10,000 in Bitcoin make Me a millionaire guys that should not be Your thinking if you were to put a Dollar into something and make 10 that Is massive do do you know how many People retire with a million dollars in America very few the average person in America retires with $294,000 that is disgusting you cannot Survive off that so if you put in a Dollar and you make 10 you better pull Profits guys at least pull your initial Investment you have to train your brain To get out of this get rich quick Mentality once you learn how to turn a Dollar into 10 then you take the profit And you learn how to multiply and Compound that's what we do that's what We teach okay so Mike novag Gratz every So this is you're going to see a lot of This now okay as we go into 2024 so I Want to train your brain on what you're Going to see and you got to take the Emotion out of it you're going to start To see all the predictions from every Influencer out there bitcoin's going to

100,000 well I think bitcoin's going to 600,000 and I think bitcoin's going to 20,000 it's you're going to hear all This okay you have to ignore the hype You have to pay attention to the macro And macro and microeconomic signals okay So what we're going to pay attention to As a family is interest rates interest Rates interest rates there's three big Things going to happen the Bitcoin etf's Going to get approved in first quarter That's what I believe second in April You need to prepare for the Bitcoin Having those two things are going to Bring number one what Bitcoin ETF is Going to bring in institutions okay That's going to create a parabolic move I believe that number two the Bitcoin Having what that is is basically they Reduce the supply of Bitcoin that can be Mined so that creates more scarcity for Bitcoin so those two things alone are Going to cre a parabolic move it's a Four-year cycle okay and it's it's an Exact cycle with cryptocurrency so those Things are to be expected then family This is where the rub is this is what's Different than any other crypto cycle is Our economics our macroeconomics Happening right now America is effed Financially okay so I'm going to signal And talk to you guys about interest Rates over and over and over again the Economy is about to go into a recession

They're going to start laying people off I'm going to break all these articles Down but I want to speak to you guys From my perspective okay when they lower Interest rates that is going to flood People into your crypto assets into your Stocks into your home so if they lower Interest rates that is not good for the Middle class that does not understand Investing if you are looking to buy a Home and you're looking at a $600,000 House an $800,000 house and they lower Interest rates it is going to be so Unaffordable within minutes if it shoots Down a basis point two basis points your $800,000 house you're looking at is Going to be over a millon ion dollar the Normal everyday American is not going to Be able to afford to live they're going To be condensing moving into apartment Complexes families are going to be Moving in together and what's going to Happen is the economy is going to get so Destroyed that they're you're going to Need a stimulus check remember don't Forget fed now Services launched I think It was March or April this year right You can easily set up to get your Stimulus check very quick guys pay Attention problem reaction Sol you guys Already forgot about fed now Services Didn't you okay so pay attention so Bitcoin will reach its old highs with ETF approval Galaxy novag grats predicts

But I'm going to scroll down here and go Into this part which is a narrative that I'm focused on okay novag Gratz has long Touted anticipation over institutional Adoption of cryptocurrencies through the SEC approval of Bitcoin ETF during Galaxy's third quarter earnings Conference in call in November novag Grats predicted that the Federal Reserve Would opt what I've been saying to cut Interest rates in first quarter of next Year further supporting the industry's Growth in the next 18 months we need to Start thinking like these billion and Multi-millionaires guys interest rates Interest rates interest rates so Bitcoin ETF write this down Bitcoin having and Lowered interest rates I don't care if You don't really understand the Mechanisms I just want you to write Those three down Bitcoin ETF Bitcoin Having and lowered interest rates that Is a signal that your crypto is going to Go up okay now I'm going to explain to You at the end what I will be doing now We go into here it's all over the news Now here's what it would take for the Feds to start slashing interest rates in 2024 four interest rate Cuts uh don't H Excuse me interest rate Cuts don't Happen during good times something Important for markets to remember in mid Um hotly anticipated easing for next Year's from the Federal Reserve If the

Fed meets Market expectations and starts Cutting aggressively in 2024 it will Likely be against the backdrop of a Sharply slowing economy and Rising Unemployment which in turn would bring Lower inflation okay so they're bringing Inflation down 2% which is going to Create a bad employment Market which Will create a catastrophic system for The middle class which they'll have to Lower interest rates which makes the Investors very very very wealthy that's Our game now we know their game we're Not getting played anymore guys we're Rewiring the foundation get ready this Is like the Super Bowl guys this is like Our practice that's why I'm sharing this Boring Stuff my videos aren't going to go to 100 200,000 because I'm not telling you That xrp is going to 589 bit coin is Going to turn I'm giving you the facts Figures numbers logic so you don't get Wrecked I'm teaching you the boring I'm teaching you the practice before the Superbowl I'm teaching you the gym Before you get on stage right as a Bodybuilder I'm teaching you the the the Days and days of training as a Triathlete right I'm teaching you all The practice stuff the discipline the Consistency the boring to become Wealthy it's extremely boring it's not Sexy but I'll tell you what once you

Build Financial Freedom man man it is The best feeling in the world when you No longer have to wait for Friday when You sit there and you're like oh man did We get paid today oh how much do we and Then you're making decisions like where Do we allocate this money opportunity Cost the money every time money hits the Bank accounts opportunity costs where do We move this to it's burning a hole in My pocket I want to get as many of you There as possible that's my goal I can Lead you to water guys but you got to Stop drinking the get-rich quick water You got to stop drinking the hype train And all these influencers pumping you up I'm going to be real with you guys right Now I know this may piss a lot of the Influencers off but guys they're all About it when crypto's booming they're Making money but most of these crypto Influencers when the Market's in a bare Market they're all broke they're all Broke they all start doing ads and they Start doing all these things and you Know paid sponsorships and all this Stuff guys we do zero paid sponsorships We have real businesses real companies Real ecosystems outside of crypto crypto Is something we're very passionate about Something we want to help people Understand so they don't get wrecked so We build products and services That help people understand how to

Really make money and build wealth and I'm going to Pat myself on the back for That because we've never taken any money From a crypto company ever we got Offered hundreds of thousands of dollar Hundreds of thousands of dollars during The bull market guys I could have been a Millionaire just off of off of um uh Sponsored post guys our our Tik toks in That during that time we're hitting 300,000 a million views we we get an Average of 500 views across all our Social media platforms a day can you Imagine how much these crypto companies Were offering me guys I said hell no Because peace freedom and family Structure is important to me when I lay My head on the pel every night I know That everything that I've talked about Is something that I have my hand in and If it goes arai I was part of it and I Have to own that so I know I'm Going off the subject here but that's Really important because I got you guys Want to understand intentions are Extremely important we are going to win Family we are going to win in 2024 but If you don't practice now if you don't Practice the mindset if you don't Practice the emotions you will get Wrecked I'm telling you and I know People comment oh don't be n I'm not Being negative I'm training you to Understand the game so we no longer get

Played I'm extremely passionate about it We've helped thousands of people since 2020 trained their brain but out of the 7,500 people there's still a lot of People that still didn't listen guys This is it this is your Super Bowl we're Never going to have a parabolic move Like this again ever in our living History imagine what is it Eminem One Shot one opportunity this is it family You know this is all the things I wanted To show you guys just really quickly Fed's likely to be the most dubish Central Bank in 2024 what they mean by That the feds might Cut Rate by 100 Basis points next year which is it's Going to cause a parabolic move in Crypto man in in Assets in general so as I said every single video so if you've Been watching these guys every video Boringly consistently I'm going to tell You exactly what I'm doing not Financial Advice I'm speaking from my current Paradigm of what how I'm set up I don't Know if it'll work for you but it's Radically work for me and thousands of People okay so number one crypto is an Extremely spective asset every bit of Crypto I have in there and I have a Pretty decent portfolio you know I don't Know what people consider decent I'm not Going to share my bank account but you Know i' I've been accumulating since uh Early 2020 and I've been accumulating

Every single Friday so you can imagine Have a pretty nice portfolio I think but Crypto every dime I have in crypto from The beginning I pretended that I was Going to lose it every single time what That did was it made me non-emotional And it also made me have the ability to Exit when everybody else was getting Excited so I remove the emotion from Crypto okay I have a strict Exit Plan I'm holding 50% of my portfolio longterm So let me explain so out of 100% 50 is Being held longterm okay 50% will be Exited from 2024 to 2025 as things go up To my exit targets okay so let me Explain so I'll use xrp for example xrp Holders here okay so if xrp reaches if It reaches $3.7 okay not if I'm not listen if it Does that's all it is it's a trigger It's it's not emotional if it reaches $3.7 then I will exit 10% of my 50% if It reaches 5 to $7 I'll exit about 15% of my 50% that's now 25% of my 50% Does that make sense so now we still Have 75% left of the 50% so why do I Ladder on the way up here's why because You're the exit liquidity guys when These institutions come in and they make 10 times on their money 30 times on Their money when they're used to making 8% 3% 2% maybe 12% and they make 10 Times on their money hundred times on Their money they are going to pull and

Pull hard and guess what when it Peaks you don't have the same access They do the exchange is shut down Because you're liquidating the exchanges So as you are trying to pull and you're Freaking out and everything shuts down You it comes back up you're sliding down The back and I've already pulled maybe Hundreds of thousands of dollars in Profits depending on where this goes Right so now I have money in the bank And you're panicking as you're Collapsing down and you're there ex Liquidity you're trying to panic sell Okay so now I have money sitting here Now I have what's called opportunity Cost of money so this is what changed Our lives we didn't just sit there and Buy back in we use index universal life We Max funded we are going to continue To Max Fund policies okay and so what And it's very important very important If you're sitting with somebody around Insurance that they're not maximizing Their commission that's why we got Licensed after three years of using it I Was like F this we're getting licensed And we are making sure our clients we do Not maximize our commiss commission we Maximize the living benefits for our Clients very important because if They're maximizing the death benefit in Ilul they're maximizing their commission Remember that we set it up properly so

The client can properly fund the ilul Policies so number one they can comp Pound grow and if they choose to they Can borrow against there's many factors To it it's really important how you set It up so we use insurance and we insure Our wealth so now I'm sitting on insured Wealth and if markets pull back I can Borrow from my own cash value and Multiply my money now and buy back in When you're buying back in with one Thing I'm buying back in and doubling my Money I'm also into precious metals I Have silver next year I'm going into Gold okay I'm going to get more gold I'm Gonna start stacking gold for the rest Of my life I'd never store your gold Where you live I I used uh itm okay so Itm is really really important and There's places where you can store your Gold which is really important uh real Estate so I am not a real estate expert I'm getting into real estate because I Realized my earned income I've been Honest with you guys went from getting This kicked out of me in 2019 being Indoctrinated 2020 to you know much Different Paradigm now financially free So now I have to learn the tax game Right so a couple things that I'm doing For that is I'm going to get access to More real estate for depreciation and uh Writing off interest income or interest Expenses so that's been amazing for me

This year and my next phase is I'm and Again people are reaching out saying Hey How do you how's JB set up I'm in the Process of getting set up with my trust I don't know how that works yet but we Have trust experts because we're Licensed insurance agents and we're Working with trust experts so my trust Will be set up and everything will be Under my trust within the next six Months so all my insurance policies will Be under the trust now I'm setting my Kids up my kids are set up now for Retirement already one's eight one's 19 Now it's Legacy right and then we will Set up a family office and that's the Next phase and I will speak to you what I'm doing and how it's set up when I get To that level so I will only speak for My current Paradigm of practical Application I I'm very proud of that I Think that's what separates me I speak For my current Paradigm spiritually what I'm practicing what I'm actually doing Not what I'm reading out of a Bible not What I'm going to a church on Sunday I'm Actually speaking What I'm Living I'm Speaking to you financially What I'm Living I'm speaking to you healthwise I'm living and when I'm not living it I Call myself out I think it's really Important I feel like authenticity is One of the biggest things okay so how do I do this right so I'm the co-founder of

Merlin this is our own company okay it's The smartest way to track your crypto we Don't hold your keys we don't hold your Combos it's just an interface so you can See all your crypto in one spot and this Is my favorite part the exit strategy Okay so you can put your own exit Strategy in here so what does that mean So when I explain to you when mine goes To $378 Merlin will send me a text when I'm getting close to that so as I'm busy In a meeting oh shoot it's getting close So I go and exercise that I hit the sell Button I go to my exchange I sell and it Alerts me as I get to my targets so as You're scrambling I've already pulled Profits so the exit Target is really Really important now it's very important To understand an exit plan is different I was my average buying for xrp is about 17 cents I bought at 13 I got in kind of Early and then 17 cents and then my Average is 17 cents across the board Right so exit strategies can be very Different across the board but the key Is it's like having a shitty plan is Better than no plan the whole key to This is discipline Financial discipline Because you're going to be sitting in The barber shop you're going to be at The grocery store at the gym and your Gym Bros are going to say oh dude hold On man it's going to go to 120,000 okay Say it does say it does but they get

Smashed because they're stuck because The exchange is shut down and they come Collapsing down and you've already Pulled 30,000 in profit and they get Zero so it's all about discipline we we We've been teaching this over four years Now guys and we practice what we preach That's the biggest thing so we used to Do spreadsheets so we did 36,000 lines Of code to build this this is built from The ground up we have our own Programmers everything uh we have it's Called Blockheads our company which we Created meryland smartest way to track Your crypto um it's very important to Understand that everything we provide we Start out for free so we are big on Customer service my warrior Academy Seven days for free to try before you Buy it we have the free guide we have a Free consultation for insurance and then We have 30 days for free for Merlin we Believe in relationships it puts the Pressure on us to be better in business So in Merlin in description of this Video or my social media platform when You download it 30 days for free and if You don't like it there's not a mutual Back exchange you don't have to jump Through hoops you go on to Merlin and Hit cancel boom our relationship is over We're not playing games with your money Number one we're not playing games we Want with your with your with your uh

Relationship we want to build a Relationship with you guys we believe in Taking the Hard Road in everything we do We believe in providing value so I'm Very proud of these ecosystems that we Build I'm very proud to say that we've Never accepted money from a crypto Company um and I stand on that guys Because Integrity honesty and Uncompromised and belief in God is very Important and I'll leave you with this What makes me the richest man in the World is my relationship with God truly And that's why I created my own Ecosystems because when I was in Corporate America I got ridden up and talk to by HR for talking about the pineal gland I Mean come on guys I'll never forget that Moment I talk about this all the Time I was in Corporate America I was Running some banks and I get a call from My boss and you could tell there's Someone else on the line I'll never Forget This and it's HR on the line and they Said hey on your conference calls do you Talk about the pineal gland I said yeah I was straight up I didn't lie to him Yeah absolutely they're like are you a Doctor I'm Like you're I was like conceptually like Think about what they said are you a Doctor and I was like I've never heard

One of my doctors talk about the pineal Gland well they're like well do you and I'm like and it didn't go that deep but I was just like are you kidding Me they're like well that's that's not Your wheelhouse I'm like whose Wheelhouse is it your body it's not I Was teaching them how the pineal gland Works and you know Consciousness and the Raz and all that stuff and goal setting And all this stuff I'm attaching goal Setting and Consciousness trying to make Them more successful you know in the Right way and I was like man are you Serious and I knew right then that was One of the first triggers for me one the First triggers for me that I was in the Wrong spot if I can't talk about God if I can't talk about my body or how Consciousness is going or my belief Systems I want nothing to do with it I Want nothing to do with it guys and Another moment I had while I was in Corporate America is I wasn't told I Couldn't have a second business but it Was frowned upon for me to have a second Business so you know what with my team Members and my Executives I encourage Them all to have side hustles and They're all thriving thriving they're Not only doing well for our business but They're expanding their Consciousness And they're building Legacy for their Family so I did the opposite of

Everything in Corporate America they Want to control your life I want to Expand your life so we built products And services that help expand Consciousness not pull away from Consciousness so I just wanted to share That story I continue to parot that Story because it's it's really important It was like these were moments where I Stood up for myself not against anybody Not against the system and my boss is Doing the best he can with the resource He had he wasn't the one Speaking that Truth he wasn't that's HR Human Resources structure We've created and they say can't talk About politics or your religion you Can't have a side hustle you can't do All what you're not my you're Not my you're not my boss of my life Like it didn't make any sense to me so Instead of arguing against invisible Enemy I created my own system all these Influencers are telling you to escape The matrix I created my own pretty Simple I'm not against anybody I'm not Mad at my boss for saying that because He was doing the best he can he didn't Create that company it wasn't the rules That he Created but he decided to follow them Right I just decided no I'm going to Create my my own rules and I'm going to Do the opposite I'm going to let my

People have their belief system let People buddist B Buddhist Church of Latterday Saints Catholic just be a good human being treat people with Kindness you know what's interesting we Don't have any negativity in our Community zero we don't have Talking we have a rule within our Ecosystem and our leadership team within Our our company so we have the warrior Academy we have 27 team members we have A leadership team we have an executive Board and all that or executive team CEO CFO and all that stuff we have a rule if You talk about somebody twice we talk to The person because if you're talking Behind someone's back you want attention You don't want a solution so if we find Somebody talking behind someone's back More than twice they just want attention We're not looking for people who are Victims and looking for attention we're Looking for people who want to expand Conscious and create Solutions and who Are going to be honest and Organic is that right Honest yeah an Organic with their own belief system so Anyways that was probably too much Information doesn't really matter so Just kind of giving you a little bit More aspect of who I am um also too if You want to follow me on refined Integrity if you want to check that out I'm going to be really going deep on my

Spirituality and and um talking more About my walk with God and my faith um And I know it's going to shake some People up because um I think they Inverted all of Jesus's teachings and I Know that by applying it not by going to Reading Doctrine not by by reading Doctrine and applying it to my life and Actually changing my life through Christ Jesus Christ is real to me God is real To me but I think they amver is teaching So refined Integrity if you check it out It's my beard company but I'm really Expressing my spiritual side to it Because I know you guys don't want to Hear all that stuff on here um but I Love you guys I appreciate you as we Always say Warriors rise get your Together love you Guys


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