I Bought MORE Crypto Before Prices Rocket, DID YOU?!

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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel got a few things to discuss in This latest Moon Lambo Hot Jam here's a Headline from the Crypt basic xrp now Available in 72 countries with combined GDP of over $8 Trillion now if you look in terms of Actual adoption of xrp and pick your Metric uh almost every metric you could Possibly imagine in fact it'd be hard Pressed to think of one off the top of My head that is where this isn't the Case it's all just been heading up to The upside for over a decade now you Despite you can find little blips here And there where things go to the Downside obviously the uh SEC had a very Negative impact for a period of time uh But still things are moving to the Upside xrp is available just about Everywhere on the entire damn Planet Might that be of material importance I'd Say Yes um also I purchased some more Cryptocurrency so that thought I'd just Share a little bit about that just for The fun of it and uh then I got an Update from one of my favorite chart Analysts who thinks that uh you know as As far as it pertains to bitcoin which Leads the market and I'm fine with that Uh we might be seeing a a dramatic tick To the upside rather than a pullback to Check support and I'll explain why he's Saying that but uh before going further

I do want to be clear I do not have a Financial background of any kind I am Not offering Financial advice and you Definitely should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say or Right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoy Making YouTube videos about crypto Related topics but just as Hobby and Just for fun as I record this H to jam Xrp is currently 61 Bitcoin at 3486 bucks you got the Asset class at $1.3 trillion haven't Seen that in a hot minute crypto fear And greed Index this won't surprise you Because things have been very happy Happy lately uh 68 out of 100 so the Market is still in greed and so what is It that I've been purchasing well um I I The last time I purchased I did mention It um so some of you may have caught That video I only mentioned it in one Video though and that may have been I Can't remember exactly when that was Maybe it was a week and a half ago maybe It was as far back as two weeks or so I Don't know the days blur together but Back then I I mentioned that I purchased Uh some Bitcoin which you know you can Make fun of me for that because I hadn't Bought Bitcoin literally in years but Here's the deal like my bag before I Bought more recently my bags were packed I was ready to go but the thing is I Keep earning more money so while I'm

Waiting and I earn more money I need to Put my money somewhere I I I just it Gets to the point where if I don't do Stuff with the money that accumulates in My checking account it's it's a problem I don't want too much money in a Personal checking account right and so I Was just like well just diversify you Know and maybe just sprinkle a little Bit of goodness right on top of the bags I already got you know expand them a Little bit so I was like you know what Whatever Bitcoin leads the market I know That I know it's not going to give me Life-changing wealth that ship is sailed You know in the Bitcoin front as far as I'm concerned at least for me um but I I Was like I'll just get some and then I Also purchased some H bar which is one Of my larger positions and I increased That by about 11% I bought more flare Increased my position because it had Gone down so much by 45% because I'm Just looking at the price which has Nothing to do like nothing's changed on A fundamental Direction other than Things have gotten better if you looking At the fundamentals of flare that's my Opinion anyway and so I I purchased a Bunch of that uh I mean 45% increase That that that ain't nothing but it's Just it's so damn cheap right now I'm Like yeah I I'll absolutely take that Because I think that the whole Market's

Going to be moving up and there's not Relatively speaking anyway there's not That much money in flare anyway and and So that that was what I shared about a Week and a half ago whenever it was and Since then I had shared on social media Platform x a couple purchases I made but I hadn't mentioned them yet I don't Believe so on uh on my YouTube channel And there so there were two additional Ones and I I opened for the first time Since the beginning of this year a brand New position I bought a coin that um I'd Been looking into I first started years Ago but when I was doing my serious Research a few years years ago uh this Thing just started taking off and my Policy for myself is when a coin starts Taking off that's that I missed the Train too bad so sad but I've got other Stuff it's fine and it did and and the Coin in question uh is vchain I did Finally purchase Vchain and I got it at well I started Thinking about it when it was around 1.6 Cents and when I purchases around 1.9 Cents but I think the all-time high is About 27 cents so I I don't I don't care I just I I looked further into the state Of things now didn't spend a crazy Amount of time I I I knew enough already Because I just I kind of needed a Refresher admittedly because it had been A few years um so anyway I purchased a

Certain amount of that and then also uh Today I purchased uh more Algorand and I I substantially incre I Literally tripled my Holdings of algor That thing has that price at that it's Tanked so much and there are there are Good reasons why I mean look alts were Really taken on the chin in general Anyway so that's a factor and then on Top of that you can you know you you Guys tell me to what degree these things Cause the uh you know the problem but There there was negative stuff in the News including having to do with the SEC And then there was a defi Hub a major One that that was shut down I believe That was in the the first part of July There there were things that happened But I I I don't suppose like I don't see Any like I don't see evidence at this Point anyway the sc's going to like Cease to exist I don't see anything like That and and if that's the case then Maybe I lose all of my money but it's Just it's gone down so much in price I Literally tripled my Holdings and so no I didn't purchase xrp but that's just Because it's already by my largest Individual holding by a lot and I just Got to a point where I recognized like If I continue to just buy xrp like I'm Freaking nuts I need to diversify which Is why I've been doing this but despite The fact that I've been buying only

Other coins for over three years now uh Xrp is still by a lot my largest Individual holding I'll just say that And it is what I'm counting on for the Bulk of my profit when the bll Run Finally heats up and we get alts kicking Off here but you know my personal Opinion and and by the way look this is Not an invitation to do what I did I Just have fun sharing stuff you know and I don't talk about myself a whole lot Not well this isn't like on a personal Individual level this is just about like A thing I did as it pertains to crypto But I don't even do that so much um but I just thought I'd share it because it's Fun to have conversations along these Lines anyway I'm always curious why Other people buy the stuff that they're Buying too there there's no necessarily Right or wrong answer it's just it's Subjective it's opinion based uh but This is definitely not an invitation to Go do what I did I'm just a dude on the Internet I could be totally wrong at Everything I just did could be bad Decisions and it all goes to zero so Just keep that mind I just want to be Totally upfront with you um but I I I Have the thought processes that I have I Have the convictions that I have and I Do various things for various reasons I Have various ideas of where I might sell Certain things and I'm very happy with

My crypto positions and I hold way more Crypto um than I ever thought that I Would prior to a bull run I'll just say That I I am ready to go I do not need a Huge multiplier effect for it to be like I just won the lottery so that that but I've been planning this for six years my Like this doesn't happen overnight and It's still not guaranteed it hasn't Happened yet so I could still lose Everything it goes to zero and then I'm Just a Sad Panda like that that could Certainly happen here but uh but I just I think everything ultimately is just Going to go and we're going to have a Really fun time and the one that again Still most optimistic and honestly for So many reasons I've been articula on This channel running on the channel Almost 5 years now it's xrp for so many Reasons that's that's the sweet spot for Me when it comes to investing in crypto For a lot of reasons but here you can See alaran this is the all-time price STP for algar you take one look at this You can see it's pretty close to its All-time low it's worth 11 cents and That's about where I bought it I can't Remember if is exactly 11 cents or like 11 point something cents but yeah it's In the gut her pricewise so I thought Yeah I got to scoot me up some of that Because the like think about this salana Think about how dead salana was

Everybody proclaimed it was dead what Did it increase by like three or 400% it Had a crazy run so far this year and I Don't own any of it I don't own any Salon but good for the people that do And so I'm just Saying the market does what the market Does I'm just I'm just making sure I've Got exposure here so that when things go It goes because the market moves in Tandem so just diversifying it's not It's not complex I'm not a finance Guru I'm a regular human just like the rest Of you there is nothing special about me And I I just doing this is certainly a Lot better than not having exposure That's what I believe what I'm doing Anyway now directionally in terms of What to expect with Bitcoin there was uh This update from credible crypto uh this Update was from a little over 12 hours Ago at the time I'm uh recording this Video and he wrote and this is a Bitcoin Uh USD chart and he said here's what I'm Watching now the blue region for those Of you looking and see where I'm Circling my mouse he's got it right There the blue region is where we had Over aggressive shorts pile into what Ended up being a false breakdown from There we put in a clean five-wave Impulse to the upside the lows of which Are now our local Invalidation lose those these lows and

We probs flush down to $33,700 hold these lows and head back to The range highs in an pulsive Manner and Our bottom is confirmed to be in and up Only resumes with haste and so and That's an idea that he I I you know he's Been expressing this kind of General Thought and it's been evolving as time As past with the most recent updates but I was kind of sharing some of his Thoughts on this in a video literally About 24 hours ago and he has a further Update on that so he's saying yeah you Might see the pullback to the 34,000 Something range and then you're just Going to keep go back to up only right Uh but he has an additional thought and I he put out this video just um within The last I don't know a couple hours or So whatever is and I watched it and very Interesting he wrote that this is a Major update on bitcoin and I don't want To regurgitate all of his stuff I try to Stay away from regurgitating ta as much As possible sometimes it's a little Necessary but I'll just share with you This the general idea here is that there Are certain metrics he's looking at as It pertains to the price action of Bitcoin that got him very excited so Excited that in the middle of the night He decided to record a seven-minute Video and I don't blame him because part Of what he found here is that there's

There's such activity and one of the the Metrics he cited was volume like intense Volume that he he thinks it's quite Plausible that there could be so many Institutions and buyers front running um The you know the next move up that we Might not see that dip down that he was Thinking was most plausible he thinks we Might just from here and whether it res Maybe resolve in the next few days Whatever it takes but it might just when It goes just up to the upside without That pullback uh to test support now That would be that would really be Something I I mean talk about strength In the market if that occurs so I just Found that to be fascinating and that's The very latest for himo but I do Encourage you if you got time hop on to Social media platform X go to's account Credible crypto you can check out the Video it's a quick one um and then there Was also this somebody named decode jar Not familiar with the account but it Doesn't matter wrote that cardano Breaking out while everyone looks at Salana and I do have cardano I've been Holding it since 2017 actually and um You can see the price you know October 19th this is 30-day chart for cardano It's down to 24 cents now it's up to 32 Cents lots of stuff has been moving here You love to see it some things more than Others obviously incredible crypto had a

Comment about this he said I don't own Any cardano and really have no interest In it from a fundamental perspective but Despite what most people seem to think a Lot of these Dino coins are going to Make new highs along with other alts in The next major alt season post Bitcoin New alltime high in my opinion right and So uh you know xrp is certainly even Older you can call xrp a dino coin I Mean I don't think any of us here in the Community would be offended by that it Just means it's an old coin awesome but It's still way more technologically Advanced than for instance Bitcoin and Many others like it's it's so blazing Fast you don't you don't need to improve Upon that for it's fine even if it even If you had a coin that settled with Finality in 1 second guaranteed it's so Marginal you're not going to supplant Xrp when it makes no material difference To the end you'd have to find a use case Where the two seconds actually matters And then okay fine but broadly speaking You know xrp isn't being used for all Sorts of stuff where that doesn't matter So you're not going to supplant xrp in Terms of its position it already has the The position it has but the point's not Lost to me I'm just thought I'd Highlight because and again I've been Trying to make this point a few times Just I'm trying to beat it into people's

Heads people feel defeated the coin that They hold when it's not going they see Other stuff go oh my God it's never Going to happen why is mine being Treated differently am I the dumb that Made the wrong decision well I'm telling You the market moves in Tandem and these Coins roughly speaking get treated about The same broadly speaking you can find Outliers and there are some little Asterisks to there if we want to have a Really in-depth conversation about this But broadly speaking yes and so if you Think that xrp isn't going to be treated As absurdly as Bitcoin has in terms of People filing in and just saying take my Money then you're wrong that's what I Believe Anyway I think that it's going to go xrp Is going to go absolutely ballistic and It's nice to see stuff creeping right Here and and that's why right now to be Honest with you like bitcoin's been Creeping up cool but like there are so Many alt coins that are were probably About in the lows for for many of them Anyway and so there's a good chance that I'll actually be purchasing some more Stuff and I might even open some new Positions like I said the First new Crypto position I had opened since the Beginning part of this year was a vchain And um the one before that it was it was Flare when I got the when I got the the

First flare drop and then after that I Did buy a bunch of flare and I bought it More recently um but but yeah cuz it's Not every day I I open a new a position In a new coin I usually just top off my Bags but there are so many out there I'm Thinking why the hell not I just again I've been ready for so long for this Thing to lift off and I understand you Don't necessarily to have like dozens And dozens and dozens of coins to make It in crypto I totally get that but I've Been it's like where you where am I Putting my money man damn it like you Tell me like where Where would you have me put my money you Know what I mean like I got to put it Somewhere so at this point it's just Like I guess I don't care that much even If I put it in this and that goes to Zero I kind of don't give a damn because I think that the profits I make from the Things that do take off will more than Offset anything that perhaps will go to Zero and I'm not under the illusion that I'm going to make profit from every Single thing I put money in I mean if Maybe that happens that' be magical I Doubt it though I'm probably going to Lose everything that I put into some of These coins I assume that's going to Happen but that's why I'm saying like I Don't care by the time this takes off Like it's a lottery ticket as far as I'm

Concerned and if I'm wrong about all a Sudden it goes to zero i' I've never Counted on all this for my actual Retirement so it would be lifechanging For me and that's what we're all trying To get to because we're like I'm not Rich like I'm i' consider myself to be Doing well and I don't want to say Anything beyond that just like to keep Finances and net worth and stuff Personal here but I I would say that I'm Doing well especially for my my age just I I I turned 40 this year And I'm I'm happy with where I am I Wouldn't I wouldn't say I'm rich but Things are good And I just I'm like the rest of you I Believe that crypto is a vehicle to get Us to that next level where we otherwise Would not in all likelihood be at least Not with this type of speed right it's Gamechanging and then I can reinvest all That into all sorts of stuff like I'm Sure you guys have thought through this Right whether it's real estate um or you Know whether it's you know equities but You pick your thing you buy those yellow Rocks Peter shift keep Shilling you can Buy those you know the Gold but uh there's so much opportunity There so I just I thought I'd share some Of my thinking on That uh and then there's this xrp now Available in 72 countries with combined

GDP of over $8 Trillion xrp may now be available in up To 72 countries within Misa a region Which is a Middle East Africa and South Asia following its recent regulatory Approval by Dubai within the DFC the Crypt basic recently disclosed that the Dubai Financial Services Authority dfsa The independent Financial Services Regulatory body in the Dubai International finance Center DFC uh Approved xrp under its digital asset Regime the approval would give license Licens crypto focused companies Operating within the DFC the Liberty to Offer all forms of crypto related Services for xrp including Trading Lending and others and so I wanted to Highlight this because it's it's it's a Couple reasons first of all it's always Exciting to see expansion and further Adoption of xrp including from a Compliance perspective because xrp Itself is decentralized there's nobody In charge of it there there are parts of The world that get this and so they just Bring it in and that that that will Result in more adoption of that Particular cryptocurrency it's xrp of Course that's going to happen and then Just suppose that to what's happening in The United States and it's like ah Godamn it but the good news is we got Our in an xrp was found to not be a

Security it would have been nice if we Had you know actual Leadership you know at the federal level Of the government but hey we got it the Hard way so we're still good there Finally uh but it's just nice to see This regardless and I just kind of want To point out this is the direction Things have going as I cited at the Outside of the video for over a decade Now if if it keeps going that direction You tell me why xrp wouldn't be worth Way more you guys make that case to me If you think that not that you you Listening necessarily think that but you Get the point of make it right of course So it's like why wouldn't it unless you Think crypto is going to cease to exist Which is a silly ass idea as far as I'm Concerned and so I don't need to read The whole article I just want to make a Broader point that it continues to be Adopted and they cited 72 countries in This region and uh the dollar figure uh If I could find it real quick here was 8 Trillion they wrote it it's probably on The screen and I'm just not seeing it Right now where the hell is This oh come on where the hell is it you Stupid little there you I found you Stupid little number hiding FR me uh and So they wrote here the Misa region Boasts a combined nominal GDP of over8 Trillion per recent

Estimates and I'm just noting here like When you're talking about especially if You're talking about International Remittances there's even if you're just Talking about Ripple and and it's fair To talk about them in this regard Because I mean hell ripples they're Having their swell event in Dubai I Believe I you need to bridge currencies you know Just I've spoken about ad nauseum for Years and there's a lot of dollar value Here and there there's a lot of places To do this and increasingly we're going To see this as you receive uh in various Corners of the world this regulatory Acceptance this is just the latest Example here xrp is traded um in every Region in the planet where Cryptocurrency is traded so far as I Know xrp is on pretty much every Exchange that exists at this point Including the United States which is Nice to be able to Say so anyway we going and get Ours what have you guys been doing you Guys been buying stuff let me know in The comments section below I need I you Maybe you should show me something I Never say that but um I'd be willing to Just throw some money up into the air Just I got to put it somewhere and it's Just I have this belief that because Based on historical data that the market

Moves in tandem so I may just put some Stuff in some stuff but um you Know as long as there's there's got to Be some sort of reason like I would Prefer this there's got to be some sort Of reason to believe that there's an Actual there's actual utility or or you Know some sort of reason to believe that There's the technology is such that There would be some sort of broad at Option for you know X number of reasons Because I'm that's what I'm interested In because and because we don't know What's going to be here for sure in a You know 5 10 15 20 years that's why at Least at this stage I'm willing to have Broad exposure and I accept the fact That probably a lot of the stuff that I Own I'm just never going to sell because It's never going to go as high as is Would entice me and I'll just lose it But but that's okay like I've been Willing to accept that for well ever Since I jumped into crypto Honestly but I I I just have a strong Belief that certain cryptos especially Utility driven ones like xrp that i i p Purchase boatloads of I do believe those Ones are going to go but um yeah I just I'm willing to jump into a few others Here just for the sake of it because I've got money and yes I put money I do Invest money elsewhere too but some of It I do want to put into crypto and I

Went about half a year probably without Purchasing crypto and so now I'm just Like well you know we're probably for Altcoins more or less at the bottom for For some of these things anyway I'll Just I'll just pick some up so that's Kind of what I've been doing topping off Bags nothing crazy but uh you know the Multiplier effect if if these things do Go it could it could be substantial so We'll see you guys just tell me what you Think I'm not a financial adviser you Should not buy yourself anything because Of anything I say or right that would be A very very very bad idea until next Time to the Moon Lambo oh


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