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The warning signs are here and if you Time this right in the proper Investments it could radically change Your life but if you don't it can move The middle class down to the Working Poor my name is coach JV what I work to Do is make very complex macro and Microeconomic strategies very simple so The normal everyday person can Implement We're taking all this you know private Financ and democratizing it so you can Understand it so what we've done is We've helped over 7,500 people now since 2020 with Multiple free resources the number one That I get the most request on is I'm a Licensed insurance agent I have licensed Insurance agents in all 50 states we Teach people tax code 7702 the banks Teach you how to ensure your life as They ensure your money in life insurance So we teach you how to ensure your Wealth like the banks do so down the Description of this video or in my Social media profile you can set up a Free consultation warning we do not Invest people's money do not send Anybody pretending to be me any money at All there there are it's a free Consultation just put it that way don't Use discernment guys then there's a 16-page guide uh free guide that helps You understand how I set everything up With my current Paradigm and at the back

End of this video I'm going to share With you a very powerful resource on What I'm talking about on how to exit These markets properly so you can Actually realize some profits so we're Going to dive into this today guys I'm Telling you what I've been warning you Guys since 20120 where we're going to And then in 2022 I started to give you Guys warning signs of what was going to Happen happen on the back end of 2023 if You go back to my old videos I talked About the fact that the job markets were Start to get shaken now the reason why Is because to cool inflation it has to Mess up the job markets okay so you have This catastrophic system right now we Have high interest rates they're trying To cool inflation which messes with the Job markets the normal everyday person Cannot afford to survive anymore their Debt is completely uh maxed out now the Banks are overleveraged there's no money In the system now this is very different From the 19 80s when interest rates were High we had a good balance sheet guys The balance sheet is destroyed there is No cash in the system every single Dollar is someone else's debt we have to Borrow for critical services so the Tight RPP next year in 2024 is going to Be all about interest rates and Inflation okay now what I'm going to Share with you guys over and over again

The Bitcoin having's happening in April You have Bitcoin etf's going to be Approved probably in first quarter You're going to see crypto start to go Parabolic and if you see if you see I'm Going to talk about this on the back in This video interest rates go down expect Your assets to go parabolic and have an Exit Plan get out of the markets guys I Heard this in the sauna today I'll give Him credit man this is so awesome he Said don't be their exit liquidity guys Don't be their exit liquidity that's What we teach you guys so let's Dive Right into this I just thought that was So epic don't be there exit liquidity It's that simple guys so this is Christine lard the head of the ECB and She talks about safe inflationary Pressures are weakening okay but I want You to listen to what she says okay She's going to break down what they're Feeling about inflation and guys Jerome Pal said they're bringing us down to 2% Right now interest rates are stagnant Okay if they keep raising interest rates It'll be and bring inflation down but Once those interest rates drop people Are going to flood out of the dollar Into assets so you got to watch this Tight RPP you need to get financial Education and understand how Economics Work so you don't get wrecked and move Down to the Working Poor in activity the

Labor market remains resilient overall Although there are now some signs that Job growth may lose momentum okay so They've been telling us oh job markets Are good in America the ECB but now They're going to start to lose momentum Which I've been telling you guys because To bring inflation down you have to jack Up the job Market towards the end of this year While the shortterm Outlook remains Subdued the economy is set to strengthen Again over the coming years as inflation Falls further household real incomes Recover and the demand for Euro area Exports picks Up turning now to inflation which as you Said chair fell further to 2.9% in October that's the latest Headline reading that we Have and this fall reflected a general Decline in inflation but was also helped By what we call the base Effects these effects were particularly Visible in the low rate of energy Inflation which stood at minus 11.2% food inflation has also declined But is likely to remain strong for the Rest of the Year this contrasts with inflation Development in the United States the First topic chosen for today's hearing Where food inflation has been more Contained while core inflation picked up

Faster after the pandemic okay so I'm Going to show you what she's talking About okay so they're talking about the ECB so right here the ECB infl fight Going well but not over yet so basically What she's talking about in a very Simplistic form is that what's happening Is when inflation's coming down the job Markets are start to get shaken okay Because as inflation comes down prices Come down the companies aren't making as Much money when interest rates are high They can't borrow to get out of their Trouble so they have to let go what team Members team members are the most Expensive thing on our one of our Largest companies which is the warrior Academy about 40% hopefully my see F doesn't get Matter it's 40 or 45% of our income goes Into salaries right I think it's close To 600,000 a year in just salaries just Salaries alone so think about that if You don't have access to cheap money no More you can't borrow your way out of Trouble what do you start to cut back on Team members we don't we're team member Centric we get more effective but most CFOs are just number Centric so they'll Cut people so this is from Bloomberg This came out yesterday and it's Interesting right all the inflation talk Comes out at the same time all over the World and this is showing from Bloomberg

The actual um inflation pressure on America so indoor plants up 21% Electricity up 25% rent up 20% Restaurant and food up 24% major Appliances 12% car insurance up 33% curtains 20% groceries 25% water and Sewage 16% and pets up 177% so let's just take that in just raw Numbers just simple math right so if Groceries are up 25% and you made $100,000 and this is Probably horrible math probably people Do economics like what are you talking About but it let me give you an example In 2020 if you made $100,000 around now You make about $75,000 pretty simple if You just want to take simple math right You didn't have to do anything and you Took a massive pay cut inflation is Illegal taxation guys they're going to Get you on taxes they're going to get You on inflation or they're going to get You on interest rates so you have to Learn how to operate like the banks it's So important to to learn how to invest Your own money how to pull out of these Markets properly how to secure and Compound your money it's time to take Sovereignty of our own wealth so not Only is ECB in trouble America's in Trouble but China is in big trouble guys China's real estate crisis has helped Punch 37 billion whole in the balance Sheet of one of the country's largest

Shadow Banks so we reported that ever Grande I think it was uh the system was Collapsing about 30% of their GDP is at Risk guys this is all over the world the Reason why I bring this up to you guys Is because this is global China's in Trouble Russia's in trouble America's in Trouble financially the can has been Kicked down the road what a great Opportunity what a great time to have a Great financial reset right we had the Pandemic that made us look this way that Created a shock to the system to change Supply chain to change how money moves Through the system to change messaging Huh maybe a good time move from Industrial to technical from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 and in order to move a large Amount of people you have to have a a Problem that creates a reaction and the Same people that created the problem Come up with the solution now this is What I want to show you guys this is Crazy with all this inflation talk the Great inflationary surge will end in 2024 and rates will fall nearly Everywhere says Capital Economist I hope I hope guys I really do because if rates Fall guess what our assets go through The roof but a big ass butt on this one Okay I want to show you guys something Very very important you need to have an Exit plan as my friend said in the sauna This morning he said do not be their

Exit liquidity guys think about this for Just a moment let's use logical circuit Okay Black Rock is getting in the game ARC Investing is getting in the game all These large companies are getting into The crypto game do you think that They're not going to pull profits when This goes parabolic do not be their Exit liquidity how do you do that you Exit the markets on the way up I'm just Sharing with you exactly what I do guys That's how I did it I exited I started Securing my money and insurance we Started building companies with the Extra liquidity and money that we had And we repeated the process and now We're going to do it again and now we Call this our generational wealth Building cycle next phase is we're going To build trust and we're going to build Family offices and we're going to do all That stuff guys this is the greatest Opportunity to switch your family I was Broke on my parents couch four years ago Just being transparent I had a crypto Portfolio and I didn't touch it and I Got serious serious about financial Education serious about understanding How money FS to the system and in four Years I rically changed my life because Of cryptocurrency's ability to go Parabolic but the Difference Maker is I Had an exit plan when it went parabolic And it came down

85% I lost a lot of money so I learned a Lot and so we created a tool to help you Not get wrecked it's Merlin the smartest Way to track your crypto I am the Co-founder and one of the creators of Merlin everything I talk about is things That I own or I'm the co-founder of or Have created out of my ecosystem and why Do I do that guys because when I was in Corporate America or when other people Are sponsored by companies they can't Talk about certain things I'm going to Talk about God and my walk with Jesus And ain't nobody going to stop me peace Freedom and family structure Integrity Honesty and uncompromising belief in God Are the principles I stand on so I Created all of my own ecosystem so I can Speak my truth and if anybody ever tells Me that I can't speak that way then it's None of my business I will not do Business with you that's a sidebar but I Just want to share that okay so smartest Way to track your crypto this is in the Description of this video down below It's 30 days for free once you try it You're going to stay trust me we're Coming to on I think, 1300 customers 1,300 customers already and we just Launched guys it is amazing so it's not We don't hold your keys we don't hold Your crypto it's an interface it's the Smartest way to track your crypto in one Place you can see everything in one

Place it attaches to your exchanges okay Um so you can always know your portfolio Value this is the key that I'm going to Continue to talk about right here okay You can put your how many coins you have In you put your own Exit Plan in there And imagine you're sitting there maybe You're a waiter or maybe you're working At a gas station or you're selling cars And the Market's going parabolic and all A sudden ding you get a text message It's like hey coach JB xrp is about 10% Away from your first Target of $3.7 you might want to take a look so Now I can go take a look and as Everybody's waiting for everything to go To this skyrocketing you know uh Wherever we think like Bitcoin for Example they said it was going to 100,000 everybody was waiting people Were buying at 65,000 guess what guys it Didn't go to 100,000 and when it went up To 65 all the exchanges started to shut Down and most people didn't get any Profits when we had already pulled Profits on the way up does that make Sense so a latter strategy so I'll pull Like 10% 5 to 10% at $370 cents not Financial advice I'm just giving you an Example it's just an example Okay then If it went to five to7 and I'd pull Another 15% of my 50% of my portfolio if It went to $10 and I pull another 30% Does that make sense so I'd be pulling

100% of the 50% if it didn't get to my Last Target I just don't pull it but When I pull I'm very strategic I am Max Funding iul policy policies I'm uring my Money nobody can touch it I can compound It I can borrow against it if I can Borrow against it I will borrow against It to buy more assets so I've turned a Dollar into two leveraging back into Another and then repeating the process So these are just things that I've Learned through trial and error getting The kicked out of me and I'm only Speaking for my current Paradigm I think That's the key factor to what I've done In my ecosystem I speak from my truth I Speak from my heart I speak from Authenticity and I share what I'm Currently doing so I got licensed in Insurance I built an insurance team Because I loved the insurance so much I Was using it for three years before I Ever got licensed so that's a big part Of our thing so just want to share this With you guys this is all in the Description of the video down below or In my social media platform uh what else Do I got going on I think that's it I Love you guys very very much got a lot Of travel coming up uh here but I think All the videos I don't think it's going To affect my videos or anything like That but I love you guys Happy Holidays Uh hopefully you have a great day hope

Is not a strategy will have a good G God Is good all the time Christ is King Warriors let's get your together Let's Go


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