BRICS going to destroy the dollar…

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Bricks going to ex destroy the American Dollar I need you to really really pay Attention if you watched my video Yesterday I've been trying to prepare The American people this is not a game Anymore family you need to start to Prepare your family not with fear but Understanding that all things come to an End and must change so in today's video I'm going to share with you a video from The first bricks meeting and I know we Want to fight an invisible enemy but you Have to start preparing your finances Now I'm here to tell you within the next 10 years you're going to see the most Dramatic changes you've ever seen in Your life the great news about this is We win in the end the present Co for me Is God and I follow the life of Jesus And that's what I stand on so in today's Video like I said I'm going to show you A short clip around the bricks meeting Guys they're working to dollarize now is This going to happen tomorrow absolutely Not is this going to happen 12 months From now absolutely not this is going to Be a 10-year transition your monetary System is going to be completely Different so what I've done is I've Created free resources for you to help You take a deep Breath have some consultation and Understand how to protect your family as We move into this new monetary system so

To set up a free consultation with my Licens insurance team click the Description Down Below in this video or Click my social media platform we teach You tax code 7702 how to secure compound and grow Your wealth it's about having that Conversation and number two is a 16-page Absolutely free gr guide excuse me it's A book that I wrote that I talk about on The back end of every video exactly what I'm doing so we're going to watch this Short clip of the first bricks meeting And you know it's interesting I've been Talking about this since 2020 I've been Called crazy I've been mocked I've been Ridiculed but I truly know as we come Back to these videos I hope that you Will listen not in fear not in fear but In knowing that you have the power to Protect your family so let's take a look At this video real Quick Around 30 countries have expressed their Willingness to enhance cooperation with With brics or to join Brics as a response to this appeal brics Leaders have taken the decision to Develop a partner country model listen To what he's about to say so remember Bricks Brazil India Russia China South Africa were created right when bitcoin's Inception was created is that weird I Don't know in 2012 America created the

Fomc future oversight committee to Regulate non-bank financial institutions They created the bank bailing committee And Obama turn the printing machine on Full blast were they preparing us for This were they preparing to print money To get themselves set up for a Transition as we go into World War II Remember what happened after World War II a whole new monetary system came in Innovation technology and America became The dominant currency but every single Fiat currency in history has colle Collaps this is the bricks country they Added five nations they are larger than America now but listen to what he's About to say about the Economy we look forward to proactive Engagement of all bricks Participants Founders and newcomers Alike in our common effort to fulfill This leaders Tasking the brics Outreach and Bricks Plus mechanisms will continue to to Function as a major framework for Dialogue with third Countries another priority of the Russian chairship that can have Far-reaching positive consequences now Listen get your notes out here we go for In bricks trade and investment Exchanges will be the financial and Economic dimension of our Cooperation according to the leader's

Decision in Johannesburg we will look Look into the ways how to enhance the Use of national currencies that is local Currencies payment instruments and Platforms in our crossborder Transactions in order to reduce the Negative spillovers of the current Dollar dominated global economic system And to increase the role of the Developing world in the international Finances Boom you can listen to me or you can Listen to what brics is doing he just Said we are developing crossb payments To get away from the dollar Dominance 2006 to 2007 you guys need to Wake up man America got a black eye to The world because we had people giving Loans to cats people who were passed Away non-income stated loans our Financial system the Federal Reserve Whoever it was let this happen and then They tap Black Rock to balance out out The system and then in 2020 they tap Black Rock to balance out the system the Largest asset manager in the world the President doesn't make these decisions Guys the Central Bank does and I'll tell You what brics right now is a powerful Powerful ecosystem he just said this is Their meeting their first bricks meeting And they're talking about the fact that They're trying to get away from the American dollar they're not trying they

Are so what does that mean for you Should you be fearful of this no what You should do is get your together Straight up you you should start getting Your together right now men are Driving around with a jacked up truck With thousand rims on it and put $50 in Gas and protesting why don't we get rid Of those big things why don't we get rid Of all this this unethical things that We're doing and get our together Why don't we get focused and dedicated Around our families if you want to beat The system become the system straight up I know this is a tough message but I've Been bringing this to you guys and this Is getting serious I've been working to Protect my family creating a budget and Putting every single dime I have into Invest ments that I think are going to Be here for the future securing Compounding and growing we're building Businesses that solve massive problems For Humanity and we're not fighting an Invisible enemy God is my president CEO And I'm following the life of Jesus but They're telling us what they're doing They're giving you the actual blueprint Of what is happening again this is not To be fearful but it's to ask yourself a Question what are you going to do about It are you going to sit back and wait For Trump to come back to save you is he Going to wake you up to exercise in the

Morning is he going to pay for the two Car payments you have and the big house You have to impress people you don't Like and this is going to turn some People off it's you that makes a Decision it's you that creates the Budget it's you that does ethical things For your family so I just want to get This quick message out to you guys Because when I listen to what he said my Stomach sink because I'm been trying to Tell people about this so here's what I'm doing so I have a robust crypto Portfolio but crypto is not my Retirement crypto is an extremely Spective asset that could come Collapsing down it could okay my Computer's all jacked up it's not even Oh all right I'm just going to talk to You guys I've been trying to do all Kinds of things this morning anyways let Me talk to you guys okay so I was going To show you Merlin's smartest way to Track your crypto 30 days for free down Below listen to me okay I have a crypto Portfolio that's an extremely spective Asset which allowed me to gain a large Amount of wealth from 2020 to 2022 but Here's what I did different than a lot Of people is I pulled profits with an Exit plan I secured in tier one Capital Which is insurance insurance is the Number one safest Capital it's at the Bottom the risk pyramid I put it into

Things that I can leverage and compound I built companies that help me beat Inflation by solving massive problems For Humanity I took massive risk I Failed multiple times but the thing that Got me here was discipline and Consistency done for a long enough Period of time to access a new Frequency and then I surrounded myself With amazing like-minded individuals I Created a budget when I made money I Didn't buy Lambos Ferraris and big Houses I reinvested back into my people Myy companes in my ecosystem so now I Financially free and my goal is to help As many of you do the same exact thing But it starts with discipline it starts With the decisions you make today we can Watch this all day and have analyst Perilous okay the US dollar is not going To collapse tomorrow it's not going to Collapse in 2025 it's a transition it's A system all these YouTubers telling you A flip has been switched on February 2nd 2024 it's not how it works family this Is a slowly planned out month iCal thing For the last 100 years when 1913 when The Federal Reserve was created the bank Of banks guys they're all working Together the central banks guys you're Being played they're all working Together they are moving us into a new Monetary system he said it crossb Payments it's going to be on demand

Liquidity there's going to be an even Playing field so if there was an even Playing field let's think about this for Just a moment if we started over an even Playing field wouldn't you want to be Ready to rock and roll wouldn't you want To be fit Healthy Mind healthy budget ready to go or do You want to be sloppy when the even Playing field comes it's time to get our together straight up it's changing I don't give a about Taylor Swift In the Super Bowl I'm sorry and I know Everybody's so concerned about that and Everybody's like Gantry is evil you guys Are all doing Gantry with the number 13 It's Time to Let It Go guys it's time to Be real with each other it's time to Wake up everybody's worried about the Super Bowl but you're not worried about Your family in their future like we're Fighting an invisible enemy guys this Presidential election November 4th 2024 Is probably one of the most important Presidential elections in our history But during that process the middle class Is getting wiped out leverage Source Technology there's going to be a new way Of doing business a new way of doing Money and I'll tell you what here's the Positive I know that was a lot of Negative and if you're still here we win In the end Jesus is undefeated Zero Sum game he wins every single time

So tap in tune in I'm not talking Religion I'm talking relationship Jesus Wins 100% of the time if you asked every Single person in the world that's an Adult do you know who Jesus Christ is do You know what they're going to say yeah I know who Jesus Christ some will Believe some won't but everybody knows Who Jesus Christ is why is that because He's undefeated because he's embodied in Every single human being and he wins Every single time so it's you against You your battle is not against anybody Else it's a battle against your own Consciousness so I know I'm being Intense today in this video I've had a Very intense week a very emotional week But it's time family it's time for you To activate you're the one you're Watching this still it's 10 minutes in You're still watching you're the one in Your family you what's called the Generational shifter there's going to be Mockers there's going to be judgers There's going to be people people that Follow you they're going to judge you Then they're going to respect you and They're either going to abandon you or Start following you it's a hero's Journey guys so you're going to follow The same cycle that's going to happen Over and over again where did Jesus came Back he came back on a donkey think About that if you were the king of the

World let's just just pull out the Band-Aid if you were the king of the World Jesus Christ he's a legend he is The greatest person who's ever walked on This Earth the Son of God if you were The Son of God and the king of the world Would you come riding back on a donkey After 18 years do you know why he was on A donkey he was humbled and he came back Tumbled and the first thing he did What'd he do what's happening right now He flipped over the money changers now What does that mean does it mean that he Went in there and actually flipped over Maybe it doesn't maybe it doesn't it's Time for you to flip over that carnal Mind that's what he was talking about he Came humbled whatever he learned after Those 18 years nobody talks about it but He came back on a donkey if he had an Ego he would have came on a stallion rip And he came in there and then he started To push everybody's carnal mind out and He went from Village to Village he Didn't go into buildings he didn't stay With the Pharisees or the guys and gals And the robes he went from Village to Village and said you're like me and I am Like you and you're made in the likeness Of men you flipped and inverted all the Teachings and guess what we're in the Same cycle once again so flip it invert It when they tell you to go this way Look really hard this

Way first they resist it then they sue It then they ra it's just a wave of Energy guys the wave of energy is going To dip really low your job is get into The middle ground like Jesus said don't Be too high don't be too low come in the Middle ground so I'll get off my soap Box but I don't know what you guys think Comment down below man you think I'm Absolutely crazy saying this stuff That's coming from their mouth that was Russia at the bricks meeting saying we Are dollar rizing that is our goal so I'm going to trust what they're saying I'm GNA trust that they're coming for The US dollar and I'm GNA do everything I can to protect my family to get as Many assets that are tangible silver Gold real estate Insurance businesses And the best thing that I'm going to do Will make me the richest man in the World is continue to build my Relationship with God in Jesus Christ as We always say Warriors let's get your together love you [Music] Guys


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