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Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and every so often I will tell you at the beginning of one Of my videos wait until you see what I'm About to show you this is one of those Times I just happened to bump into something Um today this morning And I was like whoa I've learned in my life The the the the best lessons I have Learned the ones that where I really Learned something were were the bad Things that happened to me the failures Or the the things that I had to go Through that at the time were very Painful but they were the best lessons I think it's possible that Chris Larson Did the same thing and I'm going to show You something at the end of this video That might just blow your mind but first Let's look at this Molly Elmore who Beats to her own drum I'm a big fan of Molly Elmore because She does her thing and and Damned the Torpedoes she she's gonna do what what She believes in and that's the way That's the way people should be so so She keeps on putting out these different Uh valuation models on xrp following in The tradition of Susan Athey and Robbie

Michnick who were both Susan eighth he Was on his own ripples board of Directors Robbie mitchnick was with Ripple and they did a valuation model uh Back in the day following in their Footsteps she's doing putting together Different valuation models here's her Latest she calls it the um 99-year Golden Eagle model in this particular Model which has all kinds of assumptions It doesn't mean that she thinks xrp is Going to 13 386. It's just one model that she Has put together but what caught my Attention in this I'm not going to go Into the model in depth or anything but She put the word global trade on here Okay and it reminded me of this Bob way Tweet or Bob way his LinkedIn page a Long time ago where he said um he was Talking about why people like him what Kept his spirits up in the early days of Ripple and what Drew a lot of people Away from fancy jobs to come to Ripple And in that thing he said if we capture Even a minor fraction of the International payments Market do you Know the value X do you know the value Xrp will need to have to have the Support that do the math really really Big trade number divided by 100 billion Xrp equals wow so I suggested to Molly It'd be awesome if she got together with Bob way and put together an xrp

Valuation model based on his thoughts Here and go over that with him I thought That would be very interesting so maybe She will she said she actually replied To it and said that she'd touch base With him so I'd look forward to seeing That now I've shown you twice already The other day Gary Gensler came out with His qualified custodians they're trying He's trying to update the rule to now Include digital assets sets Gary's not Trying to get rid of digital assets he's Just trying to update the rules so that He could turn it over to his Wall Street Buddies all the approved Wall Street Friends of his that's what he's really Up to now it's not a coincidence that he Tweeted this out at 11 47 on February 15th then at 1 47 on February the 15th Standard custody a subsidiary of Poly-sun Puts out that they have the exact Qualifications that he talks about in The video This is why I reminded everybody and I'm Planning on buying more poly Sun private Equity myself I already have a good bit Of it but I'm planning on buying more uh This weekend if I can Um but link to who's one of my sponsors Is is running Um I think they're they're doing a you Can invest uh for the weekend five Thousand dollars uh usually it's ten

Thousand minimum but on the weekend this Weekend five thousand dollar minimum so You can get into poly Sun that links in The top of the description Now link to Did an interview with the poly Sun CEO Jack McDonald and in that interview he Says this the other thing the SEC said Having assets placed on an exchange to Trade or a lend or a borrow platform Doesn't equate to being in a qualified Custodial platform they need something Else in addition to that and a lot of What's been happening a lot of the Pitfalls that have happened over the Last last year and crypto have been when Investors have taken their assets and Put it on a platform that gives very High yielding sort of returns because You are lending or borrowing or Margining or doing something with that Asset and in many cases it's leaving a Qualified custodian and going somewhere Else and during that duration it would Not be held in a qualified custodial Platform we don't do any of that as I've Said before you know boring is the new Sexy evidently and our business is very Boring in that regard now there is an Opportunity for us to partner with those Platforms as part of our escrow offering Which we're very very excited about and We think over the last 72 hours the Opportunity to set for that business has Just grown significantly and and the

Upside is is magnitude magnified you Know quite meaningfully in terms of of How we are positioned the business model Being conflict-free segregated accounts Insured regulated Etc so we're very very excited So when I heard uh escrow offering it Reminded me a while back Jeremy Hogan Did a video where he he was uh talking About what he what a settlement could Look like type video and in that video He covered the escrow he talked about People is nervous about the potential Outcome of the case I can even see them Agreeing to pay a percentage of any Sales of the escrow xrp or if you want To get really deep State thinking Ripple Could even agree to confiscation of a Certain amount of the escrow xrp to the State maybe that's a little Fringe Conjecture but here's something that's Not Ripple is apparently at a place Business-wise where he could likely Afford to make sales from escrow to only Accredited investors or to corporations Thanks to its on-demand liquidity Product now this might make the SEC feel Better about the public sales from Ripple because Ripple seems now to be in A position to do that look at this for My May 2021 coin Telegraph article the Company also reported that over the Quarter three billion xrp has been Released from the ex-grow Holdings while

2.7 billion xrp have been returned to New escrow contracts So Ripple is re-esgrowing the large Percentage or a large percentage of the Xrp that it holds in escrow and Maintaining its business functions from Sales to its odl customers and those Customers are Bank and Money Transfer Services Etc not exchanges not Joe Public these are private purchasers so If that's true it puts Ripple in a good Position to agree to only private or Section D sales to accredited investors All right So there's that then um this I was I Said here the SEC is not trying to kill Kill crypto they're handing it off to Wall Street quadrillions are coming That's the fact Jack and I think poly Sign is going to be holding in custody Much of that those quadrillions if you Want to go to your traditional Prime Broker and your Morgan Stanley Goldman Sachs being white Mal and State Street Whomever is providing custody or prime Brokerage those organizations do not Support digital assets today from a Custody standpoint On Wednesday the SEC proposed keywords Proposed by broadening of the custody Role To include number one Specifically digital assets into their Definition of the assets that that would

Would require an investment advisor to Use a QC so they're essentially Proposing a codification of what's Already existing today but but in the Scope of the definition you never had Crypto or digital now you do we think That's a positive from the standpoint of Validating that there's a there there It's credentializing Just like the president's executive off Um order in the summer Basically said hey Regulators go Regulate the space when President Biden Was saying is there's a there there this Isn't just a corner case it's big enough To pay attention to I think when the SEC Came out and said on Wednesday was just That the other thing they said was that Qualified custodians to support this new Asset class need to do a lot of things To meet our enhanced definition around What it means to be a qualified Custodian for digital Okay Then we have this I'm not going to play The whole clip I just want to play this Part because I want to get to The AHA At the end of this video But I do want to play this this is Elon Musk at the world government Summit I've Told I think I the first time I tried to Tie it together I've told you for a long Time I believe that

The PayPal Mafia is behind the scenes of Xrp and xlm I think they always have Been I think that this has always been About space I think this has always been About having Nodes on satellites and underground and Preventing World War III and I think That the X in xrp and xlm has never been A coincidence and it's also not a Coincidence that one of the PayPal Founders Elon Musk has had an obsession With X it's not a coincidence that they When they started PayPal their original Goal I've played you the video their Original goal was to have a global Reserve currency and then out of nowhere These guys from Ripple are using these Kind of words Global digital Reserve Currency a simple goal of I don't Believe any of those things are Coincidences I I think that there's a Very very high chance that these PayPal Guys were involved it's not a chance we Know The founders fund Peter Thiel was one of The First Investors in open coin which Was before Ripple Labs anyway listen to What Um Elon Musk says here about his Twitter Acquisition How do you see Twitter if we we said Five years down the road What's your vision for for this platform What what should it do

Well I think it'd be I'd like to you Know have this sort of long-term version Of something called uh x.com from back Way back in the day uh which is kind of Like a a Um sort of like an everything app Um where it's just maximally useful it Does you know payments uh does Um Uh so it provides Financial Services Provides information flow Um really anything digital Um and um It also provides secure Communications Um So I think you've heard plenty All right now Um I'm going to skip this I'm not even Going to cover this Bitcoin stuff Because I'm going to give you the real Stuff Remember when Chris Larson first of all Michael Arrington just randomly shows up And he becomes this huge xrp supporter He's best friends with Brad garlinghouse Right back he has Arrington xrp capital This your many of you would remember This this uh interview that Chris Larson Did with him back in the day this clip Went completely missed and I think that That with what I found this morning Um I think that If you're like me your mind will be

Blown with what I'm about to show you And I'll I'll put it this way First of all I would put this in the all The worlds of stage file but secondly I'll put it to you this way I've quoted Him before but uh Kid Rock in one of his Songs he he says I was born at night but Not last night baby well that's the Digital asset investor here I'm just Going to show you this and then I'm Going to show you the article that I Found and remember Um Tech uh what's the tech crunch isn't That what it's called he's the Michael Arrington's the founder of tech Crunch And it's important that you understand Before I show you this but right before Chris Larson went and started with Ripple right before it He was at a company called prosper It was a peer-to-peer lending company And what I'm about to show you I just Want you to ask yourself what are the Chances that this guy goes from this Company to this company and just happens To be the guy that's there in this Moment that we're all in and we've all Been talking about the Howie test but Brad comes from digital perspectives has Been pounding the Reeves test drum While everybody's looking over here at The Howie test and I think you're about To see that that digital perspectives is

Exactly over the target watch the listen To this first otherwise sometimes you Try to go after the big Banks even if The big banks are fine they got a ton of Money a ton of lawyers and you end up Crushing all the entrepreneurs and we Saw that we saw that after the financial Crisis peer-to-peer lending for example Could have been an amazing kind of new Type of bank and frankly I think I got Crushed by things that came out of the Financial crisis that's a bummer What could he be talking about maybe He's talking about this Did you know I didn't until this morning When I found this SEC this is a November 26 2008. Chris Larson ran prosper from 2006 until 2012. SEC outlines its reasoning for shutting Down P2P lender prosper What are the chances of lightning Striking this guy two times Last month peer-to-peer limiter Prosper Stopped all new lending on its site Because of scrutiny by the SEC Prosper Agreed to register under the Securities Act a process which can take months The SEC letter makes it clear why it Considers Prosper a seller of Securities And why it should be regulated by the SEC thus proper notes are securities Under the re-under-reavs Because Prosper lenders are motivated

Motivated by an expected return of their Funds the Prosper loans are offered to The general public all re a reasonable Investor will likely expect that price Per loans or Investments and there's no Alternative regulatory scheme that Reduces the risk to investors presented By the platform Even though Prosper is not lending money At uh the money itself the loans in Other words folks What are the chances that Chris Larson Just happens to be Stan I saw one of Those videos yesterday on Where these guys are standing underneath A tree and lightning just hits that tree And all three of them fall to the ground I don't know if they were died or what But What are the chances of this one man Being struck by lightning twice the same Exact scenario I'm the digital asset investor I'm not An investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button And tell your friends and family that Lightning has struck twice Thank you Foreign


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