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Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and there's so much to talk About so I'm going to get it going Um Ripple xrp is the SEC driving a Secret agenda to help BlackRock and Other industry Giants enter the Crypt The industry of course they are that's Exactly what this is all about but I can I've got it all laid out here exactly What's going on and exactly what they've Been up to and it's not just the SEC I Don't think it's fair to just point at Them the cftc has been involved with Them from the very beginning too I Wanted to show this I'm not going to go In depth into this but this was a Coindesk article xrp Ledger proposes Cross Chain Bridge to increase Network And token utility Um then let's go let's go to this this Is uh Brooks Entwistle right here from Ripple in your view does Asia Have the ability to have more digital Transformation policy impact than the US I think it's a great opportunity to Leave a regulatory standpoint absolutely I think there is that's one of the Beauties a regular regulatory impact and Regulatory Innovation or leadership can Happen anywhere and that's where we've Got to build around that and as we

Talked about earlier make sure it Interacts uh with Regulators that are Willing to to interact with us and help That Journey along the way and so Um I'm a Believer in in cover and I have Responsibility for you know each of our Regions around the world on the customer Front so I'm neutral from that Perspective and there's lots of great Opportunities elsewhere in the world we Happen to be connecting today in Asia And it does happen to be on the fintech And blockchain and crypto side you know I think the fastest growing most Innovative place in the world All right Um now I can't stress this enough There's a reason this is the video I put Out yesterday that I showed you there's A reason that this Lowell Mass video has Been viewed 56 000 times hear it again In my playbook these days in fact Honestly ever since uh I sat across from Bill Hitman and he sort of said you know I'm gonna we're gonna accept your Proposal to give some guidance here I Stopped giving guidance I said let's Be consistent with the sec's hand wave Approach the reason they stopped giving Goddesses because all they were trying To do is get Bitcoin and ethereum out From under Securities laws then their Job was done from that time until today Because he and Bill Hinman and a group

Of attorneys and people from Andrews and Horowitz and whoever Union Square Ventures consensus whoever because they Decided to sit in a room and build him In the greed that he would give a speech And then later on by the way that and Reasons Horowitz attorney right there by The way Bill Hinman would then go on After the SEC to become a partner at Andrews and Horowitz go figure And look this is a picture of Gary Beside that guy Lowell Ness and that's The one Daniel gorefein I believe from The cftc all right well because they did That their all of crypto has been held Hostage for all these years only Bitcoin And ethereum have had this fake Regulatory certainty and by the way I do mean fake and I mean it for both of Them Bitcoin all of these people know Who know who Satoshi Nakamoto is it's Insulting for you to for you to hear That a Homeland Security met with the Four satoshi's on video they said it and To think that these guys said oh well You know we're gonna put the cftc and The SEC we're going to put that all on The line uh not knowing whether North Korea created bitcoin or some terrorist Group created bitcoin we're going to put Our reputations and all of that on the Line and we're just gonna take a chance Here and we're going to give Bitcoin Regulatory Clarity not knowing who this

Satoshi is does that make any freaking Sense to anybody out there no it does Not because they've all known they all Know They know they know this is all one big Farce so what they did is and and by the Way it's important and I mean I wanted To make sure I put this out there it's Important for you to remember that bill Hinman in his deposition in in the SEC Backed him up they said that this was His personal opinion now you have Lowellness saying that he sat across From the table from Bill Hinman and Bill Hinman said yeah that we're going to use This as guidance we're going to accept Your proposal okay so it was all a lot And they lied in court where are their Repercussions here first of all now What you're looking at this is a guy Named Michael Burnham this is from about Three months ago he's a partner at this Law Firm right here and he's on stage With uh David Hirsch who's the chief Crypto assets and cyber unit of the SEC He makes the point here and this is an Important point for you all to Understand folks just because Ripple Let's say this thing ends favorably for Ripple That doesn't mean that Gary Gensler in The SEC are just oh okay we got this Rule remember the judge said they have No faithful allegiance to the law so

Even if there's a judgment and even if This thing is it's determined that xrp All they're going to do is hold their Hands up and say oh well well this is Facts and Circumstance based and they're Going to continue to pick off whoever They decide to pick off whether it's Cardano or anybody else and listen to What he says here so the two cases They'd focus on in that regard because They spill over in so many different Ways or the recently decided Library Case and the maybe soon to be decided Ripple case the related in the sense That we're still asking what's a Security I wouldn't overplay one being Relevant to the other I think the judge Took a very fact-specific approach in The library and I think frankly the Judge will take a a fact specific case In Ripple because I think that's what The SEC is asking everybody to do and Saying we're going to look at your Specific facts other than maybe Bitcoin There aren't a lot of specific factual Circumstances that have yet publicly Passed the SEC test but I think each of These cases does provide us with clues Of Maybe where we're going to land on more Clarity of where the public can say here Are some indicia of what ultimately will Pass muster in library you saw and this This helps us advise clients on the

Front end the judge took a very uh uh a Close look at what the company was Saying early on in describing its own Investment and I think that's going to Happen in any case that's not going to Be the end but you're going to have Trouble walking back comments about Something looking like an investment Contract if you later want to prove it's Not an investment contract you know in The library we also had the notice Argument that they Public wasn't on notice of really what Was the security we have a similar Argument in Ripple I think we have Different facts and certainly a Different factual record record there Um and maybe if the judge decides on That ground it may have a I need to find A better word for ripple effect there But since some spillover effect but I Don't think a judge coming out and Ripple and deciding one way or the other Is going to sing well to everybody the Fight is over I don't imagine you David Are going to say never mind we're not Going after any tokens anymore and I Don't think the other side is you know The defense bar is going to take the Opposite position Um but I do think that how that library Was decided and how Ripple will will be Decided we'll continue to educate us on How we can approach the SEC on what

Factors what specific facts get us a Little bit closer or further away from What's an investment investment contract So think about how this is unfolded so You get one conflicted guy or maybe more Than one Jay Clayton Bill Hinman who's At the SEC and you get them to say oh Well we think ethereum setting aside the Fundraising in other words we're going To set aside the fundraising so we're Going to take off the table any idea That ethereum could be threatened by an SEC lawsuit and we're just going to give Bitcoin and we're also going to take off The table that maybe we do know who Satoshi is and maybe Homeland Security Does know who satoshi's that way we'll Take off the table that there's a common Enterprise there then we'll just give The take these two out from under Securities laws we'll give them a Monopoly okay regulatory Monopoly which Is what exists to this day then we're Positioned to go after anybody we want To because we're not going to give them Any Clarity we'll just pick and choose Who we go after and we can do it based On anything we want to because this is Facts and circumstances and guess what We'll find you out the Wazoo even if You're right doesn't matter because We've seen that though they're willing To go to court and lie to achieve their Ends the judge said the judge said this

Not me they're willing to go to court And lie while they make companies like Ripple and all these companies pay Millions and millions of dollars to Defend themselves while you have a a Regulatory agency who's willing to go in There and lie Well while they force all these people To spend money is that an agency that is There to protect investors that is an Agency that has become a mafia is what That is This thing needs to be taken apart So this guy was asking John Deaton he Says a question regarding the case um From an impartial if the SEC offered a Settlement pay a fine future xrp cells Not Securities no release of him and Emails how would you advise Ripple if The SEC agreed in writing ongoing and Future sales of xrp by rip or not sales And securities and also agreed that Secondary market sales of xrp by any Person or entity exchanges will not be Sales of Securities I'm con I'm Confident 10 out of 10 lawyers advise Settlement the belief that Ripple Wouldn't settle because because it would Fight for all of crypto is silly in the Above scenario Brad garlinghouse Stuart El doradi Ripple board must settle Because they act as fiduciaries to Shareholders if they didn't settle and Lost they would be in litigation for

Decades in other words Ripple is not responsible for all the Crypto industry and I believe that That's why Charles hoskinson was angry I Believe that's why he said that it could That a ripple settlement could have Catastrophic implications I believe he Heard something to the effect that Ripple was going to settle and and Charles hoskinson is now seeing the Right on writing on the wall and that is The setup is that everybody except for Bitcoin and ethereum has to have a Lawsuit to get through the door I believe that's why he's so flustered I Believe that's what it was about I Believe that's why he lost his temper With the xrp community or whatever you Want to call it Then we've got Empower oversight they're Supporting the motion to unseal the Hinman documents related to SEC crypto Conflicts of interest that was what Rosalind Leighton did the other day and Then there's this Um this is um they don't say who it is But let's see if it shows okay in other Cases Um you know it is a tough calculus I Think companies and individuals should Fight more they need to fight more the Law needs to be made by judges not by Speeches Um not by uh you know papers not by

Settlements um it used to be made by by Article three judges and appellate Courts As well and the Supreme Court All right and then here's John Deaton he Was on um I don't know what this guy's Show is called I'll find out Um why do you think that the SEC is Being this way why so contentious is it Just because they're trying to get this Early land grab from a legal position or Do you think there's something else Afoot here I think that you have uh you could go Back on and I have it on my crypto log Channel you have Gary ginsler at MIT Paul where he's talked about the Monopolistic nature of the banking System and how any disruptive technology Has to meet the fight by the incumbents And so yes part of it is this land grab Right the SEC wants this nascent Technology and they want to take Jurisdiction so you know they're like Basically uh finding all these Enforcement actions but I honestly Believe that Gary Gensler is in he is an Agent for the incumbent system and I Believe he's protecting the incumbents Now we use his own words against them And I I've went on Charles Payne show in Fox Business and I said listen what's Happening here is that at some point They're trying to crush this market and

Then these Legacy incumbent players will Come in they'll get a bigger share And then all of a sudden when when Bible Loosen up Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan they got a Much bigger grasp of it then all of a Sudden they'll loosen the reins and then They'll come together and they'll be Some kind of guidance I I believe you Can see it very clearly folks what are The incumbents what have they all been Pushing Bitcoin and ethereum Bitcoin Ethereum Fidel look at Fidelity Fidelity Didn't list xrp Bitcoin and ethereum Bitcoin and ethereum arosex Bitcoin Ethereum all of it's been Bitcoin Ethereum backed Bitcoin ethereum so you Can see very clearly what they wanted to Do create a monopoly for Bitcoin and Ethereum hold off all of the industry Participants go after the not just the The uh the people that are trying to Create tokens but also the exchanges so What do you do you hand off you hand all Of it off a Bitcoin ethereum Monopoly Off to Wall Street then Wall Street Works on their custody behind the scenes And they start opening up shop and They're ready for Bitcoin and ethereum Okay This is pure corruption folks now check This out Um this is and this goes to the Exchanges they know that there's no way

What did I do here did I accidentally Uh what did I do here I thought I had a I don't know what happened right here Let me go Oh I know what I did it looks like what I did was I edited the video I I was Editing some wording in here and when I Did it went from a video to a still shot I don't know how that happened I had to Go and fix that but anyway the bottom Line is this is David Hirsch from the SEC and they're basically in this clip They're sitting there talking about Um How there is you know there's going to Be some opportunities for people for a Guy asks him basically says well how do I register where can my if I register Where's my token going to trade in the SEC guys basically like well you know Him and Han and then basically comes out With well we think there's going to be Some opportunities in other words we Think we're going to open up the Opportunities to Wall Street to be who Trades your nfts and your securities and All that that's what it's always been About now uh I'm gonna finish here tech Wire Asia Ripple predicts that 2023 will Be the year of the nft as they Increasingly unlocked real world use Cases I want to make this point right Here Um remember Hal I'm always talking about

The cartoon monkeys and all that and how That's that's never been my thing I Would never get into that well I stand By my statement I believe that the Cartoon monkeys and all that stuff was Just the Prototype Ripple's telling you Right here what they predict they Predict that in 2023 it will be the year Of the nft and not the nft in terms of Cartoon monkeys folks but as they Increasingly increasingly unlock real World use cases as nfts continue to gain Mainstream acceptance the company Anticipates gaining a clearer Understanding of their practical Applications such as in art Collectibles Or gaming they also foresee real estate And carbon Market nfts gaining more Popularity due due to their potential to Address real world issues such as Improving operational efficiency and Providing greater transparency and Ownership confirmation that's when You're going to see me buying nfts is When it's actually tied to real world Assets then I'm in I'm the digital asset Investor I'm not an investment advisor This is for entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button Tell your friends and family cartoon Monkeys are not for me but real world Assets are Thank you


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