$205 MILLION IN XRP Held By Select Group OF BANKS

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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel in this video I'm going to Highlight a report showing that a Particular group of banks holds $25 Million worth of xrp and that doesn't Mean that that's all that banks on this Planet hold that just means within this Particular group these banks have $25 Million worth of Xrp well that's a that's a headline you Don't hear every day isn't it kind of Bodess well for the future don't you Think kind of sounds crazy you know These risk averse banking institutions Holding xrp and other Cryptocurrencies and here you can see The headline on your screen from the Crypt basic 19 Banks report exposure to Xrp in total 9.4 billion Euro uh Investment positions and that 9.4 Billion in Euros comes out to about 10.2 Billion and so xrp is only a certain Small percentage of it but I'm just Saying things are going the right Direction uh then there's this headline From the Crypt basic Pro xrp lawyer Celebrates massive xrp portfolio growth That's right we got attorney Hogan Pretty uh pretty excited about the sweet Sweet xrp returns but I tell you what Eventually when we when we reach face Melt season I think that attorney Hogan Will be much more satisfied with the

Returns um and then there's also this Headline excuse me Crypt basic us3 3 Trillion debt pile makes bullish cash For xrp Forbes and so they're basically Talking about the idea of the dollar Collapsing and that resulting in a Dramatic surge in the price of Bitcoin And xrp Specifically but uh before going further I don't to be clear I do not have a Financial background of any kind I'm not Offering Financial advice and you Definitely should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say or Right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys Making YouTube videos about crypto Related topics but just as a hobby and Just for fun all right so let's talk About Banks and Xrp Banks from North America Europe and Other parts of the world have declared Investments in crypto assets with xrp Holding prominent Positions the basil committee on banking Supervision or BCBS for short a foremost Global Authority on regulation for banks Has published a report capturing the Exposures of its 45 member central banks On cryptocurrencies such as Xrp and so I went through the um report Myself I just I didn't literally read The whole whole thing but uh skimmed Over the relevant well skimmed through The whole thing and then read the

Relevant portions but I will note that This is on U the uh the bank for International settlements official Website anyway peace continues BCBS Noted that its committee had undertaken Various analytical and supervisory Initiatives in response to Cryptocurrency over the last Last 5 Years it mentioned a novel crypto data Collection template was implemented as a Component of these efforts in the report BCBS stated that 19 Banks submitted Crypto asset data of this total 10 Banks Came from North America seven from Europe and two from other regions it Disclosed that the banks collectively Reported 9.4 billion EUR in U in crypto Asset exposure or 10.27 billion do Meanwhile the report highlighted that Crypto exposures exhibit an uneven Distribution among reporting Banks Specifically two Banks account for over Half of the total and four additional Banks represent just under 40% of the Remaining exposure well folks I don't Find that to be particularly surprising I mean there's going to be whales In like break it down however you want To I mean there's there's whales of the United States dollar and so there are Certain banks that are going to have More Right I mean it's it's it's like to me That's not surprising so you talk about

A different asset that's of value in This case we're talk about crypto we're Talking about Bitcoin we talk about xrp And some others yeah makes all the sense In the world it's not something that's Unique to xrp or crypto I'm just saying Anyway peace continues according to the Basil committee findings xrp ranked as The third largest altcoin in which the Reporting Banks disclosed commitments Specifically it was identified that xrp Constituted 2% of the total exposure of 9.4 billion EUR this percentage Translates to Total xrp positions worth 1888 million EUR or $25 Million and so folks it has taken over a Decade to get to this point but here we Are and it's still just the beginning This is going to be the norm you know There's only about 4% of humans on the Planet that have ever held crypto at any Point in time way less than 1% of humans Have ever held xrp at any point in time But we will reach a point where it's the Norm and most people of course use X xrp Or crypto in general for various things And so when you get to that point where Cryptos is broadly used this number is Going to look like a joke so it's Fantastic to see this uh but it's going To be way way way bigger than that and Banks will be custody xrp and other Cryptocurrencies the world over it'll It'll be common place so it's just

Exciting to be at this this early point Where adoption hasn't really Substantially caught because if it had Already happen happened that would mean That the opportunity is gone but the Fact that it hasn't yet but you can see Directionally where it's going that's What's exciting about this the writing's On the wall folks it's just one more Thing to look at we can see it though And it's just amazing because it's just Like yes there's millions of us in the Xrp Community or at least millions of Holders I don't know if every xrp holder Would consider themselves to be part of The community but that sounds like a lot But it's it's it is I mean millions of People But in the scheme of thing if you just Look consider there's over 8 billion Humans it's almost no one like we we are Part of a group a small group of holders Of xrp that are in the no and most People are not in the no most people Have no idea that xrp even exists so Kudos to you for being here and paying Attention to all this because it's kind Of a big Deal next story Pro xrp lawyer Celebrates massive xrp portfolio growth And for this one this is just kind of a Fun little post he put out so I thought I'd just highlight it so I'm I'm not

Going to read the article I'm going to Go straight to the post that they were Referencing here because I kind of got a Kick out of this and I get his point Actually he wrote dear CT which of Course is crypto Twitter even though Twitter is now known as um X he wrote Dear CT in what world is my 60% gain in Xrp over the last two to three years bad If I could have done 20% per year since I was 25 I'd be retired by now truly Boomer Jeremy Boomer Jeremy and sure we Shared this screen grab and you put Little smilees over the relevant Portions that you don't know how much of These assets he's holding Bitcoin and Xrp that's what's on your screen right Here but he's noting it's up 60% and it Is kind of funny to think about it like That I I somewhat frequently think about That it's like oh my xrp is only up you Know depending on what the price like The other day when it was um at almost 75 cents and and I was like oh I'm only Up 200% at that point in time and it's Come back down a little bit since then And my average buying price is 25 cents So a 3X increase which is 200% up at That that particular moment in time and I was sitting there thinking that I'm Was like I'm not satisfied with that but What is wrong with me no it's just Because in the world of crypto I know we Know the real answer right it's because

Obviously in the world of crypto we Should expect the wild gains and if You're just talking about 60% in crypto I get it for crypto that's bad but it is Like those are any any other Circumstance those are wild returns and So even just being up 60% like it is Reasonable to be happy about that he Should be happy happy about that um but The good news is if we're going to you Know if he's going to be one of the People to hold on here longer and I Don't know what human would be selling At these price levels but if he is one Of the people that's going to hang on When face melt season hits I have a Feeling that he's going to be much much Much happier other than just 60% but but No I mean I'm being honest like I'm Happy that my xrp is up the amount that It is because just historically speaking It is good and yes I'm mad at the SEC Not furiously mad it sometimes it grinds My gears a bit when I think about it but I most have pretty well let that go um You know at least in terms of it you Know having an emotional response and be Like I don't want the SEC to have that Kind of control over my emotions you Know what I mean but um it just is what It is it's just kind of funny that we Live in a world where we can actually Look at things like this you Know um and then there's this now look

My God the United States dollar what a Train wreck man like what what a Disaster that thing is right the global Reserve and it's it's it's on fire like Just debasing just printing the damn Thing into Oblivion into complete and Utter irrelevance and it's not happening Overnight but unless there's a Particular changing course the writing's On the wall we can we've seen this movie Play out before you know and other Historic periods other nations many of Which don't even exist anymore when you Debase your fiat currency like this it Won't continue to be a fiat currency Forever you can't get away with this Forever it's just not possible so this May or may not happen in my lifetime or Yours but it's an inevitability if they Don't change and I I just I don't see Any any any indication that you know We're going to stop printing the dollar Into Oblivion do you I sure as hell Don't and so at some point you will Reach a time where it's reasonable to Suppose that there could be a Cryptocurrency or multiple Cryptocurrencies that fill the the role Of global Reserve instead of the United States dollar because it'll be Irrelevant and so then in terms of What's going to happen like if you see The dollar collapse The the theory posited here is that

It'll just Be it'll result in the moonshot for xrp And Bitcoin specifically and it maybe The broader crypto ask class sure but uh I don't know I just keep thinking about The degree to which and depending on how It unfolds the degree to which the the Entire world will be on fire actually Hopefully just figuratively but probably Not at that point um and I look at that I'm just thinking who's going to be Doing what putting what wear and it it It actually flown into crypto or does That bleed out too but see that's the Thing values got to go somewhere right And you would think that if you're Having some sort of crazy runaway Inflation situation whatever it looks Like when the thing finally comes Down like is that would that be the Point where people are finally like yes Because right now xrp and Bitcoin are Just treated like Risk on assets Historically since the Inception of Crypto now I don't know it's always Going to be like that but that's kind of What's interesting makes it fun to talk About this because we're just talking Theory we're speculating here about what The future might look Like piece reads as follows Billy bambro A senior contributor at Forbes has Recently asserted that the US monetary System is teetering on the brink of a

Collapse with digital assets such as xrp Now positioned at a focal point for Positive Impact specifically the Forbes article Highlighted that concerns over the US Dollar's potential collapse have Intensified with a shocking $ 33.7 Trillion inflation warning from the US Federal Reserve according to the reports The dire prediction makes a compelling Bullish case for leading cryptocurrency Such as Bitcoin and xrp and so I don't Need to read the whole article but they They go on to talk about the idea of the US Deb death spiral well duh you know It's not that I want it to happen it's That there idiots in charge that are Making sure that it will eventually Happen at some unknown point in the Future so I still kind of hope that's Way way way out I hope that I never see It I don't pretend to know for sure I Don't think that we're any like it Doesn't look like it's something that's Imminently going to happen but it does To me look like an Inevitability so I mean I would think I Mean in terms of just what's rational I Would think if something like that Happens uh the US dollar no longer is a Thing it's worth nothing and then uh you Know that means that something's got to Fill that gap of global Reserve you Would think under such circumstances

People would recognize the actual value Of having cryptocurrencies which cannot Be the base because it's computer code Governments and Central authorities Can't debase them right wouldn't Wouldn't that be where the actual value Goes and since xrp has been here Practically from the beginning and it's Actually useful wouldn't a ton of that Whatever is going to be the value Wouldn't that flow In I mean you would think that there Would just be greater adoption of that Like why logically thinking why would That not happen and if you have an Interesting Theory as to why it wouldn't You let me know but to me that makes all The sense in the world it's a very Compelling reason to be in crypto in the First place but I'm also not one of These doomsday like there's some people That just think it's like it's about to Happen we're on the precipice of this Type of situation like every day and I I Don't really buy That but uh I mean just trying to think Through this rationally I still do think It's an inevitability and so why Wouldn't people then because you talking About it Dramatic when that happens that is a Lost in Trust of whatever government is Running that whatever currency is Collapsing and you can see what just

Happened in Argentina right so which is Going to take on the dollar which is Kind of funny because I'll take on Another piece of crap but obviously the Argentine peso was even worse um but I'm Just saying like why wouldn't you just Recognize you know blockchain technology Solves the problem like the solution is Already there to me it just seems Obvious let me know what you think Though I'm not a financial adviser you Should not buy or sell anything because Of anything I say or right that would be A very very very bad idea until next Time to the Moon Lambo


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