XRP Price Signals Huge Potential & Ripple CLO On Most Influential 2023

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Ignition sequence start 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero Liftoff we have a Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor and we've got Ourselves a little do you call it bull Run going xrp is now at 69 cents let's Look at it over the over the last few Days we've got 7 Days 12.42% 5.94% in the last 30 days 44 on the Quarter and 77% on the year and nobody says a word About it all they talk about is Bitcoin And Ethereum that's all going to change Before this game's over look at egag Crypto he sees some a shift here super Guppy turned green this shift isn't Merely changing colors it's Monumental Event and xrp chart H history keep your Space suit on and buckle up we're about To take Flight I like the sound of all that um Then he goes our time has come it's Our Moment the super guppy flash green on The weekly time frame signaling huge Potential recent gains up around 60,000 Per or 1,000% showing strong bullish Trend I don't know what that part means The green move lines up with a breakout Retest bounce back from the falling Wedge what's next expect a wave of Change offering big opportunities for Those who play

Smart here's an interesting David Schwarz thread uh from the LA uh is that What's today's date it was yesterday Many of you know I sold 40,000 eth at About a dollar put solar panels on the House I no longer own that eth was worth Over $100 million shortly After um then he says my father Ironically did almost the same thing my Older siblings moved out my parents Didn't need the enormous house we were Living in but it needed quite a bit of Fixing up to sell so my father sunk a Lot of money into it gutting and redoing The house but during the months took to Do that as renovation cost escalated the Real estate market crashed he took a Huge loss on the deal um so the uh then He says but guess how he funded the Renovation and purchases of the new House while the old one was renovated he Sold his Apple stock the stock went up About five times over the same time Period is he telling us to hold our xrp I think that's what a lot of people are Saying now here's ra Ral Paul talking About his 2024 thoughts crypto markets Are forward-looking so most people are Saying well we're probably around a Recession we're seeing unemployment go Up blah blah blah crypto knew about this Last year because it's forward-looking It actually trades on liquidity Condition and I do a lot of

Macroeconomic research at my research Company Global macro investor and for us The liquidity cycle just keeps going for The next two years so we will see a Bottoming of the Economy uh maybe q1 Q2 next year the People will visibly start to see things Improving but the markets are already Trading it the equity markets already Almost back at the all-time highs crypto Markets ripping because they're Discounting this if we live that 6 Months in the future are the FED likely To be raising rates or cutting rates Cutting rates at worst they don't do Anything but that so the probability is For easing of liquidity conditions you Know is there a chance because we're Going to an election year that they Stimulate with fiscal Stimulus pretty much 100% chance that'd Like to buy Votes so 2024 is all about stimulus um And economic recovery that's a very very Very good backdrop and that's the Transition from crypto and macro spring Into crypto macro summer and that macro Summer crypto summer is we're starting To see growth pick up bottom pick up but Inflation's not picking up yet still Falling from the the lagging effects of The old cycle so inflation is not a Problem growth is going up and liquidity Is coming into the system that's like

The perfect environment if you enjoyed This oh I enjoyed him not you all right Freedom of Information Act any1 I wanted To remind everybody because all the Controversy around Elizabeth Warren and Her um joining forces with Jamie Diamond Jamie Diamond of course who has met with Gary Gensler over the course of the last Three years while Ripple was being sued Many many many times okay so I want to Remind everybody that when Gary Gensler Went in front of sen Senator Elizabeth Warren this is what happened so I'm Asking the same question about Jaimie Diamond does somebody need to do a Freedom of Information Act request to Make to see if Jaimie Diamond was handed All the questions what were the Communications between between her and Jamie Diamond's people before he Interviewed all right a bombshell report Tonight about how Elizabeth Warren Senator Elizabeth Warren and her office Coordinated testimony with the Security And Exchange Commission ahead of a Senate hearing the Heritage Foundation Oversight project of which I'm Associated through a foer request Obtained emails from Warren's office to The office of chairman Gary guinsler two Days before his Senate testimony back in September of 201 21 the email from Warren's Economic Policy adviser Includes a list of questions get this a

List of questions that Senator Warren Planned to ask along with suggested Answers for the chairman of the SEC the Adviser also wrote quote let me know if You're okay with the questions as Currently written these people are Supposed to be overseeing the SEC two Days later she said a followup quote let Me know if it's looking like the chair Has any issue with the framing of the Questions definitely don't want to put Him in a tough spot end quote and it Appears the chairman didn't have any Issue with these questions because Senator Warren asked almost verbatim From the email check this out chair Canselor Advocates say crypto markets Are all about financial inclusion but The people who are most economically Vulnerable are the ones who are most Likely to have to withdraw their money The fastest when the market drops does This sound like the path to financial Inclusion to you I've always been man What a bunch of scumbags speaking of Here's another Jamie damond greatest Hits the hits just keep on coming for The nation's largest bank and not in a Good way JP Morgan is close to A2 Billion settlement with Federal Authorities to resolve allegations that The bank ignored obvious signs of fraud In the Bernard made off Ponzi scheme Ultimately harming investors Kayla toi

Has More 5 years after Bernie maof confessed To running a Ponzi scheme questions Still remain about how he kept it secret For so long speaking from jail in 2011 The convicted fraudster told the New York Times Banks quote had to know but The attitude was sort of if you're doing Something wrong we don't want to know Prosecutors perked up and a light shown On JP Morgan Chase made off's Bank of Record for two decades and the custodian For nearly all his customer accounts the Multi-year investigation could come to a Head this week with a $2 billion Settlement and reportedly a deferred Prosecution agreement that would rule Out criminal charges against the bank The Joint deal Inked with the Department Of Justice in the office of the Controller of the currency closing two Open cases and including a general Penalty for anti-money laundering Controller Tom Curry said in October Banks come they don't work what I'm Wondering is how come the justice Department all these people they don't Work these kind of deals with see I Don't think they should work it with JP Morgan and I also don't think they Should work it with a Sam bankman freed Or a Luna or whoever's whoever's a Criminal they'll all go to Jail but that's not how it works they

Work deals with Jamie Diamond they don't Work deal this is the this is the one of Many go check out the the island guy Case with them same thing knowingly it's Not by accident they're doing these Things knowingly and letting it go on And then they just get a slap on the Wrist nobody goes to jail only people That go to jail are crypto People which which they should too don't Get me wrong if you did something Fraudulent and illegal you should go to Jail but but but this they're what They're trying to do is try to act like All of crypto is fraud and that's not True And this is disgusting Gary Gensler Trying to make a joke out of how he's Harmed people we all at with taxpayer Money by the way Gary Gensler he's the Tailor Swift of Regulation he I'm not going to play the The part Gary Gensler literally had a Video made with Taylor Swift music to Poke fun at what they're saying here and Steuart alera makes the right comment Says how many tax were wasted on this Ridiculousness um So but the the point to take away from It what you've got to understand is Gary Gensler he's flipping the bird to the Very investors that he's supposed to be There to protect these people have no Hearts folks these are these are these

Are sociopaths folks that only care About themselves and their their Elite Friends that is it sociopath And they're put in these places for a Reason speaking of folks here's I don't Know why I still can't figure it out After that pizza box in incident but all Of the major networks the only thing I Can figure is that they they know what He's going to say it's all scripted and They know what he's going to say before He says it and so they let him on but Anthony Pompano back when he was being Honest on August 31st 2017 he said if You think Bitcoin went on a tear once CNBC and institutional investors learned About it just wait till they discover Ripple Xrp but of course ever since then he Acts like he doesn't get it and he toes The line on bitcoin and makes sure he Goes out and sells It Mr Diamond you've been CEO of JP Morgan for almost two decades can you Explain why crypto is such an attractive Financial tool for terrorists drug traff Traffickers and Rogue Nations I've Always been deeply opposed to crypto Bitcoin Etc right to see is so I know pop just Your thoughts and that I mean I I Cracked up because he's like you know Why do these terrorists love this stuff Well they also love pallets of billions

Of dollars that you know that you give To them as well I look I think that you Nailed it right bad people are going to Do bad things regardless of the tool the Fiat system is full of plenty of people Doing bad things the banks themselves Have done plenty of bad things uh JP Morgan over the last 15 years paid $39 Billion in fines the top big Banks over The last 20 years or so they've paid About $300 billion in fines but also Remember politicians we have a Politician here in New York who was just Charged with wire fraud and credit card Fraud right and so bad people are going To do bad things for caros now why are They scared of it I'm not going to play The rest of that video I wanted to make Sure Charles Hoskin is going to be in Major hot water listens to what he says Here it's not an ecosystem so no we we Don't necessarily need Bitcoin and Bitcoin is going to have to grow and Adapt and change if wants to survive Long term you know interest plenty of People with first mover Advantage Thought they were Invincible Microsoft Did with Windows and what happened is They never lost Windows but then just we Changed the Paradigm people stopped Caring about the desktop and now we all Have cell phones and tablets and look at Android and iOS versus Windows the Adoption rates and in a lot of app

Developers Windows last used to be that If you weren't on Windows your business Would die now no one cares about it Anymore so that's the danger there is That they don't lose the wallet share And the amount of people that hold it But they lose the attention they lose The Innovation and over time the Industry grows in a different direction And you wake up and 98% of the stuff you Do is outside of Bitcoin and you start Asking yourself why do I really care About that it just becomes another asset And then the hash rate Falls and it kind Of dies a a slow heat death and a slow Death they are going to be up in arms About that you are not allowed to say That about Bitcoin now this I'm going to Play this and then we'll go into the the Member group um this is um brought Pierce who started tether who's there's A lot of history on Brock Pierce we but We don't talk about that out here that's Only Dai xrp.com Material but he does make a very good Point here listen to this right if an ETF had been made available to the American people when Bitcoin was at $100 Or $200 how much wealth would have been Created for the American people The Regulators in this instance prevented The American people from being the Beneficiaries of this incredible period

Of wealth creation and it ended up Mostly in the hands of the Internationals and so this bothers me You know regulation I I support sensible Regulation protect you know the people From Bad actors and things but I don't Think what's happened here is ultimately In the best interest of America what Made America great were the capital of Innovation the American dream Entrepreneurialism and the idea that Innovation is being stifled in the US Because of regulators trying to regulate By enforcement I think is a problem and So I I hope our Regulators start Enforcing the law rather than trying to Create law okay let me see what this was Before I'm not going to go into that um But in Dip.com in the member group uh I'm going To show you uh another clip from the Most dangerous man in uh most dangerous And most censored man in the history of All media that I can't show out here and I'm going to show you a clip from that But I'm also going to show the members Um a couple of pictures and a video that You that's never been seen it's publicly Available but it's never been seen and I Don't show it out here because I'm I try To give people a a little bit of privacy But it is on social media but I still uh Am kind of weird about it and it's Somebody you will know very well well

You'll you'll see it's it it's very very Interesting stuff I'm the digital asset Investor I'm not an investment advisor This is for entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and Tell your friends and family if they Want to see some pictures of a certain Person that they've never seen before Pictures and video go to Dip.com we're going to show Them Oh


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