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Welcome back to the show check out these Headlines we got ripple effect underway In the banking system we got that more Ripple partner news somebody roll that Beautiful [Music] [Applause] [Music] Intro digital perspectives with Brad KES Come on [Applause] In welcome back to the show you follow Us on Twitter and YouTube for exclusive Content right now $1.1 trillion market Cap for crypto the market is off by 0.5% Bitcoin 27,300 plus ethereum 1500 plus Right now tether market cap 83.3 billion Plus xrp at the number five spot at 49 Cents how low can it go we're going to Take a look at it before we get out of Here 1.3 off on the 24hour 3.1 down on The 7 day let's get started right here It's linked to a and you know what that Little birdie that told me Ripple was Going to be back on this platform is Right and if you think you can't do it You can link to has done what they can To take down the minimums for investors Listen all you have to do is go register And sign up to get access to this stuff The link is underneath the video how Much longer will you have to be able to Get Ripple private Equity it's been gone For over a week or two and now it's back

On the board I bet it doesn't last very Long so if you're going to take a swing At it you better click the link to link To Underneath right here there was news That came out Here AML posted this and uh I don't Think many of us knew I retweeted it too But as it appears it says xrp gets a Boost as Mexico's Central Bank explores Ripple partnership however hold the Phone rraa conman says misinformation Today posted the AI Generated article that claim Bank Ed to Mexico plans to utilize ripples xrapid As a bridge asset this is incorrect There is no such agreement and xrapid as We know is a product that has long been Rolled into the ultimate offering of on Demand liquidity and ripple Net's Offering as well so look this this is Something that you know we're in a very Very fast-paced space I've had to make Corrections before thank goodness we Were able to figure this out before we Actually reported on it too and these Articles sometimes look very legit so It's very hard to know so we are in a Fast moving space luckily we were able To catch this one not what we needed but I just wanted to share that in case Anybody had Miss information take a look At this Riz says Hong Kong's ready Ripples

Xmo Hong Kong policy Summit is organized With the aim of promoting active Dialogue between polic policy makers Regulators and Market participants in Hong Kong's virtual asset industry Collectively Ripple and Medico are Strong Advocates of public private Collaboration to drive responsible Innovation for the long-term growth of Entire virtual asset Ecosystem now take a look at this the SEC has until Friday to appeal the court Decision made in the grayscale case if You can remember the last four or five Cases four out of five cases the SEC has Really taken a loss right including Ripple's Case by my D so we will wonder How this will go on Friday but uh I am Eager to find out because the more that The SEC loses on these different cases The more the SEC begins to paint its own Self into a corner with the legal uh uh Uh jurisdiction overreach that they've Been doing for the last couple years Years now so we will keep an eye on that As well this is a target timeline for Sepa which is the EU payment rails right And this is a lot of countries working Together 29 to 30 plus here November 2023 for Swift sepa and Target it says Here to upgrade to the 2019 standard Same as Target 2 and Swift We Know in The second quarter of 24 they're saying Faster payments expected to commence

Migration to iso20 022 as well and you Can see going on further here chaps to Make purpose codes and legal entity Identifier codes mandatory we just went Over a unique identifier codes on Something with Swift I think it was a Day or two ago so there's a lot Happening in Tandem and parallel uh I Love seeing this because we all know That ultimately what we're really Talking about is upgrading the Vulnerable antiquated payment rails of The entire Financial system not just Sepa in the EU JP Morgan raises alarms over Liquidity Trend 200 billion in crypto Network a growing concentration of nodes Is presenting a fundamental economic Risk for the second largest blockchain Network yes we're talking about ethereum The network has become more centralized System following recent upgrades Introducing greater risk to the system That might eventually lead to control of An agop alop here excuse me say that Four times fast when you're tired like I Am or a small number of individuals or Entities that limit outside competition And dominate a new report from JP Morgan And they should know because they do Centrally control ethereum right and That that is something we've known for Quite some time but now the financial System is learning earning it too what

Will happen we will See but I will say erc20 tokens they Apparently are very easy to launch off Ethereum that's where they've made Billions of dollars through the free Pass in eth Gate got to drop that in There but then we see this this is the Beginning of some good news we want to See here it's expansion expansion Integration Ripple is in the middle of It another exchange went live with Ripple and crossb payments it's Vance I Don't need to play this because it's Just a simple Pro promo and Advertisement shout out to flip the Chain for this and I wanted to show you That from Vance's own site right here Ripple payment protocol a complete guide Right so they are definitely definitely In the game and it gets better Teray we Know is in fact a ripple partner we're Going to get in that in a second but Teray Global Payments Network here known For its agility and vast reach has now Partnered with ban Colombia Colombia's Foremost player in remittances in a bid To revolutionize crossborder remittances In the region and this is going to be Really amazing it looks like to me Because it says here terara boast the Connection with over 100 remittance Companies worldwide facilitating Payments between 200 plus sending

Countries and 120 plus receiving Countries that in itself is an Impressive number number this Collaboration aims to bolster domestic Remittances with Colombia empowering Colombians living abroad to send funds Securely and innovatively to their loved Ones back home if we go down here to the Bottom here you'll get to see just how Powerful it is Ban Columbia on the other Hand is Colombia's largest player in the Remittance Market which makes this a big Deal it says here they did 5.69 two million of the 9.4 that flowed into the country now That's pretty remarkable right there Well over 50% here and we see with Agreements in places with 17 remittance Companies spanning 125 sending countries It goes on down in this area I wanted to Show there was one other part here oh Teray is the only payments Network to Have 29 licenses regulatory approvals Globally along with realtime Transactions risk monitoring Capabilities allowing us to ensure 100% Compliance that's the kind of Relationships I want to see reminder That Ripple partner terrae acquired by Investor group this was back in 2020 I Just wanted to show those not everybody Knows all the same information following The channel we got to do it right so Here we see cbos in person and shout out

To Rohit cou for getting this clip here From cbos person and this cbos person is In fact this gentleman right here it is Arturo Pereira from Portugal and the Company D Evo our Essence and evolution Technologies attitude and transformation We are in information technology company Specialized in financial services Application integration application Development and maintenance Consulting Compliance cyber security with our own Software development support maintenance Center as well so this is what's cool About this listen to what this gentleman Says coming out of cbos which is Swift's Conference right like swell right check It out can I show your face or no yeah Yeah hi we're here at sios and this Gentleman is taking his time to um um Answer a couple questions about Blockchain and if it's going to be Implemented in um the banking system so Can you let us know how swift is going To use blockchain for sending money I'm Not sure I going to do it but for sure They will it's on his way and we are Doing trials on it very good and Um do you know about on demand liquidity And DLT yes okay and do you know about a Company called Ripple and are they being Used Ripple yes of course we do oh wow That's amazing do you know about bills Of lading going to bills of eling in the UK we are not involved on that okay but

You know about it being used on the Blockchain trading is going to be on the Blockchain we had listen about it but we Are not involved right are you connected With ripple in any way a partner with Ripple not yet not yet that's a very Good very good answer all right Appreciate your time and um can I ask Your name and arur Pereira from De Evo Technology nice arur Pereira from De Evo Technologies and standing outside of Cbos Swift conference major competitor Right and telling you what's going on Because he's asking like what's going on In there what are you learning what's Happening and of course he is well Versed on Ripple says they're not a Partner yet but they will be in the Banking system and I love hearing it Shout out to him for grabbing that clip And this here is a reminder about the God's candle that came out back in April Of this year you remember egg rag crypto Shared this and basically is telling all Of us here that if you watch uh it fell Short by a mere 15% of what we needed Here it says from a structural Perspective xrp managed to break out of A descending wedge pattern but it Encountered a significant obstacle at The Berlin Wall as he calls it he says Here it marked at 55 cents currently xrp Might hover just below that crucial Resistance point however there is

Intriguing twist the potential for a Black Swan event if such an event Materializes it will be cushioned by What I call the box of iron with price Action resembling a wicking process in My personal assessment it's reasonable To anticipate that 41 C could serve as a Solid support level for the foreseeable Future and we know we're at 49 cent now So there it is you dip down to 41 Cent Xrp I'll show you what I'll do not Financial advice it's just my digital Perspectives I'll catch all of you on The next One


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