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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines we got a stellar Suspension but Commercial Bank working With Stellar will tell you where World Economic Forum ladies and gentlemen Report came out just this past July You're going to want to see it it's on Crypto and stable coins and we got Christine Lagarde christalina georgieva From the IMF managing director the bis Calls for Urgent crypto band contain and Regulate I mean Ripple gets another Central Bank somebody wrote that Beautiful intro Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content right now 944 billion dollar market cap for crypto We're up by 1.8 percent ladies and Gentlemen good afternoon Bitcoin right Now 18 955.35 it's up 12.6 percent ethereum up 12.7 percent at 1409 and 35 cents tether Market cap they say is 66.3 billion xrp 37 cents we're up 9.8 percent ladies and Gentlemen yeah how about that and how About this the digital perspectives Mastermind group I'm telling you right Now we will shut the door on this new Deal make this investment in yourself a Completely affordable get the online Classes that you want to have it's

Groups and lessons you get weekly live Streams full access to private telegram Group get the annual subscription and Get a VIP ticket to our live event by The way we have incredible speakers at The live event we'll be releasing the Name shortly here here and if you save On one month tuition if you just get the Annual subscription don't mess around We're shutting the door on that this is The learning curve you need the next Phoenix Rising From the Ashes is Everybody in this group because we're Getting hip and getting educated very Quickly here take a look here first Thing we're looking at here Delaware Judge has cleared four FTX units to be Sold off including Ledger X and embed We'll keep you up to date for more watch The video from this morning to find out What Sam bankman freed himself is saying About all the events that led to the Collapse look right here I wanted to Pull this up because you know I think That real wealth is made in times like This Now I'm not giving Financial advice this Is just my digital perspectives I want To do a comparison here of these things Because we know Brad garlinghouse does Talk about comparing Ripple to Amazon Books in the early days and that's where He focuses on payments and Brad Garlinghouse often Compares Ripple to

Amazon books as we know Amazon pretty Much has a monopoly on the market today And they do more than just books imagine Amazon starting in books and ripples Starting with cross-border payments just Wait there's more to come I completely Agree with this but it's just my digital Perspectives not yours right so here he Uses the analogy of Apple if 2001 Apple Released its first version of the iPod It cost 399 bucks if you had invested 399 dollars in Apple stock instead of Buying the iPod today your stock would Be worth 207 871 dollars excuse me Then you come down here crypto Shane Reminds us and if you held during all Three stock splits in 2001 until now That's a whopping 11.9 million plus Well now let's take a look at what Amazon's correlation would be If you had invested ten thousand dollars In Amazon at its IPO price in 1997. you Would have purchased 555 shares not Including commission expenses or Fractional shares taking into account Amazon's four stock splits these 555 Shares would have multiplied into 133 200 shares as of today with Amazon's Ending previously previous week at 123 Dollars and it's going off of this from A few years ago right obviously but it Says here 10 000 investment would have Been a little over 25 years ago would

Now be worth 16.45 for 196 dollars that's what we're Talking about you know these are the Kind of gains and aggregate returns that I'm here for but I'm trying to make sure That I invest in things that I don't Think are meme coins or pump and dumps And things of that nature I'm in this For the Long Haul I'm investing in Things that I believe have a real Opportunity to become a real part of the Framework of this digital asset space And and for me xrp certainly is one of Those uh Investments for myself not Financial advice now let's take a look At this here not your keys not your Crypto Ripple Rivals Stellar operations Temporarily suspended on a major Korean Exchange known as up bit I'm just Sharing this for everyone it does appear When I read the article that this is Simply a maintenance issue so uh if There's more to be had about this or Known about this we will report on it But I just wanted to let everybody know That that appears to be just a Maintenance for the platform so we'll See from there now tascom Bank a major Ukraine Commercial Bank is mulling over The use of blockchain blockchain Technology following the completion of a Pilot the bank used the Stellar Network In the pilot and noted several Advantages well let's take a look at

What we got here it says here Uh Ukraine has been increasingly turning To crypto after Russia invaded the Nation it talks about the benefit of the Transparency security low transaction And more is benefits look we'll see Where this goes but we knew that uh Stellar was working with the Ukraine Bank before The Invasion happened I Think this just heightens the Conversation as it does around the world We know that Russia is building a new Payment system as well right all of this I believe is leading to the paradigm Shift and I say it for years right is The greatest Financial paradigm shift in The history of mankind and we're Watching it happen all over the world Not just because of Russia and Ukraine It just becomes a real pivot point and a Keystone marker I believe of where the World is beginning to change and here we See this is a report from the not so Popular World economic Forum you know I'm not a fan at all but we do follow Them because they have a lot of power They have a lot of leaders that they Have groomed from very young ages and Now they are in power I think there's a Gentleman in Canada I'm going to say his Name because the algorithm might pick it Up but you know I'm not a fan but Nevertheless let's look at what they're Saying right and the first thing we're

Going to look at inside this world Economic Forum report is from Christine Lagarde the president of the European Central Bank and also the former Managing IMF director All cryptocurrencies alleged to be Currencies are not currencies at all They are speculative assets the Valuation of which changes enormously Over time moreover they present Themselves as currencies which they are Not now she said that twice in the same Statement an asset is an asset but Should not claim it is a currency it is Not that's three times in the same quote That she's telling you crypto isn't Money and that is exactly what Bitcoin Tried to start out doing I've said it before cryptocurrencies is The worst name they could have put on These digital assets to be perfectly Honest it just puts a bull's-eye and a Target on their back the nomenclature Created from it has been horrible and it Has just caused problems from day one And it's only getting bigger ladies and Gentlemen you're about to see When we look at this when we look at Stable coins this is coming now from Crystallina georgieva managing director Of the IMF currently when we look at Stable coins this is the area where the Big mess happens she says If a stable coin is backed with assets

One to one it is stable when it is not Backed with assets it is promised to Deliver a 20 return it's a pyramid what Happens to pyramids they eventually fall To pieces look this was sent six months Ago but the ECB president and the IMF Director They're coming for it don't believe it It's still true that's what we're Looking at here ladies and gentlemen and Look all of this is aligning With the United States getting their Self together and apparently going to Tackle stable coin legislation first Look the only trusted digital stable Coin you're gonna need if it's up to the Governments and central banks is going To be a cbdc right That's what's going on there hopefully If we have any control to our country Left for privacy and freedom in the United States we will see the two-tiered Banking system remain in place and a Private company held to a constitutional Standard as well as regulatory standards To ensure that our money remains private And in our control and not in the Control of the FED on the back side of Someone's digital wallet That's where we're at here and then we Add this in the ban ban the use of Cryptocurrency on a country by country Basis listen to this This comes into the whole concern about

Retail investors getting shut out and The opportunity to invest in this Tech Space and it really really gets up my I Can't One possible direction that can and has Been taken already by some countries is To restrict or ban the use of Cryptocurrencies mechanisms for Banning Crypto are nuanced and could include Permutation of the following examples Ban crypto for payments but still allow Citizens to hold it or decide that they Only qualified investors can hold it Well that's accredited investors right That shuts out retail right there with Their first suggestion and then ban Crypto mining when they could easily Take crypto mining because of the energy Use and it's obviously not healthy so go To renewable sources why do you have to Ban it all together right Uh you know this it look these are the People who are really tied in on the Back side who's making decisions for the Rest of us in the world whether we like That or not Then there's the bank of international Settlements Shout out to Jesus Guerrero for this one And uh addressing the risk of crypto has Become more urgent after a series of High-profile failures Authorities have different options to Address these risks including a ban

Containment and full-fledged regulation I don't know if you're getting the same Narrative that I'm getting but what I'm Getting here is we will run this digital Asset space ladies and gentlemen whether We like it or not that's what's coming Here I can see that writing on the wall Eliminate potential harm to the Financial system by a band prevent Losses due to crypto Services provide Miscon provider misconduct but the cons Are could conflict with founding Principles of society useful Innovation Would be lost or delayed maybe Circumvented in practice They understand you can't stop the tech But then they talk about regulating it Out of existence if they want to right Contain it prevent crypto from damaging The real economy that's the threat They're scared of this technology avoid Giving crypto a regulatory serial seal Of approval but the cons fully effective Firewall may not be feasible investor Protections and Market Integrity risk With crypto remain and this is where They get it all under control ladies and Gentlemen because if they regulate it And they ensure the payment networks and Value protocols they want you to be on And demonize the other That's all it's going to take to push The crowd and the cattle all of us like Cattle onto the protocols they want us

To be on so there can be regulation Otherwise it's like being on the dark Web I've said it a million times and it Is exactly where this they're taking This thing regulate ensure consistency In regulating Financial activities allow Responsible players to innovate in a Regulated space again hinting towards Like you know accredited investor or Higher right Khan's challenge to map Crypto and trade fire activities and Entities challenges for enforcement Given the lack of the class reference Point or a clear reference point in some Cases in D5 now what I wanted to bring Up on this this particular note is this I wanted to bring up the uh idea and the Understanding here sorry I gotta I gotta Get this this is not good uh there we go Got it all right so uh what I wanted to Bring up about this is that we often Talk about how they can regulate this Space and they can regulate some of the Technology out of the use of existence Right not that it'll ever go away but it Just makes it like a dark web product Right and one of the things I wanted to Bring up about this is that we need to Not only pay attention for legislation And regulation for a crypto and stable Coins but keep a very very keen eye out For something that you don't hear talked About a lot and it's reg Tech And the way to regulate these value

Protocols is to Simply have the Regulatory Agencies have the ability to Have regulatory technology like nodes on A network which the FCC has one on The Xrp Ledger right Nodes on a network and that regulatory Technology could be set to scan for Certain suspicious activity just like a Cop on a highway if you're speeding or Swerving or what have you This I think is going to be another key Part of how we get the real Clarity that We all want so bad now before we get out Of here Edo Farina tells us here and I Don't know this but I got to take his Word for it here and the people Underneath the comments seem to agree so It must be legit so shout out to him for Sharing this information he says Ripple And the Central Bank of Uruguay working Together xrp taking over the financial System behind the scenes I certainly Believe it is just the tip of the Iceberg of what we will come to learn Over the coming months and years of the Rollout of what they've been doing with Central banks I'm reminded as I see this You can see Ripple Services right here And anybody understands what's being Said here you could translate it for us As well it does appear to people in the Comments totally get what's being said Take a listen and shout out to Edo for This

Boom these documents just arrive into my Hands and it's from the Central Bank of Uruguay here you can see superintendency Services It's a contract involved in the Central Bank of Uruguay and repo there you have It ladies and gentlemen he says it's a Contract that's working with Central Bank of Uruguay and ripple and that is Pretty fantastic and a great way to Leave it on a Friday I hope all of you Have a great weekend hit that like And Subscribe leave a comment below check Out all the links underneath the Description sign up for that digital Perspective Mastermind group it is Remarkable I can brag on it because it's The people in it that I'm bragging on And all the information being shared in There don't mess around we will shut the Door again on this deal don't don't Believe that it's still true not Financial advice just my digital Perspectives I'll catch all of you on The next one


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