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Ignition sequence start 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero Liftoff we have a Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor and I want to Start with this this is last night this Was interesting uh US the US debt Clock Which is usdebtclock.org um secret Window notification um message it was a New seal it it was right across the Front of their website out of nowhere Just so you know out of nowhere this Thing's been sitting here for I think Over a decade I remember looking at this Back after the financial crisis I want To say um but it says the US debt Clock Secret Window uh reop opens tonight 6:00 P.m. to 12:00 a.m. eastern time all Right so I this morning I went and Decided to check it okay and here it is When you click on the open the secret Window this is what pops up if you have Faith as a grain of a mustard seed it's Got a man and a woman and then in the Middle it's got a son and it's got an ex And that looks like a North Star right There then it's got a gray out us with a Mountain and it's got USA with an American flag and another son with an ex And a North Star right there nothing Shall be impos impossible unto you Fascinating stuff I don't know those of You that followed um the all the beable Guy stuff back in the day but there was A North star on that window seal on the

Side on the right side I never really Talked about all that but I I remember It Dutch central banks admit it has Prepared for a new gold standard so has The digital asset investor the digital Ass I bought one I bought one um of These this is a 1 oz American buffalo From I did it um uh Friday I believe From my sponsor miles uh Franklin Precious metals I gave them code Dai Gold I called them at 952-929-3000 info@ mfranklin Docomo of what Jim Rickard said back in The day as crisis hits we're going to See this here in the US and around the World and it'll be a highly coordinated Global attack on the entire system Simultaneously how could these Operatives actually freeze a whole Country's Financial system well Fortunately we have some recent real Life examples to study the elites have Have been conducting a series of dry Runs for years leading up to ice 9es now Pay attention because this is precisely What they're going to do more Specifically the IMF froze the entire System literally every Bank in the Country and they did that to ensure the Imf's demands were met including strict Capital controls so how did all this Impact regular citizens their local ATMs Went dark even the bank branch was Closed permanently in some cases

Citizens could not withdraw cash they Couldn't even transfer funds from one Account to the other What came next wealth extraction on a Grand scale the IMF basically stole 6 to 10% of all the cash in the cypriate bank Accounts how did the lease justify this They called it a levy the price regular Citizens had to pay for their Government's missteps keep in mind these Asset confiscations were done at the Balance sheet level with the Institutions themselves they never had To confiscate individual accounts they Froze every account by controlling a Handful of the country's biggest that's Called a bailin they shaved off a Percentage of the cypriot I think I'm Saying that right cypriot citizens bank Accounts true story it's almost like it Was a trial Rune now let me tell you What folks this Ral Paul in this clip Right here he knocks it out of the park This is the what he says here is what is Is the theme of my channel for since May 2018 when I started this he is directly Over the target you need to play it Maybe play it three or four times Communicates it I've gone out a lot to Say don't this up you know Buy and Hold don't use leverage use coal storage Do the right thing don't get too Speculative don't fomo just don't This up these are this this is the

Biggest opportunity we've ever been Given I've said that all the way from 2020 onwards and in fact I said it all The way back in 2012 it's the biggest Macro trade of all time don't this Up and if you're not a crypto person Technology is one of the biggest Opportunities we've ever been given the EXP exponential age again don't This up just be careful just buy hold Have a long-term time Arizon and learn How to take pain and when there is pain You buy more unless something changes The thesis that suddenly we're all going To turn to the Meander tolls and Nobody's going to use technology ever Again it is going up it's as simple as That and unless something changes that We're not breaking the financial system And that the internet has disappeared we Will go to blockchain technology it's as Simple as that that's all you need to Know everything else is just Noise and he said don't F this up that's The same thing that my brother-in-law Said to me right before I walked down The aisle true story uh so maybe that Needs to be the thumbnail Today but the the the probably the most Important thing he well he said what he The whole thing was important but what I've what I've been doing I'm not a Financial adviser so I can't tell you You what to do but what I've been doing

Is every time that it feel I was telling Somebody on the phone this Morning the the sentiment it feels like It's at the very bottom level right now Those are the time and I told this Person I said those are the times that I Really get into buying most Psychologically most people think the The opposite way but those people will Never have a lot of Wealth blood in the streets blood not Just blood in the streets but blood in In the minds of your average investor Out there that the the the when Everybody is at their lowest Point my experience is that's when I've Done the best by buying into those Things and it may take a little while After I make that buy but that's when it Happens all right then here's the these Guys from Black Swan capitals they're Right over the target it's been this way Since I got in this space since 2013 xlm has always traded in Conjunction with xrp watch this they do Move in unison to some degree there is Something very interesting happening Over there oh absolutely so we have a uh We actually have a a high ranking Executive from xrp in our Community um and we gave him some time And I can't name him um but uh in the no Very well in the no and he was uh he was Saying in terms of how he sees it pan

Out and he has and he's been privileg to Conversations he he was saying that uh It'll almost be Coca-Cola and Pepsi X Xlm and xrp in other words they're going To be fulfilling the same uh function Sugary water with caffeine um and in the Same way utility in terms of central Banks and he mentioned that one or two Of the Middle Eastern players folks I Don't think think I've ever heard Anybody say it better than that about Xrp and xlm that describes it better Than anything but in this is something You may not know I don't know what they How they talk about this in other parts Of the world but uh cocacola was Literally created um very close to me Okay Cocacola was um was created in the state Of Georgia where I live and up in Atlanta is where they created that Marketing machine machine is probably The greatest marketing machine in the History of the world what are the Chances that I could turn out to be the Digital asset investor who talks about The greatest digital asset ever created All happens in the same State how about them apples now um so so Yeah but but guess what this I don't Know if this is known around the world But here in the South we don't call it Cocacola it's called Coke and by Co Co Incidence when cocacola was first

Invented the reason it's called that is Because it had cocaine in it when they First created it true story look it up But in this part of the country we don't Call it cocacola we we call it Coke and We sure as hell don't call it soda like They do up North okay now um and then there's this These events these events never make it To the mainstream yet people say xrp and XLE xlm are mainstream clearly Ripple And Stellar are not going away largest Players in the game including the Dtcc and no mainstream media coverage LOL right here join the conversation Around asset tokenization look here it Says according to the analyst consulting Firm Roland Berger asset tokenization Will grow to become a market worth at Least $10 trillion by 2030 representing A 40-fold increase in the value of of Tokenized assets from 2022 to 2030 this Would Mark a significant rise from the Current value of around 300 billion join The conversation around asset Tokenization here join industry Titans BlackRock dtcc State Street Society General hadera City Northern Trust Amazon notice the ones that they don't Mention it's the fintech deal day future Of digital assets what did they not Mention Oh there's Brendan Barry head of Payments products at Ripple I forgot to

Mention them look Ripple look Stellar Tron's even There and who do who do you have mixed In Dtcc AWS American Express there it is all right now all We've heard going around this morning is About Sam Alman and he is now been hired At Microsoft here's what Elon Musk had to Say about it uh Microsoft actually may Be more in control than say the Leadership team at open AI realizes um I Mean Microsoft as part of the Microsoft Investment they have uh rights to all of The software all of the model weights And everything necessary to run the Inference System Sacha Nadella responded to CNBC Saying that's factually not correct Noting that Microsoft has a Non-controlling interest but that usual Deal structure behind the $10 billion Investment essentially allowed Microsoft To bypass an antitrust review process Also receive a large profit share and an Exclusive license and a powerful engine Of course to go head-to-head with Google Which had the lead in generative AI Which brings up this decade old question In Tech Will the big players ultimately Eat the lunch of the incumbents we've Seen it time and time again one venture

Capitalist put it this way to me this Morning he said the problem with the Space is that it's really expensive to Play you could build a website back in The 90s pretty easily and just play but You can't really do that in this space Unless you have billions of dollars at Least not until costs come all the way Down and he's referring guys to cloud or Computing costs to run generative AI Models like chat gbt and Bard which are Very very expensive That okay I was looking at something and Then folks make no M mistake when you Hear about AI you better be thinking About crypto too cuz this is all Connected there's a reason that Janet Yellen is being asked about I wanted to Start with that meeting and what your What your impressions were going into it But also what your impressions were Really coming out of It well um clearly this was an Opportunity for President Biden and President shei um to deepen their Communication to um try to make some Concrete progress on uh things we can Work on together uh coming out of the Bilat uh there was an important Agreement concerning working on fentel Which is killing 100,000 Americans a Year basically She's of nothing since she's nothing but An academic and someone who's been in a

School and government building her whole Life never had any real world experience So it's going to be more mumbo jumbo That she's learned in a classroom then They're going to hire Jay Clayton who Should be under investigation but Instead is on the payroll at CNBC and he Want they need him to weigh in on open a Watch this Exodus take place there's Also a lawsuit that may get filed as Early as today uh that Elon Musk uh has Described uh as going against Media Matters which put out this this report What what's your initial reaction to all Of it Andrew my my initial reaction is We we as a country we as a society are Struggling with the marketplace for Ideas the marketplace for ideas is a Uniquely American experiment it's one That has worked incredibly well but Right now with technology platforms and Even AI that we've been talking about It's under stress we we see what Happened with musk and the pulling of Advertising we've seen what's happened On college campuses and let's not forget We have a case going through the Supreme Court um this term where Administration Officials were found to have improperly Influenced social media platforms we are Struggling with all this and add to that The question of preferred speech versus Speech that's out of bounds right so Jay Though but this is the part that and

This is why and I raised this issue with You last time we talked and it's the Thing that I can't understand the last Time we talked on the broadcast you came On and we talked about anti-Semitism on Uh University campuses those that were Talking about genocide to the Jews other Kinds of hate speech other kinds of Speech that was was even I would dare I Would say considered unattractive speech And I think that you uh as uh as your uh Colleague and and probably boss Mark Rowan would say it's a very problematic Very problematic speech specifically at A time like uh like now where Israel was Attacked by Hamas and you spoke out very All right I'm not going to get into all Of that but what I want to stay focused On is this this AI thing remember folks The second Gary Gensler lost the case Against Ripple the first thing he did Was pivoted to AI okay AI is and and crypto are going To be intertwined that's the whole point Now all we've been hearing if you look On act oh Sam Alton Sam Alman AI he's Going to M Microsoft we just got done Talking about xrp and xlm being Pepsi And Coke in my opinion Coke is a Thousand times better so should be Coke Pepsi and xrp being the coke okay now All we've heard about Sam Alman Sam mman Well Sam mman is tied into the this Crypto that we're always talking about

Okay in my private group we're going to Go I'm going to show you because many of You either either I've never shown I Haven't shown some of this but but I'm Going to show you how Sam Alman is tied To all this stuff folks Sam Alman is Involved in in all of this and Sam and It's very interesting how he ties in to The Whole xrp xlm thing okay So in my private group we're going to Talk about that now that's Dp.com and we will go over all of the Above okay I'm the digital asset Investor I'm not an investment adviser This is for entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit hit the like button Tell your friends and family that here We go dp.com


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