Ripple/XRP-BRICS/Saudi Arabia-US Dollar World Reserve Currency Under Threat,India + UPI + Ripple/XRP

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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines it is official Saudi Arabia has joined bricks we got that so Much more somebody roll that beautiful [Music] [Applause] Intro digital perspectives with Brad KES Come on [Applause] In welcome back to the show everybody You can follow us on Twitter and YouTube For exclusive content right now $ 1.72 Trillion market cap for crypto the Market is off by .2% 42,700 Plus for Bitcoin 2,300 Plus for ethereum 96.5 Billion plus market cap for tether and We see 50 Cent xrp we are off by 0.2 on The 24 hour We're Off by 1.4 on the 7 Day let's look at the range of price Very quickly here between 49 C flat on The bottom and 5137 we're sitting rates Back down in the middle miles Franklin Precious medals ladies and Gentlemen we're talking about avoiding World War III we're talking about the Unwinding of the Petro dollar agreement That elevates the US dollar as the world Reserve currency Today might want to consider having some Physical Gold and if you do make sure you put dig Gold diig gold in the subject Box to ensure the best Prices World gold Council says total

Gold demand hit a record last year and Is expected to expand again in 2024 the Trend continues we need to understand That the overall consumption we're Talking about here has been with Central Bank Buying in climbed 3% to 4,899 tons last year How about That central banks are buying Bitcoin They're buying Gold so Bitcoin is a shiny distraction For retail investors while central banks Continue to hoard the precious Metal make sure you put dig gold in the Subject Box bricks member China is encouraging Africa to use local currencies like Chinese Yan and ditch the US dollar Africa stands to gain in this situation As the Chinese yuan is cheaper for debt Repayment than the US dollar Currently don't forget about project Sandman we covered here multiple times Over 100 Nations intend to at some point In the Future to simultaneously drop the use of The US dollar Simultaneously that is the plan of Project Sandman think of the implications in the Hyperinflation that could Ensue because it is official now it's no Longer we intend to it's no longer we

Have anou of $15 billion doll with Bricks of course they still have that That's why they've joined because it Went Well and remember at the 1 of January of This month they were supposed to join And Saudi Arabia said ah we're going to Think about it well they thought about It and now they've joined along with Egypt and UAE 85% of the we know Iran's in it too So 85% of the world's oil production now Exists inside of Bricks and quickly accumulating a Stronger GDP than in the G7 I hope you don't find this to be a Futuristic joke let the games begin Ladies and gentlemen Saudi Arabia Officially joins brics Alliance I ask You this honest question and it is a Question I do not have the answer To do you Believe that Saudi Arabia is just Allowed to Will nilly walk away from the Petro dollar agreement which by the way Is simply This the agreement for Saudi Arabia and Other OPEC Nations to trade exclusively in US Dollars for oil in return for military Protection so this is no longer we think They're going to join it looks like They're going to join they've Joined so what does it mean to the Petro

Dollar Agreement well I'll tell you what it Means at my house it means they don't Give a about it Anymore and they're telling the us to go Fly a kite now the other side of This what are we to think about this Coalition and what do we think the us is Going to do about it take a list of this Quick Clip here that breaks it all down I want you to really understand what I Just told you the ramifications of this What I told you is there's an axis and Allied Power Argentina Brazil Mexico Ukraine Russia uh the stands of course Saudi Arabia I don't know about Yemen Iran India China th those are all part of an Ally now everybody's talking about gold What would that I mean oil what would That mean for Oil but I just told you it also Affects the US dollar exactly this will Take the US dollar out of the world Reserve currency which people told me 10 Years ago could never happen it's going To happen soon but more importantly Goods and services think about what Happens if we take this part of the World out of production let's say There's a cold war when we had a cold War with Russia we didn't really need Any stacking dolls so we were pretty Good but now if this is the Cold War and

We don't trade with these guys do you Know how much your clothing is going to Cost how much a car will cost where are You going to get your chips for anything Because Taiwan is the one that makes all Of the sophisticated Chips this is going to change everything About your life everything that you Think you know about America and there you have it and it's Absolutely true shout out to Glen Beck For that clip of Chad St robber for Sharing it You know uh this is where I have to Remind us Here Ripple is partnered with yes Bank Yes bank is partnered with UPI which is Their payment interface in India tied to The Reserve Bank of India and the Digital rupee and the cbdc Application India is in the bricks Coalition so we have these connections Here that really have always look you Guys know by now if you've been Following me for any Measure I'm here because of this I have Firmly believed that there is an issue With the monetary system that needs to Be addressed and that's the reason I Became an investor a macro investor Long-term Investor inside of this growth Industry investing in what I believe are The assets that have the ability to

Bring use Case utility to an already Financial System and to help complement it and Make it better more efficient more Secure more scalable more Interoperable I firmly Believe that xrp ledger could become the Next underpinning to the US dollar with The right reserves and the right Approach to The xrp Ledger which is a Decentralized exchange for the world Ladies and Gentlemen the right reserves put up from Multiple different areas can underpin The US dollar moving forward the digital Dollar moving Forward in a way that we would never Need a Petro dollar agreement again with Any other nations and never to be Beholden to a Saudi Arabia or other Countries and what their end of the Bargain may need to Be think of It enough gold reserves enough oil Reserves enough silver Reserves enough reserves put up to back The cbdcs for all the governments of the World all expressed on The Ledger as Backing so everyone can know it and Trustly Trust inside of that Commitment think of It you could ensure a dominant reign of The US dollar for the next 150 to 300 Years if you get it right especially if

You develop something like credential Regulation for stable coins like usdc And circle and Ure that it's held to a Constitutional standard and that the Federal Reserve and the treasury have no Right or the government have no right to Look into your Affairs or the cost or Spending of your transactions unless you Do something Illegal then we see here shout out to Subjective views here with all the Ripple xrp funds circulating decid to Put this post together to remind a Community what's being Built what a timely piece this is this Goes right around a 2008 Reserve Bank of India touching into the up I we know the Connections Here National payment Corporation of India known as mpci formed with RBI Guidance 65 stakeholders and many of Which are known Ripple Partners Bank of tland conference we saw The C CEO of npci explain the Significance of structural of the npci And UPI India's payment Interface This is you know these are the things That we have to look at and ask oursel You know hey are we watching something Much larger than just the introduction Of digital assets to the world of course We

Are there's a reason for these Things it's because the world needs it Because there is a monetary crisis There's not a real estate default swap Crisis like in 8 there's a monetary Crisis and the way to fix it is to bring In digital technology introducing new Monies to the World and then you could use thing like Bitcoin as a flight to Quality High Ground during a massive Financial Transition you could use things like Stable coins and cbdcs to soak up the Paper do in bonds around the world in Case of Hyperinflation giving new use case to Back these new digital Instruments and ensuring that the Digital Dollar on your phone and your Digital wallet is worth a dollar which Probably the paper one in your po po Pocket won't Be which is why stable coins are going To play such a crucial role which is why I also ask with the onset of a 80 plus% Consensus right now to bring automated Market makers to The Ledger could it Change the classification in the eyes of A regulator or banking Industry you do not want xrp to qualify As a group two Asset the bank does not want to hold 1,50% weighted risk just so they could Use xrp for paying

Payments and you don't need to be a Banker or an economist to understand That which is why I am very curious as To whether automated market makers and Liquidity pools we could take Transactions away from the order books Of centralized Exchanges by providing stabilization Mechanisms known as liquidity pools Through these automated market Makers could that change the way a Regulator and Finance here see the asset Xrp putting in a group one which would Take it out of the 12 50% risk weighted Average it look very attractive to Banks here's what I do Know wherever we're Going we're not going back to the way we Were so we better start entertaining Something that's new because Saudi Arabia joining bricks is new and they're Not going back the other way what will Be the next underpinning of the United States dollar to continue its dominance Through the world because if we don't Figure out what that's going to Be we have the trials of job ahead of All of Us not even Kidding I hope you'll join us in the Freedom Zone because today we are going to go After another angle that's happening While the monetary system is in

Flux while the threat of the United States dollar as the world currency Reserve is under Threat we're going to take another look At another angle that is threatening the Control of people and you're going to Want to know what it is and more Importantly we're also going to take a Look at what the answer is is to how to Protect yourself because of it I hope You'll join at dig join The freedom Zone where is the safest Place to avoid censorship and absolutely Respect freedom of speech no question About it I will see you in the freedom Zone not Financial advice to me or Anyone else I'll catch all of you on the Next One


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