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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel do you hold enough Xrp some of you will say yes some of you Will say no some will say that it's Literally impossible to have too much Xrp and whatever your answer is that's Fine but there were a couple polls that I'm going to show you at the start of This video having to do with uh having Too much xrp or having too much Bitcoin And I got to tell you the results of These polls were extremely telling in my View and I think it highlights at at at The core level the difference in the Type of people that are in the Bitcoin Community versus the xrp community I Mean am I am I in the Bitcoin Community Like I've been holding Bitcoin over six Years I mean I I I guess I could say I Am uh I just you know I I choose to Participate with and engage with people In the xrp community though because you All are not a bunch of Raving lunatics You know what I mean I mean fine yeah There's millions of us so you get a get Some Fringe cases you know get a little Taste to All God's Creatures you know What I'm saying but uh man those Bitcoiners like some of these people are Just off their rocker you know what I'm Saying they like for so many of these People it it's bit Bitcoin isn't just a Cryptocurrency right it's not just a Digital asset it's a way of life and

There's a point where it just goes too Far off the rails and these two polls I'm going to show you at the start of The video I think it just illustrates The point that we are not the same you Know what I mean and whatever your Answer is it doesn't mean that you're Necessarily down there somebody that Would have that mindset but I do think It's an indicator that yes there's Something to this um and then I also Want to give some quick updates in terms Of what's happening in the market Obviously with the crazy news binance About binance and CZ yesterday uh That Shook the entire world of crypto but uh To some degree markets at least have Come back to this point what you expect Moving forward well always more Volatility to some degree uh potentially In the short term a bit to the downside Uh Before before resuming up only season as Some like to call it um and I also Wanted to highlight this article and I Hope that this is true uh panta capitals Dan Morehead forecast Bitcoin bull Market cycle says current rally should Last till November 2025 so if history is to repeat and if This guy's correct we've got two more Years of fun and and I'll tell you Dan Morehead um he is pro xrp by the way he He said years ago that he thinks that

Xrp be one of the like dozen or so coins That actually has true long-term Viability so he recognizes the actual Utility he said that a long long time Ago and uh he's just a sharp guy and he He's he launched the first ever uh Bitcoin hedge fund in the United States um now at the time I'm recording This xrp is 61 cents Bitcoins at 37391 bucks market cap of 1.42 trillion and crypto fear and GRE Deex 66 out of 100 so a little higher Than yesterday at 62 but it's just crazy Like even after the scary sounding news Of yesterday with binance and CZ all That stuff and prices tanking people Still felt greedy you greedy sobs that's Right All right so let's talk about this I Just I I just I couldn't help but when I Came across the results of these two Polls earlier today I couldn't help but Laugh I was like oh I got to bring this Up I got to bring this up on my channel Because it's it's just it's it's so Perfectly illustrates the type of people That are in xrp versus Bitcoin and again whatever your answer Is this is not some sort of dig on you I'm just saying that there's something Different with the people that that have This attitude that you can never never Have enough enough Bitcoin there's Something different because there are so

Many people that lead so drastically in That direction but uh here is a poll From Bitcoin maximalist Michael sailor You're probably familiar with this name He's the uh founder and chairman of Micro strategy publicly traded company That owns a bajillion uh Bitcoin I can't Remember what the total number is it's Probably I think it's over like 150 180,000 whatever the hell the number is Just have an absurd amount of Bitcoin And I actually despite the fact that he Says some things that I think are off The Rocker like I admire the conviction This guy has at least in terms of Continually purchasing Bitcoin Regardless of price and at the time Since prices been moving up they're Actually up on their investment for but For a long time they were down and uh he Was getting Rak over the coals and in The news and just media in general uh But he's definitely a maximalist like he He's the type of person that will say Such ridiculous stuff such as you know What's the number two cryptocurrency and He if if you ask him that and I he has Been asked that he'll go there is no Number two Folks on your screen here is literally Number two it's but he just he's that Type of guy there it's Bitcoin that's it We don't need anything else okay why it Doesn't make anything it doesn't make

Any sense you know just never mind the Fact that Bitcoin is technologically Insufficient for so many reasons I don't Want to go off on a tangent on that in This video that's not the purpose of This video but here you can see he put Out a poll on social media platform X he Simply asked it's a very simple question Do you have enough Bitcoin You can answer yes or no 15.1% of Respondents clicked yes you have enough Bitcoin 84.9% responded no they don't have Enough Bitcoin now I clicked yes because I have enough Bitcoin I'm not interested In in in purchasing Bitcoin at this Particular juncture in time now fairly Recently I know within the last three Four five weeks whatever it's been I Actually did on a whim purchase some Bitcoin just because I keep earning Money it's got to go somewhere and but I Hadn't purchased Bitcoin in years and I'm ready for the market to just take Off so it's kind of like but even when I Bought it I was like well I've already Got enough but whatever just diversify a Little further in the world of crypto Whatever fine uh so I think I've got Enough I'm in the minority there so what If you ask the same question about xrp Though we'll take a look at this uh xrp Community member minus Wells asked the

Question do you huddle enough XR P 56.4% responded no 43.6% responded Yes now look again I I Just I want to reiterate whatever your Answer is I don't think you're some sort Of lunatic if you clicked whether you Clicked yes or no that's not my point But are you seeing how there's a Dramatic shift in the sentiment for the Bitcoin holders is anybody else seeing This I mean I just showed you the Numbers from the damn poll again Michael Sailor uh you know 84 4.9% think they Don't have enough uh Bitcoin but in the Xrp community here you know that number Would be 56.4 that's that's quite a big Difference it's practically in the Middle here in the xrp community and and Again there there's no right answer or Wrong that's that's not why I'm saying This but I think that the response to Michael sailor's poll about Bitcoin is An indication of how devout many Bitcoin Believers are Religious you know it's it seemed more As like a way of life and religion for Some of these people right there's a lot Of them that are just Maxi to the core Whereas you know xrp holders which is Why I much prefer to be engaging with The my fellow xrp community members xrp Holders tend to be more normal you know They tend to recognize xrp is an

Incredible investment Opportunity but it's that an investment Opportunity rather than a way of life or A Religion and there are almost zero xrp Maximalists on the entire planet how Many Bitcoin maximalists are there a Lot it's just a different type that's Why I say like am I in the Bitcoin Community I don't know maybe I don't Think about it that very frequently to Be honest with you I I'm definitely in The xrp community because I actively Engage with the community because I love Doing that it's a lot of fun going Through this journey together but do you Have enough xrp and by the way so my Answer Is uh yes I have enough xrp because it's My largest individual crypto holding I Was literally talking about this in a Video just yesterday by a lot it's my Largest individual crypto holding it's My favorite cryptocurrency it's the one That I have the strongest conviction in For so many reasons I've been Articulating on this channel for almost Five years now and I've been in the Space over six years Now and um I actually mentioned for the First time in a video yesterday not that It's some sort of big Seeker I just Happened to have not mentioned and also Like the size of my positions change

Depending on what the markets do doing And what have I purchased so this has Changed over the years But at current prices my xrp Holdings in Terms of like United States dollars it's Probably you know four or five times Bigger than my second place holding and My indiv my second place holding Individual cryptocurrency it is Bitcoin I Am pro Bitcoin I am long Bitcoin I'm Not that excited by it it's kind of a Boring cryptocurrency it doesn't do much It technologically insufficient but uh Look it's it it first mover Advantage Bro like it is what it is and you can Use the xrp ledger to patch it which has Been done and it works lightning network Not the best using The xrp Ledger as a Lay two even though it's technically a Lay one you can use it as though it's a Lay two fixes the problem of Bitcoin you Can have instantaneous transactions it's Incredible you heard a spin the bits I've been talking about it a lot on this Channel over the last couple years in Particular so yeah I'm Pro bitco Coin I just don't like the cult Factor Around all this that's that's all that I'm getting here so xrp is my favorite Holding and I've got so I haven't bought Xrp in over three years because I bought So much I decided I had a problem and You can probably see by the fact that I'm telling you it even now at the

Suppressed prices um you know it's four To five times bigger than my next Biggest holding which is Bitcoin so you Can see I might have went a little hard In the paint as they say you know what I'm saying my conviction in xrp is very Very real very very Real um it's just a difference here and You guys will have to let me know what You Think um in terms of um what's what's Happening with with Bitcoin I'm just Going to be brief on this I don't feel The need to uh go in depth at this but If you're kind of wondering what might Be happening in the short term with Bitcoin price action of course nobody Ever technically knows for sure but I'll Tell you what a credible crypto is one Of my favorite analysts out there for a Reason he's typically right Directionally what's going to happen Especially you talk about the short-term Stuff he's got quite the hit rate here And he speaks in terms of probabilities And sometimes the improbable happens so Of course I I get that but uh he noted In a recent video with almost 17 minute Video if you want the specifics go just Go to his profile on X um because I I Don't want to regurgitate ta I do as Little of that as possible on my channel That's not what this channel is for um But he noted that he actually does think

That Bitcoin uh may be moving down to 35,500 bucks uh which actually is like Down to 35,000 tell somebody that a year Ago like oh it's going to go down to That whoa that sounds awesome you know It's all about perspective right uh but He noted ultimately so like yes he Thinks that's not guaranteed but most Likely so we could in re in the coming Days see some serious negative price Action I say serious it's it's all Subjective and Relative but I just wanted to note even If that happens it's not a freakout type Of scenario he he thinks that this is Probable and we do ultimately see a big Move to the upside shortly thereafter And he still does believe that we're Going to be seeing a new alltime high For Bitcoin this year now with each Passing day that becomes less likely but Sometimes the minority opinion which he Does have here it's the minority opinion That it'll happen this year sometimes it Happens so let's just see what happens And even if he's wrong on this one he's Right about like I said much more than He's Not and then there's this and I'm a big Fan of Dan Morehead here you know again He's the guy that founded panta Capital In the world's first United States based Bitcoin hedge Fund so here's the headline panta

Capitals Dan Morehead forecast Bitcoin Bull market cycle says current rally Should last till November 2025 so folks If this is correct and there's no Guarantee I will tell you what we're About to have a fun two years which we Freaking deserve because the last few Years have kind of been crap for xrp Holders because of the SEC large we Missed the the last Bull Run effectively Fine xrp moved in t with Bitcoin but it Was Shackled down and only reached a Size two bucks that sucks donkey balls That absolutely sucks but we go and get Ours if this Market really is going to Take off and we're going to see these Heights you know it's not that every day Is going to be you know a moon mission But let's appreciate the the day up we Deserve to celebrate when we get them Even if they're not that big but then Especially when we do get the big ones Uh we're going to be Pop and champ like it's it's like let's Let's actually have some fun with it's Okay to celebrate and have fun folks I Promise you it Is uh but but he's I I find Dan Mo to be Rather insightful here he's somebody That's absolutely worth worth listening To and people do listen to him for good Reason so let's see if he's right um and Not that he's going to be no no well no He is right about everything and um you

Know he does talk about you know Market Cycles And what leads to them and you know let Me just go through the article Because I don't pretend to know it's Going to happen I I note that obviously There has been for real this fouryear Cycle more or less like that's just data So that's not disputable there's a Question of what's caused that though Anyway piece reads as follows crypto Veteran Dan Morehead says Bitcoin is in A bull market and is laying out a Timeline for how long it could last in a New open letter to investors Morehead Who oversees $4.2 billion worth of Assets at panta Capital says that Bitcoin's market Cycles are near nearly Alien in their Similarity Morehead says Bitcoin Supply And distribution model is based on Predictable and transparent principles Set forth by its synonymous Creator Satoshi Nakamoto he says the rules of Bitcoins having when minor rewards are Slashed in half roughly every four years Have created pronounced Cyclicality which has created a pattern That suggests that the current bull Market will last until about November 1st 2025 just under 2 years from now and he Said quote the table below shows these Cycles the rhythm is amazingly steady

The rallies are within 23 days of the 1,76 day average bull market 2.95 years Uh same tightness on the downside bare Markets end within 24 days of the 382 Day average 1.05 Years if p performance was a predictor Of the future the rally would last until November 1st 2025 the symmetry of these fouryear Blocks is simply amazing end quote so That is data the question is is this Truly because of the H and I'm not Convinced that that really particularly Matters I mean certainly in terms of Supply and demand it's a big nothing it Has to be at this point over 19 million Of the 21 million Max supply of Bitcoin Have already been mined so almost all of It's already there so if you cut in half The new Supply which is already almost Nothing then cut into half something That's almost nothing then it's even More almost nothing so what what impact Is that meaningfully going to have most Of the Bitcoin that'll end up uh getting Bought by people it's not going to be Coming from the miners it's going to be Coming from the existing Supply duh so It the whole the whole having thing I Think it's overblown And I Just I I just it looks to me more so That what the reason we've seen these Fouryear cycles that look at what's

Happened with stocks Bitcoin broadly has Just followed that like to me that just Makes more sense and it's just it it is It's kind of weird but it's true like It's it is a coincidence that there's Any sort of you know notable lineup Having to do with the having here but it Looks like there's a stronger Correlation actually with what happens With stocks and my fellow extra YouTuber The blockchain backer has has has laid That out he's laid out that case in Great Detail but either way the the the the Rest of the point isn't lost on me here If we are to see a repeat this is what It looks like peace continues in a Previous letter to investors earlier This year Morehead said that the stock And bond markets were overvalued and That crypto and blockchain assets were Set to outperform traditional financial Asset classes quote we talk to asset Allocators all the time if you're Thinking of putting money to work in FS I think that's pretty dangerous real Estate is coming off all-time highs Equities are overvalued that does leave A couple of asset classes like real Commodities and blockchain assets Blockchain is a trillion dollar asset Class most institutions have essentially Zero exposure right now I believe they Should dial it up to a couple percent

End quote Yeah and we're likely to see More of that especially as you get a Eventually probably multiple spot Bitcoin ETFs ultimately approved here so No gu guantes in life here obviously but If this is to unfold my God we're going To have a fun two years it's still November 2023 if this goes to you begin Roughly beginning of November 2025 oh Man we G to have some fun times together You and me all right we're finally going To get ours because you know if Bitcoin Is going to go ballistic in this time Period And if it's going to hit a new All-time high which it will you know as Far as hitting into alltime high to me That's a virtual inevitability it's just Got like a question of of timing and I I Don't pretend to know and I don't make Price predictions but my strong Suspicion is the answer is yes and when That happens ultimately xrp finally Since it's Unshackled it has the legal Clarity it's going to go ballistic and I It's Just it's it's just I'm I'm very patient I I I don't I never feel impatient about This I'm you know and I I do mean that I'm just I'm I'm actually pretty good About that like I just it's not the case For Everybody but Um still in terms of excitement because I firmly believe this is what's coming

It just it reminds me of like the Concept of being five year old five Years old on Christmas Eve you know what I mean you know what's coming right you Know it's coming and it's Exciting so I'm patient I am ready for It to to unfold though you know I am Like I'm ready cuz it Just I just and and look at May if if I'm wrong I'm wrong but I just my Conviction it couldn't be more genuine And I know I get it sometimes even People with strong conviction can be Wrong but I look at data I use logic and Reason I look at all of this and the I Understand the psychology of humans inv Like all this Stuff and it's just it's hard to believe That there's this is a world we live in Where there would never be a new All-time high for xrp the best we saw Was January 4th 2018 and despite the Fact that since the million of people Have jumped in holding xrp millions of New xrp wallets legal Clarity all of This and the market moving in tandem all This still even in 2023 and you're Telling me xrp is never going to hit a New alltime high in Enterprise Discovery That's just an absurdity to me which is Why I say I think we're going to be Having some fun here just a matter of Time folks so do you have enough xrp let Me know in the comment section below I'm

Not a financial advisor you should not Buy or sell anything because of anything I say right that would be a very very Very bad idea until next time to the Moon Lambo


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