XRP WILL BE Part Of The 100X EXPANSION Of The Crypto Asset Class

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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel here's a headline from the Crypt Basic xrp poised for impact Ripple Director says crypto industry set to Expand 100x invest in infrastructure and I'll tell you just my personal opinion Xrp is absolutely going to be a part of That 100 fold expansion and even if You're specifically looking at the Market cap for the entire crypto asset Class it's minuscule it's it's a Rounding error a little over 1 trillion At the time I'm recording it's 1.4 Trillion And I remember saying when I started This channel almost 5 years ago back When the market cap was whatever it was Less than 200 billion I said at some Point in the future it'll reach a Trillion and then it'll be a Multi-trillion dollar market cap for the Asset class which has happened it Happened last Market cycle and it's Fallen back down but I also said even Back then at some point we're going to Have an asset class that's over1 Trillion and I don't think it's Unreasonable to suppose that at some Point it could be over $100 trillion We're at the beginning phases of this And those cryptocurrencies that solve Real world problems will have staining Power and I think it's pretty clear that There's a lot of people U me and

Probably you listening to this that have Strong conviction that xrp is going to Be a gigantic part of this it's actually Useful so it's not just going to get Discarded what will happen is more People will discover what we have Already discovered we're just among the Earliest of humans to figure this out And then Money Follows the quality xrp Is quality um but I also want to share With you an update here yeah actually Look tell you the headline here uh clear Runway opens for all uh for all Bitcoin ETF approvals in January uh say analysts And look this I've said many times I Acknowledge this is something that could Be a buy the rumor sell the news thing But that would just be initially because The impact of approval for a spot Bitcoin ETF will materially impact the Supply and demand Dynamics for Bitcoin Which is positive for the entire asset Class instance xrp follows the rest of The asset class A spot Bitcoin ETF Arguably would be better for xrp than Bitcoin because we'll get a greater Multiplier effect when it runs but uh But before going further I do want to be Clear I do not have a financial Background of any kind I am not offering Financial advice and you definitely Should not buy or sell anything because Of anything I say or right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoy making YouTube

Videos about crypto related topics but Just as a hobby and just for fun at the Time I'm recording this xrp is 61 cents Bitcoin 37,8 184 bucks Now yesterday afternoon Bitcoin actually Did break above $38,000 briefly got up to according to Livecoin watch $ 38,3 42 pretty notable Resistance there and drop back down into The upper 37,000 then this morning it broke above 38,000 again got up to ultimately $ 38,41 and then dropped below yet again Strong resistance right and it's still Positive to see but what's going to Happen here is it going to go lower well According to Credible crypto we should Expect potentially a move to the Downside nothing crazy we're not talking Like lower lower 30,000 we're not Talking upper 20 something thousands uh But he in part wrote The Following while Sharing this Bitcoin USD chart and I'll Note this was uh in the early evening Yesterday 5:52 p.m. central Time that's My time zone anyway 5:52 p.m. yesterday Uh initial rejection here but would not Be surprised to see us push back up one More time to take those equal highs Before the real flush down begins and That ultimately did happen as noted in This post equal highs is taken uh from This morning 454

A.m. and he's he's warning you know you Could potentially see a flush down to as Low as what we'll just call it roughly What 30 I think what he saided here Actually 36,600 as a first major downside Target So I just wanted to put this out there So if that happens it's not something That we should be freaking out about he Actually thinks that this would be a Healthy move to the downside and if you Want all the rationale if you want the Technical analysis just go to his page On social media platform X he has a Video I watched it I think it's like 12 Or 13 minutes he posted it last night Sharing his thoughts on this I just I Sometimes I'll give explanation from a TA perspective when certain analysts Share that but I try and keep that to a Minimum because I just like there there Are channels that are designed for that That's just not what I'm primarily Interested in I am interested just like The rest of you in in the overall Opinion of what these analysts thinks But I just don't want to be Regurgitating ta it's just not what I do I don't have a strong enough interest in The TA stuff I'm more of like uh a guy That just wants to invest and hold and Not do anything like I mean I've been my Strategy my personal strategy pretty Clear here but I love since I skin the

Game I love following the stuff and I Love covering the news and all that Jazz um then there's this from coin Telegraph clear Runway opens for all Bitcoin ETF approvals in January Analysts and look unless you think that These products from these major firms Like Black Rock which is the largest Asset manager on the planet with 10 Trillion assets under management unless You think that product these products Are going to fail these these Bitcoin ETF products then it will have a Material impact on the global price of Bitcoin and well the entire asset class As a result over especially over a long Period of time I do not believe that Even even if you get a big burst I don't Believe that that's a sign that all of The money just Flo in that would be a Sign of excitement and then you may see A correction to the downside but this Would still be very positive and there Are are analysts at Bloomberg that track This stuff for a living and they Actually do think that we're about to See this so it will be fun like when we Get the news there will probably be a Burst up to the upside to some degree Before a correction and we we can it'll Be party time and fine when it comes Back down everybody's going to get sad Again but I'm not because I understand That that that means the floodgates have

Opened regardless of the initial Exuberance this is fantastic for us Piece reads as follows Bitcoin spot Exchange traded funds in the United States now have a clear Runway to Potential simultaneous approvals after An advanced decision to delay the bids Of Franklin Templeton and hash deex ETFs According to analysts in a November 28th X poost formerly Twitter Bloomberg ETF Analyst James sefort said the United States Securities and Exchange Commission delayed its decision on the Applications 34 days earlier than the January 1st 2024 decision deadline the SEC requested comments on forms by Franklin Templeton and hash teexs that Are necessary for the ETFs to eventually Be listed and start trading the comment And rebuttal period will last 35 days Now Seaford and his colleague Eric Belunas had placed 90% odds on spot Bitcoin ETF approvals by January 10th 2024 and the twin delay delays quote all But confirm for me that this was likely A move to line up every applicant for The potential approval by the January 10th 2024 deadline end quote and that a Quote from Sefor so uh you know my initial guess Within the last few months is that black Rock will get approved first and then my Second guess if that didn't happen is That a bunch would get approved

Altogether but I will tell you uh since Then reading additional developments I'm Less confident that it will only be Black Rock because I've been observing U Perspective from a number of an people In the know including uh leaders at Firms that have applied for these Applications and what we're hearing from Them is that they're getting real Conversations real questions real Feedback from the SEC and it's not just Black rock so there's that and then There's this news today stating hey Here's another piece of proof that says It looks like not guaranteed but looks Like the SEC is trying to line up all These applications and why would they do This if not to to launch them all at Once so perhaps my first guess was wrong And I'm less convinced of it at this Point it seems like it actually may be More probable based on new information Uh that that they may have just approve A bunch all at once so and there's Always possibility that nothing gets Approved with this current round we'll Know by March of this year um I'd be Surprised I I really would just based on The behavior like what are we supposed To think so the They're not taking this seriously now But they're materially behaving Differently than at any point in history Like why wouldn't I take that as a sign

That they're probably going to make a Move here that is Approval seriously I I got to ask that Because I know there are people and That's fine I respect people have Different opinions of course I don't Care but why would you believe it's not More probable why wouldn't you believe It is more probable that this would get Approved since there is material Difference in SEC Behavior compared to The Past they' never acted like this and The genuine questions and what looks Like lining up of all these application Never done this before Ever so it looks to me like that's What's most probable at this point in Time and if it doesn't happen well They're just going to get like a crazy Number of lawsuits against them from all Sorts of firms probably including Black Rock so I don't think that's what's most Probable anyway peace continues balunis Agreed posting to X that the SEC was Quote prob looking to get them out of The way clear Runway end quote and then There was a a post from Joe carer koser I'm not sure to say that but he's a Commercial litigator is indicated here Very well known in the world of crypto And he simply wrote the Franklin Bitcoin Spot ETF comment period now extends Until January 3rd the SEC typically Reviews comments for at least two to

Three weeks therefore although not Guaranteed this increases the Probability of a March approval January Is is still likely the favorite though So we'll see what happens everybody's Thinking based on actual Behavior not Just wild speculation I mean we are Speculating but this isn't just crazy Wild speculation based on real world Events that this is what's most probable We'll find out together maybe nothing Happens but I think something's going to Happen that's that's my guess for Fun all right uh then there's this xrp Poise for impact Ripple director says Crypto industry set to expand 100x Invest in infrastructure and I just want To cover part of this article because I I just and the reason I wanted to cover This is just to highlight and this is Coming from uh somebody that's higher up At Ripple it's just an indication that We are early we are among the first to To adopt crypto uh most people don't Believe what we believe but I also know That they haven't done even the tiniest Bit of research they just have their Skepticism and the skepticism is fine Like that's healthy if you come into Crypto and you're you're not being a Skeptic by default I I question the way At which you approach the world you Should be a skeptic by default so I Don't mind that it's just it's more

Curious that some people if they're Aware of it and they're Skeptics and They don't look into it that's Unfortunate because there's so much Genuine opportunity here and we have Found it obviously with xrp that's what We believe broadly speaking right or Else we wouldn't be Here uh so um there was U Navin Gupta and uh what's that Ripple's Managing director for the Middle East in South Asia um he was speaking at an Event here and um I want to cover part Of this article like I said which reads As follows uh the Ripple meanwhile the Ripple Middle East managing director Shared that payments are taking a back Seat at Ripple he revealed the company Is now expanding its focus on a myriad Of emerging opportunities in the crypto Space according to him Ripple Traditionally known as an Enterprise Crypto Payment Solutions company is now Positioning itself as a comprehensive One-Stop shop for institutions delving Into crypto currencies Gupta explained That Ripple is actively developing Solutions to cater to various needs of Institutions whether it be tokenization Payments or custody the aim is to become The go-to platform for institutions Seeking to leverage crypto for diverse Purposes and there's a clip shared by my Fellow xrp YouTuber crypto

Eddie uh ultimately Gupta concluded the Panel discussion with a strategic piece Of advice for investors in his vision The crypto industry would become 100 Times bigger in the coming years he drew An analogy to the Gold Rush era Highlighting the Timeless importance of Infrastructure gup just stated that Those who provide essential tools and Platforms such as Ripple will Thrive and He said quote don't worry about where Digital assets are going invest in picks And shovels you can't go wrong with that End quote Yeah and and what he said in The actual video clip which I watched he Said that it' be you know 50 to 100 Times bigger The the entire industry and and still Like what do you think this means for People who are investing in in crypto Early you know with with about 4% of Humans having ever invested in any Crypto and um or actually that figure Was for for Bitcoin I should say that Specifically although it's probably About the same thing because almost Everybody buys Bitcoin first I'm a Weirdo I didn't buy Bitcoin first but uh But say about 4% and then way less of Way less than 1% of humans have ever Purchased xrp that's the best Approximation that I can come to based On all available data and you can't know Exactly for a number of reasons which

I've talked about in the past but Suffice it to say I think we could all Readily agree it's almost nobody that Owns xrp but we're right about this Right there are millions of us that have Come to the conclusion that it makes Sense to hold xrp at some point in time Over the past near decade at this point There's a lot of people here Now so this thing takes off it's it's Just I'm telling you there's so little Money in it right now and yeah I know Xrp's a large cap but there's almost no Money in in most large cap coins you Know there's less opport there's not Much opportunity for Bitcoin at this Point unless you're really going to hold It a very long time and then maybe okay Sure if it if it continues to be number One in market cap which it may but Otherwise you know it it's kind of funny To think because way in the future a Small cap Crypto might be considered you know what The market cap of xrp is today because Xrp is a market cap today of $32 billion Roughly and that's a large cap but in The future that might look like a tiny Cap when the asset class is tens of Trillions of dollars because like you're Going to have individual coins with Multi- trillion dollar market caps and I Don't see why xrp wouldn't be up there With it unless something materially

Changes xrp represents value and money Flows to where the value is so that's What I'm saying so when you hear a Ripple executive say yeah 100x yep that Yeah that doesn't sound Bonkers in the Least and he said for the entire crypto Industry so we could be referencing Other things but either way even if You're talking about U companies Operating in the space all right doesn't Matter we're super early there's true Opportunity for life-changing wealth This is not some sort of pipe dream it's Just that most people um Man so many people just can't control Their Emotions it's just so many people are Going to squander this but the Opportunity is there for the everyday Person like you and me like we're just Regular people It is a real Thing so that's why I sit here and do Nothing I just I ignore the noise you Know at least I I don't let it get to me Like well okay so technically I pay Attention into and that I take in the Information just because I'm in the know I want to be aware of what's going on But I don't let it get to me in any sort Of way I just want to be Aware but uh no it's best to just not Have emotions when it comes to investing

You know do your which is easier said Than done I get that but that's the Truth I'm not a financial adviser you should Not buy your sell anything because of Anything I say or right that would be a Very very very bad idea until next time To the Moon Lambo


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