Ripple 2024 IPO Prediction , XRP Tokenization & Massive Restructuring

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Ignition sequence starts 6 5 4 3 2 1 Zero lift off we have a Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor and the holidays Have already begun my my uh kids are out Of school and I'm already tired of Listening to my 11-year-old sit around The house and whine so I made him leave Made him go now Linda Jones is Clarifying something she says thank you For quoting me correctly many articles Are saying I'm predicting an IPO in May What I said was if Ripple goes public Soon my first Target date would be May 15th if not then my next Target is 2025 I not saying they will I'm saying if They do miday would likely be the most Opportune time okay now um just a Reminder folks because it is a lot of These it's just a matter of time a lot Of these people I think are going to try To catch the IPO window when this all Opens back up I think that's probably What link to is thinking is probably What a lot of these companies are Thinking that have been Building for a long time and ripple is Certainly no different and there all These things are on the link to platform Who is one of my sponsors just as a Reminder go check it out now I I think I Can't remember but I think I may have Played this clip before but I wanted to Play it for you again and then I wanted

To play you something I've played in the Past to let to to bring it all together In your mind this is uh this guy Bren Brendan Barry name is Brandon Barry and This is crypto from Ripple so digital assets not only can But are being used in the real world Today I'm not going to get through all The different examples of that within The short period of time but when I Think of why there three main reasons That really hit on it for me one is Digital assets allow for transferability Proof of ownership as well as Availability transferability proof of Ownership told you a th we don't have to Hear anymore and he's talking about how Things are going to be tokenized and all I believe that we're going to have a new Gold standard I also believe that gold Is going to be put on a ledger now if I Was betting my money I would say The xrp Ledger would be perfect for that we've Talked about this before um this is how Bad it is now that I have no Twitter Account or X account I believe whoever Did it if they did it intentionally it Was for the purpose of getting rid of my Library of information because now I Have to play it from YouTube um this is A tweet I had put out this Linda Jones Had had a conversation with Jimmy Valley Listen you know what if you reset the Economy back to a gold standard type

Analysis and the implied price of gold Based on the debt at that time was uh it Was about $35,000 half so it was it was this Thought of you could see the G7 come Together right and shake hands on a deal Where their central banks will start Trading gold again and and supporting Their own National currencies with a on A gold standard just like Russia has Done right but that they wouldn't it was Too Cumbersome uh in a in in the world we Live in today to be putting you know Tons of of gold on military aircraft and Shipping them back and forth between Countries to s in other words what he's Saying is xrp could solve that Transportability problem boom Bingo look at crypto bull he he he's Another one of the official lightning Rods of the digital asset investor Channel he loves reposting this chart Right here and every time I see it it Reminds me of everything that we've been Through every time I see this chart it Reminds me cuz I was there remember I Was there all the way from back Here I I remember when I first got in This and um and when it was like this And then when this happened I was like Okay maybe I was wrong woke up again Sometime right in here and realized I Had not been wrong and then I started

Studying this thing again and then all Of a sudden 2000 Um 2008 late 2017 2018 happens and then My channel was born um somewhere in here And since that time I have done I have Watched all of the corruption and the Lawsuits and the trying to stop Rippling Xrp and for that reason and because we We have fought the good fight and won The Fights this is what I believe our future Is not a question in my Mind okay John de uh he's summ he's Talking about this Joel cat's tweet the Net effects uh projects are being given Three pieces of legal advice avoid Anything that would give us Regulators Jurisdiction avoid truthful disclosure Of future plans avoid perception that You're making efforts John Deon says Great summary I'd put he he's adding a Number four under no circumstances are You to cooperate with or talk to anyone At the SC C if they ask for your Business name or address refer them to Your attorney if you get a subpoena Don't immediately comply instead call Your attorney here's H Hester Pierce she Is saying here that the SEC that that Congress is stepping in suggesting that The xrp that the SEC is not going to be The primary regulator now we're in a bit Of a an awkward position because Congress has expressed a clear interest

In in stepping into to this space and Has suggested that maybe the SEC will Not be the primary regulator for much of This stuff and so it's a little bit Harder to do now um but I think whatever We do or Congress does the point should Be let's bear in mind what the objective Is which is to make sure there's enough Information out there for people to make Decisions about what they want to do but Also to preserve the ability of people To innovate and think about how to do Things in new ways not to try to force Everything that's happening in the Crypto world into the traditional Finance Mo mold which is not necessarily The best mold for all of these things so I hope that um we'll turn over a new Leap in this area and and take a fresh Start why is anybody still taking any of These people serious and inviting them To these crypto conferences they've lost They don't have any credibility left and That includes her she hasn't done Jack Squat for this industry other than issue Opinions letters of her opinion and Dissents and everything but what has she Done nothing she could have blown the Whistle on all this and blown it Sky High never forget That look at this Justin City Group Announces layoffs for 300 senior manager Roles or 10% of all workers at that that Level this is the beginning of a massive

Restructuring of the bank the Restructuring will reportedly result in Tens of thousands of positions Eliminated yet another sign of layoffs Spreading beyond the tech sector job Cuts have officially started today This will be dominoes like no other Folks get ready strap in make sure look Here's what I'm doing make sure you have Plenty of cash or I'm making sure I have Plenty of cash I'm making sure that I Have gold I'm making sure That anyway you know the drill you've Heard me on this channel a thousand Times um okay um I want to show you this Before before we go into the private Group this was an opportunity for President B and think about this is such Nonsense the these are this is a Communist Dictatorship I can't say that I I'm I'm Forgetting myself here Folks might even have to cut that out Here for YouTube but this this outfit Right here we can talk about this Further in the group but I'll let you Listen out here to what she said anyway We appreciate you joining us I wanted to Start uh with that meeting and what your What your impressions were going into it But also what your impressions were Really coming out of It well um clearly this was an Opportunity for President Biden and

President shei um to deepen their Communication to um try to make some Concrete progress on uh things we can Work on together coming out of the bilat Uh there was an important agreement Concerning working on fentel which is Killing 100,000 Americans a year and Importantly military to military direct Uh Communication which had lapsed and is Extremely important President Biden Expressed the importance of um avoiding Conflict that we want healthy Competition but want to avoid conflict And president shei certainly agreed with That approach uh both presidents um Expressed concerns over uh some economic Uh policies and actions of the other but Importantly uh there was a recognition That we have an opportunity to work Together on things of mutual concern and Concern to the globe uh things like she Is such a joke folks I'm going to talk I'm going to tell you what I really Think about that clip as we go into our Group but the main thing I'm talking About in our group is this I'm going to Talk I'm going to tell you I'm going to Show you the bizarre story and it is Bizarre this is tether to me is one of The most not just tether but so much More the the bizarre part of crypto That's being allowed while they go after The good actors the bizarre part of it

And boy this is very bizarre and dark Too we're going to talk about it in the Group that's at D Um and you of course you the people in The group they know what I think about What J Janet Yellen um just said I'm the Digital asset investor I'm not an Investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family D xrp if you Want to hear the truth the whole truth And the completely uncensored truth and You get all my videos with no Commercials go to um it's well worth it just for The for no commercials if nothing else Okay


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