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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel there are so many reasons that Xrp just wins as one xrp pundit within Our community put it uh xrp may become And I quote one of the most liquid Assets on earth end quote and you'll see Why by the end of this video and and Look I want to say this too at the Outset I don't solely count on Ripple to Drive the price of xrp in fact for you Know for the nearly six years I've been In crypto I haven't expected Ripple to Drive the price of xrp in any meaningful Way you know the fact of the matter is That Bitcoin is the greatest driver of Xrp price action however in a more Mature Market developer activity for any Cryptocurrency will be of critical Importance and as it turns out xrp has An abnormally high level of adoption and Utility it's completely Rare but um you know what the cool thing Is even if even if there were only one Use case for xrp just one that would be Enough to ensure long-term viability of Xrp because if something's useful humans Don't just throw it away just because There's only one thing it's useful for Of course Not and and so even with just what Ripple is doing that's enough for Long-term viability for xrp now of Course you know the more developers the Better the more use cases the better

Because more Developers will attract More attention and obviously more money Over time of course that's a no-brainer But I State this to make the broad point That xrp is clearly here to stay because It it it solves problems today there are So many reasons that xrp just wins but Before going further because I do want To break down some of the stuff that's Come out of Ripple swell event um I I do Want to be clear I do not have a Financial background of any kind I am Not offering Financial advice and you Definitely should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say or Right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys Making YouTube videos about crypto Related topics but just as a hobby and Just for fun now I do want to point out At the time that I'm recording this xrp Is 69 cents and there's been this Theory I mentioned this in my last video but Since I'm talking about swell more in Depth in this video I want to at least Give a blurb on this uh the price of xrp It it has not to this point anyway been Impacted by swell in any detectable way There's a lot of Suspicion by many People in the community and I'm not one Of the people I was pushing back again This narrative but there are a lot of People in the community saying xrp's Been climbing it's because of Ripple Swell and so I dug in to you know 6

Years worth of data and and and showed That actually that only happened one of Those years it was in 2018 xrp ran up And then when swell started and news Broke that xrapid was launching using Xrp as a bridge currency then the price Started going back down because the Price was already baked into that rumor But we didn't see that any other year And we're not seeing it this year it's a False narrative that I keep seeing year After after year after year ah swell Pumps the price of xrb I keep hearing it But I was like does it really cuz it Never seemed to be true and so I looked In I dug into the data and it's never Been the case except for in 2018 so Could it still plummet it could is that The most probable thing to occur no We've got six data points that's enough To show a trend of no it happened one Time it was an outlier if anything at This point so if it does happen yes I'll See the point but you know even leading Up to this event what is most reasonable To to suppose now that you have the data Is it most reasonable to suppose that The price would would actually ramp up Purely because of this and crater back Down well I I would argue no and we've Just seen xrp move sideways here which Is Fantastic and and frankly even aside From the news there are so many analysts

Out there that were calling for this Type of activity not based on news or That swell was going to occur not Because of that they just saw it in the Charts and wouldn't you know the Analysts so many of them happen to see At the same time it did happen xrp moved To the upside and then the narrative at Hand it's applied as the reason for oh Wow Ripple swell that's got to be it Well then why isn't it dumping now buy The rumor sell the news right and look If it does and I'm wrong fine and I'll Highlight that but I still don't think It's the most probable thing to believe Going in because we have six data points And it happened once that's all I'm Saying um but take a look at this here's A headline from coin Telegraph this is One of the bigger pieces of news uh to Break today HSBC Taps ripples Medico to Launch security token custody now just As a quick Refresher Um Ripple bought Medico for $250 million This news broke in May of 2023 there's a Headline on your screen from Reuters Indicating as much and so Ripple's Basically just taking over the world Anything having to do with the flow of Value uh on the Webber Nets yeah Ripple's got Ripple's got a piece of it Effectively and so they're doing custody For HSBC one of the largest banks on the

Entire in terms of Assets um I looked it up before Recording and it's it was approaching I Think $3 trillion I want to say it's Absolutely massive here Ripple's got Their mits on this through Medico Because they own Medico now but but Anyway so check this out major global Banking company HSBC plans to launch an Institutional custody platform for Tokenized securities also known as Security tokens HSBC has partnered with Ripple owned Tech firm Medico to Integrate its institutional platform Harmonize with hsbc's new custody Service for digital assets The Firm Announced on November 8th the bank Expects to roll out the new digital Asset custody service in 2024 Complimenting its digital asset issuance Platform known as HSBC oion and HSBC Offering for uh for tokenized physical Gold launched on November 1st of 2023 Together the services form a complete Digital asset offering for hsbc's Institutional clients The Firm said all Right and so to be clear here this Doesn't this specifically anyway doesn't Have anything to do with xrp so this is The slightly less exciting piece I'm Going to get to what I think is the more Exciting piece right after this so it Doesn't have anything to do with custody Of like Bitcoin or xrp or picker

Cryptocurrency but I wanted to highlight This because again it's Ripple getting Their Ms on something gigantic and again It was announced at well today and it's Also completely in line with what so Many of us in the xrp community have Been talking about for well over half a Decade at this point people are talking About this concept um certainly at least Dating back to the roughly the point When I jumped into crypto which is you Know in an increasingly liquid World an Increasingly tokenized world where Everything under the sun is tokenized You know and stocks would be an obvious One um and there are other things as Well but the point is you can see based On directionally where they're going Here yes that's exactly what they're Doing here U and and so then if you're Increasing the velocity of value moving Around the planet and since you're not Going to have markets uh you know for Every single trading pair that could Possibly exist on every single platform You just you can't do that there Wouldn't be enough volume to justify it You're always going to need to Bridge And there's always going to be a need For a jurisdiction L cryptocurrency like Xrp that's blazing fast and and is Basically free for transactions because I mean you might as well round down to Zero that's how cheap xrp is to move

It's a fraction of a penny and it's Instantaneous so there's always going to Be a position for something like that And so I think this is more so part of The bigger picture of just moving Forward getting closer to that world That we in the RP Community have seen Coming four years and that's what Ripple's been fighting for it's it's What they call the internet of value and And this is just another piece of it and So even though they're not articulating That xrp would be uh you know tying the Stuff together look at what's happening Here but there is specific xrp related News here uh in fact there was a this is A from Ripple's website their insites Blog Series this piece came out today Ripple payments reaches New Heights That's what they titled this and they Wrote The Following time and time again Traditional payment rails have fallen Short and businesses have continued to Turn the modern solutions to fill these Gaps more than 80% of global Finance Leaders say they are likely to begin Using digital Assets in their business In the next three years and so folks of Course we're directionally going to keep Going that way I mean it's it's just Going to become the norm to have stuff Bridged by cryptocurrencies in the I Think the one that's going to most Frequently be used would be xrp because

It makes sense in the most instances It's it's not backed by something like a Fiat currency it just has an open market Price so you don't have that Counterparty risk um but covering this Further there is this article from coin Telegraph Ripple Ona partner for new Payment corridors for Africa UK Australia and Gulf Ripple will power new Payment corridors between 27 African Countries and Australia the United Kingdom and the gulf cooperation Council Or GCC for short under a deal with African mobile payments provider onaf Onck will use Ripple Payments blockchain Technology along with three partnering Companies zazi transfer will provide Transfer services for Australia pay Angel will serve the UK and pipel I Don't know how it's supposed to be Pronounced py ypl will serve GCC member States Bahrain Kuwait Oman Qatar Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and So I don't need to read the whole Article but I wanted to point out here That xrp is absolutely um being used Here so ultimately the xrp is being used As a bridge current say what's happened Is we've seen that uh Ripple has stepped Away from the on demand liquidity Branding but they're absolutely still so Like the the functionality is still There no none of that Chang so we don't Have to worry about that the use case

Obviously works and the adoption of that Has been increasing obviously uh but That's it's just it's it's another it's Further Testament to the validity of This particular use case and like I said At the outset of the video as long as There's at least one use case for a Cryptocurrencies if if it's valuable for For businesses for that use case what They going to stop using it it's making Their business models possible reducing Costs helping their clients and they're Just going to stop using well no and That's why the neat thing is there are So many use cases for xrp but again even If there were just one it's still good We we're we're still money here right um Here's what Ripple's president Monica Long had to say in a post on social Media platform x a crypto utility starts With payments and for the last decade Ripples focused on key components of Infrastructure liquidity off-ramps Tokenization custody and complaints Required for Enterprise grade payments Today we're unveiling an in toin Solution for just that this is an Evolution of our product where our Customers can tap into crypto utility Without having to be an expert in using This technology a single onboarding Experience with ripple managing the Endtoend flow to more move value at any Time as fast and low cost as possible

And as pointed out by um xrp Community Member Wrath of Conan who always does Awesome write-ups and and deep research On and what's going on with just xrp in General so a fair amount of it has to do With what Ripple's doing as well um you Know he noted here that there there are Remaining questions and see he stated Here quote broadly how does this differ From previous products end quote a good Question and so as Monica long stated This is an evolution of what more Broadly speaking has just been known as Rippl net including uh under demand Liquidity with xrp as a bridge currency Um so one thing that's obvious is They're making it more TurnKey they the Way they've you know articulated what They're doing yet that's clear as far as The nuts and bolts though there hasn't Been a lot to this point so presumably By the time swells over we're going to Know a bit more on that Front um but it's it's it just seems Along the lines of just making things More customer friendly and but you know Frequently this is the case and it's Fine they don't owe us anything but when It comes to the nitty Gertie and a lot Of the specifics we don't know it's it's Just they they make broad statements They're these generalized Concepts and Then we and it's fine because they don't Noce anything but we're left kind of

Wondering okay but how's the sausage Made what are the specifics and so That's why when Wrath of conman writes How does this differ from previous Products it hasn't been sufficiently Articulated but again this is breaking News so we'll see more could come out um Here you have Ripple employee Neil Hartner senior staff software engineer At Ripple working on Odl and he writes exciting news that Ripple will be leveraging The xrp Ledger Decentralized exchange for crossborder Payments this project has been a main Focus of mine this year and I'm hoping To share more technical details in the Future about why the xrp Ledger Decentralized exchange is an Awesome Fit For odl okay so that's perhaps the thing That caught my attention the most and I'm most curious about because obviously As everybody's well versed on at this Point uh The xrp Ledger has the world's First decentralized exchange ever it's Built in on layer one and they're now Utilizing that for OnDemand Liquidity so we'll see exactly what that Looks like again when it comes to how is The sausage made how does this link up What are the specifics don't know yet um But we'll be watching for that uh here's What um XR Community member Panos had to Say he does all sorts of awesome Writeups he he has a fantastic blog I've

Over the years covered all sorts of Various things from him in perspective And here's what he said about this for Me the biggest takeaway from this Announcement is The xrp Ledger Decentralized exchange integration Especially once the automated Market Maker is enabled this will directly Contribute to the decentralized exchange Volume and revenue for liquidity Providers Ripple could even become a Liquidity provider themselves for bigger Efficiency now folks that would be Interesting if it took a a different Form now they have offered their service Line of credit so they're they've been Offering xrp obviously so when he says Liquidity provider here I don't know if He must have uh in terms of mechanically What that means he probably has Something specific in mind because there Are all sorts of liquidity providers Market makers so on and so forth um So you know Ripple Ripple keeps the gear greased you Know what I'm saying so um in terms of What form this is going to take and what Panos might be Envisioning not completely clear but in Terms of The xrp Ledger decentralized Exchange being integrated with odl I Agree that's the thing that jumped out The most me too and he then said if that Happens and ripple use a portion of

Their xrp for the automated Market maker And various xrp fat stable coin pairs The xrp Ledger automated Market maker Decentralized exchange could become the Most liquid automated Market maker in The world and xrp itself could become One of the most liquid assets on Earth Really exciting times well tell you what If that happens that would be one step Closer to U pushing xrp into Global Reserve status once the dollar loses That status because that seems like a Virtual inevitability even if it doesn't Happen in my Lifetime uh but I don't need to get into A whole rant about the debasement of the Dollar in this particular hot Jam so what do you guys think what's the Hottest news here either way it's all Positive for xrp this is all fantastic Stuff here I'm not a financial adviser You should not buy your sell anything Because of anything I say right that Would be a very very very bad idea until Next time to the Moon Lambo


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