“XRP PRICE FLASHES 4 WARNING SIGNS” Crypto Media Outlet Reports

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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel and here's a very scary sounding Headline from Crypt media Outlet coin Telegraph xrp price flashes for warning Signs and this is coming out on a day Where xrp happens to be deviating to the Downside a bit more than most coins that I checked in the top 1050 by market cap Though not all there are some that are Actually doing worse um but still they Bringing out because look xrp it gets The clicks that so they they're happy to Put out their it's just I'm telling you Coindesk fine they're worse but over the Years coin Telegraph it they seem Gleeful to to put out at times anyway Gleeful to put out any news they can if There's a negative spin having to do With xrp and again for it to come on a Day like this I can't say I'm Particularly surprised but I want to Share with you that uh the analysis in This particular piece makes almost no Damn sense like almost all of it's trash If not all of it so I'm going to run Through some of this here and uh it's Just of course the timing of this you Know xrp price is down a bit more than Many other coins in the top 50 and they Like here's the time to come in and Scare those xrp some more it's Just no I'm I'm not a big fan of that And and by the way uh at the time I'm Recording this video it is 6:59 p.m.

Central Time uh Tuesday January 30th 2024 and uh Bitcoin ended up tanking a Bit And you know what's fascinating when Bitcoin tanked to the downside uh just a Couple hours or so ago xrp just kept Moving sideways for that moment for a While which is fascinating it's like Well XR xrp already went down for the Day then Bitcoin did and then xrp's like But I already did it and then it barely Dipped at all honestly I'll show you the Charts in a second here um but uh before Going further I do want to be clear I do Not have a financial background of any Kind I'm not offering Financial advice And you definitely should not buy or Sell anything because of anything I say Right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys Making YouTube videos about crypto Related topics but just as a hobby and Just for fun at the time that I record This video xrp is 51 cents it's down 4.27% over the last 24 hours uh Bitcoin's right at $43,000 down just 0.58% but uh I'll show you just how low It got just a couple hours ago and if You're looking at the screen you can see That it's it's a lot of red it's a sea Of red it's just a question of to what Degree and for many coins the answer is Not that much you know half a per 1% 1 And a half% but there are some coins That are doing worse for instance uh ICP

Is down 6.44% that might be one of the worst Ones inj down 6.54% and there are a bunch of other Ones like monero's down 4.57% U there are some that are up too Because again although the the asset Class moves in tandm it doesn't mean That every coin will perfectely move in Tandem down to the second the minute the Day the week so on and so forth so it Shouldn't be surprising that there will Be days where xrp is doing worse than Many others and then on the flip side There are days where it's doing better And I'm happy to report because there Have been a ton of those where xrp is Doing better it's been a ton of those Over the last decade or half a decade Plus that I've been running this YouTube Channel it it just is like that's just The name of the game that's just how This stuff goes but many of the coins Are down like 2 3 4% pretty normal and So xrp is a little bit lower than most Of them but it's not like it's some sort Of disaster scenario going on Here um and so here you can see Bitcoin Started tanking what do you want to call It you could say maybe 450 or so went to The downside pretty precipitously Bottoming out around and this is Central Time here my time zone say bottom out About 550 so a little over an hour ago

Then bounced up just a little tiny bit But consider you know within the last 24 Hours although bitcoin's at 43,000 it Has a 24-hour high of 43850 so you know it's it's down a bit And there's a reason that chart looks Like a damn clip and this just happened Here but what you'll see here now on a 24-hour chart for xrp so if you go back Down to the time uh what do we say 450 Or so is when that happened xrp barely Moved at all just basically moved Sideways it moved down a little bit and Then after Bitcoin started springing up Xrp did dip a little bit more but that Was independent of what uh Bitcoin was Doing and it's pretty much back where it Was Now 51 cents so it is what it is um There was this post from um chart Analyst crypto he's like well he his Attitude seems to be we should probably Expect this Frankly um and so he wrote The Following As mentioned xrp got the bounce to 54 Cents resistance and now selling off Like I said we are not bullish not until We can flip 54 cents so the fact that Ran up against 54 cents so it says chart Analyst cryptos we shouldn't be Surprised that it's facing some downward Price action at this particular moment Even if it's a hair worse than most of The other top 50 coins okay there's Nothing weird you guys you you do

Recognize there's nothing weird about What's happening with xrp because look I've seen all sorts of warnings that xrp Potentially could move down as low as You know 20 something Cent region 25 Cents 28 Cents so just consider this if xrp Falls To 25 cents or anywhere around there as Some have been warning and the rest of The market isn't tanking you know that Would mean that xrp would slip to number Nine in terms of market cap it has never Been that low in market cap in history In over 10 years it's never been that Low is this the moment that it happens Well I'm doubtful and I'm not sitting Here saying that it's impossible for xrp To get into the 20 something Cent range Though I'm not expecting it but I'm just Saying if it happens I find it highly Unlikely that it would happen in a Vacuum where it's just xrp moving to the Downside unless there was something Disastrous with I don't know we find Finally found a a hole in The xrp Ledger Code you know something there'd be Something disastrous outside of that if Xrp ever hits those prices ever again uh Isn't it way more likely that it's Because Bitcoin tanked to the downside Perhaps the answer is Yes and this brings us to this stupid Ass headline from coin Telegraph and I'm Going to rip this to shred because this

Is stupid St o p i d stupid the headline Again xrp price flashes for warning Signs now I'm not going to Pain you cause you pain by reading the Actual article it's on the screen if you Want to pause as I'm scrolling down you Can do that but I'm just going to sum This up for you so as to not waste your Valuable time here because I can do that Quicker than reading through all this Nonsense it's a bun of hoo-ha and horse Bucky if you ask Me but uh you know the crypto article Title again it sounds super scary and You know they uh they note that one of The reasons xrp price is flashing a Quotee unquote warning sign is because Uh this is hilarious is because there is No xrp ETF I kid you not that is one of Their four reasons I just scroll down if You want to stop and read the article Youve got it all there uh that's a Warning Sign I kid you not I Know I don't know if I even need to Explain why this is ridiculous but um Only Bitcoin has an ETF altcoins not Having an ETF is not a reason price Would go down right now not in January Of 2024 it's not like the market was Expecting an xrp ETF on January 30th and We got bad news that it's not happening Now that would be different there was no Expectation so the fact that it doesn't

Have that that's making the price go Down that that that's a factor that's a Warning sign this is like this is a Dumpster fire of an article this is some Hot ass garbage hot hot hot hot hot ass Garbage Doeses the author believe what he wrote I I can't like it's that ridiculous I Have to ask does he actually believe What he wrote or is he just one of these Anti xrp trolls is he a Bitcoin Max even All my mind is wondering wandering Because it just doesn't make any logical Sense you know and you know what you Know another thing they also note that Uh that Ripple is moving a massive Amount of xrp but you see this is Routine and it looks like the massive Quantity being referenced may have been Directed to On Demand liquidity partner Bit stamp a key Partner it's completely absur like and It it doesn't mean that the market even Gets flooded with with it like that's That's not exactly how this works and by The way the figure they were talking About it wouldn't be enough to have any I think it was like 27 million I'd have To go back and look it doesn't matter Whatever it was the point is it would be Such a tiny percentage of even 24-hour Volume that it wouldn't matter it Wouldn't register it's Stupid and they also note that xrp

Accounts that have between 100 million And 1 billion xrp are Decreasing so the theme there is whales Must be Selling but this is happening and by the Way that's not the largest here there's One billion plus they aren't selling but One of the segments it looks like it's Going down in the short term and again That's the bucket of accounts that have Between 100 million and 1 billion xrp Decreasing and there's not going to be That many accounts that have that Quantity of xrp there's not that many But you see and this is Interesting this is happening at the Exact same time that there is an Increase in xrp accounts that hold Between 10 million and 100 million xrp Which suggests a rebalancing of xrp so That's the bucket just under the 100 Million to 1 billion so that's going Down but what's going up at the exact Same moment in time the buckets of 10 Million and 100 million so it's going to Different accounts and being spread out That seems highly probable because again There aren't that many accounts that Have that much xrp the upwards of 1 Billion xrp so if you see that go down And at the same time you see the next Bucket in terms of size uh that that Goes up what do you think is Happening and but again these are all

Reasons those are reasons that they're Signing uh these are warning signs xrp's In trouble let's scare all the people on A day where xrp price is already a Little bit down let's scare the hell out Of these little xrp holders That's how they're taking this which I Just I I just there's a reason I'm Making this video slamming it because I Think it's nonsense and Garbage look to be honest with you this Article is useless it's absolutely Useless so again what you what's the Real reason xrp is down a bit as of the Time I'm recording this well to be Honest with you I don't think there is a reason it just Looks like normal volatility to me There's nothing weird about what's Happening with xrp price zip zil Nat we see days like this sometimes with Xrp or any coin including Bitcoin and Then we see the opposite where xrp is The outlier and it's moving to the Upside we see those two they're just Picking on Xrp and I just the reason I have a Problem with that is because this Material like this will impact people You'll make their days worse you you'll Instill fear and it's if it's based in Fact that's one thing if it's based on Honest opinion that's that's one thing Right but if it's just made up nonsense

Which clearly is incoherent conceptually And I can't believe that you believe What you're writing that's where I Started to have a problem that's why I Made this Video I always have to clean up everyone Else's messes especially over at coin Telegraph Jesus Christ I'm not a Financial adviser you should not buy or Sell anything because of anything I say Or right that would be very very very Bad idea until next time to the Moon Lambo


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