Ripple/XRP-Crypto Midnight Massacre,Kraken Settles With SEC-Crypto Staking Banned?


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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines Kraken settles with The SEC staking in the United States is Looking like it's headed for a band Ladies and gentlemen we got that so much More somebody wrote that beautiful intro [Music] It's with Brad kind Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody sorry About that the button didn't want to Turn on there you can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive Content right now 1.06 trillion dollar market cap we're Off by 4.6 percent thank you Gary Gensler we're going to get into it Bitcoin right now 21 700 plus we see Ethereum 1500 plus tether market cap is 68.2 billion oh and and you know what When somebody gonna tell us about tether When somebody from the Department of Justice in the treasury going to say Tether is cleared tether's fine your Money's safe there we we approve where's The seal of approval coming from there We haven't seen it even though they Released an attestation from BDO Yesterday is it enough for the uh doj And and the treasury we shall see xrp's 38 cents we're going to take a look at The price in the charts where we get out Of here today you may or may not like it Shout out to Dr Martin heisbuke here

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Foreign Starts it off right here with Eleanor Tarrett let me start right here he says Some of us have seen this coming for a Long time it will get worse before it Gets better and I believe that is a Million percent correct Eleanor tarrett shares here and it is Unbelievable what we're witnessing here But it is certainly something we've seen Coming Gary Gensler is embarking on a midnight Massacre in an attempt to bring all of Crypto under his control in the coming Weeks The SEC the nydfs and the US OCC will be Bringing a myriad of enforcement actions Against exchanges in Banks and entities That mint tokens in an attempt to label The majority of them as Securities I'm Told Gary gensler's strategy is to bring As many enforcement actions as possible While the 118th Congress is still Getting its bearings Isn't this what we've talked about It absolutely is The fact that the right side of the Aisle a new Day's coming they say Where's it at Where that new day at This is looking like a new day but it Isn't a new day we want it I have said this whether it's the right Side of the aisle in control or the left

Side of the island control no one is Stopping Gary Gensler because he has the Blessing from them all Don't believe it it's still true This is what happened When big Banks get a turn this is what Their turn looks like they put you in Check Because they have Goldman Gary Do the bidding for them I believe that The SEC is under regulatory capture Ladies and gentlemen I absolutely Believe that and it has been before his Tenure even Next step is to make it so the big banks Are the solution checkmate We know that this is getting very real Because for over a decade the big banks Have been watching their customers go Buy that Bitcoin stuff and all this Other crypto Well now they finally got somebody I Believe to do their bidding from an Actual regulatory chair because they're The beneficiaries ladies and gentlemen Who's harmed the innovators in this Space it took the time money energy Resources To build out the infrastructure to make This space exist at all are now being Crushed And so is innovation It's a threat to the banks Cracking agreed to shutter the crypto

Staking program and it really speaks to What the other platforms are going to do And very quickly here take a look at how Quickly the cascading effects have Started xrp paynet important update We've temporarily halted all rewards Programs on the xrp paynet app due to Recent events involving crypto versus The SEC this includes staking Resorts Where xrp paynet coin and all other Coins and tokens and rightfully so that They follow what they see here The SEC confirmed that Kraken would shut Down its staking service for U.S Customers after the publication of this Article Kraken offers a number of Services under its staking umbrella Including crypto lending product offer Up to 24 yield This is also expected to shut down under Settlement the industry person said Kraken staking service offered 20 apy Promising to send customers taking Rewards twice a week according to its Website The vote to do this comes a day after Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong tweeted That he heard rumors that sec would bar Retail customers from engaging in Staking the technique of pledging crypto Tokens to run blockchains such as Ethereum the SEC declined to comment on Armstrong's comments on Wednesday night Coinbase offered its own staking service

Looked at I asked this question as soon As we heard Brian Armstrong's rumor I Read I did a quoted tweet and I asked a Question I said now you tell me Gary Gensler in the SEC what happens to proof Of stake networks like ethereum Still waiting And here's the video of him saying it But I'm not going to play it because I Don't want anyone getting sick you could Be driving a car but this is him Explaining it Jake travinsky shout out to him from Blockchain Association Boy do we align on this and crypto law Said it best I believe but he takes it As a quote here a paternalistic and lazy Regulator settles on a solution like the One in this settlement do not initiate a Public process to develop a workable Registration process that provides Valuable information to investors just Shut it down How disappointing is that and for all of You that say oh well the usscc can't Tell us what to do it that we're we're On the other side of the world again I Remind you well the other side of the World it was a three plus trillion Dollar market before the SEC come in and Start doing what they were doing and now We're barely lucky if we get to a Trillion dollar market what is it you Wanted to say about the U.S regulator

That can't do again Brad garlinghouse chimes in here Stepping back for a moment from what's Happening in the U.S just in the last Few weeks the number of positive or at Least headed in the right direction of Clarity Global regulatory developments Is energizing and really breathing life Back into all of us a little bit here to Take the global view and hopefully this These kind of wins regulatory winds Around the world blowing will eventually Incentivize the United States to somehow Get Gary Gensler to sit the hell down But they don't want him to I've said for a long time that his goal And obviously Congress is not stopping Them no matter who they are Is to get 98 99 of this crypto Market Deemed as digital asset Securities Enrolled into the Securities framework For regulation because It's already developed they don't have To rewrite the rules and there is a Truth here that a great majority of Cryptos notwithstanding what we just Talked about with the staking but there Is a truth here That a great majority of these cryptos Are in fact digital asset Securities Whether we like that or not But let's take a look at what Brad says Here because it's right to pull back and Get this

Continuing its history of being Tech Forward Dubai just published an Extensive new set of tech agnostic Rulebooks for crypto Market participants Covering compliance standards Advertising Issuance and much more Australia's Treasury is looking to reform licensing Custody for crypto and bolster consumer Protection they recently published a Token mapping consultation and they're Looking for public input before updating Existing Frameworks wouldn't that be Nice to have that kind of relationship Here with the regulator The UK hmt's new consultation reflects The government's intent to establish Proportionate clear framework that Allows firms to innovate while Maintaining Financial stability and opt For the UK to become a global crypto Hub As it previously announced its goals was To be South Korea's Financial Services Commission published guidelines that Delineate what would be considered a Security token versus a payment token And how these are separately governed The list goes on Brazil's new Legislative framework Etc note that the Commonalities these Regulators are Providing leadership and doing the work That we are desperately missing in the United States unsurprisingly this is

Where companies like Ripple are going There we go ladies and gentlemen There we go How much more are we going to see Because you know what we need to Remember here that you know there is in Fact A reason for all of this And I believe it is to get control and Relevance of this space whether it be on The wholesale back end for central banks And governments or whether it just be on The front end to control it on a retail Consumer level that's what I believe We're Happening Here it look it just Very quickly if you think of this for a Moment When you go from a three plus trillion Dollar market cap for crypto to sub 1 Trillion now just barely at a trillion People understand the fear has been put In place now for a couple years a few Years we've been in this thing And what does that tell you that when They finally do let their boot off the Back of the neck of crypto You're going to want to run to where They say it is trusted to where they say These value Protocols are approved these Value Protocols are regulated what have You just like there is a internet we use Today and then there's the Dark web we Do not go on This is the moment of how they create

That And by the time they let the sun come Back out in crypto again people are Going to run to the approved regulated Value networks and the framework that Will be established you just watch Now let's take a look at this very Quickly Egg rag crypto shares with us here What's going on with the charts in the Market here and you're going to want to See it and let's take a look at it here Everything's loading slow this morning Xrp ranging above to hold the line is Normal but filling in the descending Triangle DT without breaking it to the Upside makes the probability of breaking To the downside higher listen to these Percentages here not predictions but Percentages The descending triangle usually breaks To the downside with 64 probability and 34 percent to the upside and you have to Ask yourself would the recent Fundamental news you could see where That 64 percent indicator starts showing Up and isn't it interesting that we have Not seen a descending triangle formation Really showing up and taking place until That fundamental news happened and now All of a sudden it reveals itself It doesn't guarantee the downside but if We do get the downside we could be Looking at 34 cents or even lower back

Down to 32. If we go above we might float above 40 43 cents range somewhere between there And 45 cents we'll have to keep an eye On it to see what happens but again That's what's taking place let us not Forget with all of this crushing news It's not over yet And let us not forget that we are going To the end of this ruling for SEC versus Ripple and it is important to remember That that is coming and the countdown is On And maybe just maybe that provides a Little Clarity for the entire space and Not just Ripple in xrp that's going to Do it for me not Financial advice for me Or anyone else I'll catch all of you on The next one

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