XRP is Back! “Money Will Never Look The Same”

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Xrp is back baby it is back in full Force and money will never look the same So in today's video I'm going to show You how exchanges are bringing back xrp Fast and Furious and how as you look This way at a war narative they're Switching your whole financial system And I truly believe in my heart of Hearts this will be the greatest missed Opportunity in your living history my Name is coach JB what I work to do is to Make complex macro and micro ecomic Strategies very simple so the normal Everyday person can adhere to them right They have made our economics very Complex they manipulated our history to Get us to be workers to learn how to Memorize to get a grade point average to Get a credit score to be indoctrinated And enslaved to trading time for money Well welcome to the broken system but it Doesn't have to be your Paradigm we've Helped over 7,000 people since 2020 and We will help over a million in the next 12 months two free resources number one Is my 16-page guide on exactly how I did It from completely broke in 2019 to Financial Freedom in 20123 and now the Generational wealth building cycle from 2024 and Beyond you can do the same Thing if I can do it you can number two Is I decided to get licens insurance This year and I built a license Insurance team in all 50 states because

For over three years I've been Protecting my wealth and I decided to Take it into my own hands and help as Many people as possible see exactly how I protect my principal during these Volatile times I compound grow and retire taxfree it's Called index universal life infinity Banking Concept in description of this Video or in my social media platform Link you can set up a absolutely free Consultation don't send us any money Those are scammers reaching out to you But do not invest people's money a free Conversation around how we can help you With your future okay so let's dive into This so the news just keeps getting Better and better and better now the Thing I want to share with you guys is What makes me the richest man in the World truly is my relationship with God So I don't care if this turns people off On my videos that's why I buil my own Ecosystems I'm not sponsored by anybody Everything I talk about is something I Own or I'm the co-founder of or I am the CEO of nothing I talk about is not Something it's part of my own ecosystem I build my own ecosystem because when I Talked about God and my relationship With Jesus in Corporate America there Was two things they told me not to talk About God politics and they also wrote Me up for talking about the pineal gland

Go figure go figure and the banking System I'll never forget that moment I Got a call from HR and my boss and they Said why are you talking about the Pineal gland on a conference call I said No don't worry about it I won't talk About it ever again and I said f you to The system and I left the banking system And started my own ecosystem well thank God that worked out pretty well now here We are so my relationship with God I Don't go to a church I don't prescribe To a religion I love God with all my Heart I love Humanity as I love God I Treat others as I want to be treated and I pull the log out of my eye before I Pull the straw of yours pretty simple Concepts pretty simple Concepts it has Nothing to do with I'm about to talk About today but you're here to came and Talk about crypto and how you can get Rich in crypto but I'm trying to teach You how to get really wealthy all right So let's Dive Right into this so this Came out on Twitter from CeX IO Ripple Is back baby xrp is once again available To our us-based users enjoy complete buy And sell convert deposits withdrawals And services with ripple xrp Ripple xrp Across our product ecosystem guys every Brother's bringing them back remember Ripple is the only one with regulatory Clarity they're the only ones guys They're the only ones with regulatory

Clarity okay so this keeps coming out From forwards they keep putting it's Almost like the same headline keeps Coming out it's interesting but November 15 2023 very important sudden Black Rock Breakthrough predicted to trigger huge 25 trillion Bitcoin ethereum xrp and Crypto price earthquake it's almost like Predictive programming right this is True guys when these Bitcoin ETFs and These ethereum ETFs there I'm going to Show you in just a moment and with what Kathy Wood's about to say at the end of This video hang until the end of this Video guys there's going to be a flood Of institutional investors coming in and That's what we've been waiting for guys All these YouTubers telling you this Price of guys it's all about Institutional adoption it's all about Regulation we're getting regulatory Clarity by the end of this year the bis Told the G20 we would have regulatory Clarity by end of this year we're going To go into 2024 with some regulatory Clarity and institutions are going to Start to adopt it and you are going to See some massive price appreciation You're also going to see an absolute Collapse of most cryptocurrencies that Is a fact we've been teaching that to Our team since 20120 okay so we know There's going to be an earthquake of Abundance coming in you got to be ready

With an Exit Plan um and that's why we Share with you Merlin what we created Okay so the next thing that is coming up And you're just seeing it's there's just So much focus on this now right cryp Cryptocurrency was a fraud now Everybody's focused on it they're trying To figure it out they they have to Family everything needs to be tokenized The old archaic banking system is not Working anymore okay it's time to let The wool off your eyes and say okay Listen how can I get involved and at the End of this video I'll share with you Exactly what I do as I do every single Video I want to make sure that you have Informed actually all I'm speaking from Is my Paradigm so it's not Financial Advice I'm just telling you what I'm Doing it's worked for me I don't know if It'll work for you okay US law ERS urge Treasury to revise proposed crypto tax Rules chairman of the house Financial Services committee Patrick McKenry and Congress is Richie led a group of nine Lawmakers in this effort so now it's the Biggest conversation now right Jamie Diamond Larry Fink 2017 told us Cryptocurrencies a fraud and now it's The biggest subject ever they're just Trying to figure out remember first they Resist it then they sue it repeat after Me then they regulate it then they join It it's an exact system every every

Single time okay so this came out Yesterday November 16th 2023 Black Rock Files for spot ethereum ETF to further Crypto push it's like it just keeps guys Remember black rock is the largest asset Manager in the world Jamie Diamond and Larry thinkink are the president and CEO Of this country guys they are the Largest financial institutions in the World you really think that if black Rock is pushing for this you really Think Black Rock Larry Fink On The Board Of Trustees for the world economic Forum You really think that this not going to Go through and then the number two Number two in line is Arc investment Which I'm going to show you which is Kathy Woods guys this is going to be Massive you have to be non-emotional and You have to have an exit plan because When everybody finally believes about Crypto and comes rushing in we're all Going to be pulling our profits guys That's how we became rich and that's how We're going to become wealthy and then We're going to secure it and it's going To go from generation to generation okay This is not get rich quick this is get Wealthy for sure by understanding how Money flows to the system all right some More news came out yesterday on November No November 16th 16 2023 JP Morgan Chase Simons and FedEx show that blockchain Finance is

More than just a buzzword guys everybody FedEx uh McDonald's Walmart am Everything's going to be tokenized guys Everything's going to be on a blockchain Everything's going to move through the System that's why I'm so bullish on Cryptocurrency but also I'm Diversified Outside because I want to make sure that This isn't a flash in a pan for me and My family that this is absolute Financial Freedom spiritual Freedom Mental Freedom okay so we're going to End with one of my favorite investors Kathy Woods we're going to watch this Video uh just so many exciting things This came out one day ago Kathy Woods Odds of a spot Bitcoin ETF approval have Gone up so every day the news keeps Getting better and better and better Buckle up this is the First Global uh Digital Private rules-based Monetary system in history it's a very Big idea when we wrote the paper in Collaboration so I want you to think About what she just said rules-based Okay Clarity but they're telling you They're telling you the opposite in the News they're telling you that it's used For money laundering okay Cash I mean come on it is Clarity it's On the blockchain it can all be tracked

Guys that's why they're telling you that They want you to look the other way so You don't get involved in this so they Don't lose sight of the 1% so the 1% Doesn't expand to the 5% and the 10% the 1% always wants to control 97% of the Wealth and with art laugher you know art Laugher supply side economics laugher Curve uh he said I've been waiting for This since they closed the gold window In 1971 amen so he's been waiting 50 Years for this right ironic 50 years Guys the Jubilee and he's so excited about Everything crypto but especially Bitcoin Because he believes uh and it is true Monetary uh monetary policy around the World is unhinged it's not hinged to Anything except human decision making That statement right there monetary Policy is completely unhinged except to Human decision-making and do you trust The humans that are running our Countries honestly why do you think I Secure my wealth guys in tier one Capital Insurance it's unhinged guys There's nothing attach that's why they Don't want it as well some of these Elites right most of them know what's Going on but some of them are like dude They're going to figure out our game all This stuff's going to be on the Blockchain they're going to figure out That we're scamming them uh and this is

Going to put discipline rig Back into these particular products You're talking well Bitcoin is uh the The monetary system is Bitcoin and so Yes the why now for these we've been Working with 21 shares since I met Ofilia at an etfc faab in 20188 they had really just started their Business and I said um you know we want To move towards crypto you are Completely crypto they were focused on The infrastructure the regulations Really blazing a trail they had to Invent things in order to make this Happen and we knew that was not our core Competency um and so we but we did start Talking our core competency is research On disruptive innovation and they do Research they they they do deep Technical research on the market uh our Research is on the disruptive innovation That it represents and we've just been Coming together for five years it was a Natural for us to come together they are Or 21 shares is the Largest uh crypto ETP provider in the World one and a half billion dollars They have 35 different funds most of Them in Europe in and around Europe they Were looking for a US entree and uh we Were looking her infrastructure and you Know we we're just delighted to be uh Partnering with them given how much Ground work they had to lay for this to

Happen Okay so she just goes into the ETFs again which we keep hearing Repeatedly over and over again guys a Bitcoin etf's coming ethereum etf's Coming who knows who knows an xrp who Knows guys but what we do know is our Current Paradigm right we've stuck it Out guys I know we got a lot of friends Here uh I don't like the word followers You're my friends because I meet you Guys and it's it's like a damn mirror I Love you guys so much so my friends here We've been holding on like a tick on a Dog since 2020 but there's many of you That are still watching this there's Many of you thousands of people watch These videos per week we get millions of Views per year on our videos guys and Probably about 10% of you have activated Honestly honestly be honest with Yourself what is your spending habits Right now let's let's have an honest Conversation like have you reduced your Spending do you still have two cars do You have a house you can't afford to Impress people don't like or you really Going to buckle down and take advantage Of the opportunity guys I'm the most Unlikely character to be here right now I was on my parents couch in 2019 to 2020 I'd lost everything I kept my Crypto portfolio I used the Gary vase Strategy I started FL I created money Out of nothing I started flipping

Vacuums and going on Facebook Marketplace and I turned 10,000 into six Figures and then I just started to study How money moves through the system I Stopped listening to broke people and Taking advice from them when they'd give Me wise counsel I looked in and said is This wise you don't even have any money In your bank account you're telling me Crypto's a fraud and I started to study Billionaires and multi-millionaires not Millionaires millionaires operate Millionaires try to impress you Multi-millionaires start to understand How to build an ecosystem they start to Diversify and billionaires work to Protect and compound and make Legacy Wealth there's different phases to the Game guys so I'm operating like the Multi-millionaires and the billionaires That's the game that I'm playing and you Can do the same thing I did it I oper Ated like that at a small level and it Keeps expanding every single year and I've been super honest with you about my Earned income guys I speak it into Existence I'm Not Afraid To Boldly speak Things into existence because when you Believe in your heart you think in your Mind will eventually become your words And become your reality if you can see It in your mind eventually you can hold It right here in your hands what you Repeatedly do gets ingrained in your

Subconscious mind what gets ingrained in Your subconscious mind becomes your Unconscious activities this is Unconscious for me now so I built a Whole ecosystem my businesses my Finances all off of building Generational wealth freedom of time and A relationship with God simple and I'm The richest man in the world and I'll Continue to say that but you can do that As well family so cryptocurrency is a Very speculative asset that I'm invested In I have a strict Exit Plan reach you Merlin it's 30 days for free in our bio Here you set up an Exit Plan okay when The money goes parabolic you start Exiting guys get out get out pay your Taxes to Uncle Sam the next level Paradigm I told you I'm heading into Trust I'll figure out that part when I Get there I don't have education on that Now then I'll be putting into max Funding my policies my index universal Life that way I can borrow against my Policies taxfree to buy more assets We're going into vertical real estate Apartment complexes things like that Next year we're doing 506 BS we're going To get more precious metals we're going To continue to expand and go deeper into Our businesses and increase our income Income every quarter and I'm going to go Deeper in my relationship with God Because if everything disappears that is

The one thing that makes me the Wealthiest man in the world money is Magnetism money is energy money is Vibration money is a frequency and if They can keep you in fear fear of a guy In the sky to strike you down with Lightning if you're a sinner fear that You'll never be able to pay your bills Fear that the sky is falling then they Keep you in a low vibration and you'll Never be able to attract wealth remember The key is to raise your vibration come Up into your heart connect your mind and Your heart connect to the field that Already exist and operate in faith and Then transition to knowing Warriors get Your together let's go love you Guys everything you need description of This video or in my social media Platform talk to you Soon


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Get Daily XRP & Crypto News!

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