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Ignition sequence start 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero Lift off we have a Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor and um I'm Waiting on a package to be delivered and So I could be interrupted in this but as We start I want to remind you all that Ripple this is not my words this is Navin Gupta who just left Ripple Ripple Is not an ordinary company xrp is not an Ordinary digital Asset I know you see all this stuff oh We need to get away from talking about Ripple that is one big huge load of BS Ripple always said Brad I can't even Count the number of times Brad Garlinghouse Said that they would they would Eventually become like Amazon and made The comparison of how Amazon started With books well Ripple's no different Ripple's sitting on billions of dollars Of a war chest so you're nobody's going To be distracting me away from this Company that is not an ordinary Company until all those billions are Gone maybe then maybe I'll get Distracted away but not happening so Here we go look at this I forgot to to Cover this the other day W Oliver sovia Senior director head of pro of product Marketing we're excited to wrap up January with fresh updates from Ripple I'll pin this in two simple categories

Building and growing building 90% of our Business is outside the unit United States after being relatively quiet for The past 3 years in the US for ripple Payments we're geared up to announce new Product updates powered by our money Transmitter licenses that cover the Majority of US states to get the ball Rolling we're hosting a Meetup for folks In fintech at our new s San Francisco Headquarters join us for a Light Panel About Ripple's blockchain and payments Outlook for 2024 featuring our heads of Product Brendan Barry pegas sultani I'm Sure I'm butchering your name sorry Sorry moderated by USMD Janie Z with our CTO David Schwarz Joining you know it'll be fun join folks From Aiden Marquetta sorry all these Names and more for a light happy hour Right after this will be Wednesday the 7th of February 5:00 P pm at our new San Francisco head headquarters in 600 Battery St register here in ping ping me Uh to get through the weight list this Looks like it was posted on on LinkedIn All right check it out Patrick burn see Uh Taylor Tucker Carlson has gone over To Moscow and is about to interview Putin folks look at what Preston burn or Patrick burn says I know what Putin is Going to tell Tucker a month ago they Invited me over to break it but Tucker Is much better

Solution it's going to change history Folks you know what I see when I see This first of all We know we've been lied to for decades By this mainstream media without the Independent Media the people like Tucker Carlson who was basically fired from Fox News for telling the truth telling too Much Truth folks this will hit home for you If you're listening to my voice there is No eth gate if we have an honest media We shouldn't have had to dig up eth gate There shouldn't have to be a documentary That's being filmed that has almost a Million views on the trailer so far There should there didn't have to be That if we had an honest media and there Were honest people in our government This doesn't ever happen we need things Like this and guess what you know what Russia and China have you know what they Have they have information on all of our Politicians and bureaucrats who have Been blackmailed and bribed so I can't Wait to hear what the guy has to Say then we have this Bloodbath of Layoffs in the mainstream media listen To this this is what happens when the People get sick and tired of being lied To tens of thousands of mainstream Journalists are being laid off in what's Being called an Extinction event for Corporate journalism of course for

Regular Americans that all sounds pretty Fantastic given those corporate Journalists have become woke Marxist Activists whose main purpose is Gaslighting voters into the revolution Meaning it might be a very good thing if Those scribblers put away their Keyboards and learn how to to say Install drywall the pace is now Quickening with last week's wide- Ranging layoffs at the LA Times once Among America's most prestigious Newspapers they laid off 20% of their Staff including 115 journalists and Including their entire DC Bureau in an Election year along with cutting Sports Tech business and even breaking news Media's traditional bread and butter Meanwhile BuzzFeed just shuttered its News division which was once worth $1.3 Billion and is now down 98% Sports Illustrated just closed altogether we've Seen major layoffs at Time Magazine Atlantic The Washington Post NPR Bloomberg and Kai Nast which publishes The New York ear Vanity Fair even the New York Times cut 240 jobs after the Gray lady lost tens of Millions last Year they're Lo they're they're going Out of business because they're a bunch Of liars folks they don't tell the truth This is the reason that eth gate this is The reason we all did this is because Crypto media was no different it was

Rigged it's been rigged since the Inception that's why everybody's been Talking about Bitcoin and ethereum all This time because it's been a lie it's All been a Lie I knew it the first time I sent xrp After having waited on all those stupid Confirmations for Bitcoin I knew Instantly what in the world I was Immediately I was like what in the world Is everybody talking about this Bitcoin Thing for this thing's twice as fast it Works 10 times better what is this and Ever since then I haven't been able to Process it other than Corruption so now I'm I'm I want to Bring to your attention that this thing Is headed towards 700,000 views it'll Get to a million and I also want to make Sure that we that we bring in the Twitter sleuths into this documentary Because they're still filming um and Cowboy crypto uh Mr Huber Wheezy these Are are just three that I named you many Of you will remember like T AIG he Disappeared but that doesn't mean he Can't resurface but there's all there's All kinds of people who helped see when When when we first started showing some Of the video from eth gate W the the Twitter sleuths came in and all of a Sudden started finding things that guys Like me never could have figured out how To find I mean some of these guys are

Like it's like wow um and they still are Okay so so we want to and that's what I Created this thread for cuz I'm in touch With the people during the documentary And we want to make sure that we put Them in touch with these guys and um in Fact I talked I messaged with cowboy Crypto because I wanted them to give me Email addresses on some of these guys so I could get it to the documentary guys My email is uh digital asset investor Send me an email if you're one of those Slle to give let me know in the subject Who you are so I can forward it to those Documentary guys um and uh you're going To have to prove it too because I can't Just send them a bunch of random People's email addresses um so might Want to direct message me if you're one Of the Salu because I'll know who you Are then and send me your email address Via direct message also I wanted to Bring to the um to these guys uh Attention for the documentary that Jason Foster and Empower need to be in this Too because they were in an integral Part of this too they they filed the Freedom of Information Act request During Eastgate so they're huge we we Can't not have them in this documentary I'm going to make these guys aware of That as well but I want to reiterate the Point none of this happens it doesn't

Have to happen if we have an honest Media an honest crypto media think about The laundry list of people in the crypto Media who won't even say the word eth Gate who won't even show this Documentary there's a reason reason that The xrp Army gets more views than Anybody in crypto same reason that all The traditional media people are doing Layoffs we get all the views because We're telling the Truth and we're not being paid to do so That's the other part of It um check this out over 30% of all Stocks in China have been halted China's Whatever index slides more than 8% in a M matter of hours Chinese economy is in deep trouble looks Like their government will have to step In and then there's this China's stock Market has lost a trillion in value over 13 trading days it's pretty creepy then Of course we had the federal speaking of Lies We had the Federal Reserve chairman On um 60 minutes yesterday another Economic hangover after the p i I Used To Love by the way I used to love 60 Minutes 5 years ago every Sunday I would Watch 60 Minutes over the course of the Following 5 years I find out found out How much that we had been being lied to Now I don't even watch it anymore Because I know that these guys are Carrying a narrative and it makes me

Want to throw up to watch it but I will Show you this clip because this clip at Least they're telling a little bit of The truth is a sharp increase in the National debt 30 years from now it is Projected to be 100 and44 Trillion or $1 million per household how Do you assess the national debt we Mostly try very hard not to comment on Fiscal policy and and uh you know Instruct Congress on how to do their job When actually they have oversight over Us but is the national debt a danger to The economy in your view in the long run The US is on an unsustainable fiscal Path the US Federal government's on an Unsustainable fiscal path and that just Means that the debt is growing faster Than the economy I have the sense this Worries you very much over the long run Of course it does worry effectively We're borrowing from future Generations It's tough it doesn't worry me enough to Stop printing money left and right but You know now this guy David Marcus has Has fascinated me since I started this Channel and I'll show you why but first I want to show you what he says about Bitcoin because this guy's too smart for This it's Red Flag City for me you can Theorize a lot About um The Experience we've had but Having lived it uh has changed my Worldview and my appreciation in such a

Way that now I have this unshakable Conviction that Bitcoin is the only form Of neutral internet money there will Ever be and uh and it's one thing saying It because you have laser shooting from Your eyes uh it's another uh coming to That conclusion after after having tried For the right reasons I I believe for The right reasons to build uh a Technology that would scale to billions Of people and that could provide a Stable form of digital money that would Travel on this new scalable payment System uh and then you've come through The real you come to the realization That actually private companies issuing Un a new unit of account of anything That has that kind of Distribution uh is problematic so here's The problem David there's a little video Going around about Homeland Security Meeting with the four Satoshi and There's also the little problem of the NSA having uh created all this this uh Whatever you want to call it per appear Cash from back in the early 80s or 90s this is you you can you can say that Bitcoin is not uh was not created from a Private company but this business uh Like it had some kind of divine creation Is bull crap and you know it and I know It David and we know here's why we know It David Marcus has a history you know He was at Facebook for a long time he

Ran up the Libra project but before that Where was he he was at PayPal he was PayPal PayPal um he's the first one that Introduced Pap I got my phone ringing Off the hook people are calling me I Wonder if I'm might have to call Somebody see if everything's okay PayPal Galactic um was announced in 2013 right Around the time that opencoin and then Ripple was launched David Marcus was the One that that named it PayPal is Celebrating its 15th anniversary this Year and is announcing its vision for How payments will support a growing Space industry in PayPal Galactic space Tourism is opening up to all of us in The next decade or so and we want to Make sure that PayPal is the preferred Way to pay from space and in space um And uh and DM became independent uh with Its own team and uh it's uh 25 other Members of companies that that you know Well and and that you see often here uh And it's built its technology and its Network and it's continues to engage With all of the regulators and policy Makers around the world uh to make the Case for uh a new network new protocol For money that uh can actually fix the The massive problems that we're seeing Today uh across the world with Payment Systems yeah um that's the PayPal say More um president or CEO literally every

Time I listen to uh Brad or Chris Larson Before that I learn a little bit more um Because I do think a lot of uh Blockchain and uh and crypto is it's It's more complex and complicated than And like most people do at at its Surface level and nobody wants to be Handling cash anymore they don't want to Be touching a keypad uh to sign and so We need forms of contact uh contactless Payments QR codes are so easy for small Businesses to use they don't even need To integrate it into a point of sale They can print out a QR code put it on Their cash register and we can scan it Within the vend or the PayPal app put in The amount uh for the purchase and just Send it like a a person to person Payment it be a person to Merchant Payment they got It that's from the Ripple Commercial looks almost like an Intergalactic currency now we're going To go into and there we're going to talk About you you want to talk talk about Dishonesty in media and in government Gary Gensler is Ground Zero for Dishonesty and political corruption in Government and so we're going to show You just how bad this guy is in the in The group and um it he is H this guy Represents everything that's wrong with This country I'm the digital asset

Investor I'm not an investment adviser This is for entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button Tell your friends and family here we go


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