XRP In The UAE / Ripple CEO & 2017 : Why Regulatory Capture Was Initiated

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Ignition sequence start 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero Lift off we have a [Music] Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor and check this Out um I didn't know this 30% of a Adults struggle with depression and Anxiety I'm surprised it's not higher Than that anyway com is an app that um Was created and it helps um it's got a Bunch of audio content like uh for Sleeping and meditating and alleviating Stress and it looks like uh Colm is Going to be coming the app or the the Private equity for that company is going To be coming to the link to platform so So you're going to need to check that Out I've downloaded that app before I'm Not depressed don't worry but I mean um I don't think I'm one of those people That's got depression I think that I That I've probably experienced something Like that before but uh I I you know This is one thing that I can proudly say In my 50 at age 50 I am I do feel completely at peace With things with uh things and my life I Would say that but this is definitely Good for people that are not okay um now Check this out the fomc meeting we have Confidence we're looking for greater Confidence that inflation is moving Sustainably down to 2% implicitly we do Have confidence and has been increasing

But we want to get greater confidence What do we want to see we want to see More good data it's not that we're Looking for better data it's we're Looking at continuation of the good data That we've been seeing and a good Example is inflation so we have six Months of good inflation data the Question really is that six months of Good inflation data is it's sending us a True signal that we are in fact on uh a Path sustainable path down to 2% Inflation that's the question and the Answer will come from some more data That's also good data it doesn't it's Not that the six-month data isn't isn't Low enough it is it's just a question of Can we take that with confidence that We're moving sustainably down to 2% That's what we're thinking about in Terms of of uh growth um we've had Strong growth if you take a step back We've had strong growth very strong Growth last year going right into the Fourth quarter um really and yet we've Had a very strong labor market and we've Had inflation coming down so I think Whereas a year ago we we were thinking That we needed to see some softening in Economic activity that hasn't been the Case so I think we we look at we look at Uh Stronger growth the these people I Tell you what it's just hard to listen To listen to what he says here we're

Also as you know investing this isn't Hard to listen to right now in building A new settlement system for instant Payments in the US it'll be the first Such major expans pension of our core Payment system since the 1970s we found The case for this quite compelling uh For consumers businesses and and just Ensuring that all financial institutions Have access to the payment we're also as You know all right now I'm about to show You something really interesting but Look at this treasury secretary Janet Yellen now here here we are on the verge Of of a potential economic collapse and She's worried about cryptocurrencies I Thought they always told us oh well Cryptocurrencies that's just a really Insignificant there's really not that Much money in that why are they so Worried about it set to warn house Lawmakers about crypto hazards to Financial Stability here's a good one from rant Ral Paul tokenized also how are you Thinking through tokenization of funds And the future of your business the Constraints for anything can be Tokenized um I feel like I've got a Little bit of an insight as an ETF Person because I've I index very much on One basic one big issue which is Liquidity who provides liquidity anyone Can theoretically tokenize anything but

If there's a buyer and a seller of an Asset so someone's got to make that Market right and you think oh Yan S&P 500 that's so obvious so easy to price But someone has to make a market in it r And someone's got to make money making a Market in it so it's not just the oh I Can create a tokenized real world asset Of anything it's who's providing the the Market structure around the liquidity so That's big picture question number one Big picture question number two is where Can you do that without a lot of Regulatory headache right and you know In in the world today you're not doing That in the United States that's fine Now it'll be really interesting you know My my bet is on London is ready you Could do it in London Europe just Because it's got a large retail Market Um you know as well as having a Regulatory structure that enables um you Know crypto investing and and and Trading and whatnot but uh you know we We'll see I think there's there's a lot A lot of developments need to happen but Those are the big the big things that I Focus on okay and then we have I I was Just going to show you this this this uh I just saw this list of 20124 crypto Conferences and she was asking if she Was missing one and I informed her yeah As a matter of fact you're missing xrp Las

Vegas um but she had on the list let me See which one one consensus Ripple Apex Um she's got all the eth conferences eth Denver and eth Brussels but anyway now She's got xrp Las Vegas Bill Morgan who I think is an attorney so I indicated a Few days ago that judge Torres needed to Rule quickly on the sec's motion to Allow remedies related to Discovery to Be completely completed by the 12th of February 2024 as previously ordered no Surprise to me the sec's motion Succeeded and quite frankly I think the Xrp community wants to see Ripple post Complaint contracts I do not think it Will uh change John deon's recent view With which I agree on which uh on what Penalty Ripple may be ordered to pay Less than the amount Ripple has paid in Legal cost it has uh it has more bearing On whether a permanent injunction will Be granted and if so and how broadly how And how broadly ordinarily it will be Confined and then here's another um Clip by the way if you don't think Ripple is not going to agitate this Issue in the remedies phase you need to Look closely what the SEC said in the Reply brief motion to compel Ripple's View at the remedy stage factual Questions must be resolved as to post Complaint institutional sales and ripple Made it clear that judge Tores Institutional sales ruling did not apply

To Ripple's current odl sales this will Be a crucial issue over the next few Months interesting stuff now you got to See this but before this is um this guy Jim Willies talking about what he's Hearing from contacts in the Middle East On xrp before you watch it I want to Remind you of this um this is what Brad Garlinghouse said about people outside Of the US and how they look at the SEC Case here most people outside United States don't really care the SEC suing Us I'll tell you very quick funny story I'll keep it short I was in the Middle East last fall and we were meeting with Customers I have one of the Ripple team Members who's based there it's really Early in the morning my time zones are All screwed up we meeting the CEO of a Payments company and uh you know the Employee from Team Ripple says well why Don't you give an update on what's going On Ripple and I started talking about The SEC and after the meeting he very Delicately says to me no one gives a and his point was if you're not in The United States you know the Governments in Abu Dhabi governments in Switzer Singapore uh UK Japan they provided the Clarity how they View and categorize Digital assets and they don't care that The United States SEC has a Viewpoint That is you know pending in court okay

And then you have this so so that's what He was uh being told over there in the Middle East I guess or wherever saudi's UAE roll out red carpet this is from November 2021 saudi's UAE roll out red Carpet for crypto as us gives a cold Shoulder in this section it says in Saudi Arabia let's see right here in the UAE garlinghouse said the country has Created so-called Financial free zones Or areas largely free of taxes and Strict regulation meanwhile it's Saudi Arabia um da then here it says take Enterprise blockchain company Ripple Just last week the Saudi Arabia Announced the country will launch Ripple's on demand liquidity platform in In an effort to make international pay Bits Easier then it goes on um I think it's Clear the the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Wants the technology and blockchain Forward leaning Brad garlinghouse told The post this was obvious at the future Investment initiative conference in the US Ripple's forced to f focus on the the Lawsuit meanwhile um let's see da so you Get the picture they don't care what Gary thinks now watch Jim Willie P so Think of it as A pallet okay where this is your Dollarization pallet you got the rubble You got the Yuan you got xrp and you Might have a couple of others over time

That's your pallet of dollarization Options okay I think xrp is going to be They just announced in the bricks that They're going to use it as a transition Bridge currency not in heavy volume and I think and as they as they use it we Might see the xrp coin go up in value I've been saying for a long time I Expect it to go up in value and then They're going to increase the market cap And that will allow them To Square their M market cap increase their Number of coins increase their market Cap and Square their total okay it's going to be One country after another that uses xrp Now I did a consult call it was Somewhere around may I think it was a Guy from uh Qatar and he he said Jim I'm an Arab and You see my Arab name and his English is Perfect and he said I want you to know That I spend a lot of time in Saudi with My Business um he was involved let's just Say he's involved in the support Equipment for the oil and gas industry He was not an oil pumper he was not a Gas pumper he was in the equipment he Said I spent a lot of time in Saudi and I spent a lot of time in Bahrain and you Know we don't pronounce it right it's Bahrain Bahrain B Bahrain okay he said

Bahrain is really interesting because They allow liquor in bars they allow Dancing in disects they allow bikinis on The beach and they got some ladies who Take it all off in certain strip clubs I'm sorry I'm sorry gentleman clubs yeah They're they're gentlemen I forgot um he Said' they're using Xrp all across the Persian Gulf and I Said tell me where he said you see it on Cell phone bills you see it on water Bills you see it on electricity bills I Said okay so the utilities he said yes That was the initial introduction he Said it's several monarchies in the gulf And I saidh how about for contract and Business he saides that has begun a few Months ago I said tell me if this is a Typical kind of example there's a Construction site there's a lot of Different construction Suppliers and the cement supplier bills Like hundreds of thousands of dollars in Xrp he said yes they begun to do that Individual contractors are billing with Xrp payment and xrp said okay so this is A trial and I said and UAE is behind This they're the ring leader they're the Manager they're the the band leader They're in charge of setting it up Trying it out requesting it researching It he said yes I said I heard they spent $230 million setting up the digital Architecture for the gulf payment system

He said yes that's true UAE is the Leader and I said well wouldn't it be Interesting if France announces that They're going to be buying UAE oil or Gas or LNG and a quarter of the contract Will be paid in xrp he said Jim I really Think that might happen I I I I agree With You man what a fascinating video that is Now um I think this is the last thing I'm going to show you before we go into The group 120 million xrp on the Move Transferred from Ripple to unknown Wallet now I'm I'm about to do something Interesting in Dp.com and I'm also going to make Another video around this Um this here in the next couple of days That's going to be fascinating we're Going to go over the numbers but in in In in dip.com I'm going to show you it's Very obvious why they did the regulatory Capture and Bill Henman and Jay Clayton Made sure the lawsuit was against Ripple Because we've always asked the question Why Ripple what how did they know the Suit out of all the thousands of tokens Why Ripple it's very obvious when you Look at this I'm going to show you what If you had if you had put a $100 into All any one of the various cryptos on January 1st 2017 what that $100 would have looked Like on January 1st of

2018 when you see this it will open your Eyes wide open you will get it okay I Was there that's the reason see a lot of People don't understand this but the Reason that when when the Ripple lawsuit Dropped part of the reason that I knew Something wasn't right part of the Reason I smell a huge stinking rat was Because I had been there and by that Time I had done so many videos on this And I had seen the all the shadiness That had gone on in this whole thing That I knew it and I knew where to look And I started Looking hence eth gate but on dip.com We're going to show you what would that1 Do have done and it'll it'll tell you All you need to know about why the bad Guys did what they did it was regulatory Capture and it was intentional and it Didn't just involve the SEC I'm the digital asset investor I'm Not an investment adviser this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family you want to see What these Shady you know whats we're Looking At here it is all right [Music] [Music]


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