Ripple/XRP-Ripple Exec Departure, XRPL AMMs Amendment Gets Approval,XRP Price New All Time High?

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Welcome back to the show everybody we Got a great one for you today is The xrp Ledger is moving into new territory Amendments are being approved as we Speak and we've got a special guest with Us too somebody rolled that beautiful [Music] [Applause] Intro digital perspectives with Brad KES Come on In Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now $ 1.72 Trillion market cap for crypto the Market is off by 1.2 in the last 24 Hours 42,700 plus for Bitcoin 2,300 Plus For ethereum tether market caps 96.6 Billion plus xrp at the number six spot Is 50s almost on the nose we're off by 3.6 on the 24h hour and off by 1.7 on The 7 day the range of price very Quickly is between 50 and 52 almost 53 C So it's popping around a little bit but What we want to talk about today is link To ladies and gentlemen and I got the One and only Nick buedo head a digital Asset sales with us Nick how you doing Today man hey Brad good morning thanks For having me on hey thank you for being Here so tell us the great news that we Got coming to the link to platform today Nick uh you know we do have some some Really good news before I explain it

Though BR I you know in in the recent News Yahoo finance had reported that Ripple had done a tender offer which you Know which is nothing more than a Buyback they actually buy back shares From you know their early employees and Their early investors and and and what That does is it it provides liquidity to Those folks to to you know so that they Can access funds that they've been Sitting on those shares for you know up To 12 years since Ripple was started so You know Yahoo finance had reported that And and and it was you know it happened And it was over but you know during that Process um we were unable to get Ripple Shares for six weeks and W and yeah and It was you know so we had an Unbelievable backlog of of folks that Were interested in you know making their First Ripple investment or or or making Additional Ripple Investments but Because the uh because that tender offer Is over now we were able to secure um Actually we've got three blocks that We're going to release today and what We're going to do is we're going to make Have these three blocks go live at Independent times because one of the Things that we want to do you know we've Got members in in over a hundred Countries and in different time zones Around the world so we want to make it Available to as many people as possible

So at and this is all Pacific time so at 800 am this morning Pacific Time 12:00 Pm Pacific time and 400 PM Pacific time Today we'll be releasing these blocks They're not huge but we'll release them And they'll be at a discounted price so People can come come in and uh you know Make their first Ripple investment or or Top off their their current Ripple Portfolio um but uh but that's what we Have going on today we're we're really Excited and happy to be able to bring That to our members I mean what a Remarkable offering and look I mean we Know that there's a window is closing And I tell people all the time and I Want to remind them today you know you Can't go buy shares of Ripple you're Getting this stuff from shareholders and That is so important because at some Point we're going to get to this you Know kind of tug of war where they're Not going to want to let these things go That's why it took six weeks to last Time right yeah yeah for sure what what What I want a lot of our our members and People that are thinking about becoming You know investing members at link to to Understand is when Ripple did this Buyback they only allowed their members To sell a very small percentage of their Holdings that's right so so it's not a Huge liquidity event I mean you know It's it's not a huge opportunity so what

What when we buy shares from from those Employees were able to buy you know Were're able to buy larger amounts than Than Ripple would do in a buyback you Know which allows them to access Liquidity because not all of those People you know have the the time Horizon to for to wait for ripple to go Public and and and that's what we do is We come in and help them with that and Then we go ahead and make the offering Available to our investors people Helping people great things happening There now there's also another great Announcement going on too and it Involves xrp Las Vegas tell us about That Absolutely so we're so excited link to Is is incredibly excited to be one of The um sponsors of xrp Las Vegas along With some of the other huge sponsors That you have and um and we're really Really excited about that so you know Shout out to all of our members um we're Going to be there in Las Vegas at xrp Las Vegas and you know Brad I want to Talk about a couple things about xrp Las Vegas but the first thing I want to say Is this is is over the last two years I've been a link to I've had a lot of Link to member meetups and in speaking To our investors about joining us at These meetups a lot of people tell me You know it's not my personality I

Really don't like to get out much you Know it's not my thing and I encourage Them to come out and meet like-minded People and they end up coming and have The greatest time and and what I would Tell people is look if you're into xrp If you're into Ripple if you've been Following this thing and you think that You know attending xrp Las Vegas isn't The right fit for your personality You're wrong you're going to have the Greatest time you're going to meet Like-minded people if you're a link to Investor you're going to meet all of the Executives at link to and and we're Going to have we're gonna have actually Two special functions so so let me tell You about that yeah so we're GNA have The day before xrp Las Vegas which is May 3r and 4th correct yes we're g to Have on the 2nd May 2nd so anybody That's booking your flights link to Members um on May 2nd we're going to Have a link to Las Vegas investor Conference Um at lunchtime so on May 2nd that will Be open to all link to members so if You're in the Las Vegas area if you're Attending xrp Las Vegas you will be Invited invitations will be going out so No need to reach out to us we'll be Sending out invitations in the next Couple weeks the other um event we're Going to have is that evening the

Evening of May 2nd we're going to have a Very special team Apollo members event And um if anybody has ever anyone out There has ever been in one of our team Apollo events they're awesome um our Last one we had was was right before the Ripple proper party in New York City we Had about 180 people there and it ends Up being just the greatest time it's you Know it's it's it's an allout you know Party environment and and it's a great Opportunity for to to meet the link to People to meet other investors from Around the world so that will be taking Place too and team Apollo members you Will be getting invites as well in the Next couple of weeks so two events Will'll be having during xrp Las Vegas We're really really excited that is Super exciting Nick buedo from leak 2 Thank you for stopping by Nick thank you Brad take Care that's how we do it ladies and Gentlemen Nick buedo right here laying It down link 2 is going to be there in a Big way this is going to be so good we Got so much more good news coming for You but look uh just like this you can't Stop the flood institutional capital is Coming to bitcoin ladies and gentlemen I Don't want to play this because there's Some music in it and I'm not sure if It's a copyright uh issues but it is Basically saying there's no stopping the

Flood of institutional Capital that is Coming to bitcoin and I absolutely Believe that that is what we're seeing And after seven years at Ripple it is Time to say goodbye and embark on a new Adventure for Navin Gupta grateful to Work with ripplers in building the Internet of value a big thank you to Chris Larsson for your vision Brad Garling house and Monica long for Leading us and you know what shout out To you we are wishing you all the Success in your next Endeavor thank you For all you do nine and you know what I Couldn't be more excited to see where He's going to land because at the end of The day he might move somewhere where it Ties into what we're doing here but I Wanted to play this Quick Clip here uh About na'vi Gupta and just some of the Work he's been a part of take a listen Partnering with those more traditional Banks uh so today most of the crossb Business is dominated by Banks or PSPs So they own 100% the market and that's What we after because what we are doing Is we are changing the plumbing which is The old plumbing and replacing it with The in post internet era plumbing and With that the same financial Institutions could be instant they could Be error free and they can make sure That they're able to provide the service To Elizabeth in a very transparent

Manner so when you send your dams back To GBP in London you should exactly know How much money will get delivered back Home and that's what we can do today uh With our existing financial institutions Also we're able to use cryptocurrency Xrp which is a a bridge asset to provide Liquidity on demand so one of the Reasons remittances are so expensive is Because they use something called as a Pre-funded Noster account once that cost Is taken away from the financial Institution that means they can fund on Demand they would be able to provide Much better service and cheaper service To their customers like Elizabeth when We no doubt about it and you know what And this is tied in with Mr man sharing Here that we covered yesterday the UAE Is successfully executed its inaugural Crossborder transaction of the digital Durhams transferring 50 million uh worth $1 13.6 million via the edbridge cbdc Platform to China now we can't know this 100% but we have covered in this before James Wallace from Ripple has told us That mbridge is at least one of the Pilot xrp Ledger is one of the mbridge Pilots being considered at the bis take A Listen right it is it we're using the Same technology that is with the xrp Ledger what would the token would be the Cbdc right so the central bank would

Actually create their own token digital Euro digital dollar whatever the mark The market is um and that becomes the Digital asset as so that becomes a Digital asset keep listening the native Coin the native coin yeah now where Where xrp could come into play Potentially is when you're looking at Crossborder cbdc so when you have a Digital dollar and you have a digital You know real you know or digital Digital pound you you obviously need to Have some some way to interact cross Border so I think bis call this a multi Cbdc model um the one of the ideas is You use a sort of a neutral Bridge Currency to go from one to the other Similar to the model I explained earlier Where at with on demand liquidity and There you have that right so there's the Evidence of that we just need to find Out whether there's more than one uh Possible edbridge solution other than The xrp Ledger right very exciting stuff And we have even more exciting stuff now We know that we recently had the Clawback amendment go above 82% and if it continues to hold that Till February 8th that will become a Part of The xrp Ledger and we have even More news as users can now deploy smart Contracts on The xrp Ledger through this Ripple partnership which is really Purist right and we know about the hooks

Ledger but this is actually the article That's referencing purist and the work That's been done there so this is Extremely exciting and we're not done With you yet either so Pier making ways For smart contracts to be used and Integrated with The Ledger then we have This that was quick the activation flag For automated market makers yes ladies And gentlemen amm's automated market Makers for The xrp Ledger is set we have All yes votes needed the automated Market maker is officially coming and Its activation period will happen on February 14th we are sitting at 82% Right now as Daniel from casino coin and Uh xpectre and Dirk have all voted yes This is exciting ladies and gentlemen She says here my apologies uh The xrp Ledger amm amendment has 30 y not 29 the 30th one came from xpectre and Dirk so We're very very excited that the Community has rallied here and for those Who don't know why the amm amendment is A big deal for The xrp Ledger ecosystem This is a great overview here from Ashley Prosper if the automated Market Maker Amendment indeed went live on The Xrp Ledger on February 14 2024 it would Represent a significant development Within the ecosystem we're talking Enhanced liquidity by implementing an Amm system on The xrp Ledger it could Lead to increased liquidity for various

Assets traded on the platform automated Market makers allow users to provide Liquidity to pools enabling more Efficient trading without the need of Traditional order books this is one of The things I have talked about a Lot amm's creating the liquidity pools So you're not pulling directly on the Order books right this is how you become A stable ation mechanism introduced into The xrp and how it operates well this Changes the integrity and Characteristics of how this system Operates forever more once this is in Place it's so exciting to me Decentralized exchange functionality Integration of amm functionality Directly into the xrpl uh could pave the Way for development of decentralized Exchanges on The xrp Ledger Network this Would allow users to trade digital Assets directly on the blockchain Without relying on centralized exchanges Again taking you outside of driving up The order order books right lower costs Amm typically operate with lower fees Compared to traditional exchanges as They remove the need for intermediaries And utilize automated algorithms to Facilitate trades this could potentially Result in lower trading costs for users On the xrpl improved accessibility Decentralized exchanges powered by amms Can improve accessib ility to financial

Services for users worldwide Particularly those who may not have Access to the traditional banking Infrastructure and Innovation and Experimentation the introduction of an Amm amendment to the xrpl opens up Opportunities for Innovation and the Experimentation within defi space it Says developers developers and Entrepreneurs can explore new use cases And applications leveraging amm Functionality I hope that help it Certainly does Ashley and I think it's a Great overview and I also want to add to This think about when we get clarity in The financial system and how excited the Financial system will be to use Something knowing that they're not Pinched up against the traditional order Books or centralized exchanges to be Able to use this asset for financial Settlement of payments every day around The World now let's look at this guy shout Out to sha McBride here x Ripple X Google X Amazon and he says here Some people just don't want or just Don't understand the amount of money Invested in crypto outside the US Especially in the SE southeast Asia and UAE where they are so much further ahead In terms of institutional adoption Government regulation

Framework those that serve a specific Purpose and ie xrp are already being Adopted and utilized successfully by Next year every Bank in in Japan will be Using xrp for crossb payments alone how About that One I think Shan's bullish and so am I But this is why I asked the question Ladies and gentlemen we're not going Away just because a few people say we Can't ask it the World Bank says that Xrp and XL stable coins the bis said Stable coins can have a stabilization Mechanism it doesn't necessarily have to Be a Peg I asked myself with the introduction Of a automated market makers could it Change the integrity and definition to The financial system and Regulators Around the world to the characteristics And integrity of what xrp actually Is and are we about to see a break in Price take a look at It this is what we're looking at ladies And Gentlemen we could Wick down to 4139 those are the calls but the reality Is there's a new all-time high headed Our way very grateful for egg rag crypto And all the other technical analysts in This space that share their information With us they're not making predictions They're just showing us what the leading Indicators are suggesting on the charts

The next short-term Target is the All-time high of $5 if we adjust the Original wave count it could be in the Range of 220 to 280 that's what we could Be looking At and there are so many massive moves Forward going on right now in this Ecosystem of xrp and The Ledger and all These amendments I am so excited for What's to Come we're going to head to the freedom Zone you guys know how this goes here Today we're going back down the rabbit Hole that is eth gate and we can't take The risk of the censorship in the shadow Banning so I hope you will join us go to Dig Perspectives. and come on in not Financial advice for me or anyone else I'll catch all of you on the next One


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