Nov 30th 2023! The Ripple Case Over???

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November 30th 2023 the Ripple XR ke XR Key xrp case versus the SCC over well We're going to break that down today but First of all my name is coach JB what I Work to do is make the M that made me Laugh the complex macro and Microeconomic strategies very simple so The normal everyday person can Understand not understand but before we Do happy happy grateful day happy Grateful day whatever you celebrate or His story or history I'm just grateful To be here with you guys I'm grateful Every single day and if you haven't yet Before we head into this bull run I'm Going to show you how I secure my Capital with tier one Capital which is Insurance tax code 7702 leverage life Insurance that's why we've been able to Weather these bare markets and why we're Going to build generational wealth from 2024 to 2025 it's in the description Down below you set up an absolutely free Consultation with my license insurance Team and we'll walk you through the Process number two is a 16-page guide Absolutely free and today is Thanksgiving day and if you are on our Email list you're not going to want to Miss it tonight at midnight we've never Done a Black Friday sale ever guys I've Never participated in it but this time We've decided to because of the position The economy is we have one of the

Biggest sales we've ever done in our History of our company we've always kind Of stayed behind the scenes but tonight At midnight if you're on our email list It's not going out to the public if You're on our email list by downloading The book you will get the best deal You've ever seen lifechanging deal to Get inside the academy okay so let's Dive Right into this okay so news is Flying around this came out um yesterday Xrp case SEC announc this private Meeting investors await Ripple lawsuit Settlement okay now let me show you the Document here this is the SEC Sunshine Notice Sunshine why do they call it that Does anybody know Sunshine act notice I Probably could dive into it but it says Security and Exchange Commission at 2:15 P.m. Thursday November 30th 2023 okay the subject matters closed Meeting that consists of the following Topics institution and settlement Injunction actions institution and Settlement administrative proceedings Resolution of litigation claims matters Related to litigation and other matters Relating to examination of enforcement Proceedings so this is the announcement There's a some sunshine notice Announcement or some private meeting on 2:15 Thursday so we'll jump into that But let's just let's just put our Logical circuit on for just a second my

Computer's acting wacky okay it's still Working here let's put our logical Circuit on for just a second and let's Talk about the holidays guys and black Swans okay so SPF gets charged CZ steps Down and pays $4 million in fines hm Interesting the bank of international Settlements guaranteed Global regulation For crypto on the back into 2023 huh the G20 is now announcing their Global Regulation for crypto interesting Black Rock uh Arc investment all the grayscale All of them are waiting on their Bitcoin ETF right before the Bitcoin having in April the xrp Ripple versus SEC case Gets settled three years later on this Timeline is that just chance is that Just H it all just lined up perfectly For the 2024 Bull Run or are we all Being played I'm going to go with the Lad that as we look this way there's a Whole another narrative going on this Way and I want to share with you guys in Attitude of gratitude I am so Unbelievably thankful for all of you who Stuck with me on never forget the moment On December 20th 2020 when I was Quarantined because I own I'm one of my Companies I own is a gym and we you know We got shut down because of the the Seword and the pandemic and all that Stuff we're following all the rules Everybody was freaking out we had half Of the people freaking out half the

People were awakened so whatever it is And so I we went through this whole Process so I got exposed to it I had to Quarantine myself and on December 20th 2020 the announcement came out from Jay Clayton then Jay Clayton bounces and Goes to uh new River New River Capital To consult for a cryptocurrency fund That just increased their position in Bitcoin and ethereum a couple days Earlier or something like that so I knew Right then guys I was holding on like a Tick on a dog now I don't care if we get An announcement on November 30th I don't Care if we get announcement in first Quarter guys I am a longterm fundamental Holder what I've been trying to teach People is get non-emotional about these Markets guys if you are emotional you Are the 99% you should have a long-term Horizon with a shortterm Exit Plan let Me explain that a long-term Horizon if I Do if I meet with somebody for business Or investing and they're talking about Getting rich right now we're going to Make this m money in a week or I can get A pump and dump I'm out I'm out they There needs to be a fiveyear 10y year Horizon around the conversations guys Because we run multiple companies it Takes years to get into profit after we Get into profit it takes slow methodical Planned out decisions non- emotional to Build generational wealth okay so the

Long-term Horizon is I'm holding 50% of All my cryptos longterm okay I also look At at it from the short term as an Extremely spective asset I have an Extremely extremely strict Exit Plan as It goes up 50% of my portfolio I would Exit 100% of 50% okay down below you can Download Merlin I'm co-founder of Merlin It'll help you set up an exit strategy So you can exit the markets and get Alerts and text messages 30 days for Free okay so as it's going up I'm Exiting and I'm securing and Max funding Insurance policies you know why because I don't trust what's happening with our Government I don't trust overleveraged America America is in a horrible Position in the 1980s when interest Rates were high we were in a good Financial position we had a good uh Leadership team they knew what they were Doing they were able to easily navigate Our way out of those High interest rates Guys the leadership sucks right now Straight up I'm just being honest with You guys they don't care about you the Feds Jerome pal has no idea how to fix This economy he's getting more nervous More nervous High interest rate Environment we have more debt than we Have money every single Dollar in the System is someone else's debt there is No damn way that I'm taking my money out Of crypto and I'm setting it in a bank

Account and I'm not playing games with The speculative asset crypto until this Stuff gets settled and there's Regulation and there's you know less Volatility within the market so when I Get profit boom I'm securing that in Tier one Capital which is Insurance That's why I'm doing it also I get to Retire or it's not it's not a retirement Plan but you can access your Capital Tax-free if it's set up properly on the Back end as you pull out of your 401k And you're tax later you have no idea What ta what do you think taxes are Going to be higher or lower when you Retire guys with this type of economy I'm going to beg to say that they're Going to be higher do you guys realize That right now is one of the lowest tax Practice we've experienced in a long Long time do your research on taxes guys This is actually a very low tax bracket We're sitting in right now so you have No idea you have no idea when you retire With your 401k where taxes are going to Be at so not only do they not let you Touch your money They pass the risk on to you with the 401K and you think because they're Matching at two to 3% that they're it's A great deal no they're saving a Shitload of money by passing on the risk To you and you get taxed on the back end And you have no idea where tax going to

Be you have a million dollars sitting in Your bank account you get tax 20 to 30% You now have $700,000 to retirement and That'll last you maybe a couple years so That's why we secure in tier one Capital Which is what my license insurance team Teaches you number three is we're Focused on precious metals number number Four is we're focused on business that's How we increase our earned income every Single quarter and number five we're Heading into real estate and I keep Repeating the same thing we're going to Go vertical because the normal everyday Family is no longer going to be able to Afford a home everybody's going to be Moving back in together and there's Going to be people needing affordable Housing so that's where we're at guys But my attitude of gratitude is thank You thank you thank you for those who Have been here um I I just love the fact That I get to do this for a living I Love the fact that I built my own Ecosystem I love the fact that our team Has never accepted money from a Cryptocurrency company and we stayed to True with our relationship with our Higher power for me it's God and Following the life of Jesus and I will Always stand tall on that I'm not Looking for followers obviously because I will speak my truth around God and my My following with Jesus and I love you

Guys with all my heart I love you as I Love God I will never judge you because I I've been there guys I am not any Person who can judge somebody else my Life 17 years ago was an absolute Disaster I have zero right to judge Another person and lastly I will treat You as I want to be treated so I love You guys Happy Thanksgiving or whatever You celebrate I know some people history His story stop complaining about history Guys and expand it create your own like You have a time machine you can't go Backwards and change what happened in History that they lied and manipulated Us but what you can do is create your Own by expanding contest Consciousness And stop trying to escape the matrix and Create your own as we always say Warriors get your together let's go Love you Guys No


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