Ripple/XRP-Uphold CEO-Ripple/Uphold Go Live Date This Year-Explains Partnership Is A SuperPower

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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines here we have the Uphold CEO and he's going to explain to You the Ripple and uphold partnership is A superpower and he isn't kidding and He's going to give you a go live date as Well we got that and so much more Somebody roll that beautiful Intro digital perspectives with Brad Times come on In welcome back to the show everybody You can follow us on Twitter and YouTube For exclusive content at the top of the Screen right now it's 1.32 trillion doll Market cap for crypto the market is off By 2.3% this morning Bitcoin 34,700 ethereum 1,800 and change we see Tether now at 85.2 billion plus in Market cap and xrp is 61 cents right Right now we're up 1.1 in the 24h hour But we're up 12.7 on the 7 day yeah strong like bull Yeah we love this right and look I know We've been a long time watching this Price not really move and we see that We've gotten up a uh above a crucial Price point that the technical analysts Have told us to watch out for so we want To keep watching that so let's look at The range of price really quickly uh Ranging between 60 and 62 cents right Now this is above that 5558 cents that The technical analyst told us about so We should be in like a bullish window

Now it doesn't guarantee that the price Is going to continue to go up but it Does guarantee that I'll be watching What's going on and I'm going to be Watching this and you should too it's Linked to the private Equity of a Lifetime you're not going to find Private Equity like this anywhere else In the world ladies and gentlemen over 400,000 users over 300 million total Investments 48 incredible compan Companies including the likes of link to Themselves uphold Ripple you name it It's on here you name it it is on here Glint is on here uh but you got to act Fast you got to click the link and all You have to do is sign up and register To get started it is absolutely simple To do make sure you click the link below And check out our sponsor Here look at this number here and I'm Going to move quickly through this Because we have to see this video with The CEO Simon mlin from from uphold it Is very powerful you're going to love Every bit of it but look at this right Here what's happening in the regular Banking world the traditional banking World here hundreds thousands million Billion 40 billion in unrealized losses Hits JP Morgan Chase as Bank of America Wells Fargo and City group Face exposure To us treasuries this is what is taking Place now again then look at this here

We also had a system go down AC Bank of America Chase and US bank system down it Was the a uh down today as direct Deposit systems crash now look I I Talked to my friend Ron he he pointed it Out in the article he shared as well and I just couldn't help but feel like well You know never let a good crisis go to Waste that's the first thing I start Hearing in my mind and I know he does Too uh and I know all of you as well Right oh there's a way to fix all of This right let's get let's get everybody On distributed Ledger technology let's Change over to the new system let's feel Those Network effects that's what we Want to feel right and meanwhile while That's happening HSBC launches Blockchain platform to tokenize Ownership of gold in the London Vault Now you know these are the moves that Are happening I don't find it to be Mutually exclusive that you're seeing All these other things take place you Know we've heard conversation after Conversation that the banking system is Teetering on collapse we've already seen Earlier in the year that happen with a Couple huge Banks you know the warning Signs are out here and I think it's very Fitting that we see HSBC looking to Tokenize ownership of gold we know A Change is coming and speaking of A Change is coming we know that we got a

Settlement talks that are in in in the Uh uh what do they call it um in the uh Phase of of uh just I guess fig figuring Out what the fine is but this is steuart Alara sharing here that there's another Loss this week for the SEC the street Continues the second circuit in the SEC Versus gville held that the SEC can't Ask for a crippling discouragement award Without first proving that investors Suffered actual Financial harm in other Words no harm no foul now let's take a Look at this because Jeremy chimed in on This shout out to him for this he's Highight highlighting here the actual Case where it says what steuart aldera Highlighted and he says aldera is Highlighting this case because they are In the damage phase or damages phase and This case is saying that xrp holders Must have lost money on xrp in order to Be liable and if you bought xrp for Under its current price you haven't been Damaged by ripple at least and that is a Massive point to make because we know That there is a very important date Coming up that could could it doesn't Mean it has to they could kick the can Down the road we've certainly seen that Happen but we'll talk about that in a Second and in a stroke of irony and the Irony is undeniable here uh we have the DC fintech week coming up on November 6th through the 9th here and we see that

Ripple CEO Brad garlinghouse and SEC Chair Gary gendler are set to share the Stage at the same event DC fintech week Shout out to Dr Chris brummer for that Too because I'm sure he's still putting That on and hosting that event but you Could see them right here in this I mean Think of it novag Gratz 2 Michael sbar Former Ripple advisor think look at look At the people here this Is we're going to want to watch that Very closely as it happens that's for Sure and then here we have this SEC has A crucial meeting with ripple on November 9th this was the date we were Talking about and again we just want to Watch this as a window of opportunity Does it mean that there's going to be a Complete resolution on the 9th I do Remember that the judge had said if they Don't come up with something whether It's a date or an actual settlement or What have you I believe the judge is Going to step in and put a schedule in Place for them so we'll watch that very Closely as well and I do hope that There's a resolution in that case but I Want to get to this because this is Going to be a powerful five minute clip That you're going to want to hear all of This is uh Joe and Doo from link to here Shout out to you Joe and CEO from uphold Simon mlin uh what a wonderful person I Have had the pleasure of interviewing

Him quite a few times and meeting him Personally was really fantastic he is Very candid in this and he is going to Break down for you that uh they are Going to be a node on on demand Liquidities Network and a lot of what he Is describing sounds exactly the way Ashish Bera described Ripple liquidity Hub remember when he described that as Uh and the gentleman that was Interviewing him uh asked he said so Would you compete Ripple liquidity Hub Would compete with coinbase and he says No actually we would sit behind or in Front of what coinbase would offer we Take away coinbase and put in place Uphold and this sounds like Ripple Liquidity Hub being put to work through On demand liquidity usage that's what This sounds like to me but let's listen Here this is remarkable recent um Development which is a really exciting Announcement that you guys made so about Two weeks ago uh in terms of your Partnership with ripple right describe For us what you're going to do as a Partner of Ripple on their on demand Liquidity system and what the benefits Are that you're going to deliver to Ripple as well as what the benefits are To uphold for uh that Partnership yeah that's a great starting Point Joe so I mean for people who Aren't familiar with uphold what we do

Is allow people companies and Institutional investors to move value From Fiat currencies into Cryptocurrencies and then across Different blockchain Networks and the Ripple partnership is Is very important to us so we're going To become a node in Ripple's on demand Liquidity service and their service Basically streamlines International Payments for big Companies uph hold's role in that will Be to convert xrp into fiat currency USD pound sterling and Euros um and to handle Bank payouts in Europe UK uh and the US it's a really Important deal for us not just because Of the direct benefit but because it Signals the Strategic direction we want To take the Company this one deal has the potential To double our volumes next year not our Revenues our volumes um but more Importantly it exposes us to recur Recurring payment flows and it plays to The the utility use case of crypto as Opposed to the retail Speculation uh case that you know um Crypto is perhaps best known for um the Deal positions uphold as an Infrastructure component in in International payments and that's very Much the direction we want to take Uphold um my goal is to get the company

To a point where by the end of 2026 we generate the majority of our Revenues from Enterprise clients like Ripple that is a massive statement keep Listening now most people know us as a Retail app and we're known for a super Easy uh ux very wide choice of tokens And Retail is going to remain an Important part of what we do but our Real superpower is is really as a Platform that can be used by Enterprise Clients to move Fiat into crypto across Different networks and it can be used For payments in particular and it's Worth just digging in a little bit at The start Joe into our model and what Makes us Different so we're effectively a prime Broker and we're the counterparty to Every customer trade on the uphold Platform now we rebalance our Reserve by Doing trades at 30 underlying venues That include centralized exchanges Decentralized exchanges and OTC Brokers So effectively our pricing engine is Listening to pricing right across the Market it identifies the best pricing in The market we can see the quantities Available at certain prices we can Uncover multiple paths to achieve best Execution we cover for example USD pairs Euro pairs pound sterling pairs eth Pairs wrapped eth pairs usdt pairs so There are literally hundreds of pars to

Execute a trade and if you look at why Ripple chose us it's primarily for our Ability uh in terms of being able to Move large quantities of xrp into the Market without moving the price so it's All about our ability to price and trade To extremely narrow spreads and the Reason we're excited about this is it's Payments so it's recurring income it's Recurring flows which is a much nicer Business uh than the sort of very feast Or famine nature of retail and you know This is a poster CH for the kind of deal That we want to do and how we want the Platform to be used because it generates Potentially higher quality revenues and We've got other similar deals in the Platform and the other thing that's Significant from my point of view is It's an example of how we're plugging up Hold as a platform into a large Installed user base so the uphold o odl Platform already handles hundreds of Millions of dollars of flow a year so It's not like you're plugging into a Startup and you're inheriting execution Risk so for us it's a very exciting uh Project it goes live uh on a very tight Time frame actually we've got the first Live trades during during December so at That point I I'll pause Joe because um Yeah Yeah thank you because that's a lot to Digest it's not like you're inheriting

Startup execution risk they're already Doing hundreds of millions of dollars in Payments already they're plugging into It and they're going Live December of This Year so how much of that hundreds of Millions of dollars that they're already Doing are about to flow through the node Of uphold and On Demand liquidity come On In mhm now take a look at this the train Has already left a station here shout Out to eggr Krypto said take a look at This monthly time frame xrp is on a Strong upward Trend and comfortably Trading above the 21 EMA indicating Robust bullish momentum we love hearing That we're setting our SES on some Exciting Milestone of 80 cents and a130 Or just around the corner but that's Just the tip of the iceberg the next Moonshot targets of $280 and $5.50 for Xrp are merely the start of something Big take a look at this boy do I love Seeing it and I hope that this train Keeps right on up those tracks that's All I can tell you uh we don't know what It'll do eggr crypto doesn't either he's Giving you the leading indicators this Is not Financial advice just showing Everybody these windows of opportunity To pay attention to and if the s Continue to follow what the indicators Are saying then we know we have strong

Understanding of how the market is Responding right that's what we want to Pay attention to and you're going to Want to pay attention to this ladies and Gentlemen this is the freedom Zone and I Want you to join the hundreds and Hundreds of others so we can stay in Touch because censorship is a very very Real thing and uh I've been victim to it We know the largest xrp YouTuber in the Space has been victim on X uh Dai #f Freed uh we can't forget about it we Need him back but we also need to Understand just how fragile it is out Here in social media that you can be Silenced after building over 300,000 People in your community and wiped out With just a flip of a button and you're Gone and you have no control over it no Rhyme or Reason no nothing a warning no No reason for why it's happened this is Why it's so important that we stay in Touch and I'm asking you join the Hundreds and hundreds of others and by The way we're having conversations in Here that we could never have outside of This platform so join us in the freedom Zone click the link and by the way if You do click the link you're going to Get yourself a discount to xrp Las Vegas 2024 I can tell you that all you have to Do is click the link underneath the Video to join the freedom zone or go to Dig perspectives. and click the freedom

Zone and join us inside we'll see you There today we're going to be talking About they knew it and they did it and Anyway the evidence is shown to you There is no speculation Robert F Kennedy Jr is going to give it to you we'll see You in the freedom zone I'll catch all Of you on the next One


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