XRP Chosen Winner? & Major Ripple Swell Announcement

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Ignition sequence starts 6 5 4 3 2 1 Zero lift off we have a Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor and this clip That I'm about to show you from the uh Black Swan Capitalist what she says here's kind of Something we've been saying for a long Time here but what I'm going to do is I'm going to show you this and I'm going To show you something else I'm going to Do with this but then at at the end of My video here when we go to the member Group at D xrp.com I'm going to go through a theory that I've always kind of held back About the bigger plan what this is all What what this all kind of tracks back To I've touched on it in the past but There's parts of it I haven't ever Touched on I'm going to do it today in The Group so first let's start here remember This is Lonette Zen who's a gold she's a Gold Bug and what we've said for a long time On this channel is that this is going to Involve this change over to this new System is going to involve gold and in My opinion xrp and Xlm listen to what she says the bank for International settlements publishes Their money flow and there is a small Space in that money flow for those

Private Cryptocurrencies so I agree with you That the winners of this have already Been Chosen I believe so that's a right and And I think that you just named the two That are most likely that and I think Also wall Street's totally adopted Bitcoin the bank for inter okay have Already been chosen I will give you a Flag flashback this was Kendra Hill who Was on social media back in the day and Then disappeared cryptocurrency will be Made illegal this is not a maybe this is A warning nothing is left up to chance Our world has always planned years in Advance if you fail to plan you are Planning to fail and failure is not an Option allowing additional currencies to Exist when the world is only using one Would be disruptive so it will not be Tolerated and it will be easier to stop Than you think the illusion is that Bitcoin for example is Untouchable the Reality is that it is government Controlled through the use of mining Pools any cryptocurrency aiming to be Decent a decentralized digital currency Will not survive the one that will you That we will Use has already been chosen and I think When when she says one she means xrp and Xlm because she mentioned both of them In the course of these the series of

Things she put out how about these Apples folks remember HSBC today they Announced new digital assets custody Service and who are they going to use For that that would be Mato which Ripple Just Bought listen to this this is at Ripple Swell says uh these are this is zodiac Custody Standard Chartered HSBC and Mato Discuss strategic Objectives collaboration is always much More successful providing we have a set Understanding of what the rules of the Game are and that really comes down to The regulatory aspect that we have that Ensures that at the end of the day the Owner of the asset can sleep at night in The knowledge that they know what they Own and they have legal title to it it's Being kept in a secure Way okay you might remember this back HSBC um this is in 2017 HSBC Taps former Ripple CEO for Tech Advisory Board Almost as if this has been planned for a Long time then this guy is the CEO of Mato today at HSBC one of the world's Largest bank and financial services Organizations announced that it's Working with Mato as it plans to launch A new digital asset custody service for Institutional clients who invest in Tokenized Securities HSBC will be Leveraging our platform harmonize to Unify security and management of its

Digital asset operations harmonize Remains the market leading institutional Grade digital asset custody and Orchestration Platform um and then it he goes on and On um and here's a picture from swell There's Monica Long excuse me then we got this um this Is from the mataco handle HSBC announc Is working with mataco this is huge Folks Okay banking even coindesk is is touting It banking group HSBC will offer custody Service for tokenized Securities with The help of Mato or medo Then we've got this lady she's from the Um this is I'm not going to try to say Her name but she's from the DC Authority She's at Swell Dubai and the DFC are Leading the way and are shaping the Future of Finance I believe that events Like swell are very important because it Brings all the parties within that Ecosystem in one place to talk to each Other so you will have the bankers you Will have the teeken Innovation Companies you will have Regulators all Of them sitting and talking to each Other and these are forums where we can Discuss the challenges and put them on The table Dubai is the Hub of hubs does Those companies can can really leverage For News The Hub of hubs and here's Monica

Long on Stage president Ripple we first established our presence Here as a company in 2020 recognizing That here in Dubai is a place where the Block chain industry was really Blossoming and further supported very Critically by Regulators in the UAE so We can thank dfsa and Vara for setting Some clear rules and regulations for an Industry and Innovation to take Place okay then we have um this see this Was uh the one that was kind of missed I Think blockchain payments firm Ripple Has partnered with African fintech how However you say that on Africa Afric to Open new remittance corridors with Gulf Cooperation Council UK and Australia I decided to look up what Gulf Cooperation Council was this is um is co Cooperation Council for Arab states of The gulf known as Gulf Co cooperation Council um is a regional Intergovernmental political and economic Union comr Comprising Bahrain let's see Kuwait Oman Qatar Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates um all current member states Are monarchies including this this folks You know what this looks like to me this Looks like xrp replacing the Petro Dollar to Me um and then we've got um Cowboy

Crypto we've got Brad garlinghouse he Was at the DC fintech let's watch a Little bit of That welcome to another very short trip In Washington for you uh very short this Time but it's always good to be back in Washington you're gonna have to spend Any time at the SEC while you're here This time maybe a photo op no I'm Kidding no uh no no planned visits to The SEC but why would welcome that I Mean honestly I think an open dialogue Between industry and the SEC would be a Step forward from where we are now well Of course what we're all referring to And I think everyone in this room pretty Much knows what I'm talking about is the SDC case which a judge ruled in your Favor round xrp and whether or not it Was improperly issued as a security are We calling that done and dusted or are You bracing yourself for some kind of Remedy or appeal process well I look I Think the SEC clearly lost on everything That matters uh there is a remedy Process which continues forward there's The unknown and I know chair gendler is On stage later you should ask him if They're going to appeal uh that would be Great look I that's not a knowable thing Uh I from my point of view they lost on The things they care most about but by The same token if they move the it up The appet ladder it becomes more

Amplified as a decision of consequence And so it'll be interesting it's a I Think there a strategic trade-off I'm Sure there's way more lawyers in this Room than uh I'm comfortable you know That you guys know more about it than I Do but uh I I think it's to be Determined whether not I choose to Appeal I think regardless of whether They appeal I feel really good about it I think it's very clear the SEC now has Lo they lost three times with ripple They lost uh I know the CEO grayscale is On you know they lost the grayscale case And by the these are federal judges Saying things I'll quote grayscale the Judge said that the SEC was being Arbitrary and Capricious I mean this is is damning Language from a federal judge like you Know I also happen to believe as long as I'm on a rooll here look at some point When you have the same you keep trying To do the same thing and you keep having The same outcome at some point you Change your approach well I hope it Would be magical if chair gendler got up Here and said hey we're going to change Our approach we have lost time and time And time again so let's re let's step Back apparently we haven't had it right Because the judicial branch is saying we Keep getting it wrong and so like it Would be great to have that constructive

Dialogue I would be happy to go to the SEC today actually today would' be tough But yeah I know you have he has to get On a flight to Dubai in a couple of Hours so we'll pass the message along to Chair Gensler when he arrives I would Come back from Dubai here to meet with Chair Gensler okay on the record he says This so you mentioned that there was a Win in the Ripple case and in the Grayscale case or a loss on the other Hand for the SEC but of course those Aren't the only high-profile cases the SEC is currently pursuing they've Brought cases against binance against Coinbase does the Ripple case teach us Anything about what might happen in Those cases how do you view the debate Around xrp in the context of those Cases look I followed the coinbase case A little more closely uh and so maybe Like I can comment there a little bit More I look I I think that the the Challenge has been and again even if you Read what the or listen to what the Judge has said in some of the early Coinbase uh procedural stuff you know I The SEC is not trending well there and Again if at some point you would think If you keep getting losses you would say Okay wait a minute let's step back let's Reevaluate or even better let's be part Of championing a legislative solution Let's not go to Congress and testify and

Say the laws are clear the laws clearly Uh could be much clearer at a minimum And you know I think what we're seeing In the coinbase Case the world is not just a simple Howie test and we have seen some Momentum around legislative Solutions Obviously uh washingt it's hard to get Things passed in Washington uh in some Ways that's a good thing in some ways That's bad but uh I'm hopeful that in 2024 we do see some legislative momentum That actually does provide that Clarity And it would be a magical thing if the SEC were part of that working Constructively with the industry to find Gary can't do it he's he's captured he His Masters are Jamie dominin friends so He can't do it that's a waste of time Now we're going into the um you should Go and watch the rest of that we are Going into the the private uh group now You can go join at Dp.com uh today I'm talking I'll call it My um I'll call it my this was all plan This Ripple thing was all planned Theory Okay I'm the digital asset investor I'm Not an investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family that in the Group we talk about my all this was Planned Theory thanks for listening that's at



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