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Welcome back to the show check out these Headlines we got Brad garlinghouse we've Got Ripple we've got Accenture we've got The world changing rate before our eyes And are we about to see a bullish cross For xrp you're not going to believe it Somebody rolled that beautiful [Music] [Applause] Intro digital perspectives with Brad KES Come on In Welcome back to the show you can follow Us on Twitter and YouTube for exclusive Content right now we have a $1.5 Trillion market cap for cryptocurrency The market is up 2.4% Bitcoin now 38,200 plus ethereum just over 2,000 Bucks 257 in change and we see tether Market cap now 89.1 billion plus that May be an all-time high and we still Don't know how the US government Department of Justice and treasury field About it just saying number five spots Xrp 61 cents it's up 1.1 and it's uh on The 24hour up 2.9 on the 7day range of Price very quickly is 6049 on the bottom 6168 on the top we will get into some TA Today and I think you're going to enjoy What you see but before we get going Here I want to show you this let me get This going here the computer and the Internet the worldwide interweb has been Very very tough here at this house today

But let me tell you something uh link to Ladies and gentlemen where you get the Best private equity in the world circles Back on the board don't forget Ripple Don't forget link to itself uphold poly Sign glint so many other incredible Companies it's all right here all you Have to do is go sign up and register And get started today what are you Waiting for let's look at this this is From Wrath of common here alow web 3 Carbon credit Network founded with Ripple is basically building a Gateway For carbon credits with their two-way Bridge proprietary chain voluntary Carbon Market just connected with social Carbon in August and hired former R3 Executive as the CCO how about that now I'm showing you that because we know Carbon credits whether you're a fan of That market or not is going to grow very Very quickly in the near term so I'm Showing everybody that now uh now here We see this and I would expect to see More of this happening shout out to Emy Yoshikawa here Tokyo hosts an xrp Ledger Defi hackathon Ripple encourages Developers to innovate on The xrp Ledger We love seeing that and you're going to Absolutely see more of that over the Coming years now let's get a look at What is happening here in the finance World because what we're looking at is a Digital pound Foundation sharing here

Gilbert vidiian the founder and CEO of Quant Network talking about the Importance of tokenization and moving Forward check it out I really saw the Potential of what a digital pound can Bring to the UK and and what it can do For businesses and consumers um and Working on it since then uh the time is Right to to be able to um bring that Into fruition for for for the UK and and Other jurisdictions um and what it Really means for consumers and Businesses commercial Banks and and Institutions that's right is really the Ability to have programmable money and And that really allows uh smart money to Operate and take away a lot of the pain Points that we have in a binary system Uh because money is quite binary um and It needs to evolve to keep up with um The the digital lives that we all have Today and the digital world we live in Absolutely now let's take a look at this Very quickly here this is David Treat Senior managing director at Accenture Ripple partner digital dollar project Just to name a few yeah uh take a listen To what he says here about the uh Efficiency of digital money like stable Coins or cbdcs um so David first I know You have some feelings about phrases Like money is already digital um and can You unpa for us what tokenization really Is why it's different what does this

Unlock for us what does tokenization do You uniquely or differently great Question yeah it is one how how many People face that question or or you know Have to still answer that question of Like money is already digital yeah see I See a number of hands it is it it's one Of my least favorite phrases to hear or Need to respond to I don't I don't mind The question the it because because it It's it limits the Conversation right we we have we live in An increasingly digital world and when We put our human needs at the center of It we need we need solutions to be able To help us bring our identity money and Objects and assets with us from digital Experience to experience we can't do That today today we are con constrained To a username and password individual Relationship with each service provider In our life and lo and behold identity Money and objects you know every every Business Transaction I would love to hear if Somebody can think of one that doesn't Involves identity and money Bingo most Of them also involve an asset or a Service you know in the in the digital World we are innovating against these Tracks independently I'm I I will I will Go from here to another conference That's entirely focused on digital Identity and verifiable credentials and

It's all based on the same underlying Technology of appr provably unique Object in the digital world and so we've Had a huge focus at Accenture um and and With our partners over the past year in Particular of bringing these Innovation Waves together to actually put the Actual human whether it's an individual Human or groups of humans in a Corporation their needs together to say Look I need to be able to bring my Identity money and objects with me from Experience to experience across Firewalls to get the services and Products that I need I need Universal Wallet infrastructure to be able to hold That that's really it right there he's Got it he's got it That's why they're partnered with Ripple and here is the importance of Having stable coins certainly Central Bank digital currencies which I'm not a Fan of but they're coming right and this Is why it's so important because when You get stable coins and legislation That allows the banking world to use Those stable coins you have 247365 banking I think all banks are Looking this space I'm I'm based in Dubai right now every Bank wants to know BAS how to launch their own stable coin Or it's a topic they're looking at very Much because there's a lot of Efficiencies just the simple 247

365 um netting on all the time is a huge Uplift from Banks which aren't even Mostly open the majority of the day Basically right so the settlement period I think there's a lot of easy go to Market in that one compared to launching Equity for example on on chain which is Still a long way down the r all banks You know that is such a key point Because that is what we're waiting for And you have to ask yourself Understanding that ladies and Gentlemen where does tether fit into This we know what bitf stinks here he Says yeah tether fraud tokens are going Away if you take a look at this there May be a hint leaning into this and We've had this question about tether for Years on his Channel treasury is now asking Congress To Grant it new power to go after crypto Fintech platforms used by militant Organizations as we know as trans Ational criminals and Rogue States turn To digital assets to finance their Activities this is the narrative this is The motto right here be be you know be Advised that cash itself physical paper Cash is what's used for more criminal Activity than anything in the whole wide World so you get the narrative they want Control and they realize with the Current uh laws and rules on the books They don't have the kind of control that

They want so what we see here is uh Deputy treasury secretary uh Wally Ado Uh wrote in a letter to sanet banking Chair uh Sarah shered Brown and Patrick McKenry ranking member and then uh of The house Tim Scott as well and Maxine Waters why it matters this is the Important part the letter along with the Accompanying term sheet it says here With legislative proposals marks a Significant development in efforts to Subject digital asset firms to the same Anti-money laundering law rules that Apply to to Banks asset managers and Other traditional Wall Street Institutions this is what we have been Waiting for Brad garlinghouse has said It himself listen to him say it again I'll bring you right here to where it Says it listen to Brad say it right here There's some basic things I feel like we Have to agree if we want that progress We have to agree on some basic things And I think you know I still do find Categories of the crypto Community Fighting some of these basic regulatory Frameworks you know AML is going to Matter kyc is going to matter and if you If you're taking the point of view that We're going to circumvent those things That that's not the industry I see out Five and 10 years from now that re That's exactly right shout out to Brad Garlinghouse and here it is from the

Treasury Deputy treasury secretary Wally Ad admo here what is he saying Development and efforts to subject Digital asset firms to the same Anti-money laundering rules that apply To Banks asset managers and other Traditional Wall Street firms as we have Been waiting for and when we get that Let's take a look at this regulation Done Right can really unlock the crypto Sort of utility to come in place Absolutely that's sendy Young from Ripple keep listening to what this Gentleman says here yeah I think not Beating the dead horse I think saying Thing but I think regulation could be The the big unlock right because there There are a few people who are very Comfortable building with no rules and Kind of wild there's this um Festival in The desert called Burning Man feels like It's it's the Burning Man movement a lot Of people I would never go out there There's no shop I do what you mean I Can't pay for anything it sounds crazy But you get 880,000 people going to the Desert and having fun and partying so it Feels like that's where at the moment Which get a group of people but in terms Of really mainstreaming I think to allow If you if you have an idea for a Business and you want to start it basic Ideas like Michael was saying how can I Hire people it can't be that complicated

I want to get arrested like what's all This offshore stuff this seems crazy can I get so there there's basic stuff sou In terms of the operational side but in Terms of Regulation you know you don't Really want to start a company and then You know the Ripple is is fighting the Fight I mean it's it's a it's a it's a Wild ride so I think once that can get Hopefully sorted out or have a little Bit more clarity I feel there's going to Be a massive unlock where all those Smart people who are already working in The space I think there are a bunch of There 11,000 more smart people from meta Available as as of yesterday so I think There are there are a bunch of people Who want to get in and I think it's just Dem ifying uh and and again de jargoning And having a little bit more ground Rules and regulation then I think there Will be a massive from 10 years I think Hopefully the Innovation we've had in 10 Years can be replicated in a year I Think once the the unlock happens 10 Years in a year and the catalyst is Exactly what we have said a 100,000 Times on this channel regulation uhhuh But ask the early Maximalist the tribalist in this space And they'll last laugh at you oh this is Decentralized we don't need anybody's Permission oh really or how about this One no that happens in the US that

Doesn't pertain to us the US doesn't Tell us what to do okay yeah well the US Took a three plus trillion dollar crypto Market and smashed it to One uhhuh that happened still that way Today and you know what else they done It to the tune that they've scared money From coming into this space which means They have done it for long enough period Of time to let the world know that there Will be just like there is a dark web There is a regulated web there is going To be a dark financial side a dark Crypto side and there will be a hugely Regulated side it's going to be the same Way and the only way to make the world Feel that is to put regulation ambiguity Some jackass like Gary gendler in place To be able to cast that shadow for all The massive money that wants to come Into this space to say not yet not yet Not until they lift the veil for Regulation and here's naving goop to Dropping knowledge right here going to Tell you about the picks and shovels This is why we talk about link two and Private Equity all you have to do is Click the link and get started take a Listen to what naven says here very Powerful as a ripple V and Enterprise Crypto Payment Solutions company or Payments is now becoming a smaller part Lots of other things are emerging and Becoming bigger and bigger so let's take

Simply institution that wants to use Crypto for any purpose either for Tokenization for payments for custody we Would we are building solutions to Essentially provide that we are One-Stop Shop for an institution that wants to Dwell into cryptos right information Almost became zero cost so you can send Millions of millions of email it really Doesn't matter matter all you pay is $39.99 per year per month or per year Depending upon your subscription fee Exactly the same thing will happen to Money as well my advice would be don't Worry about where digital assets are Going invest in picss and shovels so Levis which produce jeans people who Were producing pi and showels you can't Go wrong with that because the industry Will become 50 hundred times bigger and The infrastructure will always win Irrespective of which digital asset wins That is such a remarkable comment from Navin Gupta no doubt about it and then Here we have this while all of this is Going on we're on the cusp of getting Conversations really going in a Meaningful way in congress with treasury About legislation rule Writing the dollar Dixie great fall says Egg rag crypto downward spiral has begun As the Dixie closed be uh below the 72 At 103 prepare for this imminent shift And we know that normally history has

Spoken that if the Dollar's up crypto's Down if the Dollar's down crypto is up And speaking of the dollar being down We're looking at this the same time that The dollar Dixie is showing a downward Move we see that we're just about at a Place for a bullish cross which is Extremely bullish for crypto and Certainly this xrp chart not Financial Advice or me or anyone else now I'm Encouraging everybody to join the Freedom Zone and you know what we've got A new benefit for everybody it's full Access to the private digital Perspectives telegram group and it is an Amazing group of people some of the Smartest people you're ever going to Meet and a great way for you to continue The conversation that is amazing already Inside the freedom Zone do not mess Around it is almost nothing to join this Incredible conversation and look we're Having fun and it goes well beyond Crypto let me tell you something so Don't mess around click the link go to Dig prospectives And join us in the freedom zone or the Dpmg by the way which will be a private Weekly call with a library of Information and a mastermind of Brilliant people to uh talk and Mastermind and network with inside of The group no doubt about it we'll see You inside not Financial advice from me

Or anyone else I'll catch all of you on The next One


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