XRP Blast Off 1,000%-1485% , Ripple Swell & The Danger Zone

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Ignition sequence starts 6 5 4 3 2 1 Zero liftoff we have a Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor and look at this From Coindesk EX RP has spiked in the past 24 Hours see a lot of people have been Wondering what why is the price going up A lot of people are like oh maybe it's Because of swell well I don't think That's the case myself Swell Historically swell sometimes the price Would spike because of swell because People think there's going to be an Announcement but it never does really Happen that way I don't think that's What the price spikes about I think Coindesk might be more over the target It's spiked in the past 24 hours to Become the top performing crypto major As Bitcoin ethereum held steady Bulls May have reacted to last week's news Ripple one key approvals this is what They're talking about this is what I Think Ripple said last Thursday that Dubai Financial Services Authority dfsa Approved xrp under its virtual assets Regime allowing licensed firms in Dubai International Financial Center a Financial sandbox to incorporate and Offer xrp to clients as a part of their Crypto services on the same day the firm Said it would start working with

National Bank of Georgia nbg and digital Larry gel pilot project which will use The firm's Central Bank digital currency Platform Hong Kong and tywan governments Are already using the cbdc service which Launched in may wait a minute Coindesk are you telling me that Xrp is the only digital asset that's got Legal Clarity in the United States and That it's being used and going to be Used by Banks and here is Ripple swell today is November 6 Ripple swell is um I think it Starts the the 8th let me go back I Can't Remember Um I accidentally went back to the Ripple with website let's go back one Let's go back two no and three November 8th through 9th is Ripple swell and then I think tomorrow we have Brad Garlinghouse at DC fin Tech week with Gary and here's the speakers um you got All sorts of speakers there's even Somebody from Circle there DBS Bank head Head of digital assets I think they're Going to be a big part of Ripple going Forward it will be interesting to see What it is but I don't think this is why The price is going up I really don't I Cannot believe it you think that these People would have learned by now the iso Goat should know by now that the crypto Gestapo the crypto police do not allow

You you are not allowed to show xrp Price glitches because it could create Excitement you're not allowed to do this You have to be negative as if if it's if It's a choice between positive and Negative you always default to the Negative How can I the iso goat not know this by Now luckily for the iso goat the digital Asset investor defa defaults to positive That's what we do on this channel Because we have all the reasons in the World to be positive about xrp and Always have I've always believed in what I owned and nothing has changed I know Exactly what I Own exactly I think a lot of people Don't and never did or lost belief in What they own not this guy but there has Been a price glitch the glitch is at $23.29 oh my goodness imagine That and then crypto Insight UK xrp Blast Off in T minus 8 days could we be About to go parabolic on xrp on a weekly Time frame if we look back to 2017 we Can see xrp moves between 1,000 and 1485 within 3 weeks when it enters the Overbought area on the RSI let me see what overbought where is The I don't know where the overbought Area is there maybe he says it down here We currently have some space to push Before we hit the overbought area and This time price uh price would have to

Rise so we could presume overbought may Occur around 90 to a dollar this could Be our launch pad and it would need to Come soon in the coming week or so if we Get this price action and history Repeats it would put xrp price between $10 and $14 the digital asset investor Would be very happy at those prices and Probably so would You it would be a big big deal and I Like the sound of where he's going check This out Hong Kong security this is new Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission is considering the Introduction of a Bitcoin and spot ETF wouldn't that be funny if Hong Kong Did it before Gary Gensler allowed the United States to Have one wouldn't that be strange for China to win in this race almost as if Gary was on their side Brad Garling House sent out this picture um this is From him doing DC fintech week he says Is every year I look forward to DC Fintech week everyone from public to Private participants in one room Discussing and sometimes debating the Substantive issues with No Holds Barred Wondering uh wondering a PR proverbial Cage match see you on Wednesday and then Off to Ripple swell I believe that Brad Garlinghouse is tweeting this out Because I saw I meant to show it to you But but Darren Moore XR RP Darren had

Had tweeted this picture out and he said And he made a comment like this was this Was all planned in other words he was he Was saying all the world's a stage he Was putting it in the red file I have Three red files um and so I think Brad Garlinghouse tweeted this out to kind of Say no no this is just a fight yeah So I don't know if all the world's a Stage boy do we live live in an Interesting world steuart alerado uh He's tweeting out a a Gary Gensler WR up Remarkably Gary suggested that a crypto Project retaining a lawyer is a security That's wrong as a matter of law not to Mention common sense and it's not so Subtle and outrageous threat to Everyone's right to consult with counsel Exactly these are some bad bad people Check this out Michael Branch London Stock Exchange one of the biggest in the World with 3.18 trillion dollars in Listed companies is moving forward with Plans to incorporate digital assets the Company is looking for a Director what does that look like for Crypto how about some xrp on the London Stock Exchange now this is good truth Labs Vitalic berin has a well documented History of controlling narratives in the Direction he wants the market to go so That he can profit off of his trades in The clip below he talks about call

Falling out an overinflated crypto Market and how he sold the top to double Ethereum's Runway I've played you this Video before but I wanted to show you This you really should be following what Steven nof is saying I say this because Stephen has what I lack and I have what Steven has lacked Steven provides Firsthand narrative behind the early Days of ethereum where he worked Directly with metalic Butrin and Joe Luben among others who founded ethereum Much of ethereum's original structure And internal decisions around the Organizational structure token design Gas were Concepts created and directed To the ethereum founders he also Understands their financial situation as They navigated being a startup without a Runway and the timing of in which they Had had what they had and what they Needed to survive this is all Documented what I and my associates have Is the opposite of Steven we have the on Chain receipts that provide the in-depth Evidence to backup Steven's evidence for Instance perhaps ethereum needed money To extend their Runway at the time of The Dow attack the Dow hack not only Hacking the Dow locking up a ton of Ethereum but also trading mass of Position against ethereum was a way to Immediately provide cash to the ethereum Foundation cash essential for them to

Provide the runway needed to survive the Bare Market perhaps they got too Comfortable with this model rugging Their own protocols to extend the life Of their blockchain built on stories Theft and fraud as Rick James once Famously said greed is a hell of a drug Okay maybe he said cocaine is a hell of A drug but you get the Drift speaking of cocaine did you see The problem that came out this week on Luben massive drug problems correlate Highly with criminal activities just Saying in closing pay atten pay close Attention to Stephen I believe you will Start to see a well-rounded picture of The actual truth begin to form and show The truth behind the foundation ethereum Was built on always stay curious my Friends boring sleuth boy was that a Right up well speaking of ethereum and Eth gate now we have Jay Clayton and Jay Clayton who is such a good guy and a Contributor at CNBC he thinks that every that we should Now look into the campaign Finance Problems behind FTX and Sam bankman Freed maybe this would be the perfect Distraction for Jay Clayton and Bill Henman and all of them about uh if if Eth gate starts to be looked at if they Stare at FTX so Jay here's here's the The question we were talking about this In the last hour at this point uh there

Is still the potential to bring a second Case against San bankman freed as it Relates to campaign Finance reform and And how he had been moving some of that Money around that decision doesn't have To come from the prosecutors until February the judge said uh yesterday the Question I'd ask you as a former public Servant and somebody who lives in this World uh if you are a prosecutor do you Say to yourself you know what enough's Enough uh we we we've done the work he's Going to prison for the rest of his life Um and it's not worth the tax dollars to Keep going or do you say that there's a Point that uh needs to be made from Either a deterrence perspective or Something else in terms of wanting to Expose and put on record uh what has What took place do you decide to Prosecute that case or Not well Andrew as a as a citizen I'm I'm in the lad Camp I I think that uh Damen Williams appropriately Characterized this as one of the largest Financial frauds in history I I as I see It this is one of the largest um Campaign Finance Um problems in history and it's it's High-profile and as a citizen um I would Like to see this case pursued now how it Gets pursued whether um there's some Kind of plea agreement but the the facts Of what happened here um ought to be on

The table because you know uh Sam was Not the only one participating in in This campaign Finance Scheme who else was Jay that's I don't Know all of the appears that all of the The people who already plad guilty in This other case um that were cooperating Witnesses were party to what was taking Place because they were doing it through Their names and talking I mean it Was was openly discussed in all of this And it may the mother may have been Involved the father may have been Involved it's Unclear and look I'm I'm not a I'm not a Scalps for scalp sake kind of person but But this is this goes to election Integrity and all of the things that Gosh that's rich for him to talk about Integrity is it in the news in so many Ways these days I I I do think it is Something that um the American people Should see what happened here see what's Legal and illegal and um look take the Opportunity that people are paying Attention to demonstrate what's Permissible and not permissible if You're him if you're him though I assume At this point you you you would plead Guilty to it just because you wouldn't Want to spend the money to fight it if You're going to be in prison for the Rest of your life anyway right Well you're right the Dynam that's why I

Use the word resolution rather than Trial the Dynamics around whether this Is a a case that results in a in a plea Agreement and the like or one where you Have to actually put the uh facts on Trial I probably lean for all the Reasons you said toward um some type of Uh settled resolution here what do Think you know it's a very interesting Question why are they why is CNBC and Jay Clayton and all these guys that we Know they will not say the word Eastgate but they'll talk about FTX all Day long why are they so gladly willing To talk about FTX but they will not even Whisper eth gate and it's bigger well It's all it's all evil but it's bigger So they won't even mention it I think That this is probably designed to be Some destraction away cuz a lot of this Lubben stuff starting to come out and a Lot of the eth gate stuff And these guys can't have that being Pointed at I can tell you that well we Are going to talk about the more of the Evils of or potential evils of FTX in in The we are going into the I mean I'm I'm Literally we're going so far into the Danger zone that I'm literally playing The danger zone song today you guys if You haven't ever seen this kind of about This stuff what I'm about to show You we're talking folks this is bad bad Bad bad bad bad bad bad

And I wanted to talk about this kind of Stuff on YouTube a long time ago and I've told you a thousand times it's not About one side of the aisle or the other This is about a lot of bad people that Have taken control of of our country and Our world and it needs to be put to a Stop so Jay Clayton was from the right Side um he was appointed by Trump so we talk about both sides to me For me but we're going into this thing And it is the danger zone so stay out if You don't want to see some of this stuff And I I understand some of it some of it Pretty heavy to quote Michael J fox from Back to the Future here we Go it makes me sick I'm the digital Asset investor I'm not not an investment Advisor this is for entertainment Purposes only Please Subscribe hit the Like button and tell your friends and Family that in Dp.com We went into the danger zone today we Even played the Kenny Loggins music Because it was completely necessary Today you should all come check it out It's it's uh I'll blow your mind I'll It'll shock you but I think that it's Important that we expose some of this Stuff for the good of this country the Good of the world really thanks for Listening


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