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Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and I picked up a cold on my Way from I just got back from a road Trip from San Diego to Seattle so some Of the videos that you guys listened to This past week were things I had Pre-recorded but then I was actually Doing at least one video per day while I Was on my road trip usually I don't talk About when I'm going somewhere until After the fact but so we literally flew Into San Diego and then uh drove up the Coast I've done the I did this a couple Of years ago but we took a different Route this time we went into stopped in Some different places started in San Diego spent the first night in Malibu And I literally had a margarita looking Out at the ocean there in Malibu that's An expensive place I was in I was joking About how my son should go play baseball At Pepperdine University because it's Right there in Malibu and I'm like what Kind of a good time could a young man Have in this town so we went uh stopped In Malibu and then we went up to where Was the next place we went the next day We went through San Francisco across the Golden Gate Bridge and we spent the Night in Mill Valley California which is A very nice place had some great Italian

Food there then we we went uh the next Day we went up we went through Eureka And we we spent the night I'm drawing a blank on the name of the Place but it was right there uh north of Eureka and we were on we were actually On the uh It was like I think we were on the ocean There and like we one of those airbnbs Then from there we went up we went Through Coos Bay I had some uh Had some excellent uh I can't remember Exactly where it was but I had some Excellent is it Bandon Oregon had some Uh excellent uh Seafood then we went up And we stayed in Newport one night And we had a we had like two houses There and it was like you get a lot for Your money there we had some good food There then the next day The next let me think yeah the next day We went up through we drove all the way From Newport Up through Astoria a story is where they Filmed The Goonies for those of you that Have seen that movie then we went up Around the top of Washington went all The way up here there's a uh there's a Place right here in the top corner of Washington called Forks and that is Where they filmed the uh was the the kid Vampire movie Um it's like a series and you know how I Am I always draw Blanks on the names of

These things um Twilight isn't that what it was called That vampire series A lot of it was Filmed in Forks uh Oregon or Forks Seattle so then we went across the top Through Port Angeles and dropped down Into Seattle and we flew out of Seattle Back home yesterday it was a fun trip I Recommend everybody go and see that area Of the country now check it out leading Financial institution Moody's Corporations reportedly working on Scoring a scoring system for up to 20 Stable coins now remember folks when you Hear movies or SNP go ahead and write Down that these are all these people are Paid by Wall Street to do their ratings And I've talked about it before on this If you watch The Big Short there's a Scene in the movie The Big Short where The guy's like this is he's meeting with A woman from an s p and he's like well This is crazy the Wall Street firms are Paying you to rate their products and Then they're turning around and selling Their products there's a built in Conflict of interest here and after the Financial and that was what they were Doing the woman said that's just the way It works after the financial crisis Nobody did anything to fix that okay so Now we're going to have crypto coming in And the same ratings agencies that are Doing wall Street's bidding okay they're

Getting paid by these guys to rate these Things same people are going to be Telling you which digital assets are a Plus you know a plus plus or a C plus Plus you gotta pay to play right okay Now check this out as per the prime Minister of Montenegro the nation Launched a pilot project to build the First digital currency or stable coin For Montenegro in cooperation with Ripple and the central bank and then we Got this uh here's a few pictures of Brad garlinghouse and I think that's James Wallace now I don't know if those Are beers but if they are it looks like James Wallace may be drinking four or Five beers in the meeting no I'm just Kidding those are probably some kind of Special kind of water or sparkling water Or something because it looks like one Of those fancy Davos meetings says Davos Right there so I'm assuming that's where They met Now we've got this 196 members of Congress took this stolen Money Excuse me the cold is real 196 members took this stole maintenance From FTX corruption for a thousand Dollars Alex Congress FTX problem one in Three members of Congress got cash from FTX All right then we've got this Jeremy Hogan's weighing in you remember we

Covered yesterday how Elizabeth Warren Elizabeth Warren was um had gotten was Giving Gary Gensler all of the questions Her staff was giving Gary Gensler all The questions before he had to go up to Do hearings in front of Congress her job Her her job anybody in congress their Job is to oversee the SEC not to work With the SEC and so she as Jeremy Hogan Says it's not illegal that I know of but Definitely unethical since her job is to Provide oversight of the SEC and that That obviously conflicts with her Feeding questions and answers to the Head of the agency she is supposed to be Keeping an eye on John Deaton says in Other words Elizabeth Warren has Dishonored her oath and her office and Flipped the bird to the people that Elected her whoever those people are John Deaton uh says we will soon witness The final and most aggressive push to Shut down crypto well shut down certain Crypto if they're not in bed with White House Gary Gensler you know Wall Street Um it says breaking the White House just Published its crypto policy road map Saying Bitcoin adoption by mainstream Institutions would be a grave mistake Then we've got this Um John Deaton is apparently involved in This uh there's a hearing today in the Library case my understanding of this is That this hearing will think that what

They're talking about is determining Whether X are not xrp but digital Assets In the secondary Market are securities I Could be wrong but I think that's why This is so important we'll find out more About that today now you need to hear The second part of this this guy's Apparently a guy who's been meeting with People on Wall Street do not let these People fool you into thinking that Digital assets are going somewhere There's a reason that they're they're Trying to scare these markets right now And you better believe that the Wall Street people all the people behind the Scenes are taking this buying Opportunity uh for what it is because They this is how they play the game they Create the buying opportunities they buy While they scare you and then everybody All the retail people you know months Down the road are going oh man I wish I Would have bought back then not the Digital asset investor exciting industry I have ever been in Bar None I've been In five of them five big ones I love the Youth of the people I was in Wall Street this whole week I think Companies investing in this space Or more serious today than they were a Year ago and far more serious than they Were three years ago like I got I'm Really excited when I saw in on in New

York this week Because there are 150 year old monster Institutions that are coming in this Space they've been studying it they have Not stubbed their toe yet they didn't Get involved with some of this And they're gonna launch and and they're Deploying a monster amount of Intellectual Capital body Yeah I've been blackrocks here JP Morgan's here Fidelity is massively here In the crypto space you don't get much Bigger names than that they're just sort Of quietly evolving I love the point you Made earlier about always wanting to be Where there's disruption that you talked About it being technological disruption Regulatory disruption I think we've Clearly had the technological disruption From crypto which you described well Certainly in the payment space are you Concerned about the regulatory Disruption that could potentially be Coming as a okay uh before I show you The rest of this video which I'm sure The crypto police could come out Um all everything I'm going to talk About is hypothetical stuff but you need To understand that link 2 still has Ripple equity on their platform and they They constantly sell out of it and then Get more on the platform but they're one Of my sponsors the link will be in the Very top of the description now pay

Close attention from here on all right A Lot of people don't remember it or may Never have known it but there was a Fundamental valuation framework for Crypto assets done by Robert mitchnick And Susan Athey who's on Ripple's board Back in June 2018. okay what I'm asking here Basically is you know everybody's Getting all upset about Molly Elmore and Jimmy Valley and all these people doing It trying to come up with their own Version of evaluation for xrp now I'm Not talking about their PR the price or Any of that stuff that's not what I'm Getting at here but it but valuing it Itself and acting like the value of xrp Matters Is not insulting at all because I know Everybody talks oh this is all about Building but if you think that the People involved in all this don't care About the price then you and and all They care about is building then I've Got an igloo in south Georgia that's Still for sale and I'll sell it to you The fact that they did a valuation in 2018 do you really think let me ask you A question does anybody listening to my Voice really believe do you really Believe That these guys the people behind xrp And all these people do you really Believe that they have not done models

And valuations on Hypothetical prices for xrp of course They're not going to talk about it they Can't But that doesn't mean Jimmy Valley and Molly Elmore and me and anybody else Can't talk about it because if if so I've learned this at four I'm Now 49 Years old by the way at 49 years old What I've learned is that if they say It's not about the money it's about the Money and if they say no no no you're Wrong it's not about the money It's about the money Okay And that's the fact Jack that fact may Be more of an a a more prominent fact of Life than any fact I know of it's about The money it's always about the money Folks All right now on to make my point Now I want you to see this because a lot Of people all they're focused on oh You're putting this ridiculous price out And Jimmy Valley this Jimmy Valley dad And these people are they're crazy and This and this and this no I I grew up in Real estate folks my father was a home Builder I I was sweeping sheetrock dust it's I Can still smell it of those sweeping Sheetrock dust as a in high school Middle school high school that's what I Did okay my sons don't even know how to

Sweep I could teach them how to sweep And I should I've tried okay But I was sweeping these houses out and I grew up in in real estate and in real Estate you have a thing called comps Okay a comp is you know if you if if all The houses in the neighborhood are are Selling for an average of a hundred and Fifteen dollars a square foot and all of A sudden a guy comes in and he buys a House for 145 dollars a square foot they Now have a comp a comparable For purposes of comparison and that he This guy has just come in and Established a new value a new Um market value for the real estate now That doesn't that won't mean that all of Them are going to sell for 145 but he's Created a comparable that people can now Use for valuation purposes okay Appraisers all right it it works the Same way in in valuing all kinds of Things private equity and I'll show you In a minute what Ripple did now I want To give proper credit you should give Him a subscribe this is crypto Lulu he Did this video and I took a clip out but Before the clip plays you're going to See what Brad garlinghouse said back in The day watch this when xrp was created This actually was created before wrinkle Existed the creators of xrp decided to Be 100 billion units because they saw it As a you know rather than having a

Smaller number with a very high price They saw it as something they wanted to Be a Effectively in global Reserve currency The other thing behind this right is the Establishment of fair market value That's it folks it's not just a it's not Just uh right now think about this for a Minute right now xrp is not only Exchanges it's only on one uphold But value can be established not just in In markets like that it can be Established in other ways listen to what He says so this may be the plan the plan May be to use xrp as the world Reserve Currency right uh the the problem they Have is that they're all on that side of The table so they can't really like you Know they know it's the plan they can't Like establish that to be fair market Value for us they actually have to Engage in a open transaction of some Type to set where we know that that's Their plan right and that that we would Be willing to sell our property for that Value right that's how they would Actually no I'm kind of I want to get my Thoughts out while we're doing this and I want you to think about this for a Minute I did a video on it this week Who in your life what company who have You ever heard in any company that You've ever studied or followed have you Ever heard anybody come out and say oh

Well our goal for this this thing we're Dealing with is um to be a global Reserve currency I've never heard the Reason I've been doing this channel for Over four years is because I've heard Things come out of this company I've Never heard come out of any company ever Never heard of anything like this so It's not crazy for us to think that There's some larger plan here that is Not crazy anybody who thinks that's Crazy and thinks oh well this is just What the developers are working on that Is that is bull These types of things are not said Chris Larson said oh well yeah we we picture This as being more like the Swiss franc That's the chairman of our company what Never heard anybody in any company make Any kind of bold claims like this to Make those kind of old claims it's Almost like you have to be working with People that are way higher up than what You are in this little startup company Okay so the point is and it is not that Ripple would do some kind of price set It's that what if there's some grander Plan here That that you might have to do some type Of a set that everybody would benefit as In it could be countries benefiting it Could be the United States it could be Multiple countries listen to what he Says established the fair market value

Which will then Imply or infer the value of all they're Holding so right imagine that let's just Say that there was one global bank Just One bank and just for the sake of you Know kind of figuring this out there's One bank and it already holds 90 of the Xrp only thing is it's got all these Liabilities and it's 90 of the xrp is at 35 cents and so it's not near enough to Basically offset to be an asset that Offsets those liabilities right they Need a transaction where they can write Up the value of their xrp yeah Why not buy the the listen to what he Said they needed a transaction that can Write up the value folks Ripple has Already done this this is not some crazy Idea Ripple has already done this and I Will show you 10 that's out in retail we think it's Substantially less than that that's out In retail we think it's between half a Point and two points of the whole thing That's actually held by retail so half a Billion to two billion okay of the whole Thing Um so anyway they got to buy the the 10 In our example here and why not set the Price at the high price that you're now 90 does cover all of your you know all Of your liabilities That's that's how it works and this is Just like baby's about to tell you he's

Going to use the example of everybody Was like well Elon Musk keeps paying too Much for Twitter and all this and all of A sudden Elon Musk has established the price this Happens every day In capital markets and you know you know When Elon bought Twitter right Twitter Was probably trading in probably 43 Bucks or something to share and he said I'm going to pay 50 was it 54 20. There's a 420 yeah yeah you got paid 54-20 and that represented a premium but The value of the company then was was Worth with what he paid for it because Folks I can remember conversations with My father when I was learning about real Estate I can remember him talking about A piece of property that he owned and I Can remember him talking about hey well I I bought this at whatever let's say Hypothetically twenty dollars a square Foot and then so and so just came in and Bought the land right next to it at Fifty dollars a square foot so my land Is now worth x amount this much more Than what I bought it for this is how The real world Works imagine now folks And I want to show you that Ripple's Already done this remember when Ripple When X are not Ripple the equity was Valued at 10 billion dollars now Remember this is private Market folks it Was valued at 10 billion dollars then

When the lawsuit dropped there was a Venture one of Ripple's Venture Capital Firms had some kind of clause as I Recall where they said okay if you come In If xrp is a call to security then you Have to buy us back out of our Investment and so Ripple said okay we'll Buy you out but we'll buy you out at an Amount that puts us at a 15 billion Dollar valuation they've now established The market value of the Ripple private Equity at a 15 billion dollar valuation See how this works it's why would it be Any different with xrp today's vat this Morning it was at 40 cents xrp now these Numbers I'm about to show you are purely Hypothetical and I'm not I'm not even Talking about Ripple before before I Make the point I want to show you this Remember when Jeremy Hogan was talking About Um he's talked several times about how The escrow this has got to be a lot About the escrow attorney discusses Worst case scenarios of SEC lawsuit Against Ripple for attorney Jeremy Hogan The most likely outcome of the SEC Lawsuit against Ripple is a settlement With a large fund the SEC could restrict XR RP sales from escrow okay but the Point is is that this this yes it was Used as a weapon but the S grows Everything because the escrow when you

See the numbers I'm about to show you Escrow could literally make Ripple Ripple worth what a what a country's Worth so so you can see how the Government would be wanting to to Target That but the other but but what I'm Talking about is Global you going around talking about oh Yeah our goal is to be a global Reserve Currency who says that not thinking that The government might come after them is My question All right so so now I'm going to get to My number these are just hypothetical Numbers now again I've shown you Ripple Did it with their valuation on their Equity they literally it was valued at 10 billion and then they bought their Shares back to and it valued it at 15 Billion thus the value is not 10 billion Anymore it's now 15 billion if you can Do it with your Equity why would you not Do it with your xrp so these are Hypothetical the numbers are not even Correct I don't know how many uh xrp I Don't I didn't even mean owns here Um escrow okay all right So this is an assumption and I know it's Wrong okay I know that the in the escrow It's not 40 billion and I know that Retail does not have 5 billion I just Put these numbers in just for Illustration So assuming Ripple had 40 billion xrp

And escrow and Retail had 5 billion xrp The current uh xrp values at around 40 Cents rip so ripples xrp at this would Be worth around 16 billion uh the retail Xrp would work be worth around 2 billion So let's assume that xrp never goes back On the exchanges let's think about this One for a minute what if it didn't go Back well now all of a sudden How do you get evaluation Because it's the valuation is is if There's no markets out there there's no Evaluation well If you're Ripple why would you not want To go to a closing table and say hey we Want to give uh all these we want to Suck all this retail stuff back in and We'll pay you guys it might be ten Dollars or five dollars or a hundred Dollars but in this example I just use a Hundred so all of a sudden there's there You've you've got you've got no Market Just hypothetically Let's say Ripple offered a hundred Dollars or whoever Now controls the Escrow maybe it's just maybe a lot of People are in control of the escrow Maybe the US government and other Government I don't know how this work Let's say that well Whoever that is people can turn in their Xrp for a hundred dollars would you turn Yours in for a hundred I bet you would All right and then all of a sudden that

That escrowed xrp now Um if that happened that s that escrow Is now worth 4 trillion and 500 billion Is paid out in one transaction 500 billion and now instead of being Worth 40 instead of being Worth 16 Billion the escrow is now worth 4 Trillion if you could do a transaction Like that my question is why would you Not Do it If if you can do it with your equity Then why would you not do it with your Xrp Why would you not do an xrp buyback That's the question I'm the digital asset investor I'm not An investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family I want to know Why you would not do an xrp buyback Thank you

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