Ripple/XRP-SEC vs Ripple Case Of The Century, FOIA Request Shatters SEC Case?, XRP Price ATH By EOY?

Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines we have here for you We got Caitlin Long on Elon Musk and We got more countries dumping the U.S Dollar it should bother you because I Know it's bothering me did we just find The answer to why Signet Bank was taken Over when it wasn't insolvent I think we May have Bank of England on cbdc's and Programmability ISO 20022 Stellar Network and usdc oh it's coming together In a four-year request that could really Shatter the SEC versus Ripple ladies and Gentlemen John Deaton says the SEC Versus Ripple case is the case of the Century an xrp price could we be near All-time highs by the end of this year Somebody rolled up beautiful intro Thank you Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now we are Looking at 52 cents for xrp ranging Between 50 and 54 cents Bitcoin 28 400 Plus we got a 1.25 trillion dollar Market the market is up 1.1 percent 1914 And change for ethereum 80.1 billion dollar market cap for Tether you better keep your eye on that Ladies and gentlemen 51 cents per xrp We're up two percent on the 24 hour

We'll keep an eye on it again xrp Las Vegas it's 30 days and counting ladies And gentlemen the tickets are going to Sell out that ain't hype that's a fact And if you want to go you better get Your ticket I know a lot of people like Well I'm going to wait and see you know Look there's a lot going on that weekend The Kentucky Derby does it Las Vegas is A is a you know a bet in town right you Know Grand Prix happened that weekend Cinco De Mayo's happened in that weekend And xrp Las Vegas is happening that Weekend for the first time ever do not Mess around get your ticket by the way Rooms are sold out but the tickets are Not and there aren't many left so the Discount rooms are in fact sold out look At all these incredible people that You're going to see and meet I'm telling You right now you're not not going to Want to mess around ladies and gentlemen This is going to be a remarkable Experience we have so much in store and So much that you don't even know about Make sure you get your ticket before They run out ladies and gentlemen let's Start right here Caitlyn long lays it Down and predicts Elon Musk is working To rebuild Twitter into a payments Platform while he masterfully misdirects Everyone's attention take a listen to This and by the way it is all based Around the the Doge logo here

Instead of the blue bird take a listen This Twitter acquisition isn't about Politics all this misdirection about Getting people fighting with each other And and Um you know talking politics and talking Smack and and you know all the Censorship right he got he misdirected Everybody's attention because guess what He's really doing he's using Twitter as A payments Pro platform and uh he and That's what he's been after his whole Career okay keep in mind he's he's one Of the co-founders of PayPal one of the Original xdoc and he's Been trying to to create better payments And yesterday this got so caught up in The drama I look at that as misdirection As well just as Elon is trying to Misdirect people to fight with each Other over politics while he's really Building a payment system the same Thing's true in the crypto World Everybody's looking at the drama and Rubber necking at the at the at the Crypto crash and those of us who are Actually really working on building Better payment Interactions and payment experiences and Better faster cheaper more secure Payment systems that that's the signal Through the noise Yes it is and you know what shout out to Caitlin long because you know she knows

What's going on there's no question About it but you know you have to wonder The Dogecoin there knowing that the SEC Versus Ripple by the way we're getting Ready to hear from John Deaton and You're going to want every single bit of It But if SEC versus Ripple case comes out Favorable to Ripple and xrp the digital Asset Well I wonder if he'd replace that Doge Logo with an X he does love x SpaceX his kid's name is X Uh we shall see This here from glimpay ladies and Gentlemen love my sponsor you need to Check them out click the link underneath The video see if it's right for yourself Buy save spend and send gold use it Every day as you need to stockpile it And have a MasterCard debit card to go Along with it and nobody knows you're Holding physically allocated gold Because you can spend it like cash Gold prices in India have been on a roll Almost doubling in the last four years Indian citizens are buying gold as the Paper currency the rupee loses Purchasing power well that's something We know here at home too don't we Because Malaysia China to discuss Asian fun to cut U.S Dollar dependency ladies and gentlemen This is from the Malaysia prime minister

Anwar revives proposal for Asian Monetary fund president XI welcomes Further talk says Anwar and I tell you This is just one of many of a cascading Effect because now we're seeing even More vocal Saudi Arabia as the Crown Prince himself has told Associates that Riyadh is no longer interested in Pleasing the United States Again I remind everybody you do not get To do these things without the US's Approval to say and do these things they Have a petrol agreement and not only is It the agreement of the Saudi Arabian And Middle Eastern countries no pack to Use all sales of U.S dollars for the Petro dollar to be bought and sold in U.S dollars to elevate its status as a Global serve currency it is the US's job On the other side of that equation an Agreement to provide military protection Now the U.S is not really speaking on This matter So you know that they have you would not Do this If you were looking for military Protection from the country you're Working with unless you had an Alternative figured out This here is stablecoin issuer tether Used Signature Bank to transfer US Dollar funds from the U.S to the Bahamas Now look uh You remember when Signature Bank was

First taken over a political figure and Then went to work at Signature Bank Barney Frank started hollering to Anybody who would listen Signature Bank Is not insolvent So the government out and out took the Bank over and it wasn't even insolvent According to Barney Frank And tether CTO Palau ardunia ordonio uh Says here that there is no exposure for Tether and everything they say there at Tethers oh we're not exposed this Doesn't bother us that doesn't matter Del Tech Bank this is okay nothing's Wrong Okay I offer the speculation That maybe just maybe Signature Bank was taken down by the U.S Government because of this knowing that Tether was using Signature Bank to move Money and U.S dollars maybe it's just One more way to that Stablecoin USD tether Before the final move remember the U.S Treasury Department of Justice the Federal Reserve have never spoken about Tether it could have already been Flipped and be under the control in an Investigation of the U.S government we Don't know but I tell you this the Signet bank and the relationship with USD tether is screaming red flags to me Of why Signature Bank was taken over now Here we see stepping away from stable

Coins and looking at digital pounds Central Bank digital currency they Claiming Bank of England says it won't Be programmable ladies and gentlemen you Don't have to worry nothing to fear here Well look if they're going to get that Right if we're going to as Citizens Whether you're in England U.S or some Other place in the world if we're going To get that right Cbdcs will not be anonymous money says Misfortune however the objective is that The central bank and government would Not be able to access the information That would be done by this private Sector layer this is exactly what I've Been talking about understanding that we Can't stop the digital dollars coming The cbdc's that are coming just like They've got private stable coins out Here right but the reality here is for Me is that if you don't put some kind of Private layer in between the federal Government they won't be able to help Themselves they're going to do something Really bad to the money I I can feel it Coming Now here is a connection that I know we Can all appreciate again ISO 20022 is a Payment payment messaging Standardization that's taking place ISO 20022 has been around for more than a Decade but it has been chosen to be the Standardized move to that the financial

System is moving to and towards using This will allow for digital assets to be Integrated and used along with ISO 20022 Like cbdc's or usdc or xlm or xrp Yeah don't believe it it's still true Because this is exactly what bpv Announced They're saying right here essentially Has completed development of support for ISO 20022 on the Stellar blockchain Ladies and gentlemen this makes you Understand that even though there is no True thing as ISO 20022 tokens this is Where the slang comes from Because you see the interoperability Between that messaging and the stellar Blockchain and then they talk about the Integration as well we know usdc is Integrated as well as you can see right Here on the Stellar blockchain too so Now you can see the marriage between the Messaging system the Stellar Network and A stable coin like Circle usdc Game set and match right that's what I'm Saying and this may be game set and Match here Ashley Prosper shout out to Ashley Prosper said uh they filed a foia Request because Communications between The SEC and JP Morgan directly led to The December 2020 lawsuit against Ripple Labs over xrp being a security If that is right and shout out to Ashley Prosper

If that is right I think digital asset Investors got it right here and shout Out to him for all he did to help bring Attention to uh my channel being hacked And every one of you as well I am so Grateful for everybody that helped bring Attention to that to get our Channel and Our email back These emails may be bigger than the Hinman emails that we all know and have Heard at least from Brad garlinghouse From Ripple that they are Shameless And imagine if the foia request plays Out and they are trying not to give up Any information here but they say we Recently received the search results and We are now in the process of reviewing The records based on our initial review Of the records it appears that a large Portion of the records will require that We engage in the CT uh substantiation Process which involves records for which Confidential treatment was requested at The time of their submission engaging in This type of consultation will add Approximately 60 days to the review time Can you please advise to whether you are Willing to exclude information for which CT was requested to speed the completion Of the review for your foia requests Well I tell you what I think Ashley Prospers on to something here we know That JP Morgan is really the largest Controller of ethereum the plot thickens

Ladies and gentlemen the plot thickens Operation choke point here from crypto Law shout out to them give them a follow Make sure you're checking out to connect To Congress take action they've made it As easy as anybody could It is happening again today they say on A much bigger scale against legal U.S Companies that use crypto technology for Their product offering it was illegal Then and it's illegal now the complete Lack of clear rules around what makes uh Which cryptocurrency a security or not And a hole through Gary Gensler has been Driving his tanks anything can be a Section 5 violation an expensive Business destroying SEC lawsuit if the Rules or whatever Gary Gensler lawyers Want to allege the sec's goal in suing Ripple was clear to destroy it quickly And frighten the rest of the industry With its corpse A summary judgment ruling is expected Listen to this any day from the judge And legal Scholars think it will end up In the Supreme Court due to the sec's Unconstitutional tactics it hasn't Stopped Gensler and who now has his Sights set on coinbase the SEC approved Its IPO knowing its business model was The legal trading of digital assets it Would take some incredible golf for Gary Gunzer to now claim that coinbase Business model is non-compliant it would

Also be illegal you know uh I have said This and I'm certainly 12 years short of A law degree that I believe this thing Was going to the Supreme Court in some Shape or part but it doesn't mean that Ripple doesn't get a victory ladies and Gentlemen if you go back and look at Howie SEC versus Howie and how he got The Howie test it had to go to Supreme Court but the SEC didn't win all the way To the Supreme Court how he did Use that example in your mind I'm not Saying that that would happen but it Could be likely that Ripple wins all the Way to the Supreme Court which means the Door would be wide open for U.S adoption All the way around the entire time they Would be going through the appeal Process and the Supreme Court should it Go there I want you to listen to what John Deaton Says here this is the case of the Century and John is spot on here shout Out to John Deaton for this take a Listen This decision gets bigger and bigger so I just want you to think about those Those of you out there who are thinking About this why hasn't she ruled yet What I doubt very seriously that judge Torres has ever felt the pressure that She's feeling right now Ripple is Sending hey judge look what the judge And Voyager said look what thus judge

Gorsuch of the Supreme Court said about Fair notice all of these things are Happening after she's getting more Information look at the sec's conduct Look at binance look at the cftc all of This stuff is happening in the Background where you got guys like me Saying the regulatory Clarity is going To come from her You've got the library decision you Don't think she's aware of all this so This decision is as big of a decision That this judge has ever faced think About it what other decision is as big As this decision when it comes to global Trade and Finance in modern history I've Said before that this case is the most Significant non-fraud SEC enforcement Action since 1946. so that kind of Pressure personally I don't blame judge Torres for being very careful of how she Words this decision because a if it goes Against Ripple she knows it's going up To a conservative court and if it's for Ripple she has to justify it and all Those things so just be patient we're Almost at the end everybody have a great Night see you next week there you go Shout out to John Dean I mean you just Can't lay it out any better than that And taking a look at laying it out here Shout out to egg rag crypto crypto bull 2020 and dark Defender who are just Regulars here for sharing ta and what's

Going on with the charts ladies and Gentlemen and here is discussed first it Was 48 cents and then 48 cents 70 and Then you see here staying above for Three days breaking 59 cents first we Could go to 89 cents then a dollar 76 or The upcoming targets based on our first Wave if you take a look at this You could expect to see if things fall Out and play out the way the charts Suggests we don't know and they could Play opposite and the charts can fail Because sometimes the leading indicators Don't play out it's a matter of Percentages right so but if that's the Case and it does play out we could be Looking at targets of a dollar 76 and 347 chasing down the all-time high of Xrp by the end of this year Not Financial advice for me or anyone Else it's just my digital perspectives I'll catch all of you on the next one


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