XRP “All The Way” & SEC / Ripple Closed Door Meeting

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Ignition sequence start 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero Liftoff we have a Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor and last night I Went out to Mexican with friend And one of my friends always gets the Texas margarita see I get the regular Margarita and he told me you got to have A Texas margarita what he didn't tell me Until I had the margarita is that they Put a lot more alcohol in that Margarita So the digital asset investor is kind of Feeling it this morning I am trying my Best to convey as much enthusiasm as you Can have with a headache that's the real Deal then this morning even though I Didn't feel good I had to go straight to The grocery store because I'm one of Those people I will not go to the Grocery store in the middle of the day During Thanksgiving so I had to go to The grocery store to get my pans for Smoking my turkey I will be smoking a Turkey tomorrow morning and I had to go Ahead and get my the pans for it and a Couple other things I even you know what I I do on on H Thanksgiving when I'm Smoking my turkey also is something I Don't do except maybe like once a year And that is I have a bloody mary so um Maybe I'll take some video and some Pictures of my my turkey and my Bloody Mary for the members in my group at D Aixr p.com and by the way I'm about to

Do something crazy in my member group And you're going to and those of you in It are going to love it I'm about to do I talk to um someone this morning and The plan is in motion it's crazy and It's wild and it doesn't have anything To do with crypto but it's going to be Fun and I'm going to involve everybody In the group and we're going to have a Hell of a time I'll tell you that egag Crypto xrp there's a lot going on right Now in crypto folks once you spot it You're hooked the fomos is about to hit Hard at $2 my bank account it's xrp all The way every gain feeds back into xrp I Love it he says once you see it now the Digital asset investor knows nothing About charting but I'm looking at this And I'm trying to see it I see $2 I see $40 wait a Minute now I see it I think I see it What he's talking about I don't know Because I don't know how to read a chart I want to give Ashley Prosper a shout Out Ashley Prosper for those of you that Don't know It was was and is one of the most Integral people on Xrp uh X I always call it Twitter still That was involved in in is ashy is an Attorney is my understanding and has Been integrally involved in in a lot of The eth gate stuff and all always been Over the Target and look at what she

Went and did dear whoever this person is Christopher Kardashi uh the account of a prominent Xrp Community member digital asset Investor was terminated without warning True story or notification true story This is completely unacceptable I'm Reaching out to you because you are part Of x's legal department and have the Power to advise that his account be Reinstated terminating his account in This way as a violation of x's own Policies and should be remedied without Delay thank you for taking the time to Read this and I hope you take Swift Action to resolve this ongoing problem And restore the trust we had in this Platform thank you Ashley And guess what folks today I met I met With um someone yesterday okay today I'm Meeting Again and it's about to be on like Donkey Kong and all y'all uh out here in The xrp community uh you'll get your Chance to be involved because I'm not Going to go I don't go quietly we don't We don't sit down and take it here at The digital asset investor Channel That's not how I roll we're going we're We're very likely about to to I'm not Interested in lawsuits and all that Stuff but that doesn't mean we can't Create a social media circus Elon Musk At least deserves that now and I'll say

Look I want to go ahead and say this I Think I still think that this was one of Those Algorithm mistake type things so that's Kind of where I'm coming from but that Doesn't mean we can't have fun with it Elon Right stay tuned it's coming sooner than You think um Now on the CZ binance thing Folks I was reminded of Kendra Hill this Morning I mean I was going through all This the binance stuff and I'm I'm Reminded of Kendra Hill who said Cryptocurrency will be made illegal this Is not a maybe this is a warning nothing Is left up to chance da um and she said The illusion is that Bitcoin for example Is Untouchable the reality is that the Government controlled through the use of It's government controlled and created In my opinion through the use of mining Pools any crypto currency aiming to be Decentralized currency will not survive The one that will be that that we will Use has already been chosen that's back A long time ago then she disappeared and Then there was this this was sent to me This morning by the official cool guy The digital asset investor Channel you Know him as Mr intuitive Okay we've played this before but it's Worth playing again now I'm at a place Folks where I think that they're going

To allow and I do mean allow Bitcoin to Survive which is why I own a little bit Of it I don't own it because I believe In the longterm how this great Technology cuz it's not a great Technology coin is the greatest Distraction From Bitcoin is the greatest distraction From the greatest disruption that is Coming to financial services um AI is Probably the other big that's what I Think it is is the great distraction I I Believe that Bitcoin Ser served several Purposes I've said it a thousand times I believe it served the purpose of Sucking everybody into the system I Believe it served the purpose after the Financial crisis Of I believe they were worried about the People losing faith in the financial System after they watched these Government a-holes bail out all their Friends and not bail and pick and choose The winners and the losers I believe it Was like a hedge against people losing Faith in the financial system and going Straight into gold I believe that's why They did the drop gold campaign because They want to make you think that Gold's This old thing or whatever folks it's Not gold is Everything Gold is God's Money and always has been and always Will be and anything they try to Convince you of otherwise like she said

Is a great distraction now that does not Mean that they won't allow Bitcoin to Survive and it does not mean that you Can't make a ton of money on Bitcoin I Plan on making a ton of money on owning My Bitcoin because I think they're going To allow it to exist as long as they can Control it I think they think they can Control it by creating ETFs as one of The reasons um so now uh this is John Deon he says when Larry Fink said there Will be a flight to Quality to bitcoin Uh and crypto the writing was on the Wall the incumbents are coming he's 1,000% right Okay um but anyway I'm not going to play That but you get you get the picture now This is interesting right here I didn't See this digital perspectives Brad comms Said according to bitcoinist SEC versus Ripple closed door meeting SEC upcoming Closed door meeting with ripple the U The SEC announcement started off with The time and the date of the upcoming Closed door meeting which is expected to Take place on Thursday November 30th 2023 at approximately 2:15 according to the notice the meeting Will be held via remote means or at the Commission's Headquarters do dot upcoming meeting With ripple we'll see several subject Matters being discussed and handled These include institutions institution

And settlement of injunctive actions Institution settlement of administrative Proceedings resolution of litig Litigation claims matters related to Litigation and other matters D dates of Fin final case Revealed Pro xrp lawyer John Deon has Recently revealed anyway this is from a An article I guess I didn't see the Article and then we had this this is From the Department of Justice Yesterday instead they concluded that Complying with us law would stifle their Efforts to grow binance's profits market Share and trading volume so rather than Then comply binance facilitated billions Of dollars of unregulated cryptocurrency Transactions it willfully enabled Hundreds of millions of dollars in Transactions between American users and Users subject to us sanctions and its Platform accommodated criminals across The world who use binance to move their Stolen funds and other criminal proceeds Binance prioritized its profits over the Safety of the American people in part Because of the crimes it committed bance Became the largest cryptocurrency Exchange in the world now Finance is Paying one of the largest corporate Penalties in US History binance employees knew and Discussed that the company was serving Thousands of users in sanctioned

Countries and they knew that Facilitating transactions between us Users and users in sanctioned countries Would be in violation of US law but they Did it anyway bance enabled nearly $900 Million in transactions between us and Iranian users and it facilitated Millions of dollars in transactions Between us users and users in Syria and In the Russian occupied Ukrainian Regions of Crimea donet and luhansk Binance's own compliance Personnel also Knew that the company's anti-money Laundering procedures were inadequate And would attract criminals to the Platform in a February 2019 chat one Compliance employee wrote that they Needed a banner that said quote is Washing drug money too hard these days Come to binance we got cake for you by Failing to comply with us law binance Made it easy for criminals to move their Stolen funds and elicit proceeds on its Exchanges what I want to know is whether This guy Merrick Garland is Investigating Gary Gensler in his Meetings with FTX and Sam bankman freed Gary Gensler has said over and over and Over about how all these these exchanges Are not in compliance with the law and So why was Gary having meetings and half Of Congress and the White House and Everybody else why were they having Meetings with Sam bankman freed is he

Investigating That we now know that SBF and FTX were Doing all sorts of shady stuff where's The investigation into what the Government was do what they were doing Meeting with him so here's more on Binance and back to the news of the day Binance founder Chong ping J agreed to Step down and plead guilty to violating Criminal us anti-money laundering Charges according to the Wall Street Journal and for more we're joined by Bloomberg's Hannah Miller when you look At this uh guilty plea coming from the Head of the world's largest crypto Exchange weeks after the Sam bankman Free trial ended how much of a cloud is There over the industry still it's yet Another stunning blow to the crypto Industry CZ is the biggest name in Crypto right now binance is the largest Crypto exchange by trading volume in the World so this is a major hit for an Industry that's just been beset by Scandals and Scams yeah absolutely and of course this Is another prominent figure uh and we've Seen what's happened to other prominent Figures in crypto in the past when you Actually look at the court document the Different counts that are being charged Here in addition to money laundering There's sanctions violations violations Of the international emergency economic

Powers act all of this of course being Criminal charges but there remains a Huge open question Hannah about what Happens in the civil case like the one Brought with the SEC I I get the sense That this is not actually over this is Not over not by any means yes we still Have that sec's lawsuit there are still Actions against competitors to binance Like coinbase uh there's a lot to shake Out here and it's not over yet for Binance it's not over for CZ there are Many questions about whether he will be Able to maintain majority ownership of Binance and whether the exchange will be Able to continue to operate normally Okay I've got so much more but what I'm What I'm going to do is uh I'm going to Stop this video for the YouTube crowd I'm going to go into the I'm gonna do The other stuff um that I have on Binance in my next video um but I'm Going to uh go to the private group Here's what we're going to talk about in The private group today we're going to Talk about what I think's really going On with binance and what really binance Potentially was and is we're going to Talk about that and again it's always Always you know folks there's the crypto Has so much darkness and I think that This is part of it um and a lot of the Darkness comes from our own government But but a lot of the darkness comes from

Other countries that I think own our Government pretty much and it's so sad And makes me mad and sick for my Children's future but we're going to Talk about that in the group we talk About a lot of that what you know what Else I'm going to I'm going to I'm not Going to talk about it because I've Still got it in the works I'm about to Do something wild I'm I I actually came up with this um I Didn't come up with it last night but The subject of an idea I've had for many Many years came up last night over Margaritas and I'm about to do it in my I'm going to initiate the plan in my Private group doesn't have anything to Do with crypto but it's going to be fun And I already talked to uh Brad comms and I I'm also getting on the phone today with Someone that I know from La like that Would be plugged into entertain the Entertainment industry and I'm going to Initiate the plan I've been wanting to Do this for years this is a thing that's Been on my bucket list okay and I am Going to do it and it's going to be fun It's going to be fun funny hilarious and It's going to be one hell of a story too Go to Di xrp.com And if you want to join it's going to be An adventure if you want to join the Adventure di xrp.com

Because we're about we're about to turn On the Jets okay um I'm the digital Asset investor I'm not an investment Advisor this is for entertainment Purposes only Please Subscribe hit the Like button tell your friends and family That in di xrp today D dip.com we're Going to talk about what's really going On with binance And checking something off of the Digital asset investor bucket list for That's been on there for a long time and Why not now why not in Dp.com the group so here we Go


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