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Ignition sequence starts 6 5 4 3 2 1 Zero liftoff we have a Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor and I woke up This morning in Twitter or X Exile I Have been Banished I’m I’m uh I’m working on the Assumption that this is a mistake I have On Twitter as you know I mean for a long Time if you look at my Twitter like the Repes on my Twitter it is I mean of course I’m Peppered with all these fake Bots and All this stuff but it all I’ve also felt Like I’ve been my Twitter has been Suppressed for a long time if you look At the replies it’s just a mess down There and um and look hey let’s and and I I’m I’m hoping that this is just a Mistake I also have I also have SE like Tons of fake accounts I’ve seen fake Accounts that pop up that are using my Name uh and by the way my handle is at Digital asset by buy that’s my handle if You want to try to help me get my Account back but they literally I woke Up this morning and this is what I see Your account is Suspended okay and they don’t give you a Reason they don’t give you a phone Number you can call I did the the Contact support thing or they have a Thing where you can try to get your Account back so what I did is I sent

Them a message and I said look this is a Mistake I haven’t done anything that I Haven’t done in years I mean for 5 years I’ve been building this account it’s Over 300 I think almost 50,000 followers Now if you look up here you might see it Somewhere let’s see it shows me as Having zero followers I’m following zero And I have zero followers but Anyway um if this is anything other than A mistake then we live in a doomed Country folks because our speech is Being monitored and regulated and we the Next step is for us all to be political Prisoners if they don’t like what we’re Saying so I hope it’s just a a mistake Um we’ll find out we’ll get it going I Wanted to show you Um uh but what I did just so you know What I did was I gave them I gave them My phone number I gave them my YouTube Channel and I said look it’s very simple All you have to do is call Me and go to my YouTube channel you can Match the voice up with the account it’s Very simple no nothing’s difficult Problem is and that’s the problem you People build they build these their Presence on these platforms whether it’s YouTube or Twitter or X or whatever and They spend years building a presence and A business or whatever and then what Some Jackle at Twitter because they woke Up on the wrong side of the bed or they

Have the wrong political affiliation They can just turn you off that’s not a Very viable business for x and so maybe Elon Musk maybe some of these people Will hear my voice that’s a that’s a Deadend road unless the only way that’s Not a deadend road is if your business Is a part of the government so we’re About to find out right um but this is What I got and this is who you you can Um when you do your when you do retweets To try to help me get this account back Copying the X support is at support okay And digital perspectives thank him he Did this um you can do ATX Elon Musk and At support uh help me get my account Back I appreciate it and um I look my Gut tells me this is a mistake um but Look this is a great example look at This I’ve been getting this kind of crap In my feed for months and I I just go in And I block them and all but one thing’s For sure one thing’s for a th% Sure I haven’t tweeted anything in the Last 24 hours that I hadn’t tweeted for 5 years I’ve been trying to tell the Truth when our world seems to want to Lie and our country seems to want to Live in lies and and carry lying Narratives you don’t see CNBC getting turned off I can tell you That and these people they lie like it’s Their job and carry narratives like it’s The The Narrative is what’s important

Not the Truth so we’ll see now link to I mean it Look U if if they if they if if it if it Really is a corruption problem then I’ll Just create a new account it’ll be da Dai in Exile or something like that I mean but Because I Mean I really do fear for my children’s Future to be quite honest I mean this This is a sick sick world that we live In now really is so yesterday link 2 did This um yesterday link 2 did this um Thing on their IPO and Link 2 is one of My sponsors by the way I wanted to play A clip from you because link 2 is now Headed toward IPO and this is Joe Oso The CEO um this is one of the people on There asking a question of Joe Oso the SE the president of of link To if I can make it play uh A few well actually we have Patricia uh Patricia longaker on up on on stage Who’s a team Apollo member who we were Blessed to have her Presence at the uh Uh link to VIP proper party love to kick It off to you uh Trish H how you doing I’m great Ray how are all you guys Wonderful great Trish nice to hear your Voice hi Nick yeah nice to hear your Voice too so a quick question I know That one thing that sets link to apart Is that link to everything they offer on Their platform they hold um so does that

Affect the IPO or a DPO linked to having Actual stock in these companies do they Have to move theirs to a brokerage firm And then my next question was I’d love To hear just a teeny bit more I know you Said you met with investment Banks just One more little bit on how link to if You can be more specific how link to Looked them to them after these meetings You had last week o yeah yeah I’ll Answer the second question first so I You know after I came back from New York I met with about seven investment Banks About four large institutional Investment uh firms I I I made a call to All of our board members and and told Them that the feedback I’d gotten was Hely positive and it was a validation of Our decision to go public so um yeah it It it it was it was actually pretty Awesome I mean I think we’re going to Have a little a lot of competition for The banks that all want to be on the Cover of that offering memo because they Want to be associated with with a Company it was very good very awesome That’s that’s those are the the gems I Love hearing and then I I just wanted to Play a little bit of that okay check This out this is from John Deon on uh uh Potential settlement right now they Could be talking settlement right now I’m not saying they are sure right but Uh but they could and um they don’t want

To try the case so I don’t think a trial Is going to Happen Okay so that’s your prediction uh That a trial Is Not Gon to happen yeah I Don’t think a trial is gonna happen They’re goingon to lose and um and uh do They really want all that Henman stuff And the drama of a trial I mean a trial In this case Tony would take a Month you know what I mean uh they’re Going to Ripple would want to call Henman Valerie s Amy Star uh Hester Pur I mean I’m just I’m Just naming names right oh sure uh they Might want to call John Deon who knows Uh uh J Clayton huh J Clayton maybe I Mean it’s just it’s gonna be a big big Long lengthy very very expensive trial And and if your chances are slim to none Why do that right now if they weren’t Fighting coinbase and bance and and Doing all the other things maybe it’s Worth it but don’t you need those Resources to fight the other cases yeah So that that’s what I mean is that I Don’t I don’t think there’ll be a trial But I could be Wrong all right he doesn’t think it’s Happening now check this out 1987 or n And 1929 listen to what this is that George Gamon I think that’s right Listen hello for the rebel capitals hope You’re well so we talk about comparisons

All the time between today and 2008 but Maybe we’re making the wrong Comparisons a new report that just came Out suggests the comparisons we should Be making is not between today and 2008 But today and 1987 specifically Black Monday let’s get Right into this report from Bloomberg by The way this is not the the tinfoil hat Conspiracy theory oh fear mongering Clickbait blah blah blah blah blah blah Blah this is straight from Bloomberg here we go no one wants to Remember 1987 then there’s 19 16 now he kind of Goes off on a tangent here with 1916 but I think if I I just scanned the article And made some highlights on my own but I Would rephrase this I would say no one Wants to remember 1987 then there’s 1928 that led to or contributed to the Great Depression the stock market Crashed then and you’ll see exactly what I’m referring to in fact these charts Are going to completely blow you away I Mean they they Were Eerie I think is probably the right Word you’ll see what I’m talking about Just a moment the Black Monday crash in October of that Year great Josh what I did a this this Was called uh Black Monday and actually Um I did a report on this when I was in

Middle School and my dad helped me do it Because he had gotten hit by Black Monday extremely significantly he had Gotten burned big time and um so he Helped me do a report on Black Monday so I remember this you kids out there go Ahead and get used to it because there’s Going to be there’s going to be uh Moments in your life where you get just You have your knees taken out and it’s Not going to happen one time it’ll be at Least two to three and so just be ready For these types of things they’re going To happen check this out Metro Bank Shares plunged 27% just today down 62% In the last month as it tries urgently To raise 600m Bank crisis 2.0 Coming um then we’ve got This just in SEC launches investigation Into Elon Musk purchase of Twitter and um then we have the this was So funny Elon Musk says um SEC Three-letter acronym middle word is Elon um then we’ve got this black rock Insider primes crypto for a huge $17.7 trillion Wall Street earthquake That could be about to hit the price of Bitcoin ethereum and Xrp it’s just a matter of time Folks and then we have this and you need To see this this this is first it was 60 Minutes trying to make this guy look a You just don’t understand it’s you just Have to understand Sam bankman freed

Pretty much every sentient uh being Aside from Sam bankman Freed’s parents And his lawyers is convinced that he is Guilty of one of the greatest Financial Frauds of all time Gideon Lewis klouse Writes Michael Lewis asks us to question That Assumption and I said a bunch of PR People sat in a room and came up with This BS it’s a plan that started with The 60 Minutes piece this is what is Destroying this country crafting lies to Mold public op opinion to believe the Lie I’m the digital asset investor I’m Not an investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family that I have been Put in ex Exile and I hope that it was a mistake And if it’s not it’s just a another Indication of just how dark that our Country and our world has become free Speech My Butt Talks thanks for Listening


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